great axis

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The 2ps as shit said at my lunch table

2p America: “According to all known laws of aviation-”

2p China: With a heavy Taiwanese accent: “…. Shiiiitttttttt”

2p England: “OH FUGGERNUT I DROPPED MY SANDWICH” this friend won’t swear it’s so funny 

2p France: “Mangez mon cul.” //dabs

2p Russia: “Swearing is gross which is why I don’t swear now shut the fuck up and let me eat.”

2p Canada: “I forgot the word… À la papetaria or some shit like that I don’t know I don’t speak French.”

2p Italy: “pasSA LA PASTA” //queue laughing at it for like 5 minutes

2p Germany: “Okay but honestly the German tree on duolingo can eat my ass.”

2p Japan: “I vape straight up yaoi.”

2p Romano: “Mom yelled at me when I said I’d wear Gucci to grandma’s funeral.”

2p Austria: “Ah yes I see now. Your palm says that you’re a little bitch.”

2p Prussia: “Ah yes, only one more day until I livestream my suicide.”

^ All the actors recieved a picture of their character as a gift, drawn by Himaruya Hidekaz himself.

The actors say that they now have more energy than ever and will - with the power Hidekaz has sent to them - give everything they’ve got for the remaining performances in Tokyo and Osaka.

Good luck guys ^^

Prussia is the most precious big brother there is

No, honestly, look at this.

He just lost to Napoleon, but he still thought of his little brother and got him a story book.

Also, he is hiding HRE, who is extremely sick and close to death, and trying to comfort him by reading those fairy tales to him. He loves his little brother so much and would do anything for him.

I would just like to point out that Prussia literally went to war with Austria and France in order to form the German Empire. So don’t you go telling me that Prussia is a bad brother.


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