great at girls

went to mcdonald’s for breakfast with my coworker on break and the cute girl in the drive thru was chatting me up and when we got back to the shop to eat i realized she gave me extra sauce and i said “fuck yes and she gave me extra sauce, i’m gay” and my coworker lost it

Black Paladin Allura

I think she would look hella nice with the Black Paladin uniform, what about you guys??


remember when President Snow had a family

And his oldest daughter was vengeful murderer Amy Dunne

And Pirate King Elizabeth Swan was his second oldest

And his middle child was a nurse from Asgard

And Daisy Buchanan followed Johanna Mason of District 7 everywhere

And President Snow was cousins with Lord Cutler Becket, who was shut down by Elizabeth Swan who held a gun to him

And Dr. Harrison moved in from Cranford and fell in love with Amy Dunne

And The Sherrif of Nottingham went with him and he fell in love with Elizabeth Swan

But Elizabeth Swan and the Sheriff had an argument over Prince Albert

And that’s why Mrs. Bennet has poor nerves

because I do

My favourite lesbian couples in manga / manhwa / manhua

Mel x Lynn from Pulse

Cha Yoon x Erae from The Love Doctor

Mei x Yuzu from Citrus

Kase x Yamada from Asagao to Kase-san

Akko x Mari from Girl Friends

Sun Jing x Qiu Tong from Tamen De Gushi (yes, I know they’re yet to start dating, but still)

Kim No-rae x Baek Seol-a from Fluttering Feelings (not yet dating though, sending all my love to Ssamba, may you get better soon)

Tokaku x Haru from Akuma no Riddle (you don’t know how happy I am they’re canon)

Guk-hwa x Jang-Mi from It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist