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After seeing the original post with designs for cowboy Hanzo and archer McCree, I couldn’t resist commissioning @theasgardiandetective for more!

I’m really gay for Hanzo and really gay for cowboys.

Thanks so much for the wonderful commission! 💕


There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

Spoilers: Endgame #2

Ignis probably did need more cuddles as a child.

There’s so much more great art from this artist. If you need more temptation, you can see Ignis looking sexy on a bed.

Original Artist:

Leila Pazooki, Moments Of Glory, 2010.

“Iranian Artist Leila Pazooki’s multi-coloured tube writing reveals the parallels that are too easily drawn between some great names in Western art history and other artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Might it then be possible to discover an Iranian Jeff Koons, an Indian Damien Hirst, a Dali from Bali, or even a Renoir from South Africa?  There are so many quotes from the press that reveal a certain reluctance to consider every artistic production independently, without an accompanying reference to some supposed Western counterpart.”

“Is this laziness on the part of the critic unable to grasp an artwork outside of his own value system? Is it the desire to assert the supremacy of the Western art scene over the rest of the world? Or does it show the stigmas created by the globalization of the art world from a Western point of view?”


This is Sterling, @adjit ‘s Gunsmith Artificer D&D character.

Last time I got to draw one of adjit’s characters it was a bit more thematic, but this time a reference picture for any future art seemed like the best go. So there’s with coat and without, and close up of his charming face. 

Con Suite Art Gallery

Are you a fan artist? We’d like to talk with you!

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Have a table at 221B Con this year? Don’t? Interested in displaying your art in a safe environment? We can help!

As part of the 221B Con Hospitality Suite, we’re looking to showcase art from the fandom. We want to get a great gallery together so artists can show off their amazing work!

We want to hear from you!

Send us a message, tweet, email, or owl to discuss details. All fandoms are welcome.

(Please note: this is strictly for display, however it will get your work seen! All displayed artwork must be family friendly, no exceptions.)

Art will be displayed in an 8x11 plastic sleeve where possible. We can either return your original art to you or you have the option of donating the art for a giveaway.

We also want coloring pages!

Last year we had coloring pages supplied to us by —- and they were all colored within just a few hours. This was such a hit we want to see if anyone else would want to send us some coloring pages! Again, any fandom is welcome and we’ll even do the printing!

Even if you’re not a fan artist…

Or you are but not interested. Help us spread the word and share this post and tag people you think might be interested!

You stifle the next great artist when you cut the arts from classrooms. You bury the engineer in these inner city public schools. And it’s killing them—slowly maybe, and not in the way we mourn over. But maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe we should. Maybe we should care more about how to create curiosity, and courage. Teach them passion until you can feel the fire in their eyes.

We invest so much in our narrow definition of success, and focus our efforts only on those who can keep up. But there’s more to a person than the few opportunities they’ve been given, if you only let them show you.

A lot of the problems our society faces stem in many ways from problems in how we educate our youth. We don’t teach them to love themselves, and each other. We preach the economics of life rather than the joy of it. We continue to tell them they are wrong. And then we ask why they can’t solve these problems—problems we created.

And maybe it’s because we don’t know any better. Because it happened to us, too. And it’s hard to build from the bottom of a hole. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Them, their bright eyes and pounding hearts—they’re depending on it. And trust me, they’ll thank us for it later.



*I could write another billion pages on education reform, but for now, I’ll leave it at this.