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After seeing the original post with designs for cowboy Hanzo and archer McCree, I couldn’t resist commissioning @theasgardiandetective for more!

I’m really gay for Hanzo and really gay for cowboys.

Thanks so much for the wonderful commission! 💕

No matter what you thought of these shows, you have to keep in mind that every single team and creator worked hard on these productions.  And nothing hurts more to them than seeing their show crashing and burning right before their eyes.  The Great Comet is a show that never deserved this treatment.  It’s a show that pushed creative boundaries on what you can do on Broadway in music, stage and cast.  It’s a show that is truly unique in every which way and it hurts my heart to see the actors, the creative directors and especially Dave Malloy expressing disappointment and pain from what has happened in the past 24 hours.  Go support the team and the cast in any way possible so we can see the possibility of more shows like this pop up in the future.


There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

Spoilers: Endgame #2

Ignis probably did need more cuddles as a child.

There’s so much more great art from this artist. If you need more temptation, you can see Ignis looking sexy on a bed.

Original Artist:

Because I love @anythingtomakeyoustay and her Healer Book so much I’ve been promising and promising to get her some artwork for almost a year now. I finally got some time off from school so I took the opportunity to deliver as promised! 

ALSO! Check out her blog guys! A++++ Writing! 

I know it hurts,
it hurts so much,
it will probably hurt longer
but sooner or later
the pain will fade
and you’re going to start living again.
remember the time
when we thought the world would end
just because of two boys?
look, we’re still alive.
earth is still turning.
I know it fucking hurts.
after all
I still lay awake and cry
because of him,
even if he’s not worth crying for
but someday
there’s going be someone
that shows you
that love is not pain.
believe me
its going to be okay
everything is going to be
fine again.

-letter for isabella / c.n

wanted to draw something colorful for pride so here have an oku

Leila Pazooki, Moments Of Glory, 2010.

“Iranian Artist Leila Pazooki’s multi-coloured tube writing reveals the parallels that are too easily drawn between some great names in Western art history and other artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Might it then be possible to discover an Iranian Jeff Koons, an Indian Damien Hirst, a Dali from Bali, or even a Renoir from South Africa?  There are so many quotes from the press that reveal a certain reluctance to consider every artistic production independently, without an accompanying reference to some supposed Western counterpart.”

“Is this laziness on the part of the critic unable to grasp an artwork outside of his own value system? Is it the desire to assert the supremacy of the Western art scene over the rest of the world? Or does it show the stigmas created by the globalization of the art world from a Western point of view?”