great and secret comedy show
The Walsh Brothers' Great & Secret Comedy Show Returning Early 2014

One of favorite things in comedy from this year was, without a doubt, The Walsh Brothers Great & Secret Comedy Show. They’ll be returning early next year, so, with that in mind, we could care less about the entire holiday season so we can just get to the next season of the brilliant tomfoolery of David and Chris Walsh

“Comedy is having this experience that I share,” says Dave, 38. “In a weird way, that’s what Chris and I love to do. We love to give people a story. So if [we’re] snatching a kid off the street or walking nude between two fire engines, someone’s going to walk away from that and tell that story, and it can brighten their day. It might make their month.”

The Boston Globe did an awesome feature on our BFFs The Walsh Brotherscheck it out.

And hey, while you’re at it, watch their Great And Secret Comedy Show