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Shoutout to sapphics who take medications! Whether you take them for physical or mental health, there’s nothing wrong with it. If your meds improve your quality of life, then that’s great! Screw the people who say it makes you weak or that it’s a “crutch”. They aren’t worth your time! May you all find girlfriends who accept you and remind you to take your meds when you’re feeling forgetful.


do come to the costume tournament, countess
do come!
you will be the prettiest there
you will be the prettiest there
do come, dear countess, and give me this flower as a pledge

Fellow Dogblrs,

I have an idea for a fun project that I would love for others to participate in: The Dogblr Flower Hunters Project. The idea is simple: walk your dog(s), keep your eyes open for flowers and take photos! Tag your photos with #dogblr flower hunters.

-flowers can be in your own yard or in your neighborhood, at parks and trails, etc– but please be respectful and don’t allow your dog to trespass or trample your neighbors’ flowers in order to get photos!

-the focus of your photos can be mainly your dog, or mainly the flowers. It’s up to you. If you can’t get your dog in every photo that’s fine too. Try to have at least one photo with your dog in each photoset to keep it Dogblr related.

-all dogs, all flowers, and all quality photos are great! I love seeing beautiful professional-quality photos but I also don’t want people to be discouraged from participating because they (like me) only have a smartphone or an old camera and not an expensive setup.

-Don’t get hung up on the quality of the shot. Get as creative as you want, process and edit if you like, or just snap a quick pic. It’s not a competition, it’s just for fun and community.

-For extra fun, if you know what the flowers are, identify them in your post. If you see someone else’s post and want to identify their flowers, go for it! Be comfortable with others reblogging your photos and adding comments.

I like the idea of seeing what’s blooming in everyone else’s neighborhood, and I love the idea of other dog walkers exploring new areas and staying out longer with their dogs just to scope out new flowers, not to mention taking the time to appreciate their surroundings. Please join the project!

Fic Recs List! (BTS)

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Hello! This is Admin Nis! I’ve been wanting to do a fic recommendation post for a while now! So below are my favorite authors, whose stories make me read them over and over again. I follow all on my personal @xvcolors-blog. Don’t forget to like and reblog their stories you enjoy! And leave them a message too if you particularly enjoyed one of their fics!!!

@an-exotic-writer Everything she’s written! There is so much content on her blog and ALL of it is excellent! Please check her FAQ for links to all her masterlists, and her navigation page before asking for links! Here’s her BTS masterlist :

@bangtan-spells Their stories are very sweet, and all are PG-13 and under! They also take requests from time to time. Here’s their masterlist!

@bangtxnv For fans of the maeknae line in particular, there’s many good reads here! Masterlist:

@heungtanbts I particularly enjoyed “For A Good Time, Call: Mr. Existential”. It was very enoyable to read! Masterlist:

@that-casual-author Found her reads recently and devoured the whole masterlist in two days! Read here:

@trashytaetae I especially love Paper Airplanes! Read the whole masterlist for delightful fluff! Masterlist:

@your-miss-right Caller Number Nine had me screaming for a week and almost made Yoongi my ult. Dangerous but so good! Read all her stories here:


 Okay so I’ve been meaning to do this for uh, a thousand years, but I thought HEY why not blow up my computer while I do so so, here it is!

YEAh I HAvent said anything for yeArs and it’s amazing that i’ve gotten this far. I really can’t thank you guys enough for this and, I mean really. Holy cow.

 You guys have been with me for forever. You all have seen the crappiest poop and the best shit this site has to offer and I can’t even imagine why you followed me because this is so not IT. BUT you guys have been so great and just the most supportive and amazing people and honestly the quality of this picture is so bad and some stuff might be so small but hOPEFULLY you can read it I wanted to add way more but this was the stuff that made me laugh hard and I could fit in. Also if you can guess some of these i’ll like give you metaphorical cake.

  But I just really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Maes Hughes is a muse I’ve had so much fun with and , although I am a slowpoke and I take forever and I get busy and lazy and things happen and life pushes my hiney, you guys have all been here for SOME odd reason and it’s just been one of the most fun journeys I could have ever taken part of.

  Thank you guys. So much.

 UM SO I’m gonna tag PEople jeez this might be long

@flcryflngcrs @donutsandpacifism @browneyes-gentlesoul @thetinyalchemist @hispriideandjoy @sparkinthcdark @watsonofagun @reigningsniper @homunczelos @fistofsteelheartofmetal @ling-yaoi @burgledthem @achievementhuntergeek @lil-kawaii-fox @halfpint-alchemist @n-ice-shot @steelsouled @armorian @edwardsalterego @edwards-shadow @cruentisiterum  @blackblccd @bxdyguarding @caecusignis @ignicule @flxbber @metaliique @daddylcvesyou @mysteryiisms @emptyxglass @avarixing @enforcers-nine-and-twelve @aucielis @littlemisssweetcakes @fullmetalalchemiist @fullmetal-edo @tubefullofcorgi @fidelevoleur @kernelhughes @thecrimsonmonster @bratjas @firsthumandisaster @lefthandedwolf @crimsonandcarbon @my-smol-sunshine @fireballsandsmokechains @roysted @nightmareinthedaylight @atomus98 @averagexhousewife @spriingtrapped @knight-without-armor @theghostkid @loyaltyforged @problem-free @rockbellgranny @kungfubxdyguarding @mechanique @couldbemine @princce7 @imperfxctus @thealchemyfreak @dreamswithin @wrenchmxster @autcmail @legendaryholysword @kingxfmischief @automailheart @envius @bcrnbroken @mutedscng @thuggerysfinest @hopefulperspective @sciderman @typenullandvoid @parkersmind @blondealchemisted @dontcallmeshort-elric @sunflower-chan @virtusferocia @licentiiious @everlastingvxw @bimcsckti @metalsomee @shirtlessalchemist @hcihci @neveroutofsight @hxmanchimera @elvje @luckied @advcnturcus @typhcccn @heartlessxwizard @dcrkiplicr @inanimatxm @professor-abs

I KNoW that is not everyone but GOSh THANK YOU GUYS for enjoying my blog and I never once deserved all the love I got from you guys or got to even thank you for sticking through this journey with me. I love you guys so much and hopefully if we haven’t talked much before we can soon!!


hi hi! you all are such great writers and cool people and y'all are just 100% quality ty all for all you do!! i’d like to possibly request the drv3 boys rescuing their s/o from being kidnapped by a group of people? (like a gang or something :0)

Apologies on how long this took, however, this was a pleasure to write! This imagine was going to be long regardless of how I wrote it, so it’s under the cut.

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INFP / Slytherin / Cancer requested by anon

Slytherins born under the sign of Cancer will be more hard-shelled and less sentimental than other Cancers, but don’t be fooled by their efficient exteriors. On the inside they are still soft, but they learn from a young age to hide this well. They see the best in people, and they can help people utilize their strengths - a great quality in a leader. Hence, they have a keen insight into what makes other people tick, and they’re good at quickly learning the hidden stories behind the otherwise inexplicable actions of acquaintances. They never forget a cut or a kindness.

If you associate with great people, their qualities will have an affect on you. Be selective about who you spend your time with. Please treat all people with dignity and respect. There’s no such thing as a “worthless” person. Remember that Allah is always watching us!

for the second time, please excuse this crappy banner i dont have photoshop access atm :’( so I’ve reached 400?!?! lil ol me?!?!?! thank you guys so much for following me, I love and appreciate each and every single one of you <3 since I didn’t do anything for my 300 follower milestone, i’m going to try to make it up with this one :) blacklist #ganj celebrates 400 if you don’t wanna see this on your dash!


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again, I love you all so much??? you brighten my day <3

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anonymous asked:

LOL, delusional yaoi fangirls shipping SNS is nothing new. Don't feel like your ship is special just because Natuto wanted to save Sasuke, they are't gay for each other. It's friends being friends. Sasuke loves Sakura, and Naruto loves Hinata

“LOL, delusional yaoi fangirls shipping SNS is nothing new.”

→ Totally not dishonest at all to use terms such as ‘LOL,’ ‘delusional,’ and ‘yaoi fangirls’ in order to portray us in a negative light, so readers won’t take us seriously anymore. I’ve never come across such tactics thus far, you’re the first one to assume every single one of us enjoys yaoi and is heterosexual. You might wish to refrain from this type of condescending behaviour—unless you admit you do not care about an exchange of opinions. In this case, get lost.

“Don’t feel like your ship is special just because Naruto wanted to save Sasuke, they aren’t gay for each other.”

→ The question is, how is it not special that Naruto wanted to be with Sasuke to the point of completely obsessing over him? The word ‘special’ is defined as especially great or important or having a quality that most similar things or people do not have. Tell me, was there any other person Naruto obsessed over for so long? You’re straw man didn’t get unnoticed, by the by. I’m fully aware you completely made that up since I did not once claim my ship is special “because Naruto wanted to save Sasuke.” My ship is special because it has actual positive development and the feelings are mutual.

“It’s friends being friends.”

→ You heard it here first, folks. Naruto is being Sasuke’s pal when declaring he’d rather die with him than live in a world without him. 

“Sasuke loves Sakura, and Naruto loves Hinata.”

→ You see, I can play the same game with you. They aren’t straight. Stop making gay characters straight. :-)


the end result of seunggwan messing with coups during the game

On the relationship Khajiit hold with their gods - ramblings

I have pondered a lot of Khajiit mythology and I noticed a thing: whereas most divines of Tamriel are seen as superior, ethereal beings, Khajiit - once more - don’t really give a fuck about that. Their gods are superior in a motherly way for having created the world and themselves, and they must be respected like you respect and elder, but no “Talos the mighty! Talos the great!”; Khajiit dieties are regarded as people. People with great qualities and the power of all creation, but people.

The strongest and most abstract dieties are renamed: Alkosh (Akatosh, time), is “dragon king of cats, a really big cat”; Ahnurr and Fadomai (Anu, Padomai) are brothers/friends/littermates. No ~deep lorings~ or gods shrouded in mystery, each action of the gods has an explanation. Khajiit religion also doesn’t make a difference between aedra and daedra, the myth of creation told in the “Words of Clan Mother Anhissi” picturing them as the same big family.

You also have gods of lesser extent, like Rajhin, Baan Dar; who are clearly stated as both gods and people. The only exception to this whole regarding gods as characters/people thing are the moons. Ja'Khaj-ay, Two-Moons-Dance, Jone and Jode are concepts but with a direct physical action on the world: the shape of the Khajiit and sugar.

All this makes me think that there should be a lot more lesser Khajiit gods, mingled with real legends in the spirit of the Elsweyri. I can see the epic tales of the wars and friendship and love between all this great family of a pantheon, told like stories from generation to generation by Clan Mothers, sung and danced to in ceremonies. Khajiit are lively and enjoy physical presence on Nirn, don’t they? If they have to speak to a god, it will be in the warm politeness of Elsweyr, by inviting them around a feast drowned in sugar, addressing you like you greet an old friend.