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The Most Dangerous Island on Earth - North Sentinel Island

Throughout human history a typical theme has been the domination of more technologically advanced societies over “simpler” or “more primitive” ones. In fact in the past 500 years, European societies would come to dominate the world, spreading their culture, often through force of arms or outright genocide.  More often than not, the meeting of Old World peoples with New World natives tended to end very badly for the natives. Many cultures were wiped out, many more assimilated or adapted their cultures with European culture. Today there are few places where people living have not in some way been touched by the modern world. One notable exception is North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal.

Officially North Sentinel Island is territory of India, part of the Andaman Islands. In reality the people of North Sentinel Island are their own people, free from any known government or modern organization.  Apparently, the Sentinelese are very much happy to keep it that way. Throughout their entire known history, the Sentinelese have been known to viciously fight against any trespass or incursion on their small island. Going back to ancient times the Indians called the island “Cannibal Island”, and told many tales of the dangerous and ruthless natives who inhabited it. Those tales were passed on to the ancient Greeks after the invasion of northern India by Alexander the Great, and thus the infamous legends of the island were mention by Ptolemy. Marco Polo recieved word of the island during his travels to China, writing about the islanders, “They are a most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everybody they catch.” 

Since then, every expedition to island has been met with extreme hostility, and as a result the island has been left untouched to this day. Throughout the 16th-18th centuries many an explorer or shipwrecked sailor met their end on the island at the hands of the Sentinelese. In 1867 a British merchant ship shipwrecked on the island, and its surviivg 110 man crew spent several days fighting off the islanders with guns and swords. Many were killed and wounded in the battle before rescue. This prompted an expedition of reprisal by the Royal Navy who landed marines on the island a short time later. Most of the Sentinelese had disappeared into hiding, knowing that they couldn’t fight a battle against such overwhelming force. In the end the British left in frustration with two elderly Sentinelese and four children.

Today the idea of angry natives attacking shipwrecked sailors or explorers might be something you’d only see in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, however Sentinelese resistance to the outside world continued so that even in the 20th century people tended to steer clear of the island. In 1974 a film crew from National Geographic landed on the island in modern boats in an attempt to make contact with the islanders with peace offerings of a box of coconuts, a baby doll, and a live pig. The Sentinelese met the crew fully armed and ready for war. As a result, a the National Geographic director took an arrow to the knee, the pig was mutilated alive, and the crew was forced to bug out under a hail of arrows and spears. 

In 1981 the cargo ship Primrose shipwrecked on the island, and the Sentinelese immediately surrounded the ship, shooting at the crew with bows and several times attempting to board the ship. The crew not only radioed for help, but asked for an urgent airdrop of firearms so they could defend themselves. The drop was delayed by weather but the crew were able to fend off the attacks with a pistol, firefighting axes, and flare guns. They were rescued after a week long siege. The Sentinelese dismantled much of the ship and used the scrap iron for arrow and spearheads. It’s remaining hull can still be seen from google earth.

The only known man to peacefully visit the island was an anthropologist named Trilokinath Prandit in 1991, who several times landed on the island with gifts which he left upon the beach.  When he did meet the natives they shot arrows at him and waved their genitals at him. However at one point he was able to make peaceful contact with some of the natives. However as as he left the island, the natives had a change of heart and began shooting arrows at him once more, he hasn’t been back since.

Today North Sentinelese Island is protected by the Indian Government and it is illegal to land there. The reasons for this are to keep the Sentinelese culture intact, and prevent the spread of disease from the island. Note that in history native peoples often suffered deadly diseases after making contact with newcomers. Another reason for creating a 3 mile exclusionary zone around the island is because in 2006 two drunk fisherman landed on the island and were murdered. Thus the Indian Government set up the contact ban to protect outsiders from the Sentinelese as much as protecting the Sentinelese from the outside world. In 2004 an Indian Coast Guard helicopter flew over the island to see if the Setinelese were OK after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, and to offer help if needed. The helicopter found that the Sentinelese were not only OK after the tsunami, but didn’t want anything any aid at all as they fired arrows at the helicopter.

 Today we still no nothing about the language, culture, and ethnicity of the Sentinelese Islanders. The only pictures we have of them are from the occasional illegal drone which buzzes over the island, and is typically met with a hail of arrows. It seems that despite seeing things such as ships, helicopters, and robotic drones, the Sentinelese don’t want fuck all to do with the modern world.

smile ✦ peter parker

summary : as the adopted daughter of none other than tony stark, you have a myriad of responsibilities. babysitting peter parker probably wasn’t supposed to be one of them. not that you’re complaining.

word count : 4.7k (also known as the longest thing I’ve ever written)

author’s note : ur adopted b/c not everyone is white and i don’t want anyone to feel excluded from reading this due to the fact tony is white (and yes ik there are interracial couples i just want everyone to feel included i want to make sure whoever wants to read this can without feeling weird about it b/c i know it is something that bothers people in the fanfic community okay bye enjoy my loves.)

   Tony Stark was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was the billionaire, he was the genius, the philanthropist, and the notorious playboy in his younger years. Most notably, however, was that he was Iron Man. He was marveled at by the entire world, him and the group of heroes that stood beside him; the Avengers, as they called themselves. To you, however, he was your father. 

   A terribly overprotective one, at that. 

  Of course, this was only to be expected of a father, even a foster one, but the lengths the man went to in order to keep his only daughter out of whatever he deemed trouble were rather extensive. You rarely ever left the Avengers tower, and if you did you were accompanied by a team of people you could only describe as rip off Secret Service men. Sometimes, Natasha would replace them, or Steve, but that was a rare occurrence. You were homeschooled by the best tutors his money could pay for- this particular move was less about refining your education and more about keeping you away from any boy in the five boroughs. 

   You chose to spend majority of your time reading in your room and training, always wary of anyone who approached you about being a friend. Your surname meant everything to people, especially the girls that wandered around Manhattan desperate to become the bestie of the daughter of the richest man in New York. You loved your dad with all your heart, but the stigma that ran with the Stark name would never stop irritating you. 

   That, and the impromptu plans he threw at you on a regular basis. 

   “Miss Stark, your father is requesting access to your room. He knows you hate it when he barges in.” Vision drifted into your room without warning, making you jump. You yanked your earbuds out of your ears, giving him a look. 

   “I hate when anyone barges in, Vision. That includes you, too.” You pushed your chair away from your desk, placing your pen on the desk and shutting your notebook. “Tell him he can come in if he lets me become an Avenger.” You raised your voice at this, knowing he would hear you. 

   “He says that he’ll consider it if you let him in.” 

   You raised your eyebrows. “Touché.” You motioned for the door to open, and your father walked into the room, immediately taking his pristinely polished shoes off and lying down on your bed. You stared at him.“Dad, it’s not cool to wear sunglasses inside. You look lame.” 

   Tony Stark rolled his eyes at you. “It’s called a look, sweetheart.” You laughed, pretending to nod in agreement. He placed his hands behind his head as you spun your chair back around to your desk. “What are you working on?” 

   “Something for Bruce,” you muttered, pen cap between your teeth as you continued to jot down important points from his numerous lab reports. You were going to have to hand in a full analysis of his findings for your end of term science paper, and he was more than willing to aid you. “Science report.” 

   “My daughter, beautiful and intelligent, my flesh and blood,” Tony declared proudly. 

   “Dad, I love you to the death, but I’m still not your biological kid,” you smiled all the same, though, and he knew behind the tough exterior you were happy to hear his expressions of admiration. 

    “Who needs a biological kid when I’ve got this great, wonderful adopted one right in front of me.” 

   Not looking up from your notebook, you said, “You’re really laying it on thick today. I’m all of those things, obviously, but I know you want something. So, what is it?” You paused, then said, “Thank you, by the way.” 

   “You sure we’re not related?” He sat back up, clasping his hands together. “What do you say about Germany?” 

   “Nice enough place I guess, interesting history, why?” 

   “I kind of need you to go there for two weeks with me.” 

   With a groan, you dropped your pen and held your face in your hands. “Another surprise trip? Dad, I have school. I have homework! Do you see this?” You held up the thick stack of reports from Banner’s lab, waving them around. “This is gonna be, like, my life’s work.” 

   Tony shook his head. “Kids these days and their homework. Seriously. When I was at school I would have taken any opportunity to shirk my responsibilities.” 

  “You did do that.”

    He waved his hand. “Technicalities. Anyway, as you know the Avengers have been disassembled. Sokovia Accords and all that bullshit. I assume you’ve been keeping up?” 

   “Hard not to.” It was true. Anything in the news was about the great split of the infamous team, Captain America vs Iron Man. It was impossible to turn on the television without hearing about it. And, considering you lived underneath the same roof as half of them, it was quite literally not an option to be ignorant to what was going on. 

   “Good,” he grinned proudly again. If there was one emotion that the man felt whenever he was around, it was proud. Nearly everything you did made him beam with pride, and if you had been placed into an actual high school, there was no doubt in his mind that the person at the top of every single class would be you. You excelled no matter the circumstances. “So, to sum up, there’s gonna be a big showdown in Germany. Western style, naturally. Guns blazing and everything.” 

   Your eyes lit up and you nearly flew out of your chair, rushing over to him. “Oh my god, are you finally gonna let me fight? You’ve seen my training, right? I’m getting so good. I’m like, practically Natasha level good. She’s been showing me that move where I can snap people’s necks with my thighs and-” 

   “First of all, your thighs are not going around anyone’s neck, so jot that down,” he interrupted. Your enthusiasm visibly deflated. “I need you to kind of watch over this kid who’s coming with us. He’s from Queens. You love Queens.” 

   “You’re making me babysit?” You flopped down on your bed, staring up at the ceiling. “C’mon, dad, I’m sixteen. That’s practically an adult. I think I should be allowed to fight this time. I’m Avenger worthy.” 

   “Practically an adult is not the same as literally an adult, as in over eighteen.” You groaned again. “Don’t call it babysitting, anyway. He’s your age. Well, he’s a few months younger, but that doesn’t matter. Just call it… hanging out with a good kid that’s fighting for your dear old dad and making sure he doesn’t get into trouble in Germany or annoy Happy too much.” He patted your knee, standing up. “We leave in the morning, kiddo, so pack up.” 

   “How come he gets to fight if he’s younger than I am?” 

   “’Cause he’s not my daughter. Goodnight, light of my life.” He kissed your forehead before leaving, giving you another encouraging smile.

   “Goodnight, pain my ass,” you grumbled as he left. He popped back in, a stern expression on his face. “If I watch your new protégée can I become an Avenger?” Tony rubbed a hand over his eyes. Teenage girls were exhausting. 

   “We’ll talk about it.”

   You’re sitting at your breakfast table with suitcases piled next to you when Peter Parker strolls into your life with happiness in his every footstep because he is just so, so glad to be there. You’re spooning cereal into your mouth when he sits down directly across from you, a video camera cupped in his soft looking hands and the little red button clicked on, meaning that he is recording you. You place your spoon back into the bowl of milk that is dusted with cinnamon sugar from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch you’ve been eating for the past ten minutes. 

   “Do you mind?” 

   “Mind what?” He asked, peeking up from behind his camera. You gestured toward it, wiping your mouth with your sleeve. 

   “The camera. I’m kind of still in the middle of eating breakfast in my pajamas,” you leaned forward, switching it off. “You must be the Spider-Boy.” The chestnut haired boy feels a blush creeping up his neck and settling along his cheekbones when you say that. 

   “Oh, did Mr. Stark tell you that?” He rubbed the back of his neck, laughing awkwardly. “Um, it’s Spider-Man, actually.” He mumbled the man part, knowing fully well that he didn’t look like much of a man in the eyes of anyone, his eyes casting down as he fidgeted with the strap on his camera. 

   “Oh good,” you nodded. You took another spoonful of cereal. “I like that better. Nicer ring to it.” You grabbed your box of sugary breakfast and pushed it toward him, an offering. 

   “Huh?” He was a bit dazed. He stared at the box in front of him and then realized he had been doing that for far too long of a time to be considered normal. “Oh, right, um, sure, thanks!” He opened the box and took a handful, shoving it in his mouth. You kept eating your cereal, silently staring at the bowl and willing yourself not to laugh at the boy in front of you. With all his nerves, he was still a bundle of energy and cheerfulness, and, well, let’s face it, he was sort of adorable. “So, you think my name’s cool?” He tried to sound suave, charming, as he said it, tried to smirk at you, but he stopped when he realized that he looked stupid.

   You gave him a half smile. “It’s pretty good.” His face positively lit up with happiness to be taken seriously, and you knew the feeling too well. You stuck out your hand. “Oh, forgot to introduce myself-” 

  “Y/N Stark, adopted daughter of Mr. Stark, probably the smartest girl in all of New York and, uh, correct if I’m wrong but… Black Widow’s best student as well as Bruce Banner’s apprentice.” 

   You gaped at him. The blush he had been sporting crept up to his ears and made his nose turn the shade of a strawberry. “Well, uh, yeah,” you said, flustered. “Should I creeped out or flattered?” 

   “Flattered, please.” The genuine worry in his eyes as he leaned forward made you laugh. He had an endearing personality. 

   “Flattered it is.” You watched the slow sigh of relief leave his mouth, his hands flying up the mess of hair atop his head and fixing it distractedly. Your dad walked into the room, and Peter practically fell out of his chair trying to stand up and seem presentable. Your slouch was indicative that you didn’t care much. He was just your dad. “Morning, pops,” you slid the box over his way.  

   He frowned at it.” Y/N, that stuff is crap. I don’t know why you eat it.” 

   “Wanda and I like it,” you said defensively, a slip of the tongue. You knew your dad was going to get annoyed at the mention of the Scarlet Witch, who had evaded and ignored his attempts at keeping her powers under control. “It’s good. High quality. Right, Peter?” You whipped your head toward him. 

   He felt his heart give a little tug. He grabbed the box out of your hand and shoved more cereal in his mouth, the cinnamon sugar sticking to his lips. “Yeah, Mr. Stark. Best stuff ever,” he said through a mouthful of it. Tony gave them an amused glance, picking up your two heaviest suitcases and beckoning you both to the landing strip. Peter swallowed his food. 

   He didn’t even like Cinnamon Toast Crunch that much. He was just thrilled that you knew his real name.

   Everything about this kid was infuriatingly dorky in the cutest way possible. You came to this conclusion as you boarded the jet with ease, sitting in your usual spot by the window and greeting Happy with your typical friendly smile and idle chitchat. Peter stumbled onto it with awe written across his features as he stared around the place, touching nearly everything much to Happy’s dismay. 

   “Haven’t you been on a plane before?” The man asked, growing irritated with the way the kid was filming everything. You saw Peter zoom in on Happy’s face and grinned out your window. 

   “Nope, never!” Peter exclaimed, his video camera still in front of him as he captured every detail of his trip. 

   “Well, sit down so we can take off,” Happy said gruffly, grabbing Peter’s shoulders and forcefully placing him into a seat. 

  Peter sat still for a moment, then hopped over to the seat next to you. He placed his camera in front of him on the tray table. “Y/N, smile for the camera. I’m recording.” You looked at him, then turned to the camera and gave it a deadpan stare. You even threw in a slow blink. “Good enough,” he shrugged. He kept it recording as he shifted in his seat so that his entire body was facing you, his chin resting in his hand and his elbow on your armrest. His gaze was sort of nice. “So, Miss Stark, I have a few questions.” 

   “Um, okay, shoot,” you closed your book that you had open on your lap. “I’m not that interesting, just so you know.” 

  “I think you’re interesting,” he assured you. You heard Happy let out a choked laugh at Peter’s flirting attempt, but it was just another thing you found sort of lovely. It was a genuine compliment. “What’s your favorite subject in school?”

   You’d been expecting the typical what’s it like being Tony’s daughter spiel, and you were pleased to get an actual question about yourself for once. “I like everything, I guess. I kind of love school, but I don’t go to a conventional school, so. Training is cool, I like that a lot.” 

   “You train with Black Widow, I have to ask- can you show me some moves? I need to refine my technique before the fight,” he explained.  

    “Do you wanna learn how to crush people with your thighs?”

   “Wow! Do you think I could? Could you teach me? That’s so cool,” he beamed, turning to the camera for a split second with an overexcited look. 

   You pursed your lips, staring out your window for a minute. You were up in the air by now, and there was long flight ahead of you. “Maybe. If my dad is okay with it. I have to check.” Peter looked confused, 

   “Why wouldn’t he be?” 

   “He’s, you know, really overprotective.” You put your first against the cheek, leaning the same way that Peter was. You sighed. “I don’t have a lot of friends. Which is fine, but I can’t even attempt to go make any because I have a whole freaking SWAT team on my ass the minute I step out of the tower because he’s so worried about my safety.” You let your head hit the window, your eyes rolling skyward. “And that makes no sense because-” 

   “You’re really strong and stuff. You can protect yourself,” Peter finished. 

    “I think you know me a little too well, Peter,” you said, poking him lightly in the arm. “But… yeah, exactly. I don’t really get to do anything fun. I don’t have adventures. Sure, reading is fun and studying is fun for me and training is great and I love hanging out with everyone in the tower but I’m still a teenager. No fun for me, though. My life is pretty boring, sorry if that makes your little video diary suck.” You stuck your tongue out at his camera.  

   “No worries,” he said, taking it off the tray table and turning it toward you. “Tell me every boring detail, Miss Stark.” 

   “As long as you stop calling me Miss Stark.” 

   “You’ve got a deal.” 

   It was a seven hour trip, and you both passed out by the three hour mark after Peter had pried every excruciating detail from your life out of you. You hated sleeping on airplanes, but your head was slumped against his shoulder and his arm was knocking against your own and his sweatshirt was as soft as pillow. You remembered the shy glance he had given you just before you knocked out on his shoulder for the remainder of the flight. He had a sweet smile. 

    Peter filmed absolutely everything. He filmed himself getting off the plane and then filmed you getting off the plane and nearly shoved the camera in Happy’s face until he threatened to break it and Peter backed off. He radiated enthusiasm. “Look at this, and this, and this, oh shit wow that’s so cool look at this! Oh man this is good stuff!”

   “Peter this is literally just the airport how am I supposed to take you around the actual city?!”

   “OH WOW Y/N have you seen this!” 

    “Yes, Peter!” 

     He zoomed in on your face, your devoid of emotion look appearing again. “Are you ever gonna smile for the camera?” He gave you a pout, doe eyes and all. You turned away. 

   “No. I’m supposed to be babysitting you, please be behave.” You touched your fingers to the bridge of your nose, dragging Peter to a couch. “Please sit. We’re getting the hotel reservations checked.” 

   “Do they juice boxes? I’m really thirsty.” He was just trying to make you laugh at this point, and annoying you was kind of funny for him. You let out an involuntary chuckle when he pretended to claw at his throat, throwing himself on the ground. 

   “I’ll make sure they have juice boxes for you, Petey. You’re such a seven year old, geez.” You pretended to gag. 

   Looking offended, Peter replied, “I’m actually twelve.” 

   Jokingly, you said, “You’re a twelve year old that’s going to get a punch in the face if you don’t settle down right now.” He stood up, directly in front of you with his light eyes and little grin, another feverish looking heat burning at his face. Nevertheless, he still said, “It’d be an honor to get beaten up by you.” 

  His voice, the sincerity he carried within it despite the ludicrous statement, made you feel those famed butterflies fluttering inside you. Maybe it was the way he looked into your eyes as he said it. Maybe it wasn’t. But something within you was starting to like Peter Parker, and you’d barely known him for twenty four hours. 

   Then again, it was hard to not like Peter. The kid was just so damn likable. 

   He had known it from the moment he first set his eyes upon you that day in the tower that he was a goner. If he had known it then, just from sitting down across from you with nothing to him but his lanky figure and a suit that resembled a onesie more than it did a costume fit for a hero such as he, he was sure of it now, a week and a half later. 

   Every day had been the same routine. He’d be up bright and early in the morning so you could help with him his training, teaching him how to utilize the suit your father had given him with ease rather than his usual tactic of jumping into everything blind. You’d been the one to help come up with nearly all of the web shooter combinations. He didn’t know all of them yet, or close to half of them, but he was progressing wonderfully. 

   After training, you’d give him the tour of your favorite places around Germany, close enough to where you’d both be able to get back to the hotel before dark. He filmed the both of you constantly, but you shied away from the cameras every time without fail. He couldn’t understand why, but he didn’t push. He just liked filming in general, and would accept you not smiling in any of his clips as long as you were still in there. 

   There was a beautiful sense of normalcy that came with hanging around Peter. You reveled in it. No one had ever made you laugh so hard with his ridiculous attempts at jokes or made you smile so much at his shy flirting skills that clearly needed to be revisited. 

   It was okay. You didn’t mind. And the fact that you didn’t tease him for it made him so, so happy. 

   Then, came the day of the fight. Peter had his camera out, he was dressed in his spidey suit, and you were standing there next to him dictating who he should and shouldn’t go after. 

   “Don’t go after Wanda ‘cause she could obliterate you in two seconds and Cap could crush you, too, but he won’t ‘cause he’s really nice like that. Bucky won’t care as much, though, so don’t do that- Ant-Man seems pretty cool and harmless but I don’t have as much intel on him and Peter if you get hurt you have to go hide somewhere-” 

   “I’m not gonna get hurt,” he said confidently. 

   You ignored him. “I’m gonna be in your earpiece, figuratively speaking, so I’ll hear everything you do and if you talk I’ll be able to hear you and you can hear me. So, just… keep me updated.” Peter took off his mask for a second, hair sticking up everywhere from the static. You leaned up, smoothing it back into place. Everything about him was soft. You wanted to curl up in it and stay there for as long as you could. 

   “I’ll be fine, Y/N, don’t worry,” Peter placed his hand on your shoulder. You felt your face heat up. 

   “I- I’m not worried.” You totally were. “I know you’ll be fine.” You didn’t want him getting hurt. “I just want you to be careful.” You didn’t want him to fight. 

   You could’ve sworn his face fell a  bit when you said you weren’t worried, but he squeezed your shoulder anyway. Without a moment’s hesitation, you threw your arms around him, your nose pressing against his neck as you took a deep breath. He stood there for a second without doing anything until he realized that if he didn’t hug you back, he’d be the dumbest person on the face of the Earth. You felt his surprisingly defined arms hug you back. 

   You didn’t look at him when you pulled away. You stared at the spider emblazoned on his chest, gave him a quick good luck, then departed from the room. You sat on your own hotel bed with a rapidly beating heart.

    The nerves were killing you. Ten more minutes. You opened your laptop and pulled up the system that would allow you to communicate across Team Stark. You were more focused on your dad and Peter. You tapped into your dad’s earpiece after placing the headset on. “Dad?” You spoke into the microphone. 

   “Hey, kiddo, everything okay?” 

   “Y-Yeah I just-” you took another breath. “Be safe. I love you.” 

   “I love you too, Y/N. Are you sure everything is okay over there?” 

   “Can you just make sure Peter gets out okay? If he gets hurt, bring him right back, please. That’s it.” Maybe it was a stupid request in someone else’s eyes, but you needed Peter to make it back in one piece. Tony Stark looked over at Peter Parker, crouching in his hiding spot and fumbling around with the gloves of his suit and gave the kid a knowing smile. Of course that was the one his  daughter fell for in the end. Perfectly fitting. 

   “I’ll make sure.” You knew your father couldn’t see the grateful smile on your face, the sigh of relief that fell past your lips when he spoke these words.

   Peter Parker, I swear if you make it out of this, I will smile like an idiot in every single one of your stupidly adorable video diary things. I swear. Just be safe.

 “Your black eye is awful,” you told him, dabbing at it with more cream. “Totally ruins your face.”

   “I think I look manly.” 

   “You think incorrectly.” You stepped back, your fingertips tilting his chin up so you could examine it further. “I think I got the worst of it. You did really well, Peter. Exceptionally well.” His face was glowing from your compliment. 

   “Can I get on that tape?” He asked excitedly, ducking under his hotel bed for his camera. You nodded, and he switched the camera on. He held out his arm so that you were both in frame. And you smiled. He forgot all about what you were supposed to say the moment that beautiful smile appeared there. “I- wow, Y/N.” 


    His stare was kind as it usually was. “You just-” he paused. “Your smile is really, really beautiful.” There was no way for you to turn away from the camera this time and you were left grinning like a lovestruck idiot at the boy in front of you, leaning up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. 

  “Thank you.” 

  You slept the entire plane ride the way you had the last time, curled up against Peter. This time, it was intentional. One of your arms was flung across his waist and his was wrapped around your shoulders, the sweatshirt he had came in now swaddling you cozily. There were two separate cars waiting for you. You stood in between them when the flight got off, the sleeves of his sweater hanging off your hands as you reached out to grab his. He felt you push a piece of paper into his hand. “You better call me, Peter Parker. I’ll be really upset if you don’t.” 

   He wrapped you suddenly in an embrace that lifted you off your feet just a little bit, his lips pressing against your temple. “I’ll call you every day.” 

   He kept true to his word. Every day without fail, your phone rang with a call from Peter, and you fell asleep on the phone with him more often than not. If you weren’t on the phone with him, you were texting him, and if you weren’t doing that, you wished that you were. The consistent communication was better than nothing, but regardless, you missed his presence. You missed the way you felt walking next to him as he explained why chocolate ice cream was so clearly better than vanilla. You just missed him. 

   “Peter?” You held the phone to your ear, nestled in your blankets already even though it was barely nine o'clock. His sleepy voice mumbled out a yes? “Would it be stupid if I said that I missed you?” 

  She could practically hear his wide smile through the phone. “Of course not. I miss you, too. So much. Probably more than you miss me.” 

   “That’s so not true!” She scoffed. 

    “Wanna bet?” His tone was mischievous, no longer the hoarse, pretty voice of a boy just waking up from his nap. “Open your bedroom door.” 

    “Are you joking?” 

    You hung up the phone, throwing back your covers and not caring one bit that your hair was a dripping mess from your shower or that you were wearing  a terrible set of hello kitty pajamas that weren’t meant for anyone over the age of ten based on the size of the top. You nearly tackled him to the ground when you saw him standing in your doorway, a happy squeal escaping your lips. You were surprised he even got in, considering your dad wasn’t home, but you figured Vision had let him in. Vision always had a way of knowing. 

   “Have I ever told you that you have a really pretty smile?” Peter’s lips hovered over yours, almost hesitant. You took the initiative to kiss first, your hands delving into his silk-like hair. There was no point in waiting anymore. Your noses bumped together clumsily when he tilted his head back, admiring. You could feel your whole being light up when he gazed at you the way that he did, in that admiring, careful, Peter way of his. 

   “Careful, Spidey,” You warned, hands on his chest as you stared right back up at him. 

   “Careful of what?” He quirked an eyebrow. 

   “You’re going to make me fall in love with you one of these days if you keep looking at me like that.” It was only the truth, and you were a honest person.

   “That’s sort of the plan,” he shrugged in a seemingly careless way, but he couldn’t hide it. He was an open book. An open book who loved you, and the way that you smiled at him when he pulled back his sleeve to reveal a web shooter, a strange glint in those brown eyes of his as he said, “You up for an adventure?” 

Taylor references The Great Gatsby in TIWWCHNT but is that just a party reference or a bigger metaphor of the album? She also has the whole Getaway Car song and The Great Gatsby has the infamous plot twist about Daisy killing Myrtle by running her over in the car–something Gatsby initially had the blame for (just like the infamous, real life phone call) that ends up getting Gatsby killed (just like Taylor “dying”). Taylor also has a line “now I’m your Daisy.” Is this just nice flower symbolism or some double metaphor as another reference to The Great Gatsby because that’s also the name of Gatsby’s love interest? Futhermore, Reputation has several lines about guns, pools, and death, which is very similar to how Gatsby is shot and killed in his own pool and has the heartbreakingly tiny funeral despite his large and populated parties. Is this a correlation to how Taylor had all these friends and then she felt alone and like she had died? There’s also New Year’s Day that brings the party metaphor full circle–is she changing the ending of The Great Gatsby to a happy ending where she gets the love interest and ends up okay? Is this–

I bacha(ta) I can dance better than you ! - Jason Todd x Hispanic!reader

Not even sorry for the bad pun in the title. Ok so I really REALLY HOPE I didn’t mess up this story, because I’d be super mad at myself if I mis-represent said hispanic!reader ! I hope it’s fine, I tried really. ANYWAY IMMA SHUT UP NOW HOPE YOU’LL LIKE IT !! Also, I’m French, and never even learned Spanish in class (I was taught German), so I hope the Spanish things I’ll put in are right 

PS : Reader is from Honduras because another anon’ kindly ask me to write a hispanic!reader from there :-). However I didn’t delve in the Hondura culture THAT much, just a few hint, because I still wanna keep it “broad” enough if that makes sense. 
PPS : Someone pointed out Jason actually know how to speak Spanish in the comics and…well, this is an imagine. It’s obviously not canon. I might write another story where he surprises his hispanic s/o because he indeed already speak Spanish fluently though :D. Endless possibilities really. 

My masterlist blog :


Jason didn’t even remember, what brought him in the Spanish quarter of Gotham that day, but he blessed whatever guided his feet there every single hours that went by because…Well, he met you. 

He was lost in thoughts when he stumbled on a huge gathering of people right there, in the middle of the street. A song was resonating in the entire block (this song : click here to listen to it), and the noises all around him brought him back to reality. 

People were cheering, dancing, singing…but it’s you who caught his attention.

 Pushing through the crowd to see what everything was about, he saw you. And you were absolutely owning the place. 

You were dancing with a man, in rhythm with the music, and Jason was completely subjugated by you and your movements. 

There was absolutely no doubt you were the center of this little party, right in the middle of the street…Cars were even waiting patiently, their drivers not daring to honk or anything, just looking at everyone dancing and enjoying life. 

If he wasn’t so suddenly hypnotized by you, Jason would have realized you weren’t at all the center of the attention. Hell, no one was. It was just a giant gathering of people being happy. A spontaneous event that someone listening to a song too loudly sprout. 

Literally, the owner of a local small convenience store’s favorite song was passing on the radio, and he got so excited he pushed the sound all the way up…And then someone, no one knew who, started dancing, another one joined in…until the entire block turned into a giant dancing floor. 

Some danced way better than you, but Jason didn’t even notice them. His attention was fully fixed on you, on every move you made, every step you took, your smile, your (H/C) dancing in the wind…He would never admit it, but he fell in love with you right on the spot. 

As suddenly as this dancing party started, it stopped, as the song was getting to an end, and everyone, after a lot of hugs, laughter, cheering and applause, slowly returned to their every day life. 

Jason found himself, too stunned to move, on the sidewalk, looking at you getting away…He wanted to run after you, but something was holding him on the spot. He just couldn’t move at all. And his heart started to beat like crazy as he realized he was letting you get away without even trying to talk to you ! 

Fortunately that day, Destiny was finally kind to him. 

-(Y/N) ! HEY (Y/N) WAIT UP ! 

As you were about to turn the corner of the street and disappear forever, you turned around. (Y/N). So that was your name. So beautiful…it rolled on his tongue perfectly. And oh when you smiled at the guy next to him who was calling you, he felt like he was melting into a puddle. 

You crossed the street to join the man who called you. It was the man with whom you were dancing a bit earlier. As you reach for him, he takes your hands and Jason’s heart dropped. 

-Ooooh hermosa, were you gonna leave without saying goodbye ? 

-I wouldn’t dare Ale’, it’s just that I really got to get to work, you made me late Mr. Alejandro Barientos ! 

-Oh hey, I bet your boss will understand the need to dance no ? 

-You know my boss mi amigo, she’s pretty harsh. 

-Oh hey, don’t talk about your mama like that. She does everything so you can have a good life. 

-I know Ale’, I know. Anyway I really gotta run before her “everything” forces me to work extra hours because I was late ! See ya later Mr. Barientos !

He kisses you on the cheek and you do the same, and in an instant, you’re gone again. Jason cannot stop himself from looking at you as you leave, his heart tightening at each step you take, as you go away…He wants to run after you but, what good could it do ? That Alejandro was obviously your boyfriend, why else would he dance with you like that, and kiss you and…Something catches Jay’s eyes. 

It’s “Ale’”. And he’s kissing a man. Not on the cheek. 

Time seems to suddenly slow down, as Jason’s head moves in between the man he thought was your boyfriend and you. He has to make a decision in this split second, as you’re about to disappear forever around the corner…

Jason Todd doesn’t hesitate, he starts to run after you as fast as he can. 

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we'd dismantled the fortress she had built. the army she had 
raised. the future she had planned. and the entire world was
about to know that she had failed. taken down by a gamer,
a junkie, and a small town delinquent.
I like yellow too

Brett x Reader

Request:  from the prompt list #2 & #3 with Brett, please??

•Summary: With the hunters killing, the pack needs some backup. So what happens when that certain backup is a past fling? Feelings are confessed… Well sort of

•Warnings: Spoilers for 6B, mentions of past hook-ups & language (honestly don’t know what to count as a warning) Also fluffy at the end aw

•Word count- 3,173

{Set in S6B}

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I’m going to try to post something I liked about the Gilmore Girls revival everyday.

Here’s the 164th one.

KuroMahi Oneshot #1

Ok uhhhhhh Here’s my first attempt at a oneshot eee I’m sorry if it’s not up to standards with other writers because everyone in this fandom is so good at it ffffff But here’s my first contribution to the KuroMahi positivity project! Istarted writing this before the prompts were released so I would say this falls under ‘3. Domestic/home life’ and ‘15. free choice’. And well, I hope people enjoy?? ^^’

Mahiru wasn’t sure how this situation came about. One minute they were both sitting on the couch watching some random show that was on, Kuro sitting on Mahiru’s lap in cat form; the next he had somehow ended up under a sleeping, very much human Kuro whose dead weight was causing some circulation issues. But that wasn’t really of his concern right now…

He usually had no problem with the closeness of Kuro; the vampire normally close by his side, leaning on him occasionally. However, having the lazy ass sleeping on top of him was completely different. It was weirdly a lot more intimate, and strange feelings were making themselves known to Mahiru making the whole thing even more uncomfortable. Especially since he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to stay or run to his room.

Kuro remained oblivious to his situation, continuing his nap whilst being completely unaware of everything and anything. In fact, Mahiru was surprised that Kuro hadn’t woken up from how unbelievably loud and fast his heart rate was. He was glad though, since he didn’t have to deal with Kuro’s reaction on top of his own. Well, it was inevitable but still!

He sighed in frustration, but couldn’t bring himself to aim that frustration at Kuro. It wasn’t really his fault after all. Moreover, his SerVamp wasn’t having the best sleep lately, so this was also a really good thing and he would feel terrible if he woke him up now…

This was a great opportunity for that infamous line of ‘what a pain’.

Eventually his mind drifted from the topic of his misfortune to Kuro himself, as it did more times in a day then he would admit. His vampire just seemed to surprise him more and more, especially in recent weeks. It would be small things like helping him with chores (to an extent of course. He could hardly say that moving rubbish from the floor to the table so he could vacuum more effectively could be considered as helping, but it was progress! And noticeable progress at that). Even when they were walking home from the supermarket, Kuro would take some bags without being forced too, of course he still complained… And, to his surprise, just last week Kuro was lazily playing around with some kid while he was off getting them both ice cream. That was a moment he had managed to snag a picture of without Kuro’s knowledge and he was proud of it. They were only small things, but they still continued to made his heart flutter every time. It didn’t help that it was so awkwardly cute when Kuro did try to help out…

After a few more moments of aimless contemplating about what he should do, the worst thing that could have happened… decided to happen. His phone started ringing, and it was loud. The sound had caused Mahiru to jump slightly before he frantically searched for the device. It had wedged itself inside the couch somewhere and by the time he had managed to turn it off, red eyes were staring right at him.

“K-Kuro!” Mahiru’s automatic response was. Their faces were so close that he could see every detail of Kuro’s irises; it was oddly mesmerising and even caused him to momentarily forget the current situation.

Kuro buried his face back into Mahiru’s chest in order to hide from the staring, “So loud… What a pain…” He didn’t remember changing back to human form, and he was too emotionally conflicted to move right away either. Maybe if he pretended he didn’t exist everything would be fine… Yeahhhh no. That wasn’t going to happen. At least he might be able to convince Mahiru he was asleep again.

“U-uhhmm K-K-er…” Mahiru tried to say something, he didn’t really know what he was trying to say himself, but all that came out was an awkward array of sounds. What was he supposed to do? He had almost come to terms with this whole thing too! But now that Kuro was conscious…

Well, it could be worse he supposed… Kuro didn’t really react at all, so maybe it was fine? No, that couldn’t be right, surely he thought this was weird… He thought it was weird. Maybe not in a bad way… but still! Guys don’t just sleep on top of other guys after all!

By now he was sure Kuro was asleep again, thank god, and he had started to try and forget about the complications and just enjoy this strange occurrence. Admittedly, if he ignored the weirdness, it was actually really nice being so close to Kuro like this. He would even go as far to say he wouldn’t mind doing it again. After all, Kuro didn’t seem to have a problem with it…

What was he thinking?? There was no way… Now he was just being stupid. Kuro was most likely just too lazy or too tired to move and this would probably be the last time something like this would happen… So, thinking simply… he should enjoy it while it lasted right? Although, whilst enjoying the closeness, he also had nothing to do now that he was wide awake. The TV control had fallen somewhere and he was afraid to turn on his phone in case of a repeat from last time. So then, now what?

He sighed again and stared up at the ceiling in boredom. Usually he was only like this when he was stuck on hard questions in his homework, and even then Kuro would sit on his desk in cat form to ‘soothe him of stress’ as he says. Which, he would admit, petting a cat did have a strangely therapeutic effect. He wondered if it was the cat or because it was Kuro…

He knew where his mind was going, and he couldn’t care less at this point. It had become a craving now, perhaps the boredom was getting to him? Besides, Kuro was asleep so he wouldn’t know. His mind won the battle, as expected, and he hesitantly played with a strand of Kuro’s hair. He didn’t think it would be as soft as his cat fur… When no response was received, he started petting the vampire’s head and eventually he lightly dragged his nails down the back of Kuro’s head, earning a small purr. Mahiru smiled to himself at the cute sound, continuing the pets until he felt sleepy again, both from the repetitive motion and lulling sound of the purrs.

It took him a little while to figure it out, but now he was certain of what this feeling was, “Kuro… I think I like you… a lot more than I should…” Saying it out loud made it seem all the more real, and it felt good to get it off his chest even if Kuro wasn’t listening. It was probably better off that way nonetheless. He sighed and looked over to the television, content with just being able to savour the moment a bit longer.

Not even a minute later, he received an unexpected reply.

“…I like you too.”

Loose Wire Part II - Jonathan Byers

Originally posted by grustniygoner

Summary: Part two of Loose Wire (Read part one HERE) During your music date with Jonathan, he begins to open up about his feelings towards the happenings over the past year.

Pairing:  Jonathan Byers x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1460


It was normal for you to want the school day to pass by quickly but knowing that at the end of the day you were going to be spending the rest of the afternoon with the handsome Jonathan Byers only made you wish the time would go by even faster. All throughout the day you watched as the clock ticked by slowly, as if it was slowed down times 10; especially after running into Jonathan at your locker him nervously checking to make sure that the two of you were still on for your date. Your mind was in a daydreaming state, no matter how hard you tried to focus on class because you desperately needed to, you couldn’t seem to focus on anything other than the swirling thoughts of seeing Jonathan again. Hours passed, classes ended, and finally you were out of Chem, thankfully. You eagerly made your way down the long crowded hallway of Hawkins High, stopping off at the bathroom to give your hair a few fluffs and a spritz of perfume from your locker. The golden sunlight quickly warmed your cold skin from the frigid classrooms as you stepped outside, the autumn breeze rolling through, leaves on the ground swirling at your feet. Your eyes darted around the student parking lot in search of Jonathan’s familiar beat up Ford, and once you had spotted it with the cute boy leaning up against it you had a certain skip in your step while walking over to him. “Hey grease-monkey, ready to go?” The nickname from yesterday had stuck, the blushing boy in front of you didn’t seem to mind it either. “Yeah! Ready if you are.” With a smile on your face you nodded, Jonathan quickly walking around the front of his car to open the door for you. You slid into the passenger seat and watched Jonathan do the same, putting the car in drive and heading out of the school lot.

The ride back to Jonathan’s house was filled with small talk, talking about your day, how long classes were, the obnoxious fight that took place in the cafeteria. Jonathan offered to play some music when silence fell but you had declined, telling him to save it for when you two reached his house. Once you pulled up to the familiar Byer’s residence you put on a smile, stepping out of the car and following Jonathan inside his home. “Can I get you anything to drink?” He asked politely, shaking off his denim coat and tossing his keys on the coffee table placed in the living room. “Surprise me.” You smiled at him, not standing around too long before venturing further into his house, moving towards the living room. Your eyes skimmed over the walls, looking at the childhood photos of the lovely family, a big cheesy grin on the young Jonathan, making you smile in return. “Music time?” Jonathan piped up, holding two cans of coke in his hands, motioning for you to follow behind him. Excitedly you followed him down the hallway, more family pictures displayed on the wall before you entered Jonathan’s room. It was clear that he had cleaned his room recently, his bed neatly made, no clothes on the floor, his books on his desk neatly stacked up, everything perfectly in its place. It was a typical teenaged boy room, minus the cleanliness and lack of half nude women plastered on his wall. “M-make yourself comfortable, please.” Jonathan muttered out, handing you your coke while he stood at his dresser, shuffling through his cassette tapes. Taking a seat on his bed you took a moment to admire the timid boy, his shaggy hair flopping over his eyes, his tall and lean figure craned over his dresser, a blush appearing on your cheeks at how cute this boy really was.

“I figured we’d start with Clash since you had mentioned them yesterday, after that you can take a look at what I have and see if anything interests you.” He told you, pressing play on the boombox, the music crackling before roaring to life, Know Your Rights starting to play. Jonathan sat down beside you on his bed, his eyes bouncing around the room, not too sure what to say or do. As much as he had been thinking about this since the moment you had mentioned it, he hadn’t thought of a single thing to do or say. The next song began to play and you bobbed your head along to it, Jonathan doing the same beside you, singing along just barely above a whisper. What seemed awkward to Jonathan, the dead silence between you two was something perfect for you. With how busy life has been lately, it was great to stop and just enjoy some good music with great company. The infamous Should I stay Or Should I Go began to play, an instant smile growing on your face while you sang along, Jonathan smiling back at you, but even with his smile you could see past it, a look of agony present as well. Standing up from your spot on his bed you walked over to the radio to turn the volume down slightly.

“You okay Jonathan?” You asked, taking your seat beside him again, looking at him while he twisted the metal tab on the coke can. “Y-yeah, it’s just, this song reminds me of a lot.” He says shortly, still avoiding your eye contact. “Is it something that you want to talk about? What’s a lot mean?” Just about everyone knew what had happened with the Byer’s family, from their parents divorce to what had happened to Will over the past year, there was definitely trauma in the family, including Jonathan. The boy sad boy stayed silent for a moment, not saying a word but instead shrugging his shoulders. You place your hand on top of his, giving it a soft squeeze of reassurance. “It’s okay to not be okay Jonathan, what’s not okay is to not let it out, keeping it bottled up is never a good idea.” Jonathan knew you were right, the times where he has bottled up his feelings never went over well for when he would explode or lose it. “I gave Will a mixtape with this song on it…I would bring him into my room and play it for him while my mom would fight with my dad, I didn’t want him to have to hear what they were shouting out or whatever bullshit my dad had to say about Will.” Your heart pounded hard in your chest at the loving words of Jonathan, so protective of his brother. “The night before we found Will, this song played…” He paused, sighing heavily, clearly talking about this wasn’t easy for him but you were glad that he was opening up about it. “It’s been hard on us, especially Will. Trying to keep an eye on him without making his feel out of place or like he’s going to break. I haven’t seen my mom happy in a long time, Bob was the closest thing she had to happiness and now that he’s gone she’s just so down all the time. She tries not to let it show in front of us but I can see it.” The words came out like vomit, just spewing out one after another until Jonathan finally caught his breath. It was a lot to process the sudden trust that was just built, your heart holding on to Jonathan’s feelings very carefully. Not knowing what to say in the moment you didn’t say anything, but instead wrapped your arms around him tightly.

Without any hesitation Jonathan wrapped his arms back around your waist, holding you close while he took deep breaths. Your hands trailed along his back, tracing faceless patterns while music still played, not that the two of you were paying much attention to it at this point. “You’re incredible, you know that?” You whispered, your head resting on his strong shoulder. “You care so deeply about your family, taking care of Will, looking out for your mom and still keeping up with the rest of life.” You couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to have gone through so much while keeping up with school as well. Pulling back from him you looked into his brown eyes, “You’re amazing, Jonathan.” His forehead came to press against yours, a slight sniffle coming from him before he slowly leaned in, his lips tenderly kissing yours. The Clash’s Lovers Rock playing in the background of your first kiss with the handsome Jonathan. You both slowly pulled apart, a smile on your face matching Jonathan’s as well.

“Did this just become our song, grease-monkey?”

Author’s Note: Part 2 is finally here!! I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think! Requests are open!! I’m currently working on a Steve request so keep your eyes open for that soon! xx Lexie


anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm here to ask about your 20's starwars au. Tell me everything.... (please)

(Ok real quick- seriously thank you to every single person who sent me an ask about this, I could cry.)

ALRIGHT! I tried to write down all the ideas I’d had so far and of course during that process I got about 100 MORE ideas, and basically this has gotten entirely out of hand and I apologize for how long this is going to wind up (and my lack of writing skills…). I don’t even have a solid ending figured out, just a bunch of plot points, so feel free to run with this in whatever direction you would like!

20s STAR WARS!! (starting with a lil background)

  • Finn- a cop, eternally stuck on station duty.
    • Joined the force because he wanted to help people
    • The other officers don’t like him very much
  • Poe- ex-military pilot from the Great War, turned infamous Moonshine Runner for the Resistance.
    • Can drive anything (including a squad car)
    • Also BB-8 is a corgi because that is still the perfect equivalent
    • Wears his old miltary bomber jacket all the time (the jacket)
  • Rey- homeless, (maybe?) orphan? Grade-A badass.
    • Good at fighting- has had to fight her whole life (could probably kick both Finn and Poe’s ass)
    • Ultimately the Resistance takes her in and trains her to be a spy


  • Mid 1920s, prohibition has passed and is going strong.
  • The First Order are the police
    • As it turns out, most of the officers from the precinct where Finn works are dirty, taking payments from the Mafia to ensure safe transit of their alcohol and to turn a blind eye when needed.
    • They’re also using Mafia money to rig local elections.
  • The Resistance runs a rival underground alcohol smuggling business and several speakeasies.
    • Most likely the biggest threat to the Mafia’s alcohol business
    • The Resistance essentially runs their business trying to counter the movements of the corrupt police and Mafia; so trying to keep elections fair, trying to find enough evidence to expose the dirty cops, etc.
    • They also hire a lot of Great War vets who have trouble finding employment elsewhere
  • Poe is the best/fastest/sneakiest Moonshine Runner for the Resistance
    • He’s been with them since he got back from the war and couldn’t seem to find a place where he belonged anymore
    • He’s in charge of all the other runners and probably hangs out in the main Resistance speakeasy a lot where Leia tends to be as well
  • Poe get arrested- the police manage to get him when he doubled back to help one of Leia’s contacts escape from a (Mafia-funded) raid on a Resistance speakeasy.
  • Finn sees Poe get brought in and is impressed at Poe’s calm demeanor despite looking like he’d been through several bar fights
  • Finn winds up overhearing a couple of other cops talking about what they’re going to do with the alcohol they found in Poe’s car- he listens long enough to realize how deeply involved the police are in Mafia business
  • Finn only ever wanted to help people, so the moment he realizes his precinct’s interests lie elsewhere he decides to spring Poe from jail and get the heck out
    • Finn and Poe steal a squad car and escape, but are quickly pursued because surprisingly a squad car doesn’t make for a very stealthy escape
  • Poe gives Finn his bomber jacket as they drive away so he can take off the Police uniform (in order to not draw attention to themselves when they reach their destination)
  • They soon realize the chase isn’t going to end while they’re still in a squad car, and Poe decides the best way to ditch the car is to drive it where the police can’t easily follow- aka Poe decides to drive the squad car off a bridge
  • They jump out of the car before it hits the surface of the water, but the shock dazes Finn, who loses track of Poe and nearly drowns
  • He’s pulled out of the water by an incredulous Rey, who was taking shelter underneath the bridge they drove off, she makes sure he’s alive before going back in for Poe
  • They find Poe, but he’s in bad shape and won’t wake up- Finn and Rey agree to try and track down the Resistance to get some help for him BUT they have no idea where that is
  • Ultimately through a series of lucky clues (like an address in the bomber jacket’s pocket) they manage to find a resistance hideout that’s able to take Poe in (and don’t question Finn and Rey hanging out a bit longer as well, seeing as how neither of them really has a place to go anymore)
  • Finn and Rey wind up staying and working with the resistance on undercover reconnaissance missions (think “super-fancy-beautiful-roaring-20s-parties-with-awesome-fancy-outfit” type missions) trying to gather enough evidence to take down the police
    • (This is when Finn wears tuxedos and Rey wears flapper dresses and Poe sneaks around in suspenders and drives the getaway car)
  • Do they expose the police?? Do they get into shootouts with the Mafia??? MAYBE!?


  • Kylo Ren joined the police back before Prohibition to try to impress his parents but after the bill was passed the other officers on the force convinced him the only way he was ever going to advance was going to be through working with the Mafia like them
  • Please imagine Finn cracking a safe while Poe is lookout, and when the safe swings open after only a few moments’ work Finn smiles up at Poe and Poe curses and thinks to himself “Who the hell is this kid?!”
  • Rey claiming the sawed off shotgun immediately because in all honesty she’ll be the one to put it to the best use. She also manages to turn almost anything into a weapon.
  • Poe and Finn on late night stakeouts huddled together in Poe’s car…
  • Rey and Finn becoming unwitting darlings of the roaring 20s night scene as their appearances at parties become more and more frequent
  • Finn getting shot in a shootout with the Mafia and Poe managing to get him into his car and out of the mess, Finn refusing to go to a hospital for fear they may let the police know he’s there and would come to arrest him, Poe rushing him as fast as possible to a resistance-friendly doctor
  • Poe taking Finn on one of his late night moonshine runs just to show off (even if he wouldn’t admit it…), Finn smiling and laughing and having the greatest time of his life because he feels so ALIVE

I’m constantly suffering. I’m sure I’ll get a million more ideas the moment I post this but I’m exhausted and this is already out of control. 

anonymous asked:

have you done anything for aromatisse?


Because its scent depends on what it eats, Kalos has many “special blend” foods for Spritzee. Certain packs are guaranteed to make it smell like “Cinnamon Apple” or “Vanilla Kiss”.

In the olden days, it was believed that Spritzee’s aroma warded away disease. Masks fashioned after Spritzee were worn by doctors in times of plague.

Wild Spritzee would often be given treats so the countryside would smell nice. However, some people believed that was ridiculous; as a famous Hoennian journalist put it, “Dirt should smell like dirt!”.
The media made jokes about feeding Spritzees dirt after that.

A Spritzee’s sneeze is said to be good luck. It’s also guaranteed to make you smell like perfume for a week.


Public Transportation often asks that Aromatisse stay in their pokeball, as their scent is overpowering, and not everyone loves “Vanilla Kiss”. On the contrary, they are great companions when entering Kalos’s infamously smelly cheese stores.

 Each Aromatisse has a selection of favorite good scents and bad scents. It’s best not to get on its bad side.

 They’re often used to help people regain appetites by emitting delicious scents. …Or restaurants sometimes use this same idea to draw people in… 

They love the effect they have on people - sometimes one must develop a pokerface to train an Aromatisse well.