great american pinup

(via The Great American Pinup) A beauty almost 100 years old - Alberto Vargas - “Memories of Olive” 1920 - A very sensual painting by Vargas from the very early years. Olive Thomas was a dancer for the Ziegfeld Follies and was the “Marilyn Monroe” of her era. Olive’s career began as a model in 1914 before dancing for Ziegfeld. While partying in Paris in 1920, she accidentally drank a flask of mercury bichloride which her husband used for a topical treatment for chronic syphilis. She thought the flask was alcohol. She died five days later from kidney failure, long before her acting career and beauty would fully be recognized. A stunning painting by Vargas in his early days that is still recognized as one of his most beautiful paintings 96 years later. Posted this one about 2 years ago but one of my favorites. 

 Bill Medcalf - 1950’s. This beautiful illustration is likely an advertising poster for Ditzler or Simonize from Medcalf. His illustrations were popular with many advertisers of the time. Love the beautiful work by Medcalf with the model, a beautiful face and smile and great angles with the beautiful body. Medcalf included dogs in many of his works which was always appealing to his audience in the advertising industry.