great again!

“Where are you, Joshua?” You murmur the question under your breath as if it were an incomplete or illicit thought–one that never quite makes it to the surface. It fizzles like bubbles in a soda, ephemeral as Joshua seems now, in retrospect. Now that Neku can actually stop and think, he’s been reflecting ever since.

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For the lazy weekend ahead! 

An ArtTrade done with @moodyspoodys . A noodle for a noodle. Or maybe two? haha! You can see her part HERE if you haven’t already :3

Hanzo is relaxing with his cats.. I mean dragonoodles, while Jesse is away on a mission. Time passes slower when the cowboy is not around, so apart from training and meditation, Hanzo sinks between the pillows and covers with his noodles and a good book to make time fly away faster.


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

Do you think if Hillary had won and the Republicans had tried this line that Putin chose her, do you think that would have gotten past a day in the Drive-By Media? They wouldn’t have even taken the story. They’d laughed at it, sloughed it off, and you’d-a never heard about it.
—  Rush Limbaugh