anonymous asked:

can I request a scenario where woohyun proposes? omg im dying to see what you're gonna say because he's so freaking precious and just omg

Woohyun: He would be extremely nervous. Like seriously. Even if you guys were dating for a long time, I think he wold still have doubts about your answer. Woohyun would definitely worry about if you even wanted to get married or not if you guys hadn’t discussed it before. He would need everything to be absolutely perfect because he’ll truly believe that perfection is what you deserved! Woohyun would want to make the night unforgettable and I see him even cooking the meal himself! It’ll be a quiet, but fancy night at home and you would notice that he was acting a little bit weird and fidgety the whole night. When he does finally pop the question, Woohyun would be a little teary while asking you to please be his life partner. After you accept his proposal, he will visibly be relieved–shoulders raised and a teary smile wide on his face!

greasywoo asked:

Hai I really love your blog <3 I want to do some infinite edits, but I don't know where to get photos of them from that allow editing. ;__; I know you edit and stuff (i love your edits btw) so can you maybe tell some sites I could use? It would really help. Thanks in advance. ^_^

thank you so much ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

yeah, its really hard to find sites that allow editing so its better to just edit official photos or some scans ~ to be honest i mostly edit selcas and make gifs so i don’t really know fansites that allow editing ;~~~;