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I don’t get jealous

(A/N): Fuck me up with possessive Bucky

Request:  💕 💕 jealous!bucky where your ex-fiancee comes back and you have to work w/ him and bucky becomes real protective 💕 💕

Warnings: some swearing, creepy ex

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    “Oh god,” You whisper as that all too familiar man walks into your office. “Oh god no,” You’d recognize that sneer and glinting eyes anywhere, that was your ex. And not just any old ex, this was your ex- fiancee. You gulp as he walks down the aisles with pride in his step, obviously very pleased with himself for being able to worm his way through S.H.I.E.L.D. You turn your head away as he walks by, hoping he didn’t catch a glimpse of your face and for a minute you actually had hope that it worked. He continued to walk down aisles, his steps getting further and further away before they suddenly stop as does your heart. The footsteps come back your way and your heart begins to beat within your chest, god please let him pass you, please let him pass you.

   “(Y/N), is that you?” His voice had you nearly cringing, the greasy tony brought back some not so nice memories. Despite this you turn to look at him with a forced smile, trying your best not to look as annoyed as you were. 

   “Yep,” You chuckle, “It’s me,” 

   “Oh my god,” He smiles, showcasing his teeth. “I haven’t seen you in ages,” Yeah, that was kinda the point dipshit. “This is crazy!” You smile a little wider, causing you to feel like your skin may crack at the force. 

   “Yeah, right,” 

   “So uh- uh what’re you doing here?” You suppress a groan at this longer than needed conversation instead deciding upon smiling more and answering the question. 

   “I’m a field agent, sometimes I work alongside the Avengers-” At this his eyes widen and his jaw nearly drops. 

   “You work with the Avengers? That’s so cool!” You merely nod, hoping this conversation would end soon. “So does this mean you’ve met Tony Stark? Oh my god, have you met Captain America?” 

   “Haha, yep, I sure have,” The man sighs, folding his arms over his chest as he stares at you in a less than comfortable fashion. 

   “That is incredible (Y/N),” You only nod, hoping your face didn’t portray just how uncomfortable you were getting. The stupid man was just about to open his mouth again when the doors to the room open once again and this time the person who walks in is far more pleasant than the man before you. 

   “Bucky,” You sigh out as your present fiancee walks in the room, his other half not far behind. Bucky and Steve seemed to be engaged in quite the conversation when Bucky turns to look at you, smiling softly as his gaze connects to yours.

   You want to jump from your seat and run to his side, grab him and hold him like your life depended on it but you can’t, not with Mr. Sleazy standing right beside you. So instead you wait until Bucky waves goodbye to Steve and begins to make his way over to you to get up and excuse yourself momentarily. 

   “Sorry,” You give the man a tight lipped smile as you stand, dusting your suit off before standing a bit taller. “I’ll be right back,” You walk past him and instead to Bucky, your Bucky. 

  You nearly sigh in relief when Bucky opens his arms up, inviting you into his embrace. You gladly accept, wrapping your arms around his waist and nuzzling into his chest. 

   “Hey doll,” Bucky’s chest rumbles, soft and comforting against you. 

   “Hey,” You breathe out, just happy to be back by his side, rather than that creepy man’s. 

   “Who’s the creep lingering by your desk?” Bucky’s voice is no louder than a whisper, not wishing anyone to hear what you guys were saying. 

   “Remember that asshole boyfriend I told you about?” Bucky’s grip on you tightens at your words, just enough to give you a soft squeeze before it relaxes. 

   “Yes,” Bucky’s jaw is clenches and his words are now a hiss as he glowers at the man by your desk. 

   “Guess who’s working with us now?” 

   “Not that creep right?” 

   “Unfortunately yes,” Bucky growls softly as he pulls you against him a little tighter, making sure to keep you blocked from the man’s line of sight. 

   “Has he tried anything-” 

  “No Bucky,” You smile softly against the ex assassin. “He hasn’t tried anything…not yet at least,” You knew your words were only going to spurr Bucky’s little jealousy fit and you could definitely tell when he growled once again, pulling you even closer to his chest. “Buck-” You gently pat his back, “I’m just joking, he’s not going to try anything, I made it very clear we were over and that I didn’t want anything to do with him,” 

   “Well he’s here and he’s talking to you,” 

   “He works here Buck, we’re just gonna have to live with that,” Bucky sighs softly, albeit unhappily. 

   “If he tries anything you tell me, okay?” He tilts your head up at his words, his thumb and pointer finger clutching your chin gently. His blue eyes are boring into yours and his face is etched with concern (and jealousy). You find yourself smiling at the literally man puppy holding you before you lean in, pressing your lips to his briefly before pulling away, much to Bucky’s dismay. 

   “You got it Sarge,” Bucky smiles, his eyes crinkling softly at the nickname you’d given him. 

   You go to pull away, intending to go back to your seat and work when Bucky pulls you back against him, causing you to squeak in surprise. 

   “One more kiss?” Bucky asks softly as he gives a damn good pair of puppy dog eyes. You roll your eyes, feigning annoyance but you couldn’t even deny how much you loved it when Bucky asked for kisses. You lean in, pressing your lips against his once more, only intending for it to be an innocent kiss but as Bucky began to nibble on your bottom lip you realized he wanted more. 

   “Bucky,” You warn against his lips, after all, you were at work and you were sure Fury would kill you both if he caught the two of you displaying anymore public affection. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky replies cooly as once again leans in to claim your lips as his own. You can only smile against him, making it nearly impossible to keep up the kissing. Eventually Bucky gives in, succumbing to a smile as well. “Think I made my point?” Bucky murmurs against your lips, just allowing himself that small amount of teasing pleasure. 

   “What point?” You murmur back, genuinely confused. Bucky smiles as he nuzzles his forehead against your own, looking just about as smug as could be. 

    “Think that loser over there knows you’re mine?” You peek over Bucky’s shoulder to see your ex-fiancee looking anywhere but the two of you, obviously very uncomfortable.  

   “I think everyone knows I’m yours you nerd,” Bucky smiles wider, causing his nose to scrunch up in the cutest way. “You know I love you right?” You ask a bit softer, just enough so that only Bucky could hear you. Bucky smiles as he wraps his arms around your waist a bit more snugly, nuzzling his scruffy face into the crook of your neck as he does so. 

   “I love you too,” 

   “Hey!” The doors open and in walks Fury, damn near seething at the sudden display of affection. “What’d I tell you motherfuckers the last time I caught you?” 

An Avengers Christmas

A/N: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays! 💖

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N.


Clint: Are you almost here yet? HURRY!

Y/N: Merry Christmas, Clint. I’m almost to the tower, calm yourself.


Y/N: You just want me there so you can finally open the gifts, don’t you?

Clint: What? NO! Of course not.

Clint: You’ve been gone FOREVER! We have to spend this day as a family. And open the gifts, together… So hurry.

Y/N: I was gone for 2 days. You can open ONE gift. I won’t tell the others.

Clint: Why couldn’t we send Pietro on the mission, again? Why did you have to go?

Clint: I think I’ll open the gift he got me.

Clint: I can’t believe this.

Y/N: What is it?

Clint: It’s a purple shirt that says OLD MAN.

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More smuuuuuuuttt please :(

1. Clay loves being fucked in the backseat of Tony’s mustang. It’s only happened a handful of times, but it sets Clay’s nerves on fire. The risk of getting caught as he rides Tony gives him such an adrenaline rush that it only makes him bounce on his lap harder and faster.

2. Clay’s body is extremely responsive to Tony’s mouth and hands. Whether he’s grabbing his ass, biting his collarbone, or tweaking his nipples - Clay just throws his head back and begs him not to stop and for more at the same time. (Tony loves it when Clay is needy)

3. Sometimes when Tony pushes Clay past his breaking point with all the subtle teasing throughout the day, Clay’s the one to take things into his own hands. He’s the one who slams Tony back against the front door and squeeze the front of his jeans roughly.

4. One day, Clay is over keeping Tony company in his garage since his family is out for the day. The sight of Clay so greasy and dirty turns Tony on so much that when he borrows his bathroom to take a shower, Tony can hardly wait. He barges in and they have steamy shower sex.

5. For his birthday, Clay surprises Tony with a special outfit that night; just his leather jacket and his tightest pair of boxers. Tony almost growls at the sight and pounces on him, not caring if he ruins his jacket because how can someone look so fucking good?

6. Tony has given Clay a lap dance before. One night at the club, both of them happily buzzed and aroused, the song ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine came on. Clay never knew how good of a dancer Tony was until he was literally on top of him, grinding down and aiming their hips together every time.

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It's cold tonight, the wind cuts to the bone, and no matter how tightly Tony wraps his arms around himself, he can't seem to escape the chill. (Mind finishing?)

This is a prostitute AU, so be aware of themes of underage and/or dub-con sex, although there’s nothing explicit.

This can also be read on Ao3.

It’s cold tonight, the wind cuts to the bone, and no matter how tightly Tony wraps his arms around himself, he can’t seem to escape the chill. “Shit,” he whispers to himself, the word nothing but a cloud puff in the frigid air. There’s no one around to hear him; the streets all but abandoned for a few blocks in each direction. The occasional car passes, bringing a rush of cold air that Tony flinches back from.

His only company are his co-workers, and they mutter their own curses on their own street corners. Parker sniffles, and Tony turns to look at him. The boy’s huddled up against the door of a long-closed pawn shop, wrapped in Tony’s sweater and swiping at his running nose.

“Hey there, kid, watch it. It’s only November, you can’t be getting a cold on me now.” His words come out more concerned than gruff, and Tony wishes that he’d learned how to be hard.

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Raúl Esparza as Tony Compagna

— Jackie DiNorscio had introduced me to his cousin, Tony Compagna. Compagna had real troubles - cocaine, booze. Talked too much, he earned too little. I was with him one day when he delivered over $7,000 to Mr. Calabrese in a paper bag. He asked me to count it for him, ‘cause he said he was too stoned. We went to a restaurant called… The Hole in the Wall. Mr. Calabrese was there with the Mascarpone brothers and somebody I didn’t know.He went up to Mr. Calabrese and said, “Here you are, boss, on account”… and left the bag on the table. Calabrese took the money… opened it, counted it. And then he said to Tony, “What the hell kind of bag is this? The money’s all greasy.” And Tony says, “I’m sorry. I ordered some egg rolls. They was kinda greasy. It was the only bag I got.” And Mr. Calabrese says, “You cocksucker. You give me greasy money again, you’ll owe me twice as much. Now get the fuck outta here.” And he starts to laugh. And then everyone starts to laugh. Mr. Calabrese blows the bag up, pops it. Tony makes believe he got shot, slides under the table. So, by now, everyone’s laughing so hard, they’re crying.

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his guitar is an electric i have Feelings about this and the acoustics in his workshop omg

i want EVERYONE to include this god damn thing in their tony stark smut for ANY GOD DAMN SHIP excuse me HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT SWEATY GREASY WORKSHOP TONY PLAYING THE ELECTRIC GUITAR IN HIS TANK TOP YET oh my GOD tony tuning the guitar with his eyes closed TONY LIP SYNCING AS HE PLAYS and also tony NOT just lip syncing as he plays but actually ATTEMPTING TO SING ALONG TO HIS OLD SCHOOL DAD ROCK BANDS and then STOPPING HIMSELF to BREATHE because of DIMINISHED LUNG CAPACITY due to the ARC REACTOR

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Winteriron: Tony is a mermaid found and captured by Hydra, who are intrigued and want to see what makes him tick - leaving him in an empty, dry tub & see how long he lasts as he slowly suffocates; ripping off scales much like they would fingernails; burning him & seeing if there's a different affect to his skin than to humans (as examples). Bucky (aka Winter Soldier) is there to help w/ the 'experiments' but soon feels sorry for this creature. Cue rescue and jailbreak!

Not exactly following the prompt, but still good?


They’ve had him for weeks, maybe even months. Tony wasn’t sure and, at this point, he did not care. His skin was on fire despite the freezing wind. His tail, once glittering with beautiful red-orange scales, it’s beauty now a mere after thought. The tub of which his kidnappers placed him in is filled with dirty water. Dry blood splatters on the edge and around the tub flake with each passing wind.

At the sound of heavy foot prints, he shutters. It could be the so-called “doctor” or one of his henchmen. They show up to test his limits. See how long he can last out of water. Take pliers to his scales. Burn his skin to see how fast it takes for it to re-heal.

The footsteps pause outside the room and Tony feels the dread slide across his skin. He feels sick.

The door opens and Tony catches a glimpse of an unknown man before focusing on the first man to enter the room. Tony tries to not flinch. It’s the doctor, two recognizable henchmen, and the unknown man. Upon closer inspection as all of them enter the room, Tony sees a muzzle over the man’s face, like one would use for a dog.

“Good evening,” the doctor states, a sinister smile gracing his face. “How are you feeling?”

When Tony doesn’t answer, the doctor carries on. “It’s a lovely day, don’t you think? I was given special permission to see you today outside of our regular schedule.”

He makes a motion to one of the other men who then exits the room for a moment and returns with a cart full of - Tony looks away in fear - drills and hooks and pliers and saws, all of various sizes and cleanliness.

“Let us begin,” the doctor says smoothly.

And Tony spends hours screaming for mercy, eventually begging for death. Throughout the entire time, he tries to focus on the unknown man who, at times, seemed curious. Though, Tony could tell, it was not from the torture, but rather his overall appearance.

He passes out.


When he comes to, the only one in the room with him is the muzzled man whom stares at him with blank eyes. He’s standing at the door, as a guard.

If the situation weren’t so dark, Tony would have laughed.

He spares a quick glance as his tail before looking away in disgust. The tub is still filthy, his tail tainted by ungodly means of torture.

When he shifts, just slightly, a cry of pain erupts from his mouth and he stills. His chest starts heaving, his vision whitens for a moment. He feels himself start to slip again when soft touches his head.

Glancing up, Tony sees the man starring at him with something akin to curiosity, maybe pity. He makes to say something, anything, but as the man gently strokes his greasy hair, Tony feels himself relax and soon falls asleep.


He is roughly awaken by beefy hands yank him from the tub. Pain shoots across his skin, burning so badly, he cries out, but only cruel laughter is his answer.

He is placed on something solid and loud, a table? Or board. Metal bars come down on his tail and wrists. A cold blast of air hits him, causes goosebumps to breakout across his skin.

“Now,” it’s the doctor. “Let’s see how long you can last before we need to take you off.”

The cold air becomes more intense, he’s freezing in a matter of seconds.

“Soldier, watch him. Do not touch.”

Tony turns his head towards the noise, tries to make out the figure of the man who’s brief act of kindness allowed him a rest sleep for the first time since his capture. The unknown from before is standing only a few feet away from the table? board? Tony doesn’t know.

The moment their eyes connect, Tony relaxes. Even for a bit.

It’s not long until he loses feeling in his fingers, his arms since gone cold. His tail, which was full of pain now a dull ache compared to the cold. He feels his throat becoming dry. 

Their eyes remain connected.

When he breathes in, he chokes. The air doesn’t come to him so easily.

He would cry if he could.

“I’m going to die,” he whispers, eyes becoming heavy. “But I’m glad I had the privilege of seeing someone like you.”

The man tilts his head, eyes narrowed in something like angry. He stays like that, almost like he is thinking before abruptly turning on his heel, pulling out a gun, and firing at something in the corner.

What happens after that, Tony can’t really recall. He remembers shouting, shots, and then…darkness.


When he wakes up, he’s no longer cold. There’s a dull ache in his tail and he’s no longer restrained.

And he’s in water.

Clean water within a large tank with no lid.

It felt amazing against his skin. He looked down at his tail, sees it somewhat bandaged within the water.

Looking beyond the glass, he sees the unknown man sitting several feet away, muzzle gone and longer hair framing his face.

He was handsome, really. Tony had come across many humans, but none looked like the man before him, gave him the same feelings of appreciation or likeness.

Hesitating, Tony taps on the glass and waits. The man’s head snaps up, alert, and he moves to his feet slowly. When tony can fully see him, he sees the dry blood on the man’s clothes and a cut that was already healing on his temple.

He watches as the man approaches cautiously.

Tony places a hand against the glass, watches as the man does the same; lining their hands up.

“You saved me.”

The man nods.


And it takes a minute for the man to organize his words, seeming to struggle with speaking. Tony recalls the muzzle and wonders how long the man was forced to wear it.

“B-because,” the man licks his chapped lips, “you ar-are good.”

Tony doesn’t know what to take from that, but he offers a nod.

“Are we safe?”


The unspoken ‘for now’ is heard.

He lets himself sink to the bottom of the tank, feeling sleepy again.

“I will watch over you,” is the only thing he hears before passing out.

~The End

Evening before Tony and Steve’s wedding anniversary

“Steve?! You called me?! Where are you?! Steve!! Huh, what’s this…”

“So sappy… Okay.” *goes to the rooftop*



“Happy nearly Anniversary, Tony.”

“Woah, Steve… It all looks great… And there is so much food.”

“Sorry, might have gotten carried away. Just wanted a nice under the stars dinner with you. And it is jus the first part I planned for us.”

“You’re too good, baby. Happy nearly Anniversary.”

*There is a fainting zooming sound like jets heard from the distance.* “Sam do it now I think we are close enough.” *Bucky was being held under the arms by Sam.*

“By what hands.” *He growls out as Bucky winces at the tone before pressing the button on Sam Falcon suit. what appears to be missiles pop off of Sam’s suit but instead they erupt into fireworks.* “Bucky I need to let you go land gently.”


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Submit Anon: Ouran High/Doctor Who Weeb

I had a weeb occurrence recently. 

My (now ex) girlfriend had taken me to a small-ish, local con a few weeks back. We brought along two friends who were dating, and a last-minute tag-a-long. My friends went as the 10th doctor and Rose, so we’ll call them by their character’s names. The tag-a-long didn’t want to pull a closet cosplay, so she wore a Doctor Who tee, fez and rubber bracelet. We’ll call her Fannie.

As for my girlfriend and I, we went as Mori and Honey from Ouran High School Host Club, mainly because we were bored of our normal cosplays.Doctor and Rose had lent us their Ouran uniforms for our cosplays. If you don’t know the show, Honey is an adorable senior boy, but look likes a shota. I’m his height (4’11) have brown eyes already, so all I had to do was buy a wig. My girlfriend is 5’10”, so she fit the role of tall Mori and also only had to buy a wig. I then borrowed a pink bunny plush from my little sister to fill in for the one Honey carries around.

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