greasy omg

  • Me: ewww the boys in my class never shower or wash their hair so fucking gross. Stay away from me and my children and my grandchildren.
  • Me: Don't talk to me until you've washed ur hair, i will call the police, don't test me.
  • Me: *sprays perfume around my class*
  • Me: *sees pic of my fave band member very sweaty and with greasy ass hair* omg!!! I love what he did to his hair it looks great!!!! #HotAF #HairGameStrong :)!!!

I just read an old article that said the producers of Divergent actually had Jai try out long hair and numerous tattoos to make him look more like the book version of Eric, but he looked awful.

They decided that Jai was more menacing as Eric without the long hair and excessive tattoos.

Imagine they went through with it? I can’t even picture Jai with greasy long, black hair, omg.