greasy emo

fanon version of keith: soft lanky boy, no muscle, looks 9 years old, constant blushing mess around /ance, emo, greasy, doesn’t take care of himself, impulsive and always jumps headfirst into situations without thinking, 10/10 would be a bad leader

shiro’s version of keith: will always show up to save his ass, even if that means piloting shiro’s lion to get to him, muscular, capable, a skilled fighter, can make smart and logical decisions if he’s patient and puts his mind to it, knight in white shining armor, effortlessly beautiful in everything he does, 10/10 would admire and would entrust his life to him if he ever would be in danger

Your boyfriend: steps out of sleek chauffeur driven limo, black tux, slicked back hair, sipping a glass of imported wine, A-list celeb, takes you to a movie premiere, dine at a 5 star restaurant

My boyfriend: rusty purple minivan screeches to a halt, falls out of window, lavender hoodie, red glasses, greasy emo hair, clutching Capri Sun to his chest, makes smoothies for a living, has 17 Disney dvds, vegetarian

I don’t mind someone exploring the themes of good vs. evil. I don’t even mind someone taking an adaptation and changing a few things to explore good vs. evil as a theme.

But DEFINITELY don’t do this with Death Note, of all things, and if you must make “good vs. evil” out of “Moral Grey Area: The Anime,” don’t butcher it so poorly that I end up missing the manipulative sociopathic serial killer you turned into a greasy emo teen who “just wants to do the right thing”.

Title: Dangerous [3/?]
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Romance
Trigger warning:
Bullying, Homophobic behaviour (just in this chapter so skip when you get to the bullying part?)
Summary: Phil gets sent to a boarding school for people with strange abilities after an incident at his previous school. There, he meets Dan who wants nothing more than to hate his guts. But maybe there’s a reason for that? Getting a crush, however, was certainly something neither Dan or Phil had planned. However normal this love story may seem, the strange school they attend will change it from normal to Dangerous.
Authors Note: 
Hope you enjoy this next chapter! I’m a bit unsure about this one, I was originally going to have more things happen but I didn’t know if it would drag it out too much so the first main bit of the story is starting here. I will say, though, that there are much worse things they are going to have to deal with than a crush ;P

The fact that it was now the weekend made Phil sigh with relief. The test the previous day had shaken him up a bit, especially the fact that the guy testing him somehow knew what he had done. Knew exactly what to call him to get him angry. He rubbed his eyes, thankful that he could wake up naturally, rather than to an alarm forcing him to end his dreams prematurely. He sat up in his bed and stretched, reaching over to his bedside table and slipping on his glasses.

When the blurry room came into clear view, he blinked the sleep out of his eyes and swung his legs off the bed. He frowned, noticing a small note in the corner of the room. Was it that person with the scribbled out name again? Maybe. Who knew.

He got up, quickly adjusting his bed sheets to make it look a little neater, before making his way over to the door and picking up the slip of paper.

‘Careful. They’ll be watching you. Act as normal as possible. Burn this once you read it. -call me J.’

The last part of the name had been scribbled out again, leaving just the letter J. Phil decided to so as this ‘J’ person said and went down to the lounge. Everyone had probably gone out for the weekend - he’d learned that near the school there was a town that you could go to with supervision on Saturdays. With a sigh, he went and turned on the fire and carefully places the slip of paper in it to it, watching it slowly shrivel up and burn.

He was going to stay cooped up in his room all day, is what he had decided. He didn’t want to risk getting angry or out of control.

He turned and left the room, staring at the floor as he went. It probably wasn’t the best move, considering he walked straight into someone on the way out.

“Watch it, emo hair!”

Phil looked up and saw a rather plump, red faced boy with greasy hair staring down at him. He reminded him of one of the body guards, what with being so tall and bulky.

“S-sorry,” Phil mumbled an apology and began to walk away. He heard a snort come from the guy he’d just walked into and the lounge doors shutting.

Once he got to his floor, he saw PJ coming out of his room. PJ noticed him and waved.

“Hi Phil. Enjoying the weekend?” He asked.

“Well I’ve only been up for half an hour, but yeah. It’s a lot quieter.”

“Mhm. A lot of people spend the whole day in the town not far from here. I don’t usually go down though, I prefer quiet.” PJ said with a shrug.

The two of them had decided to go down to the lunch hall - Phil knew he was highly unlikely to get angry around PJ -, even though it was more than likely that there wouldn’t be any food being served. They sat in the corner where there was a couch and comfy, squishy seats.

“Is it ok to ask how long you’ve been at the school for?” Phil asked after a moment of silence.

“It depends. Some people would tell you, some would rather not think about it. I’ve been here since I was three, so each year I’m class rep ‘cause I’ve been here the longest.”

“3 years old?” Phil said in a disbelieving voice - PJ had been such a young child when he arrived?

“Well, yeah. Usually kids of that age aren’t allowed. 5 is the normal age, but I was a… special case, I guess”

“ Doesn’t it get boring?”

“I suppose so, but I can’t do anything about it. Still, I get to leave when I’m 20 - that’s only in 4 years. It’s not so bad here in my opinion, but then again, others might absolutely hate it here. It’s just a matter of opinion. Besides, I have friends, so it’s not really boring at all,” Phil frowned. He hadn’t really seen PJ talk to anyone other than Chris and Dan. 

There were a few minutes of silence, both Phil and PJ were in deep thought, when the door opened and the guy from earlier entered with three friends sauntering behind him. They sat down at the other end of the room, and Phil could practically hear them talking about him. He rolled his eyes and turned away. It wasn’t like they were going to start being mean to him was it? Besides, if they did, he could always..

He shook of the thought and mentally kicked himself. He was being watched, so his fantasy of beating them to a pulp was quickly diminished.

“Are they being mean to you?” PJ asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No,” Phil shook his head. “Well I accidentally walked into the big one earlier and he got really uptight about it but they’re not saying anything..”

“Well if they do anything then tell me, ok?”


Another half hour passed and they continued talking. Apparently PJ really liked gaming too, and he’d saved up enough money to buy a Nintendo DS which was in his room. He wasn’t meant to have it, but he’d snuck it in anyway.

After that, they both went back to their respective rooms - PJ because he had some work to finish, and Phil just because he had nothing better to do. He stepped inside his room and felt his foot on something - another slip of paper.

'If they do anything I’ll sort them out, don’t worry.-J’ he raised an eyebrow before chucking the paper into the bin. He really wanted to know who this person was, but he would probably never find out. He didn’t want to read any more of his book - he only had a few pages left and wanted to save them for later when he would be trying to get to sleep.

The next hour was pretty boring. PJ had come over briefly to ask if he wanted to meet him and Chris on Sunday - he’d accepted the offer, but for the rest of Saturday Phil had absolutely nothing to do. He was tempted to ask if he could borrow PJ’s Nintendo DS so he could finish playing Mario, but he decided against it.

After an hour, he felt like going outside would be a lot better than being confined in his rather bare dorm room. Besides, even though it was autumn and the air would be brisk and cool, his room had nothing entertaining whatsoever inside it. Maybe he could just sit on a bench and stare at the sky. He used to do that a lot in his old school, stare out of the window and not pay attention to a word the teachers were saying.

He walked over the bridge from the dorms and over past where the lunch hall was, looking for a place to sit. Behind the lunch hall was a large grassy area with a pebbly pathway through the middle leading to somewhere that had been fenced off. There was also another small pathway that he assumed led to bigger fields used for sports the grass was short and obviously very well kept. The few benches that were dotted around were furnished and Phil decided that there was no way he would be able to get anything that clean. The cleaners must work extremely hard with it, he thought.

He sat on the nearest bench but as soon as he got somewhat comfortable he heard footsteps crunching through the grass. Maybe it was Chris or PJ? Something told him it wasn’t, however, when a large shadow of a person blocked his view of the sky.

“Look what we found. Hey emo hair.” The guy sneered, bending down so that his face was a lot more visible. He looked about 17 and has greasy hair that hung over his face - what little hair he had anyway.

“What do you want?” Phil huffed. A sarcastic chorus of ‘ooooooh’ came from behind the guy, assuring Phil that he wasn’t alone.

“Oh, it can talk.” The greasy haired guy said, sounding genuinely surprised at the fact Phil could speak. “Little birdie tells me you got offered into the special class. What can you do? Huh?”

“I.. Uh.. T-telekinisis” Phil mumbled his reply, earning a loud laugh from the group. He could tell that most of them were guys, but at least one was a girl because he could vaguely see a skirt somewhere past the greasy haired guy’s legs.

“Telekinisis? Wow, they must be desperate, wanting to take a shitty emo kid into their group.” Phil shuffled uncomfortably, but there was absolutely no way he could move from his position. The greasy haired guy took a stubby finger and pressed it into Phil’s forehead with a smirk. “Maybe we should teach him that he’s just a worthless piece of shit, huh?”

Phil gulped. He’d been beaten up plenty of times before, but the last time he’d ended up sending three kids and a teacher to hospital. One of those kids had been his ex-boyfriend-turned-bully.

As if on queue, the girl at the back shouted “EW! HE’S GAY!”

The greasy haired guy retracted a finger as if he was diseased, before he felt his hair being yanked upward. He let out a small cry, his fists were clenched tightly, surely if he kept them like that it would draw blood.

He was then thrown to the floor forcefully, and he decided that greasy hair definitely had some kind of super strength.

“Should we beat the shit outta him guys? Maybe we could beat the freak outta him too. So, emo boy,” greasy hair knelt down to where he was now laying and grinned. “This is gonna be fun. See Kelsi and her brother Marc can both control minds. Kelsi reads them, Marc controls them. Max over there can suck the air right out of your puny lungs, and me? I’ve got two.”

He leaned in closer, close enough to make Phil shiver and squeeze his eyes shut.

“I can make you relive any memory I want you to, all inside your head. I can make you scream and beg for mercy, I can make you cry like the pathetic little fag you are.”

Phil took in a deep breath, counting slowly to ten in an attempt to stay calm. They might know some things about him, but other things could land them in hospital. He felt a foot slam against his stomach and suddenly he couldn’t see. He couldn’t see because everything was hazy and when he realized where he was he knew what they were trying to do.

“You’re a fuckin’ twat, I’ll fucking kill you-”

He was pushed against the wall except the wall wasn’t really there but the pain was real, the anger was real and as he fought helplessly against the boy’s grip he begun to grow more and more furious.

“N-No.. Please stop.. Please, L-Luke, you’re not like this-”

Another punch and he screamed out in pain, writhing against the wall where he was being held against.

“Shut the fuck up, Philly, you pathetic little baby. Why don’t you realize I only went out with you as a joke? You fucking retard! You’re dead, fag!”

He screamed. He yelled, he raged and he could see nothing but red hot anger burning from his soul-

Except it wasn’t real. It had been real months ago but now it wasn’t real, he was being forced to re live the anger and pain and he couldn’t control it, he couldn’t, because he didn’t.

He forced his eyes open and without even standing up most of the group had been forced to the ground.

“you don’t fucking know me. You don’t know anything about me so what the fuck gives you the right to treat me like shit!” He spat. Phil slowly rose from the ground, but they still laughed - why were they still laughing?!

It was then that he screamed. He screamed and raged just like last time and the grass around him stood up on edge like thousands of tiny needles, like the hair on the back of a cat. He hissed, unable to see anything apart from the group of worthless brats who sat on the grass. Everything was red and loud and the bench had completely been ripped from the cement it had been welded too and when he took a deep breath he realized that they weren’t sitting and laughing at him. Not anymore.

In fact some of them had ran away by the looks of things.

The rest, though… Were they dead? They has to be alive. Right? He couldn’t hurt a fly. “N-not again, not again,” he mumbled into his hands that were covering his face. He felt sick, his head pounded like he’d just woken up with a killer hangover and he began to laugh hysterically. Or was he crying? Probably both.

He sank to his knees, rolling over on his side and shaking uncontrollably and his short, sharp breaths weren’t helping in fact he could barely breath at all. He let out a small, tiny, pitiful cry that sounded more like a child whining and all of a sudden something had grasped his arm.

The next thing he knew he was in a dark and dreary room with cold, stone tiles and grey walls. There were tables and chairs and a bookcase towards the back which made him realise that this was some kind of classroom. He wipes the now cold tears from his eyes, although he still felt nauseous and the person holding his arm was gripping way too tightly. He assumed it was a woman because of the long and sharp nails.

“Phillip Lester. I am the teacher for the special group. Now, we let you choose whether or not to join, but after the danger you now pose to other students, we must force you to join.”

“Danger!?” He asked, stepping back a bit when the woman let go.

“Yes. You might end up killing someone else.”

“What do you mean…? I didn’t kill anyone!”

“No,” the lady leaned in closer so she could whisper, “but we’ll have no trouble telling the school that you did. Unless, of course, you co operate with us.” She Gave him as small smile. My students all call me red, so that’s what you can call me. Red.“

"I don’t care what rumours you spread about me, I don’t want to join!” Phil spat.

“Oh really?” Her voice stayed the same, calm, eerie tone. “If you don’t join, goodness knows what will happen to those two friends of yours. That little brother back home. I can think of some fun games to play with them, can’t you? You wouldn’t want them to come to any harm would you Phillip?”

“Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll join.” Phil said with a sigh. He couldn’t let them hurt people. Chris and PJ were right… The school was worse than it had seemed. He heard Red chuckle when he finally gave in and it sent shivers down his spine.

“Very good. Now you will be waiting here until class.”

“Class? But it’s Saturday.”

“Do you really expect a group of students as dangerous as yourselves will be allowed more than one day off? You get Sunday off, that’s it. Now sit patiently and I will introduce you to your new partner.”

With a flash the woman was gone, and the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach has yet to disappear. Most of it was likely because of how hard greasy hair had kicked him. He winced, massaging over where there was most certainly a large bruise. A few minutes later, red had popped back inside with someone else. A boy.

“Phil?!” The voice belonged to Dan. The woman was holding onto his upper arm and before Dan could speak again she squeezed it, forcing him to be silent.

“Now I am sure you have met before. Daniel, this is your new partner, Phillip. I trust you will tell him everything before class?”

Dan gave a short nod and the lady disappeared.

“Phil, why are you here? What happened?” He sounded… Worried?

“I… She threatened my friends and little brother. She said she would hurt them if I didn’t join.”

Dan gave a sigh. “Look, I’m sorry for being mean to you. I just didn’t want you to end up here, but even when I tried sending you notes it-“

“Wait, that was you?” Phil asked.

“Yeah. James is my middle name”

It was strange, Phil thought. Maybe Dan was nicer than he had originally thought him to be? After all he had apparently tried to help him, even though it didn’t work.

“Well now that you’ve been told you’re going to have to join… And you’re my partner?” He raised a brow, looking up and down at Phil. “I knew you were strong, I didn’t think you were /that/ strong…” Dan sighed, brushing a hand through his hair and started walking toward the door. “Come on, we don’t have all day, we’re going to my room”

“But what about-”

“We’ll be back before class.”

Phil followed Dan out of the classroom and into a hallway. The stone walls and marble floor made it look like some kind of castle. They emerged in some woods and, in fear of getting lost, Phil stood as close as he possibly could to Dan without it being awkward.

They came to a gate and Phil realized that the fenced off area must have lead to the classroom. He went pale as soon as he looked up - the bench had been ripped out of the concrete mercilessly, the grass around where he had been standing was ripped and even from there he could smell blood.

He’d even managed to knock down a nearby tree. Oh God, it was worse than last time. He took in a deep, shaky breath - the sick feeling he’d had before was returning and he knew he had to get away from the scene as fast as possible.

Dan turned to look at him and had probably noticed that he was shaking, with the look he was being given.

“Are you ok?” Dan asked - his hand moved as if he was going to touch Phil, to comfort him, but he thought against it and went to fix his hair.

“I’m fine.” Phil assured with a nod and began to walk back to the dorms, Dan following behind.

“This way to my room,” Dan gestured for Phil to follow once they were inside the actual building. It looked like Dan had one of the few ground level dorms and he could guess exactly why there werent many.

It was fucking huge.

There were two beds, however both sides were decorated with rock band posters and drawings and art. There was a freaking TV with a nintendo wii in the corner, games were piled up high and there was a bookshelf full of books and he noticed a  mac haphazardly laying on Dan’s bed.

“Wait.. why are there two beds? I thought people didnt have roommates?”

“Well.. I have to. Kind of. My last one left - he turned 20 I mean and yeah. Because I’m dangerous,”

“Pretty amazing room. You like muse?”

“Yeah, d’you?”

“Yeah. they took all my CDs when they inspected my suitcase.”

“Oh. Hey, are you sure you’re OK? You look… pale” Dan moved to sit on the bed on the left and stared at him, one eyebrow raised in what Phil saw as concern. “Do you want to.. come and sit next to me?” Dan patted the double bed he was laying on, scooting over from the middle to the far side.

“I.. O-ok” It was only because he felt like he needed some kind of comfort. It wasn’t because he found Dan attractive on anything… He found him attractive? That wasn’t good, finding a straight boy attractive is not good. Phil moved to sit on Dan’s bed and could’ve melted it was so comfortable. It made his bed feel like one you get in hospitals with the rough sheets and the hard mattress that made your back ache.

“Anyway… Phil, I, er. I just wanted to tell you some things about the class we’re in. I wanted to do it in here because people could have been listening in the classroom. ”

“What things..?” Phil asked.

“Phil… You’re my partner. They told me you would be my new partner if you agreed to join which is why I tried so desperately to get you to hate me. But… now you’re my partner, you’ve going to have to promise me something.”


“Don’t… Don’t die.”