me: *sweats and looks like a greasy old trash can*

jongin: *sweats and he glows, he looks flawless like some kind of highlighter god kissed him all over his perfectly carved face, like diamonds are falling off his skin*

hey guys! so I finally hit 200 followers, so I’m doing a follow forever! and because I’m me, I’m making in alphabetical order. I need a life.

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okay so maybe I’m friends with all of you buT YOU ALL ARE SO AMAZING AND DESRVE MORE FOLLOWERS (even though half of you follow each other) I love you guys!

p.s. yes, I did tag Kailey even though she deactivated in May :))))))

lana del rey definitely has had sexual thoughts about lady gaga’s greasy boy alter ego. like this isn’t even lagaverse or an au this is real life, this is not speculation it is fact, she’s turned on by that fuckin outfit.

Already Back

coz i remembered i have a wide social circle, am generally well-liked, and have always been a gregarious person in real life.

and the neckbearded fedora wearing basement dwelling grease-buckets who try and salvage some kind of virtual cyber-authority through trolling and putting people down on the internet are actually only doing so because they have no “in real life” whatsoever.

i have an outside life. i go to parties. i have friends. i have a background in fashion modelling. i have attainable and fulfilling prospects, not just in the workspace but also in terms of general quality of life and being able to continue following my ambitions.

the people who try to get a reaction out of my histrionic ass are the people i laughed off as inept, sweat-glistening world of borecraft losers when i was 16-18 at school. and when i say “laughed off” i really mean “laughed at” but they couldn’t do shit. because the only social authority these people have is on the internet. in real life, these are the people you don’t walk behind when you’re shopping because they smell rancid. they’re the people under your desk fixing your computer so you can do your actual job. They’re your daily “lol” in a floor-length leather Matrix coat. They live vicariously through an “omnipotent” persona online because every other aspect of their lives is just spent being powerless and…like…hugely facially oily.

Well, everyone else is doing this so I decided to do it as well. Plus, I just hit 400+ followers so thank you so much for that :) I love you guys!

(BTW, these are not in order :) )





























So…yeah. That’s that…😊

~I was tagged in one and I thought why not? I knew I was gonna end up doing this one of these days and I guess that’s not a problem~

~I apologize for these not being in order but its not the biggest deal in the world anyways. Stay Gold~



She’s literally asking about the giant elephant in the room: why does Andrei have scales?

Whatever you do, don’t tell her the grisly truth: you became an unrepentant vegetarian, turning tricks in alleys for rutabagas, chowing down on leaves in the shadows, and having pocketfuls of glorious, greasy, disgusting, but entirely filling kelp.

And how it all started with a run-in with an extremely horny merman who wanted to take you for a spin - naked.  A merman that even other mermaids are like, “HAHANOPE.”

Including his own sons.  (゚⊿゚)  No truth-telling.  It will not end well.

Andrei: None of your fucking business!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Companions RL

So I’m lying here and I started doing my random thinking (as I do)…. and decided to do a comapnions real life kinda thing. So basically what if the companions were thrown into our time. What would they like,what music would they listen to ect. It’s weird but I like it….

- heavy eye makeup and dark red lipstick
- grows her hair and adds blonde streaks at the ends
- Watches wrestling on tv
- Loves Def Leppard
- Likes tinkering with cars
- Total flirt
- Loves nothing more than a greasy burger and fries
- Bourbon kinda gal
- Likes getting up and dancing on tables
- Works at a bar serving drinks and cracking jokes
- Sexy lingerie
- Wild in bed

- Teaches high school chemistry
- Loves cats
- Shopping for home decor and shoes is her thing
- Is a total foodie. Loves making salads and stir frys
- Volunteers at the local animal shelter and is a foster mum for animals
- Very soft spoken and polite
- Loves watching romcoms and soap operas
- Enjoys listening to all of the old hits
- Long hot baths with a romance novel and candles

- War veteran
- Teaches martial arts and self defence to underprivileged kids
- Rock music (Pearl Jam,Stone Temple Pilots ect)
- Handy around the house
- Loves dogs. Has 2 collies
- Steak and potatoes guy
- Loves to travel
- Owns classic cars and loves restoring them
- Lives alone and waiting for the right woman
- Action movie buff. Anything with guns and cars.
- Goes commando
- Hot steamy showers
- Owns his own building company

- Life of the party. Enjoys being around others and likes to host parties
- Eats like a horse and never puts on weight
- Used to be a stage actor but decided he wanted to do something different with his life
- Hopeless romantic
- Works for the police as an undercover agent
- Watches sports. Football is his fave
- Likes to try new foods - chinese is a hands down winner though

- 7 years clean
- Lifes too short to waste
- Runs programs for those wanting to quit alcohol and drugs
- Collects interesting items
- Loves a long hot shower at the start and end of each day
- Listens to a bit of everything
- Always flirting
- Pizza lover
- Shirt off and shorts on kinda guy
- Swims and bikes in his spare time

- Gamer
- Linkin Park
- Stints in the army
- Single dad. Loves to spend time playing with his boy
- 1 dog - a spaniel
- Works from home as a mechanic
- Has a sweet tooth
- Writes music when he’s alone and has a great voice. Keen to start a band with his mates
- Loves watching car shows on tv or will happily watch kids movies with his son
- Likes to eat healthy and work out
- Wants to settle down

- Laid back cop
- Family man
- Watches old cop shows and movies
- Always helping others out
- Likes to spend his down time reading and sitting outside in the sun
- Collects antiques
- Likes to garden
- Drives an old school Cadillac
- The Beatles is where its at
- Slow dances with his wife around the kitchen

- Journalist
- Helps run a school newspaper with her younger sister
- Pop music
- Chick flicks and romcom kinda girl
- Loves a night out with the girls
- Snack foods and takeout as shes never got enough time
- That really bad drunk that cries and makes a scene
- Loves to sleep in when she has the chance

- All round nice guy
- Works as a social worker
- Glass of wine with dinner
- Classic music. He’s a foot tapping man
- Can’t stand loud noises
- 5+ a day fruit and veges and balanced meals
- Buys flowers and chocolates for his partner
- Has several fish tanks
- Drives an eco friendly car

- Boring
- Works for law enforcement
- Stern
- Eats foods that are organic and free range
- Doesn’t like music but will listen to talkback radio and infomercials
- Hates germs

anonymous asked:

Are you doing that character bio meme? If so I'm going to ask for Spartacus, the starter that at least on this tumblr you've already kinda spoiled

Fat Dumpling heart you.

Full Name: Spartacus, sometimes known as Spike. 
Gender and Sexuality: Male, heterosexual 
Pronouns: Uh, he. 
Ethnicity/Species: Tepig, Unovan. 
Birthplace and Birthdate: Floccesy Ranch, 2011.
Guilty Pleasures: Human food. All the deliciously greasy human food. He’s very polite about it though, he’s content being the dining room vacuum cleaner. He loves cheese and mushrooms in particular, which has its downsides namely that they make him fart a lot. 
Phobias: Being sent to the hog market. It’s why he’s such a pugnacious little battler despite his gentle spirit, because he believes and was made to believe as a porklet (pre-Rhames) that if he was strong enough, if he was more-than-a-pig, he won’t be eaten like other pigs. Only special pigs don’t get turned into bacon.
What They Would Be Famous For: An eating contest most likely. Failing that (keep dreaming little pig), probably cruising through gyms. 
What They Would Get Arrested For: ….He a pig. Maybe for breaking into a expensive cheese store and snarfing down a year’s worth of Brie or something. Or $10′000 worth of truffles. God he love them truffles
OC You Ship Them With: ????? What is ship to Pig? 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: He no read? He pig. He loves cartoons though, especially the Pokemon-flavored ones like X-mon and ThunDelcatts. He watches them with Zoe. 
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ??? What is ‘Cliche’ to pig? 
Talents and/or Powers: Fire manipulation, augmented strength. He’s a pretty cute dancer when he gets in the groove, works those trotters v. well. 
Why Someone Might Love Them: LOOK AT HIM. HE A FAT DUMPLING MADE OF SUNSHINE AND SMILES also he’s a big Mama’s boy and he will do his best sir yes sir! He will be the best pig sir! He won’t let you down! 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Are you a pod person. Tick if apply. 
How They Change: Becomes more confident, less fearful, less conscious about who/what he is. 
Why You Love Them: He are a cute fatty, also good and pure and a force to be reckoned with if you hurt his family. He also want to do his best for everyone and hates it if he can’t because everyone deserves his best. 

@shadowandvio appears!!

A simple spell, nothing to be worried about. Peak into a few other worlds, make sure there’s no Grima, and all is good. That was his plan. Reaching his hands forward, Rem began ripping open the portal between worlds, keeping himself aware of any energy that passed by. He didn’t want to invite anything in, after all.

“Come on you greasy snake, you better be dead…” Hissing under his breath, Rem slowly put his head into the portal and looked around. There was nothing but inky blackness. Huh.

its true tho white people are so jealous of poc bc were so much prettier than them??? beautiful loc (lips of color) and noc (noses of color) and hoc (hair of color) like what they got…. no lips…stringy greasy hair….lookin 300 by 60……

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I wash my hair daily because of how quickly it gets oily but I've always heard you shouldn't every day. I've never used dry shampoo before, any recommendations? How many days do you go inbetween washes?

There’s a lot of good dry shampoos out there. They are a live saver. I use DOVE which is surprisingly great. And inexpensive.

I can usually last around 3-4 days. My hair gets greasy faster because I touch it a lot. It’s always in my face haha.