greaser confessions

Dating Steve:

Steve has been trying to impress you since the day you two met. It took a while before you finally gave into this grease monkey but you did.

At first you were unsure about Steve. He spent a lot of time with Sodapop, his best friend, and never at home.

After you confronted him about it, he told you. Steve told you how his old man hated him and would hit him. You weren’t sure how to respond, your home life wasn’t like that.

Sure, you were a greaser but your home life was shitty like most greaser kids. After Steve confessed to you, you just hugged him and brought him over to your house for dinner.

Your parents were skeptical at first, you dating a cliche greaser kid, but Steve warmed them up a bit. Your mother adored him.

Steve thanked you for brining him home and from then on he trusted you. You were there for him in a time of need, which isn’t something he shows, and you still stuck around.

Once Steve had realized you were there for him and not trying to get closer to Soda (he is insecure about that) he spent more time with you and would still try and impress you. But that is mainly when other guys are around.

I personally think it’s annoying when people say its awful how the cast is growing. No it’s part of life. They aren’t “ugly” or “pedo-looking”. They’ve just aged some. It’s part of life. But one thing that a few of the cast members like Rob, Tommy, Ralph and if Patrick was here with us today have not done is let the fame get to their head… They’ve stayed gold despite growing up on all of us.


I’ve always felt like there was way more to Dallas Winston. Like somewhere inside him there was a scared kid who hated being a greaser. But since he didn’t know how to deal with it, he covered it up with that tough guy act. I think that inside he really was gallant. And I like to think that he had seen plenty of sunsets before he died, but he just never liked to admit it. To me, it wasn’t too late. Even if it seemed that way.


I’ve always had a thing for Two-Bit. He is the reason I do a lot of things I do nowadays. I love how he can always smile and just let go no matter what happens. I want a leather jack and Mickey shirt like how he has one. I have honestly a secret love for him, even though he is from a book/movie, I still believe that he is real in my heart.