greaser chick


It was your first day of school in a whole new state, and boy were you terrified. Let’s just say you weren’t exactly the biggest social butterfly, the idea of meeting new people frightened you and today you were going to be surrounded by strangers.

The loud school bell rang, making you jump and your anxiety only seemed to rise. It was now time to walk into the giant, intimidating building and by god you were not ready. You watched as all of the teenagers began to casually file into the school, oh if only it was that simple for you.

The feeling you had at this moment reminded you of your first time going to school ever. The picture of your first day in kindergarten flashed in your mind. You screamed and cried for your mother to take you back home, fearing that she wouldn’t come back for you.

You pressed your books tightly to your chest as you began to approach the building with shaking legs. You silently prayed that the day would go by smoothly and that you wouldn’t embarrass yourself somehow. Little did you know you were in for a day of hell.


Only half of the school day went by, and it managed to be one of the worst days you’ve ever had to endure in a school.

You got lost on the way to every single one of your classes, and managed to walk in to the wrong classes as well. Someone tripped you in the hallway, making you drop all of your things and make at least ten people stop what they were doing just to look and laugh. To top it off some greaser chick made you give her your lunch money and verbally bashed you until you were practically in tears.

And now you were at lunch, sitting alone while you doodled in your notebook since you couldn’t buy lunch. You noticed people would glance at you every now and then, some whispering and giggling. You began thinking about how pathetic you looked sitting alone, pouting while drawing looking like a five year old.

You sniffled a little and tried your best to blink away the tears that were threatening to spill out. You didn’t want to cry, but you just couldn’t help it. It shouldn’t matter what these people thought of you but you always took every little thing to heart.

You heard someone clear their throat making you look up. Your eyes met a pair of grey one’s. The boy had a grin on his face, he was pretty tall and stocky looking. His hair was a rust color, greased and combed in complicated swirls. You thought he was quite the looker, but after your experience with that girl you were pretty afraid of everyone in this damned school.

“Hey there, doll.” He said. The tone of his voice was playful and friendly, which caught you off guard since everyone has been nothing but mean to you.

“Hi…” You mumbled shyly.

“You mind if I sit with ya?” He asked.

“Sure, why not.” You said. He seemed like an ok person so far, and you were in desperate need of friends.

He took a seat and placed his food tray in front of him, he got a burger along with some french fries. Your mouth watered at the sight, but you tried to push the thought of food out of your mind.

He began to eat his burger, stealing glances of you every now and then. He was so curious as to who you were the moment he laid his eyes on you.

“So…” He began, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You answered quietly.

“Well, I’m Keith. But you can just call me Two-Bit, baby.” He sent you a small wink.

You could help but smile and blush, was he flirting with you? You stayed quiet as you kept doodling randomness on the blank pages, looking up at him every now and then. You could feel his gaze on you, it looked like he was studying you; more like trying to see through your soul.

“You’re new.” He stated after a long period of silence.

“Is it that obvious?” You asked, letting a small giggle escape your lips.

“I guess so, I’d definitely recognize a pretty face like yours.” He said smoothly.

Your cheeks heated up for the second time, he sure was a charmer.

“Thanks.” You whispered. You didn’t know why you were whispering, but it felt like you lost your voice due to the shyness that was taking over.

“Don’t mention it, gorgeous.” He simply shrugged with a smirk plastered on his face.

Man, he was good.

“Why aren’t ya eatin’?” He asked.

“Well… My lunch money sorta got stolen.” You said while rubbing the back of your neck awkwardly.

He sighed and shook his head, “F.uckin’ a.ssholes.” He mumbled.

Your eyes widened, you didn’t expect him to react that way. He noticed your shocked expression and immediately began to apologize.

“Excuse my French. But I think it’s just messed up, that’s all. Just because you’re new they think they can treat ya bad and it’s not right.”

A part of you felt a little happy knowing that he somewhat cares, and knows its not right. You hoped that a good friendship was beginning to sprout… Maybe even more than that.

He grabbed his basket of fries and slid them towards you. You shook your head and began to push then back but he put his hand on top of yours, stopping you.

“You can have em’.” He said.

“I can’t take your food, Two-Bit.”

“Well I am technically giving it to you so it’s not exactly taking.” He shot back.

“It’s really okay, I’m not that hungry anywa–”

“I’ve been watching you eyeball my food for the past ten minutes. Take em’, doll.”

You finally gave in and graciously accepted them. You ate them slowly, savoring the great salty taste of them.

“Thank you, Two-Bit. Not just for the food but for everything. I was starting to think everyone here was mean, but you’re really sweet.” You thanked him.

He smiled widely, “No problem, hun.”


This was lame :/


More attempts at Blue Lace Agate, the fusion between Red Spinel and Halite. I’m guessing the original one I did is a medium stability fusion (think Opal), whereas here we have a very unstable fusion and a perfect fusion. Of course, the perfect fusion could only happen under the considerably more tolerant environment of Rose Quartz so I’m guessing she would be allied with the Earth gems.

Unstable fusion inspired by Silent Hill; perfect fusion inspired by 50s greaser chicks.