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Um once, i did a highschool art project based on slayers? Like we had to make a diorama or something and...mine was slayers some how. Zelgadiss or something...i was that kid. It was a time. Highschool was a bad time for me, man. I felt like i should tell you this story.

oh my god.. one time for music class in grade 7 i think..? the class had to do a project on foreign music, or music you didn’t hear on Canadian radio or w/e. Steph and I did it on Megumi Hayashibara and we played Slayers theme songs for the class lmFAO…

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I have read some choice exerpts. If I want to read smut I can get better online for FREE. Yuck.

I’m not even TO the smut yet and it’s pretty awful. No one in this book speaks, they all “murmur” and “mutter” all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. 

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all i know about this is at some point he whips some pregnant woman and then says how much the baby will like sex…yeah.

well there’s something to look forward to.


The Sims 2 - Introducing… Steph & Trumaine and Margot & Elia

The empty townhouses beside me needed folks to fill them so, I made some friends of mine and moved them in! In the blue-ish/purple-ish house live Steph & Trumaine with their cats Sherlock and Watson!

In the red townhouse live Margot & Elia! Their cat is named (the) Hamburglar as I’ve (sadly) forgotten their real life cat’s names.

The green house stands empty, but, someone demanded to be made into Sim form so she shall find herself living there soon!

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the Sim creator a bit as it’s lacking in some options (had to download Margot & Elia’s glasses, no dreads for Trumaine, no lolita for Steph, face morphing options are a bit wonky) but these are general approximations!

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1. First impression: Oh wow she is dresses nice and has cool glasses and her house is nice and she is super cool and wow.
2. Truth is: You are super nice and funny and I enjoy hanging out with you! I hope we can hangout soon! We definitely need to check out Snakes & Lagers.
3. How old do you look: 27? 26?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: You have indeed! You come up with some of the best Cards Against Humanity combinations.
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope! 
6. Best feature: Your style! 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:  I maybe have a small crush on Elia because he is super rad and likes cool things and dresses really well.
8. You’re my: friend who I’d like to hangout with soon! (with board games)
9. Name in my phone: Your Facebook name!
10. Should you post this too? You should!


Yeeeep. Except Mike. I really like Mike.


 greasepuppy said: is this a problem? The books are great!

Yes! I like seeing the story play out on TV as it draws it out. I find when I read books, plot points and story bits just land on me very quickly as I am a very speedy reader. I like the slow pace plot of TV shows compared to books sometimes. Like with Renly, it was interesting to see it play out on TV and guess what was happening from week to week rather than seeing the whole arc in a couple of days/hours.

It’s nice too because weekly episodes allow me to discuss the plot and guess at the future with other TV show watchers.

However, now I know many plot points and they won’t be surprises anymore, so now I think I need to defensively read to avoid more spoilers. I’m still considering it though because although I know things like “______ dies”, I don’t know how/when/where.

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but…doesn’t it just show this for everybody? The test was an ad for a tv show.

I thought this too but a few people I follow got different responses and I ran through it a couple times with different answers and I got different results. It seems the first part is legit while the other parts might give the same response.

(I dunno if the very end changes for everyone but even if it doesn’t it still is mindblowing)