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THE PHOTO HAS DANS STRAIGHT HAIR the move is gay so dan probably thought to tone it down

asksj no he still has a bit of curl at the top maybe its just weighed down by the grease of moving


niko: ugh dude sorry i just

niko: i have no idea how to do relationships man we might have to like. break this off

milo: bro dont sweat it i didnt like. want a relationship. i thought this would just be a fun thing for this trip yknow




Y’all, I’m seeing so many Klance foodtruck AUs all of a sudden so now I, as someone who spends part of the spring and  summer covered in grease and nacho cheese on a truck, have to add some painfully real head canons based on the shit I’ve seen.

  • Lance is literally The Worst at cleaning the damn truck. Do not trust him. There will be egg dried up on the floor from the last breakfast gig three weeks ago. It won’t come out. It smells. God help them all.
  • Hunk can and will scream at you if you get in his way when he’s trying to get at something.
    •  The truck is like five square feet of non-appliance space. He barely fits as is.
  • Keith is the customer from hell. He’ll look you right in the eye and ask you if you have -insert thing that they served at the last gig but not at this one here- when the menu is literally right in his face
    • Keith somehow always ends up at the foodtruck, whether he means to or not. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing or where the truck is, he’s there for some reason or another. Hunk thinks that Keith is lowkey stalking them. 
      • Lance thinks it’s fate
  • Pidge will help out for busy things like local conventions and shit to take orders and then hand them off to the kitchen to save them time.
    • Poor kid has to deal with the customers from hell
    • She’s also the one to have to scream at people when someone steals from the tip jar
      • The tip jar is all hers
  • They often make the mistake of under/overestimating how much stuff they need. They’ll show up with a completely packed truck with bread rolls literally under the driver seat because there’s nowhere else to put them and only three people will buy anything.
    •  One of them is Hunk, one is Keith, and one is a random passerby who isn’t even involved in the event they’re there for.
  • Shiro owns the truck, but he never fucking shows up to anything. He just sort of tells them what to do and they do it. If he does show up, it’s to talk to people and self-advertise the restaurant they run it from.
  • Allura and Coran run a food truck that works a lot of the same places they do. It’s a dessert truck. Sometimes Lance will go to them and offer deep fried macaroni and cheese bites in exchange for a chocolate cupcake. 
    • It only works on Coran. Allura doesn’t just give free food.

I keep seeing models doing that hydrafacial thing, and now I am obsessed about it. All that dirt coming out of one’s skin ! It seems unreal. I am always taking care of my skin to make her look flawless, and now I feel like it is only clean on the outside, but filled of grease and impurties inside. Has anyone ever tried hydrafacial ?

What do people love about musicals so much?

I can watch a few theatrical ones like grease, high school musical and hairspray (I’ve only seen that one once) . I think those are literally all I’ve seen. I just can’t focus on a musical when the story line breaks out into a song. Even in grease I fast forward past some songs xD.

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relationship: way too single
favourite colour: blue (especially marine blue)
lipstick or chapstick: i think it looks prettier with lipstick on other people, but because i can’t put it on and looks like a clown with it on, i’ll go with chapstick
last song you listened to: queen of disaster - lana del rey
last movie you watched: children of men
top 3 characters: 3!?!? well, hmm, right now i would say rosa diaz, raymond holt (yeah i’m watching B99) and ellie miller (broadchurch)
books you are currently reading: the handmaid’s tale by margaret atwood
top 5 musicals: grease, chicago, 8 femmes, funny girl and mamma mia!

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with an outstanding number of votes, and just too many to be topped by another choice, we’d like to announce that keisung’s end of school musical will be: GREASE! 

the poll would’ve been left up longer, but there was really no point when it was obvious what the choice was– and with that, we move onto the audition stage.

now, for this stage, we’d like to let everyone know that there is no restriction with clique, year, major or clubs, to which roll you can get. you want to go for a lead roll but you’ve never done a musical and you don’t know the first thing about it? go for it! no one is more likely to get a role than anyone else so that we can keep it fair, and if more than one auditions for the same part then we will use a random generator in order to decide on who will get which part, and this is why we have backup parts. there will also be understudy parts, which again, will be taken as a random generator of the remaining that went for that part, though they will also receive a second part if they have a back up role!

how this will work then, is that under the cut will be the cast list, as well as a list of other extra stage roles, and you just need to message the main with the role you want as well as a backup role. we’ll keep track of who is going for what, and you are allowed up to two characters auditioning for a part. how this will work is that at least one of your characters will get it, though unless your second choice is only you choosing that spot, then you will not get a second spot– but that’s why you can have two characters auditioning. we do ask that you tell us your preferred character though! also, if you’re alright with it and you do not get the lead part you desire, then your character will be put into the ensemble of your choice, but we do need you to let us know if you would be alright with that, thank you.

also, you don’t need to audition at all as well, but if you would like a stage or production position instead, then again, please message us so that we know and can add you to the list just so we can keep track of everything!. 

you’re free to thread out this if you would like to, like a before or after audition thread, as well as a self para if you would like to, but this is of course up to you!

this part of the side event will last until the 3rd of may! so you have a week to send in your desired roles and such, as well as ask any questions that you might have over what i haven’t covered, or you don’t understand!

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I’ve never been to Mesa, Arizona but I probably don’t need to go. I’ve already seen enough of the southwest and the rest of the worlds highs and lows. I’m just fine with everything I’ve got in Ohio. I’ve never felt more free than when I’m driving down US 127 listening to some Tom Petty song on the radio and the grain paints everything a perfect shade of Midwest gold. I’ve spent a lot of time ignoring these ghostly repeaters saying if I don’t march in some far off land I’ll be a disappointment of a son but Im not some passenger pigeon and I won’t be victimized by the fallacy that we are too abundant to be hunted into extinction and I will not hold a rifle sight against my fellow man to fill the pockets of some pig of a man. I know where I belong in some American machine, in a field, in the streams, covered in oil and grease. Stuck in middle Americas flowing waves of wheat. This place just keeps moving slow and that’s alright with me. I’ve got one truth I hold deep inside of me, this is all I am and this I all I need. Stuck here in the middle of America.
—  Middle American Manifesto - Kelley Lyxzen
  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: Veronica! OpEn ThE- OpEn ThE dOoR pLeAsE! vErOnIcA, oPeN tHe DoOr-WhY dO yOu WrItE lIkE yOu'Re RuNnInG oUt Of TiMe-oMiGoD oH mY gOd YoU gUyS lOoKs LiKe ElLe'S gOnNa WiN tHe PrIzE-pOpUlAr YoU'Re GoNnA bE pOpUlAr I'lL tEaCh YoU tHe PrOpEr PoIsE-lEt yOuR FrEaK FlAg WaVe LeT yOuR fReAk FlAg FlY-GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE-wHat TiMe iS iT? sUmMeR tImE-SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-i'M fLyInG FLYING FLYING FLYING-wHeN tHe WoRlD hAs ScReWeD yOu AnD cRuShEd YoU iN iTs FiSt-tHe PhAnToM oF tHe OPERAAAA-BIGGEST PLAIN FOOL IN THE JUNGLE OF NOOL-GREASE LIGHTNING-lItTlE sHoP lItTlE ShOp Of HorRor-ANYTHING GOES!! *endless loop*
  • Psychic: WTF

I think being born with a passion for musicals whilst being given no ability to execute them yourself in any creative form whatsoever is a worser fate than mouth herpes.