grease lube

The Fuckening Fic Drive

So you want to prime your pump before the blessed event we’ve all been waiting for.  Grease your gears, lube your lobes.  You want to be physically and psychologically prepared for the day that the Captain has been promising us. 

You need to be ready for the Fuckening.  And how will that happen?  With the Fuckening Fic Drive.

Bring us your tired, your poor, your shirtless Olivers and your flirty Felicitys yearning to breathe free!

How It Works

To be included in the drive, just tag your Olicity smut with ‘the fuckening fic drive’.

Every Wednesday morning, I will post a roundup of all the fics posted to that tag, in case you missed anything. 

Read, like, reblog, and be ready for that night’s ep.  Will tonight be the night?  We don’t know yet–but we know it’s coming!  (And coming, and coming, and coming.)

THE FUCKENING will soon be upon us–be ready!