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“…that song.”

Video from Keke Palmer’s Snapchat (keekthasneak). The song he refs and sings is technically Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”. …Yeah, I’m sorry, we watched the video about 30 times first before putting it up here for y’all.

Glee Fic: Not The Only Ones...a 5x12 reaction fic {Sam, Blaine, Unique, Jake, Marley, Kitty & Ryder}

Author’s Note: Based on this post that came across my dash last night.

Wordcount: 1,562

School’s been let out for the day, but Blaine and Sam have sent out a text. Like Finn’s email earlier in the year, they hope it’s effective. They hope to grab a special moment - all of them - together in the choir room. Singing is great and all, but it doesn’t have the gravity that this moment seems to call for.

Only five of them show up.

“I thought you said you texted everybody,” Ryder objects.

“We did.” Blaine looks confused. He looks to Sam, whose eyes are fixed on the wall. Blaine’s gaze travels there, too, and his stomach drops.

Finn’s plaque is gone again. And this time, with the room so empty, it just feels…ominous.

Kitty turns on Jake. “Tell your brother to put it back,” she says in a carefully measured tone.

“He didn’t take it,” Jake clenches his jaw.

“Well, it didn’t just walk off by itself,” Marley mutters under her breath.

“Hold on. It obviously isn’t here. So let’s find out where it is,” Unique suggests. “And maybe, while we’re at it, we’ll find everyone else, too.”

They look at each other, all seven of them, and slowly fall into step with Unique. They check the choir room first, and thoroughly. There aren’t many places to look. But Blaine makes a disturbing discovery.

“Guys? Mrs. Adler’s plaque is gone, too…”

They check Mr. Schue’s office, but it’s dark and locked.

“Auditorium,” Marley whispers, and they creep in.

They stay hidden in the background, in the shadows, squinting at the two plaques, now side by side. Everyone is there. Everyone else but them. And they arrive just in time to hear the words that are like blows to each of them:

We share this special bond.

Sam swallows, unable to keep it together, but willing himself to stay silent. He gropes for a hand in the darkness. He finds Ryder’s on one side. Blaine’s on the other.

We’re the only ones in the world who know what this glee club meant to us.

Blaine reaches out for the hand nearest his. He holds on tight. It’s Jake’s. Jake squeezes back.

What it felt like to sing together.

Jake reacts automatically, feeling for a hand. He grasps Kitty’s. She digs her nails into his palm. He can feel her practically vibrating with anger.

To be together.

Kitty forcefully grips Marley’s hand. Holds it as tight as possible. Can’t let go, or she might explode.

What it feels like to say goodbye to it.

Finally, Marley reaches for Unique. Unique holds Marley’s hand in both of hers.

When the line starts to move, none of them speak. They just follow quietly. They don’t go back to the choir room, which feels too empty now, without Finn’s presence anywhere in it. Finn’s presence that got taken away without their knowledge and rehung in a place they were never told, in a private ceremony they were excluded from.

They find themselves in the courtyard.

“This is such a fudge bucket!” Kitty complains, with all the intensity as if she’s cursing. “Blast this whole mother hugging situation… Seriously…”

They would laugh, except there are tears in her eyes, and they are all fighting for composure.

“Without Finn, I wouldn’t even be in the glee club. I would have never joined it. Are you kidding? And I’d probably still hate the crap out of Marley.”

“Listen, guys,” Sam interjects, still taking seriously Mr. Schue’s words from last week. “Finn loved all of us. Okay? He was always the one that wanted us to be untied as a club, right. A whole club.”

“Uniter of glee clubs…” Blaine mentions softly. “Uniter of friends.”

“Exactly!” Sam exclaims quietly.

“And we come from a unique perspective. We got Finn as a teacher. That’s something really special. And maybe something Mr. Schue has a hard time seeing, being that he’s a teacher himself. But the reality is? Finn was our teacher. And he cared about us. And I think, if anybody wants to talk about what he meant to you, we’d love to hear it. We don’t want you to feel like your experience with Finn didn’t matter. We know it did…”

“Finn made sure I knew I wasn’t to blame for us losing regionals…” Marley started. “He made sure I knew that my being healthy mattered more than winning a competition. I still remember coming out here with him after he sent out that email. When Sue took over the choir room and the auditorium. We sang Don’t Dream It’s Over. We thought we’d be the only two. But you guys all came back.”

“Of course we did,” Blaine puts an arm around Marley’s shoulder.

“Finn never judged me based on anything but what I brought into practice. He knew Puck. Was best friends with him. But never judged me negatively based on that. The only time he mentioned my brother at all, it was really positive, and that mattered to me,” Jake explains lowly. “He told me to shine. That was the last thing ever said to me, and I um…always thought it was kinda lame…but it stuck with me. I always knew I could trust him if a real problem ever came up.” He clears his throat and averts his eyes.

“He sought me out. Brought me into glee club. And when he knew I was struggling in school, with reading and stuff? He did something about it. He stayed outside that door during the testing and he let me talk it through with him. He gave lessons that stuck with me. About looking deeper than the surface. About judging somebody before I really knew them.” Ryder swallows and trails off.

“He was the only teacher who ever stood up for me,” Unique comments softly. “He knew the role I wanted to play in Grease, and went to bat for me against Coach Sylvester. But more than that…he listened. He may not have got everything I was going through, but he listened to me. And that just doesn’t happen with teachers. He gave me the part, and he said he’d shield me from as much of the backlash as he could. No one has ever said that to me before. It made me know he cared. Not just about the club, but about me.”

There’s a silence. Finally, Blaine takes a breath, and speaks.

“We were going to be brother-in-laws. Family. I looked forward to seeing him on birthdays and holidays. I’ve seen him more, recently, than I’ve seen my own older brother. And while we didn’t always get along, it was great to be around him for those little moments. To hear him compliment Kurt’s prom ensemble. And I loved watching him find his footing in here as a leader. It suited him,” Blaine swallows.

Another aching silence, and Sam speaks, his voice heavy with emotion.

“You, um… A lot of you guys don’t know this, but…when I was a sophomore my dad lost his job. And things were really rough. A couple of the glee kids helped out - Kurt and Quinn - and then I remember, one day, there was this knock at the door. It was Finn and Rachel. They came to where I was living with my family. This cramped, cheap motel room. They heard I’d sold my guitar for money to kinda keep us afloat, and brought it back to me. The whole club chipped in to buy it back, and they talked me into joining back up with them. To keep singing.

"Anyway, long story short? My family and I ended up moving over the summer. Things were shaky, but okay. Then one day, Finn and Rachel showed up at the strip club where I worked. Rachel had this dollar bill, and she wouldn’t look me in the eye,” Sam smiles faintly. “And they convinced me to come back to Ohio with them. Finn said he’d talked to his mom and Burt, and they said…it was cool if I…lived with them.” Sam’s voice breaks. “Finn was like my brother. No one can take his place. I sure as hell can’t. And no one can fill his shoes. Without the glee club, and without Finn…who knows where I’d be?”

“I’d be at Dalton, probably never even meeting Kurt…” Blaine muses.

“We’d all be feeling isolated.” Kitty sends a meaningful look at Ryder.

“Yeah. Like no one else knew what we were going through,” he agrees.

“Mr. Schue started may have started this club, but Finn brought us together,” Unique nods.

“Right. Finn was never about dividing us. So even though his plaque is moved, we still have the lessons he taught us. We still have his spirit. No one can take that from us.” Blaine reminds them.

With that in mind, they all stand together, and prepare to leave, casting a long look at the empty courtyard. A breeze sweeps across the pavement, sending a chill up the back of Sam’s neck.

“You think he was there last week?” he asks, casting a glance over his shoulder.

“I have no doubt,” Blaine nods, with a sad smile.

“Best seat in the house, probably,” Jake puts in.

And Unique, Marley, Kitty and Ryder laugh along, all believing without question.

Because Finn is with them.

Because he never really left.

Something I will never understand

Is how people can defend Severus Snape as a “good” person. Or how Rowling is upset that people have explained/ started to like Draco but she’s went on to make Snape ‘the bravest man’ Harry ever knew. Like, Bull f*cking shit. Snape bullied children from the time he got the position of Potions Professor till he died. The fact that he was Nevilles worst fear has been brought up so many times too, Nevilles parents had been tortured so much that they couldn’t even recognize him, he probably was just as effected by Dementors as Harry, but his worst fear, was. A. Teacher! James potter was a snot nosed brat, who grew up and matured. Snape was a little brat who basically became a death-Eater to spite Lily, and was in lust/ obsession with her. He stepped over James dead body, ignored her crying infant & hugged her cold lifeless body while weeping like she was HIS wife. Severus Snape, is, was, and always will be a disgusting, slimy bat with grease hair. TBH he’s worse then Peter Pettigrew, Peter was a coward who was trying to survive a war, but, besides telling on James and Liky, never directly hurt/ tortured anyone, while Snape acted like a petulant child and bullied children. End rant.