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Grease AU - Part 1

ok can i just say???? grease au is so adorable for yoi. and i mean this is not like you’re probably thinking. we’re gonna flip this one on its head. like, lemme paint you a picture here:

  • we got the summer, which consists of viktor (on vacation) “meeting” yuuri at some party, where yuuri gets super drunk and then just ???? starts stripping and dancing and like holy cow viktor is enamored
  • so vitya, being vitya, works some of his magic and drops a heck load of hints to his guardian, yakov, and, when that fails, baaaaasically just runs away from home. and yakov is like “that’s so irresponsible but whatever, you’re a senior and i guess we can call this study abroad since you signed yourself up for student exchange and forged my signature and you’re technically an adult so you do you”
  • and that’s how viktor traveled all the way across the world for a guy he didn’t even have a conversation with!!
  • so he’s there. and like he’s ready to find this boy.
  • BUT FIRST he has to actually get registered and stuff. and that’s where he meets chris! 
  • chris is mega flrty and if vitya weren’t making a major decision to change his entire life for god knows how long for a boy he “met” at a party, he would totally have flirted back. ok maybe he flirted back a little iT’S NOT LIKE HE FOUND THE BOY YET and whatever it’s totally friend flirting
  • so chris is like ok you’re cool dude, you’re cool. and then he leans in close and he’s like “you know, buddy, we’ve got this group, the pink ladies, and it’s great and you should join. ok? ok.”
  • and viktor is like YES but before he can chris says he has to check with the other bros of the group so vitya chills (or does his best)
  • so then at lunch, viktor meets the rest of the crew: emil, yuri (a different yuri, tho–viktor decides to call him yurio), and michele
  • and guess what! they’re all cool!! and they all think viktor is cool!! so viktor is in the group!!
  • so the boys get to talking and eventually viktor gets to talking about why he’s out in not-his-hometown without his guardian and he mentions the party and swooooons over yuuri, the most amazing boy to ever exist, and the boys look at each other and they’re like “wait. yuuri. the same yuuri that is a greaser??? that yuuri?!?!?!?!?!”
  • and viktor just shrugs and he’s like uh i guess??? that sounds about right i suppose???
  • NOW. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR GREASERS: we have phichit (highly animated, best hair of the group, too cool to be popular… but he’s totally popular), otabek (the most greaser of the greasers who may or may not (he definitely does) have a thing for yurio), seung-gil (second most greaser of the greasers, makes being quiet cool), leo (i mean.. that hair? ofc he’s a greaser), and yuuri (heartthrob (not that he knows that), cool kid (again, not that he knows that), and, apparently, awesome pole dancer)
  • bonus: minami, this bubbly freshman dude, is constantly trying to join the greasers; guang hong is this adorable quiet kid who somehow has a free pass to hang out with the greasers; mila can’t stop making fun of vitya from all the way back home while georgi thinks it’s sweet and romantic

so like… i’m just saying… even tho yuuri would probably be more likely to be depicted as sandy… this grease au would be amazing too

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Grease AU - Part 2

Part 1

wow ok so that grease au really took off. haha i honestly just wrote that because i was bored, it was early in the AM, and i really like grease + yoi. glad to see y’all enjoyed it though!! how about we do another one, this time from yuuri’s side:

  • to start with, yuuri never really meant to become a greaser
  • it all started because phichit was really digging the look otabek and seung-gil were sporting (even tho, like, seung-gil doesn’t even use product in his hair and otabek rides a motorcycle). so, phichit starts copying it, leo notices how cool it is, and yuuri is mostly just dragged into it
  • but like… yuuri isn’t cool. he’s kind of a dork and he loves katsudon a bit too much and honestly he would much rather spend time in the art studio instead of the car shop
  • except that everyone actually does think he’s cool
  • so he’s like in need of an opportunity to show everyone that he’s cool (”buddy, you really do not need to prove it. you hang out with otabek, you’re likable, and everyone already thinks you’re pretty cool.” - phichit) and summer comes around and there’s this party and he’s going to be cool
  • drinking is cool, right?
  • …and those are the last thoughts he remembers. he may have been a little too gung-ho about proving himself
  • so then summer ends and he thinks he’s failed at being cool and he sort of grudgingly accepts that he’s not ever going be considered cool (”YOU ARE COOL, YOU IDIOT” - a very supportive phichit)
  • and then it’s the night of the bonfire for homecoming and all the greasers are hanging out away from the crowd, chilling when suddenly that angry yuri kid (who, for some reason just really hates everyone especially yuuri) comes up to yuuri and shouts about something??
  • and yuuri is just like “????????” but he sees viktor (who even is this guy??) and… viktor is… very very VERY attractive… and like…. his smile is more beautiful than any piece of art yuuri has ever seen… and.. ok yeah he’ll talk to viktor
  • except that when he goes up to viktor, his vocal chord stop working (oh my god, i am soooo not cool). but that’s ok! cause viktor is ready to talk enough for the both of them!!
  • “YUURI!! i’ve been looking everywhere for you. you’re looking great tonight. i loooove the leather jacket on you. where’d you get it? it looks great. and your hair! i mean maybe a bit too much product but LOOKS GREAT!! you know, this homecoming thing feels a bit like choosing favorites, yeah? i mean football is… football, but you know what’s really great? skating. like, figure skating. that takes skill, yuuri. haha that’s ok though, skating is much bigger back home–”
  • viktor talks really fast and like… yuuri doesn’t get a single word in before chris and the rest of the pink ladies are pulling viktor away for a sleepover
  • but. if there’s one thing he learned. it’s this:
  • he was going to have to learn to figure skate

okay i hope y’all like the sequel <3

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Grease AU - (Part of) Part 1: Now in Actual Writing!

A/N: heyyyyyyy i know i have a lot of requests to go and i’m soooo sorry but like…. this is just flowing really nicely and it feels like something i have to write. so… i’m sorry i’m MIA from requests, but i hope you enjoy the return of content anyway!

based on this post here

When Viktor signed up to go abroad for summer vacation, he had pictured scenes from all the movies (and the other kids’ rumors) about summers in America. It was like this: bonfires at the beach, all the teenagers hanging out in the mall, parents letting kids do whatever they want, awesome parties in people’s giant houses—you get the gist. It sounded like everything Viktor had been missing out on for nearly eighteen years.

Turns out, summer abroad is not nearly as fun as it’s shown to be in the movies.

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Summer Lovin’

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Hey! I got this prompt the other week and thank you to the person who sent this because it was so fun to write plus I absolutely love Grease. Sorry it’s super short and the title doesn’t exactly fit but hope you enjoy!

Prompt submitted by belaxbela: Could you do a fluffy one-shot with the headcanon that Reader loves the movie ‘Grease’ so much that Pietro sings and dances to the music for you. Who knows. Maybe the rest of the team will catch him in the act XD

Word Count: 775

It was Saturday night and you had been through the most stressful week of your life. Day after day more and more missions piled up and you couldn’t seem to get a break. Finally you had some down time, for now at least and since you were stressed to full capacity you knew exactly what needed to be done. Movie night with one of the classics. Grease.  So with the popcorn popped and the soda poured you sat down in the lounge. Placing the disc in the player you press play and flopped down on the couched crossing your legs.

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