Toti se intreaba de ce l iubesc.Toti se intreaba ce vad la el. Dar doar eu stiu ca omul acela frumos,ar murii daca as patii ceva. Este ingerul meu pazitor ce mi va fi alaturi mereu.Si daca nu mi va fi,eu il voi iubi. Caci a fost singurul om ce i a pasat cu adevarat. Caracterul meu de piatra se distruge in preajma lui. Iubirea lui ma face calda ca ploaia de vara.  El ma face sa lupt,si poate daca l as pierde m as pierde si eu,caci tot stim,mereu vom avea nevoie de un om,de un om al nostru care nu pleaca la prima cearta,si ramane langa noi chiar daca noi il gonim. Omul asta frumos m a ajutat si nu m  a ranit,si mi a inteles mesajul,si mi a devenit personajul principal in viata. Mi a facut viata buna printr o cale grea,dar a luptat,asa ca am decis sa nu l las sa plece. Si il voi iubi pana voi cadea intre scanduri si dupa aceea.-Sufletul vorbeste.

    i was cornered by a mccree in my last game & we both had low health, so i just …
    punched him out of the way, took the health pack, punched him again … & he died

Daca in acest moment stai intins in pat, uitandu-te in gol la tavan, pe cale de a plange, este perfect in regula. Tot ceea ce faci de cativa ani incoace este sa incerci sa iti dai seama ce ai putea face cu viata ta. Ti se pare ca toti cei din jurul tau au realizat ceva cu viata lor, pe cand tu…tu abia daca poti sa pastrezi ccea ce ai acum in viata, daramite sa incepi sa mai construiesti altceva.

Te gandesti ca de fiecare data se intampla acelasi lucru. Ti se pare ca se intampla ceea ce trebuie, ca faci ceea ce trebuie pana cand….dintr-o data ceva intervine si totul se duce de rapa. Apoi incepi sa te blamezi, sa te certi, sa-ti reprosezi ca nu ai procedat altfel, mai bine. Incepi sa crezi ca totul s-a intamplat din vina ta.
Esti din ce in ce mai speriat, intelegem asta. Iti este teama ca nu esti suficient de bun. Esti speriat pentru ca altii la varsta ta au realizat atatea, iti este teama ca vei fi judecat, iti este teama ca vei fi un esec.

Dar mai ales…iti este teama ca, daca vei esua, ceilalti te vor parasi si vei ramane complet singur.
Lasa-ma sa-ti spun asta: Vei reusi, iti jur ca vei reusi!
Asa ca, daca acum iti vine sa plangi, plangi, este perfect in regula. Cu totii trecem prin astfel de momente cel putin o data in viata. Este ok sa te simti pierdut. Dar crede-ma cand iti spun ca vei gasi o cale de iesire din aceasta situatie.

Este ok sa simti ca ai gresit si ca i-ai dezamagit pe cei din jurul tau. Vei vedea ca, atunci cand vei iesi din aceasta stare, iti vei da seama ca cei care te iubesc au ramas langa tine si ca nu s-au indoit nici macar o clipa de capacitatea ta de reusita.
Tot ceea ce trebuie sa faci tu acum este sa nu renunti. Stiu ca inima ti-e grea si mintea plina de ganduri, dar nu, nu trebuie sa te dai batut. Indiferent de cat de greu iti e, nu trebuie sa te lasi invins.

Best Friends

Request: Can you write jughead imagine where he is clingy and the reader loves it but it’s just weird because it’s not him so she asks him why and he says that she has been spending to much time with Archie

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Okay, i’ve been very excited to write this. This is just such a cute idea. Thank you for the request!

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warning: none.

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Your two best friends, Jughead and Archie. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been best friends with the two (along with Betty). They were your protectors, the boys you looked up to and the only two who seemed to understand what you were feeling before you even knew what you were feeling.

You three were so close as children, you three were inseparable. But as you grew, and days became less play-related and more school-related, your two best friends drifted. It had been fine, though hanging on thin strings, the three of you were still quite close. But it had been more you hanging out with one than the other one day, and then switching the next day. It was very rare for all three of you to be together anymore, but it still happened.

That all changed though, when the road trip you had set up for the two of them, got derailed. You had been sick of this ignorance and complete ‘pick-sides-thing’, so you had practically ordered them to go on a road trip the weekend of July fourth, refusing to join them. You thought this would help them rekindle the friendship that had dwindled the few years previous.

But then Archie had ditched Jughead, and Jughead came to you. You, of course had been mad at Archie as well, but eventually when school started and you saw how frazzled he looked, you’d forgiven him. You’d always been soft at heart.

Then the regular routine picked up again. Some days with Jughead and some with Archie. You became use to it, but you still hated it. Especially since Jughead had been acting out recently and you weren’t sure why.

Closing your locker, you shook yourself out of your musings, locking your lock and turning. You nearly jumped in spot when Jughead appeared beside you, and you held your hand against your chest with a sigh. “Seriously, Jug, you need to stop sneaking up on me.”

He let one of those few, rare smiles reserved for you, slip as he shrugged his hands into his pockets. “Pop’s?” He suggested and looking at your phone, you shrugged. 

“Sure.” You agreed and soon you found yourself sitting in a booth at Pop’s, a chocolate milkshake in front of you. Though, instead of Jughead taking the seat next you, which it seemed like he had originally planned, he suddenly scooted you over and sat beside you. 

It wasn’t that you minded. But all your life, Jughead had never been one for physical contact but if his side pressed up against yours and his arm around your waist had anything to go by, it seemed maybe you were wrong. Though you knew you weren’t. Even if you were his best friend, you were not an exception. Jughead just didn’t like physical contact.

So then why was he so close to you now?

“Juggie?” You asked, looking at him from the side of your head. He said nothing, instead huddling a bit closer and taking a bite of his burger he’d ordered. You shrugged it off, as you two fell into a soft chatter.

Soon enough you heard the bell chime and looking up because of curiosity, you saw Archie and Betty walking in. You smiled and looking down at the boy next to you, you saw him sulking. You shook your head, “Arch! Betty! Come here!” Their gaze fell on you, and immediately smile they began to walk over.

You faintly heard Jughead grumble next to you, but you shook it off. “You’re gonna have to be his friend again, eventually, Juggie.” You whispered just as Betty and Archie slid in in front of you. You easily fell into a conversation with Betty, missing the way Jughead fixed Archie with a glare.

As you talked on, you faintly noticed Jughead’s position became more straighter and him scoot even closer to you. He poked you constantly, (mainly when you spoke to Archie) and tried to gain your attention, but you only gave him a sideways glare.

You weren’t sure why he was being so clingy. This was so unlike him. But, thinking back you had to be honest and mention that this kind of behaviour had been happening a lot with him. And you just couldn’t figure out why.

“So, Arch, I heard that you’l’ be taking Jason’s spot of the football team?” You asked, staring over at your redheaded best friend. Betty immediately smiled proudly and you giggled silently in your mind. 

Archie shrugged, bashful. “Yeah, well… coach said they had an open spot.”

“That’s awesome!” You cheered, clapping your hands. Turning to Jughead, you smiled over at him. “Isn’t it, Juggie?” He looked up from his lap, glaring at Archie before turning to you. His arm was still around your waist and he practically had you leaning against him. You weren’t the only one odded out by this behaviour, Betty and Archie constantly threw you confused glances to which you could only shrug.

“Sure.” He mumbled.

You sighed. “Well, hows your music going?” You remembered him speaking about an interest in music and remembered how enthusiastic he had seemed. 

“Oh! Yeah, Ms. Grundy offered to help me, so that should be good.” He immediately perked up at the mention of music.

“That’s grea-”

“We should get going.” Jughead suddenly interrupted, snapping all of your gazes over at him by he only focused on you. Narrowing your eyes at him, you silently asked what was wrong. He just looked at you urgently. “Right, Y/N?” He asked again.

You shook your head, “i do-”

“You do.” Was all he said as he stood up and practically dragged you out of the booth. 

“Wait, Y/N…” Betty tried and you threw an apologetic gaze over at your two friends, just as confused. 

Once outside of the diner, you ripped your arm away from Jughead’s grip, stopping him. “What the hell was that, Jughead?”

He stopped, turning to you but not looking at you in the eye. He said nothing and you crossed your arms, frustrated. “You’ve been acting really odd lately, Juggie. Clinging to me and pulling me away from the middle of conversations, what the hell is going on?” You demanded an answer, confused and frustrated.

“You’re spending too much time with him…” He mumbled.

“What?” You blinked.

“You’re spending too much time with Archie.” He repeated and you blinked, confused. His answer only left more unanswered questions rather than answers.

 “What do you mean? He’s my best friend.”

“I’m your best friend! He ditched me, remember! I am your best friend…” Jughead began yelling, but by the end it ended in a whisper. Suddenly you felt guilty, understanding how this must have made him felt. Uncrossing his arms, you sighed, walking over to him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about how this made you feel.” You apologized, smiling apologetically up at him. He wasn’t made, instead he looked as if he was sulking as he sighed too, allowing a small smile to slip.

“It’s okay.”


Requested by Anon #290

Y/N: Good morning Julian.
Julian: It would’ve been if you came in on time. It’s not the afternoon Y/N.
Y/N: I had to help…someone.
Julian: Y/N, I don’t care whatever you were doing. Just get to work on time.
Y/N: Yes sir, Julian sir! *laughs* Oh! Before I forget!
Julian: What is it now?
Y/N: Do you want to get lunch together?
Julian: Just do your…wait what?
Y/N: Well I realised we spend all day in here together everyday so we might as well get to know each other. So lunch?
Julian: Um…y..yeah..yeah sounds..grea..I mean good.
Y/N: Aw are you blushing Julian?
Juilian: What? No!
Y/N: You better watch yourself Julian people might start to think that you like me.
Julian: I talk to you like crap Y/N. I don’t like you.
Y/N: You know what I got told growing up? If a boy picks on you it probably means he likes you. Within reason obviously.
Julian: Wh..why would I like you?
Y/N: It’s okay Julian I know you like me so I won’t let anyone else know. It’ll be our little secret.
Barry: *walks in* What are you two talking about?
Julian: Nothing!
Y/N: *laughs* Julian was scolding me for being late.
Barry: *rolls his eyes* Julian give her a break.
Y/N: *winks at Julian*
Julian: *laughs to himself* She’s going to be the death of me.