Be mine, oh moonshine of mine || MINHO x READER

So yeah, that was the little thing I’ve been writing. 2 171 words. I wanted to make a smutty one and a clear one but then I just made one… :/

And I can’t stop fainting over the fact I have more than 100 followers! Really guys, it means sooo much to me <3 It may seem like nothing compared to 2000 or something but since I never actually believed my gwould be read by more than a dozen people at top…. I… Yeah. So, I just want to say thank you! <3 I love y'all!

Also, I’m taking requests or something… I wouldn’t call it request, since I won’t be an imagine blog but yeah, you can ask for stuff! :)

Have fun reading this and be aware, this is unbeta’d because I don’t have any betas, lol.

Quick summary: night for first times; the first times Minho gets drunk, the first time the reader has to deal with a drunk and the first time Minho says what he wants to…

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A/N: These ones are longer, so if they’d be easier seperated please let me know and I’ll sort it out; hope you enjoy :)

Alby [Yours]
      ‘Where am I?’ I asked once more, struggling against the boy who was leading me around the place, his arm linked through mine as he held my hand onto his upper arm.
      ‘The Glade,’ he responded with a not so subtle sigh behind his voice.
      ‘Yes,’ I said, the sarcasm dripping from my voice as I rolled my eyes, ‘because that explains everything.’ It was about the fifth time that he had given me that response, and it hadn’t become any less confusing to me.
     ‘It explains enough,’ he said simply, just as I noticed Alby approaching us. ‘Please,’ the boy with me said, almost pleadingly as he pushed me slightly towards a grinning Alby, ‘you take her for the shucking tour, she’s doing my nut in.’ He threw his arms up in exasperation. Alby gave him a slight nod before the other guy wandered off, grumbling under his breath as he did so.

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