i had a dream i went to louisville but i went back in time before they made 4th street live or whtever and the area was really dark and poor i was hungry and so i went to the cvs across from the hotel i stayed in (before i walked in this lady who was picking things out of the garbage said i wwas brave for going in there) and it was half empty and the cashier wasnt there and there were just a bunch of homeless people wrapped in blankets sitting on the shelves staring at me when i walked in and i ran back out i was so freaked i was looking for my dad

danaya x aquil headcanons


bunga ng pagwawala pag-uusap namin ni @girl-in-a-well sa twitter just after an episode of the reboot bc we deserve more backstory/screentime on how these two interacted back in enca while amihan and raquim stayed in the mortal world i mean there mUST be a relationship build-up???

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  • aquil vowed to love defending lireo and the whole of encantadia before anything, or anyone, else. he kept this vow for all his life, until that vow itself was changed and added anew.
  • he didn’t know it at first, didn’t notice what was already there. but he did fall in love the moment she was born. what he dismissed as admiration and loyalty at the youngest sang'gre was actually something else, something deeper.
  • baby danaya cried very much often. mine-a tried every dama there was to care for her child, but to no avail. it was only in the ynang reyna’s arms did danaya cease crying. and only when alena played with her.
  • mine-a strolled around the palace one day, carrying danaya, with alena and a few damas following close by. guards kept watch, and some carried news of sapiryans paying a visit to the queen of lireo. mine-a attended to the visit immediately, leaving danaya to one of the damas. danaya woke and cried, despite alena’s efforts to distract her.
  • aquil was there too; at ease, awaiting further orders if there happened to be. and alena, ever the kind one, asked him if he wanted to hold danaya. he declined politely, saying he did not know how to carry a child, but alena persisted. in the end he followed the sang'gre’s request and gently, like a prized glass, took danaya from the dama’s arms. he was afraid he might let her fall, or that his hold on her might be too hard, but he did well. at least, that’s what the baby thought. as he looked at the tiny face and twinkling eyes of the child, danaya stopped crying. and looked at him too.
  • mine-a returned to that part of the palace a moment later. and she knew, right then and there, that aquil was not going to be just a soldier forever.
  • danaya grew up to be the playful and adventurous girl she was. she had a chubby figure. pirena always teased her, but she never minded. once the youngest sang'gre learned how to speak more eloquently, there was no stopping her. she had a curious mind, and she wouldn’t relax until her questions had been answered. she followed damas, imaw, and soldiers everywhere at home.
  • as aquil headed for his training with muros, danaya tailed behind. he turned a few times to see who it was following him, but there was no one. danaya managed to hide behind his back, struggling not to giggle. he walked on. when he turned again, he caught her; the giggle escaping from her lips.
  • she asked him where he was going and what he’d be doing. he said he’d be getting ready for a fight. she wanted to know how to fight, but he promised he’d teach her soon enough if she promised she wouldn’t follow him secretly again. they settled on the agreement.
  • danaya still followed him around, though. see, she somewhat developed a little crush on him lately. she still asked him questions. and he still gave her the answers she needed; not complete truths, but enough to satisfy her curiosity. one instance she told him she’d marry him someday. he laughed, patted her head, and said he’d await that day. she held on to his promise.
  • getting older, danaya learned how to sneak out the palace and wander aimlessly in the nearby forest; where she felt most connected with. during one of her walks, she ran into some bandits. they attempted to hurt her. she fought back with whatever skill she had at the time. she kicked, punched, screamed for help. aquil came to the rescue. the bandits gone, he scolded her out of worry and fear. he almost lost her, and they almost lost a sang'gre. he blamed himself for the most part. but after that incident did he make another vow of protecting danaya at all costs.
  • she stopped following him around, or the others, after. she stayed put inside the palace and rarely spoke. mine-a and her sisters noticed this. when aquil tried to start small talk, oblivious that she felt cold, she simply ignored him or replied sarcastically. he did not give up, however. when he brought up the topic of training her how to fight, much earlier than her sisters, she regained her happy disposition and hugged him.
  • that one promise fulfilled, they grew closer as friends. much closer than her relationship with pirena or alena, or her dama, even. when amihan and a bigger threat from hathoria came, aquil returned to his original vow. danaya understood the obligation. and she understood she should not cater to the feelings she kept.
  • she grew into a young beautiful diwata. aquil stayed young, but his mind grew older. his heart grew softer. he watched her become independent. he observed her beauty and strength from afar. sometimes they spoke, but only for the sake of civility. danaya still held on to the promise of marrying him someday. aquil had a lot of things in his mind; another upcoming war, but he did not forget. he never did. although, danaya thought he did. and it ached her. just a bit.

barton-no  asked:

If you could go into politics , who from the West Wing would you model yourself on? ( Please don't kill me Sara for encouraging this).

Is Chief Justice Evelyn Baker Lang an option, or do I need to pick a main character?

Honestly, and I’ve maybe discussed this before, a big part of the reason I started thinking about graduate school was my deep and abiding love of C.J. Cregg. I loved communications studies in college (my major forced me to take a half-dozen communications classes and oh, they sucked me in), and as soon as I started watching TWW for the first time, I wanted to be C.J. For about six months, I really wanted to go back to school for journalism or mass media studies and try to figure out how to steer myself onto the C.J. Cregg Life Path ™.

But my life was kind of a mess in those days, and I ended up with the kind of GRE score that really makes you rethink going back to school. It took another year before I decided I really wanted to go to law school.

But that is neither here nor there. The important part is that the answer is now and ever shall be C.J. Cregg.

Tips for Applying to Grad School

- study/take the GRE. It’s better to plan ahead- you can take the GRE more than once in case you didn’t do as well as planned or necessary. If the field you’re interested in has a subject GRE test, like psychology, consider taking the subject test even if its not required. 

- Do your research. There are a lot of options for schools to choose from. Have a good idea of what you’re looking for (location, program length, tuition, faculty, research opportunities, job success after graduation, etc). The more you know what you’re looking for, the easier it will be to narrow down your decision. 

- prepare as much as possible while you’re still in undergrad. Get your GPA up  (as grad schools are competitive and more selective than undergrad), try to get an internship in your relative future field, form relationships with professors whose classes you enjoyed and did well in to increase the likelihood they will write you a letter of rec, etc. 

- Plan out your application schedule: make a calendar for application deadlines, when you want your letters of recommendation submitted, interview days, etc. 

- Take advantage of the personal statement section of the application if your program requires it. Quantitative data such as GPA and GRE scores are important but the personal statement allows you to really express your passion and enthusiasm for seeking higher education in that particular field, at that particular institution (this is super important for psychology grad school apps because self-reflection is crucial to be in our field). Overall, use the personal statement to really use your voice. 

Interview Process:

- dress appropriately. If you don’t know what this means, look it up but its fairly straightforward. Remember: it’s always better to overdress than underdress. First impressions are important and grad school is one step closer to being a professional 

- This goes back to the research section when applying but know the program you’re going into. Know what they offer, know what they expect, know about the opportunities they have. 

- Be prepared for questions the interviewer will ask you. There are tons of sample questions you can find on google. 

- Have your own questions prepared; even if you know the answer to it, its better to have a question handy because it shows interest and inquisitiveness. And have backup questions because they may answer the question before its your turn! 

- Talk to the students and faculty while you’re there. Get a good sense of what its like to be a part of the community. 

RELAX!!!!! If you’re given an interview, it means they’re already interested in you and you have the basic expectations they are looking for in their candidates. The interview process is your chance to really show who you are and emit what a piece of paper cannot do. And remember, you’re interviewing the school as much as they’re interviewing you

I hope this helps you! :)

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i’ve been up since before 6am. i had a nightmare that i got to the airport and was late for my flight and once i got to the line, i realized i’d forgotten my wallet. i think its a sign i’m getting old. 

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