grazing cows



Happy Sunday eve you beautiful souls!! This was me last Sunday with these gorgeous mermaids soaking in natural hot springs on our way home from the burn. It’s so beautiful there it almost looks fake. With cows casually grazing as you soak and watch the sunset….. Pure heavenly bliss!! #lifeisbeautiful #so #outrageously #happy #mermaids #babes #hotsprings #soak #soak #reitergrate #lovetribe #mineral #magic @yaelm @kyliecamilla @positivepringle

Being with nature to nurture that #wildwoman that is within all of us. Yes guys, she even exists within you. The wildwoman is one who lives in tune with Mother Earth 🌎 making love to nature with their beingness. Honoring her, celebrating her and loving her and her wild ways. When we are in tune with the mother, and respect ourselves like we do her we automatically allow the flow of the universe to dance within us. When there is a storm ⚡️🌪⚡️surrender to her divine power and let her wash you essence clean. Be free 💦✨💦 hotsprings decompression with my magical sisters after the burn @yael @kt_austin @kyliecamilla #lovers #LOVE #simplethings #nourishment #nature #yummy #wildwoman #devotion #worship


The twilight hour
driving home
looking over rolling hills
to smoky blue ridges
ponds reflecting
the colors of the sky
silhouettes of trees
darkening the horizon
reaching out for heaven
cows grazing peacefully
congregating in groups
to pass away the night
Warm lights on barns
and illuminating dwellings
people just getting home
fixing dinner, talking,
doing what people do
and I drive along
listening to my favorite tunes
happy to be alive and free
in such a beautiful country.

by ©Amanda Lea Browning 2017

It was her land, she said, and she was tired of her uncle planting his wheat and grazing his cows on her property without paying rent.

So in April, Leena Sharma traveled from her home in New Delhi to her ancestral village in central India to confront her uncle, a powerful community leader. She planned to build a fence to keep him off her 37 acres — and eventually sell the property.

It was a bold move in a country where patriarchy remains deeply ingrained and where women have long been denied the legal right to own land. For Sharma, the consequences of asserting her property rights would prove deadly. First she disappeared. Then her half-naked corpse was found in a remote forest about six miles away.

This is part of a series about oppression and violence against women in India as a rising generation collides with old social mores.

Read more: It’s not easy for women to own land in India. One woman died fighting for hers. 

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Trees - Forage - Livestock

Silvopasture is the intentional combination of trees, forage and livestock managed as a single integrated practice. In a typical silvopasture practice, perennial grasses and/or grass-legume mixes are planted between rows of trees for livestock pasture. The trees not only provide a long-term investment for nut crops or a timber harvest, but also provide the animals shade in the summer and a windbreak in the winter. In turn, the forage base provides feed for beef cattle which ultimately provides livestock sales for short-term income. A silvopasture practice diversifies farm income; can minimize the need for chemical or mechanical vegetation control; and can reduce hay and feeding costs for livestock

Silvopastoral management creates an environment where trees, forage, and livestock can be developed to their full economic potential. Ideally, the tree species selected for a silvopastoral practice should be marketable - this includes both the wood itself and other products such as nuts or fruit, offering another source of income in addition to livestock. In a rotational grazing system, a successful silvopastoral practice requires understanding forage growth and managing the timing and duration of grazing to avoid browsing of young tree seedlings or the elongating shoots. Precautions should be taken, such as fencing, to prevent trampling or rubbing of the young trees as well as over-grazing and soil compaction.


The Past Is The Present by John Westrock

Upstate NY Gothic

- There are seagulls in the parking lot of your local Wegman’s. They are picking at something. You do not want to know what it is. As you walk past, their heads swivel to follow you. You shiver and hurry faster.

- The wind whistles outside your window. A train whistles outside your window. You do not live near the train tracks. You pull the blanket over your head and close your eyes, whispering it can’t get me, it can’t get me until you can’t hear it anymore.

- You pass farms on your way to work. Each dusty farmhouse has expansive fields of golden stalks and green pastures full of grazing cows. You’ve never seen a farmer. No one has ever seen a farmer.

- Winter is colder than you ever remember it being. The school’s heaters are all broken. The boys still wear their basketball shorts to school. Their eyes are blank. They do not blink when you wave a hand in front of their eyes. They do not feel the cold. They do not feel anything.

- You do not know what makes Greek yogurt any better than regular yogurt, but everyone else does. “Just try it,” they tell you. “You’ll see. I swear by Chobani.” The only yogurt you can find anymore is Greek yogurt. “Just try it,” they say, pushing you further into the display case, their eyes as cold as the metal digging into your back. There is nothing but Greek yogurt.