grayson and andy


I don’t know if I’ll finish this off, but I thought I’d share this with you because sometimes I like the sketchy-first layer better ;u;

I have this headcanon where Dina gets stood up for a high school dance and then Dick’s all “so Damian, my daughter’s date just bailed y'know and she’s all alone at the front of the house… my poor baby… my only daughter… all by herself in the cold”, then there’s Dami on the living room couch *insert shutupi'mgonnakillyou emoticon* but he eventually gets one of his tuxes on and takes her. 

I'm really confused about this sudden deficit of platonic relationships between M/Fs on TV shows?

So can we make a list right quick cuz maybe I’m missing something…

Just add onto the shows that you watch and I will add it onto this master list. I want to do a little experiment..

Sleepy Hollow:

Jenny x Ichabod

Abbie x Frank

Abbie x Andy

Corbin x Abbie x Jenny

Frank x Jenny

New Girl:

Jess x Winston

Jess x Schmidt

Jess x Coach

Nick x Cece

Coach x Cece

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thepastisallbehindme  asked:

I love your art and I especially love your OCs James and Dina. Do you have any cute head canons for them and maybe some cute family moments you could tell us?

I sound ridiculous but I love it when people ask me for headcanons c:

  • James and Dina would play with the Nightwing and Batgirl plushies when they were younger
  • Sometimes Dick comes home late and insists that Dina should go to bed early but she refuses because they’d always read a bedtime story together. Barbara would tuck her in and make sure she was asleep, however she only pretends to and sneaks out into the living room to wait. When he does come home, Dina would somehow be more lively than he is and they’d sit in his favourite chair, quietly reading. Dick would fall asleep first and she’d drape her blankie over him before tiptoeing back to her room (wow you can tooootally tell that I didn’t think about this at all) 
  • Dick gave his Zitka plushie to James when he was born, but he passed it onto his sister when she was born (she cried a lot and cuddling Zitka would calm her down). 
  • James would sit beside Barbara while she worked with his colouring book and quietly doodled away with his crayons
  • Like Dick likes cereal and Barbara likes coffee, James likes toffee candy and Dina loves pie
  • Their birthdays would always be at the circus (well, not for James’ after they discovered that he has a phobia of clowns)
  • Dina sings, dances and plays piano (James teaches her)– James also plays the piano and guitar (bass and acoustic)
  • Dinah is Dina’s godmother, Wally and Donna are James’ godparents – on that note, Dina is named after Donna and Dinah
  • James gets called things like ‘Potter’ and 'The Chosen One’ sometimes because he looks like Dick, but has Barbara’s eyes. 
  • James doesn’t become a superhero, but Dina does and he’s super worried about this– it’s just about the only thing they argue about
  • They’d often send Dick and Barbara to a spa or something to relax whilst they took care of everything at home because they felt that they deserve it