grayscale version


Ok so there’s a story behind this one: until like 2 hours ago, I thought everyone sees colors when they hear music but??? Apparently only some people do and it’s one aspect of this thing called Synesthesia.

So, here’s Cas in the song that caused me to discover my useless superpower: “Synesthesia” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

(Also grayscale version added because the original might make your eyes bleed lmao)


here’s a masterpost of my two paintings. the pope and the king :D

i added grayscale versions purely because i think it looks better :P


Po:The peacock was there the last time I saw my parents! He knows what happened! Where I came from! Who I am.


Po: Look, I’m going. I have to know. The hardcore can’t understand.

[Tigress lunges at Po]

Viper: Tigress, no!

[Tigress hugs Po; Crane’s jaw drops]

Tigress:The hardcore DO understand. But I can’t watch my friend be killed.

[pulls away]

Tigress: [to the rest] We’re going.

Crane:Uh, maybe you can’t watch *me* be killed?

Tigress:Stop being a wimp.

Monkey:…And, she’s back.

Kung Fu Panda is one of the greatest things in the universe (except for the TV show)…
I love all the characters, but Tigress got me since the first moment.
This scene is my favorite one, from all the three films!

And I was really inspired by Nicolas Marlet’s art!