So when the moon’s only partly full, you only feel a little wolfy?” Clary asked.
“You could say that.”
“Well, you can go ahead and hang your head out the car window if you feel like it.”
Luke laughed. “I’m a werewolf, not a golden retriever.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Bones
It’s not a scar it’s a birthmark, there’s an old family legend about it that one of the first Herondales to become a shadowhunter was visited by an Angel in a dream. The angel touched him on the shoulder, and when he woke up, he had a mark like that, and all his descendants have it as well. I don’t know if the story is true, but all Herondales have the mark.
—  Amatis

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obvious much? XD

My slash OTP Magnus x Alec. 
My femslash OTP Izzie x Clary or you know, Izzie and Maia since she totally suggested it in the last book. QURL. 
My endgame OTP Jace and Clary, through thick and thin, always and forever. Also Jace x Sarcastic wit.
My crack OTP Church x Chairman Meow, awww yeah get it you little fluffballs.
My guilty pleasure OTP I don’t think I really have a guilty pleasure ship, but I can tel you right now the Simon x Jace x Jordan broT3 is the best thing to ever happen to me.
My anti-OTP Simon x Clary as anything other than friends, Sebastian x Izzie because bro, no, he killed her little brother – that shit ain’t romantic. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY JACE X SHITTY THINGS HAPPENING TO HIM, BECAUSE JFC THE BOY NEEDS A BREAK.

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5 & 20

5. your favorite original-verse oc (or one of your favorites)

Oh god, do you know how many different original characters I have? I mean like the majority of my characters to be honest since they were all born after I stopped doing the whole group thing and made about six hundred of them. So there’s like a list of favorites and it’s a mile long but I guess if I have to list just one, just one favorite OC, then let’s talk about Cruz Rigel, who honestly didn’t even start off as an actual character but the brother of one of my original characters. I created him for visitor’s week in an RP I was in and then six months later I started playing him for real and he quickly became a favorite. He’s an idiot, like many of my characters are and really just I love the hell out of him. 

20. your first rp character

That would be Ryan Sterling. Shit, compared to some of you guys I haven’t really been RPing for that long. About four years now, and I created her for my first RP ever back when I thought I would just have one RP character and I did it all on livejournal. I was so embarrassing back then honestly. She’s changed quite a bit but not terribly, though her family has expanded hugely since meeting more RP partners. Ryan’s always going to be very special to me I love playing her. After the short stint on livejournal I joined with her on a forum and then I made more characters and hardly got to play her and then leighann came into my life and now it’s all great. 

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how did you find the wicked eyes and wicked hearts mission on your 2nd playthrough? i haven’t even finished it once yet, but i’m not looking forward to having to do that mission again when i reply it. :/

I found it a little easier the second time because I knew what to say and I had the nobility perk so I could talk to some of the nobles and that pushed my rating way up! Like I had 100% court approval before I went to meet Florianne in the courtyard. 

The only thing I’d suggest is not to waste the halla you find early on and just save them for when you go into the grand apartments area.

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EASTON. because bwahahahahha.

  1. East was a really shitty older brother until Ari was born. He didn’t like playing with Damon and liked to beat him up whenever he could.
  2. He’s always always always present when one of his betas transforms for the first time. He’ll talk them through it and will transform with them to keep them company. He likes to be a comforting presence with his betas.
  3. He’s got a huge huge huge sweet tooth. He’ll eat anything sweet he can get his hands on. Chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc. He’ll stuff his face full and then get upset when he gets a stomachache later. 

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15 & 20 :)

I won’t put these ones under a cut, since I haven’t blabbed quite as much as I could have.

15: A Film Everyone Loves But You Hate?

I wouldn’t say I hate it … but I’m not overly keen on Pulp Fiction. Don’t get me wrong, there were parts I liked in it (mostly those that included John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), but there other parts that I just really didn’t find all that entertaining. I liked how it was made and can appreciate how new that was at the time, and that it sort of put Tarantino on the map, but honestly? I’d much prefer to sit down and watch Inglorious Basterds, which I enjoyed so much more. 

20: Old Movies Or Contemporary Movies?

I really enjoy both, actually. I won’t refuse to watch a movie because ‘it’s too old’ or 'it’s too new and it’s been done before’. If it looks good and interesting, then chances are I’ll give it a shot at least. 

I don’t really like remakes too much though. Half the time I feel they’re not needed, especially not when there is so much potential for movies to be written and made that are still original in some way. I love new and current movies, but I do drive back to older ones very often. 60’s-80’s movies are some of my favourites, and I really enjoy any of the classics too. Honestly, chances are if you put a movie in front of me and said 'watch this’, I’d sit down and watch it. I might bicker through it if I didn’t like it though … but not if it was something someone else really enjoyed a lot.

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:( Buying your own food is often the best option when living with someone like that. We usually do a large food shop at the end of the month and then when we’re low on stuff I just buy what I want to eat.

Unfortunately, work hasn’t sent me my last paycheck yet. Aaand I’m broke until further notice. The shitty thing is, we could have gone shopping on Sunday, but no. No, he wanted to do other shit. 

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HIGH FIVE! We can experience it together! If you haven’t already seen it, that is. And if you have, we still can! But it wouldn’t feel the same…

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No worries. Chuck vs the Baby and Chuck vs Casey (i.e the Colonel) were great episodes.

Very valid. And I’m pretty sure Lauren LeFranc and Rafe Judkins wrote it.

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I know! What does it mean?!

Because of our lack of knowledge of the next 5 episodes, our minds could go anywhere! Mel at had great spec, actually. Basically, Chuck and Sarah try to sacrifice themselves for the other to defeat the last Big Bad.