I haven’t seen too many challenges around lately, so I thought to start a new one! Rainbowcy Legacies have always intrigued me; so why not incorporate those ideas into a new challenge! In addition, I have a poor tendency to start challenges and not finish them. . so the challenge will only be one week long!!

It’s fairly simple. One day, one color! You could make one sim for that day or many, it’s up to you! And please don’t feel like you have to do one each day, do whatever is easiest for you! If anyone takes part in this, I’d love to see your creations; use the tag #rsimschallenge and/or mention me @wonkysims . Anywho, here’s challenge!! 

Day 1: Red

Day 2: Orange

Day 3: Yellow

Day 4: Green

Day 5: Blue

Day 6: Indigo

Day 7: Purple


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Vào những ngày này, tôi bỗng cảm thấy mình yếu đuối đến mức cùng cực.

Thật muốn có bàn tay ai đó, nắm thật chặt, ôm thật ấm, thương tôi và mãi chẳng buông rời…

Là vì vào những ngày gió, người ta luôn muốn được chở che?

❅25 Days Of Christmas Masterlist❅

Day One: Christmas Tree Jay Park

Day Two: Christmas Miracle One

Day Three: Photobooth Beenzino 

Day Four: Sweater Suga

Day Five: I Can Help The Quiett

Day Six: Mixtape Hanhae

Day Seven: Gingerbread #Gun

Day Eight: Oppa Olltii

Day Nine: Unexpected Chulgoo

Day Ten: Wait Gray

Day Eleven: First Snowfall (M) Suga 

Day Twelve: Five Minutes Jooyoung

Day Thirteen: For Now The Quiett

Day Fourteen: Confess i11evn

Day Fifteen: Santa Mino

Day Sixteen: Meaning of Christmas Dok2

Day Seventeen: Special Day Loco

Day Eighteen: All I Want For Christmas Zico

Day Nineteen: Home For The Holidays Jooyoung

Day Twenty: Santa’s Helper Olltii

Day Twenty-One: Just Christmas Genius Nochang

Day Twenty Two: Brother Knows Best Swings

Day Twenty Three: Christmas Strife (M) Gray

Day Twenty Four: Stocking Mino

Day Twenty Five: Last Minute Giriboy

Better late than never <3 thank you to everyone that sent in a request!