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*soft gasp* i got tagged by @vanukas-mestari to do an answer tag i havent done one of these in agess

..i have immediately forgotten who i am and what i like.

Name: Samara

Nicknames: nothing too prominent but ive been called sam, samuel, samsara…theres also my internet aliases mineapple and shruggies/samhuggies

Zodiac: erida-FUCK, aquarius

Height: uuhh my drivers license says 180cm so ill go with that

Orientation: grayce

Nationality: australian

Fave Fruit: raspberries

Favorite season: autumn???

Favorite Book: i actually dont remember but one book thats stayed with me since childhood is the silver brumby

Favorite Flower: chrysanthemums

Favorite scent: i have this sweet pea + jasmine hand cream by ECOYA thats been my favourite scent since i found it

Favorite color: the range of colours where purple meets dark blue

Favorite Animal: *immediately forgets what an animal is*

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate

Average hours of sleep: a healthy 8-9 but displaced to 1am onwards

cat or dog: ive grown up with dogs so we mesh easier but i think cats are adorable too

Favorite fictional character: right now? keith from voltron legendary defender. for the longest time? the naruto boy himself

#of blankets u sleep with: my doona and thats IT! miss me with those sheets that cling to your legs we die cold like men

Dream Trip: japan but with all the time and money i could spend

Blog Created: oh shit uuuuuh april 2012?

Followers: 584 going up and down everyday hell yeah

Tag 20: alrighty none of yall are required to do this but uuuuuuuh 

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aaaaand i cant think of any more people ive interracted with lately

of course nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself if you want to~~


Thanks for the ask. -P 

{{OOC: Eeee, I’m glad you like it so much!! There are definitely going to be more parts to TWDNR, I’m just a really slow writer ;~; I’m hoping to have another bit of it out in the next few weeks. Also, as far as perryshmirtz being in the series, well….there is already over 10k written for what will eventually be the beginning of tangible (not just hints and awkwardness and teasing because I am a horrible person) perryshmirtz to the series, soooo yeah it’s safe to say it will definitely be there.  But it probably won’t be posted for a while, soooooo yeah patience ;3; Thanks for all the asks guys, the ask box should be open again in the next weekish. <3 ~Grayce.}} 


If I Was You, Summit Dance Shoppe
Age 11 Jazz

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His reaction to my tongue stud was pretty funny though. Thanks for the ask. -P

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((SOOOO UHH. I’M NOT DEAD LMAO HI DOES ANYONE STILL FOLLOW THIS BLOG okay so I know it’s been five months (and this ask has been sitting in the drafts that entire time oh my god I’m sorry i think i was saving it to post when i had a little bit more of a buffer rather than just spitting out one random ask out of no where before going silent again but yEAH) ANYWAY the last few days I’ve drawn some asks, so I’m gonna toss them into the queue to post every Saturday uhhh…..yeah. I’m sorry for that sudden and very long hiatus, life sort of…happened. And is still happening. I.E. spouse in and out of the hospital right now, I got a new job, I slipped and fell into a couple other fandoms for a while, our car busted, and just…yeah. 2016 was a long year. Anyway my art style’s changed quite a bit in the last few months and that’s gonna become wildly apparent next week and hopefully y’all don’t hate it too much but yeah I’m gonna try to start posting here again?? Idk how long it’ll last but we’ll see I guess LOL. I’m gonna comb through the 30+ remaining asks in the inbox, try to answer most of them and delete the rest before starting fresh, so hopefully that will result in something….idk lmao the pnf fandom has been very inactive as far as I can tell so maybe this will just go totally ignored but ya know….I’m still here just very tired and busy but I’m doing my best ;u; ~Grayce))


Improv Alamoto –> Improv to The Wolves (Act I and II) by Bon Iver
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anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I just want to say that your art is just as beautiful as you are and I 10/10 would love to be your friend and you made me happy after something bad happened (boy issue. It's dumb) and I was let down and I appreciate it very much ❤️ sorry for the spam by the way... 😇❤️ Goodnight! -grayce

Hi! Aww you’re so sweet, thank you so much! 
Honestly, this made me very happy to hear. <3 I am so happy I was able to cheer you up. And hey, don’t let any boy let you down!!! He is not worth your tears! Keep smiling! You deserve it! 

Pop me a PM sometime! I’d also love to be your friend! :) Have a good day/night (Whatever the time is in your zone right now haha)