GRAYAS: antiguas deidades griegas, eran 3 hermanas llamadas Dino (Temor), Enio (Horror) y Pefredo (Alarma). Una versión del mito dice que nacieron ancianas con el pelo ya gris y con solo un ojo y un diente para compartir entre las 3, los cuales se turnaban para comer y vigilar (mientras una los usaba las otras 2 dormían). Vivian en una cueva lejana al mundo, en una parte en la que siempre estaba oscuro pues estaba más allá del ocaso, en el mito de Perseo ellas cuidaban el camino que llevaba a sus hermanas las Gorgonas. Por cierto: (normalmente se las confundía con las MOIRAS, cosa que Disney hizo en la pelicula “Hercules”)


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Shoutout to gray-asexuals!

Shoutout to gray-aces who wonder if they’re alone on the spectrum because we so very rarely talk or post about gray-asexuality.

Shoutout to gray-aces who feel as if they don’t fit in anywhere.

Shoutout to gray-aces who are hesitant to tell people about the gray part of their asexuality because acceptance is so hard to find.

Shoutout to gray-aces who proudly announce the gray part of their asexuality no matter the opposition.

Shoutout to gray-aces who are questioning or confused.

Shoutout to gray-aces who haven’t come to terms with their own identity yet.

Shoutout to gray-aces who fight the fight for asexuals as their identity is ignored or shoved aside.

Shoutout to gray-aces for being gray-ace.

Shoutout to gray-aces!

Asexual Awareness Week - Sterek edition

Sooooo since Asexual Awareness Week started Sunday, I thought I could make a Sterek fic rec about the asexuality spectrum. So instead of sleeping, I skimmed through my infinite rec list and here’s what I found. You’re very welcome!

your mouth’s a revolver (I found bullets in the sky) | @nevergooutofstiles | G | <1k | Asexual!Derek {aka the sweetest drabble you’ll ever read}

Impulsive Decisions | @ang3lba3 | T | <1k | Asexual!Derek, Demisexual!Stiles

Missed Connection | @fandom-madnessess | G | 2k | Asexual!Stiles

The A Word | @notafamousperson | M | 2k | Asexual!Derek, Asexual!Stiles **

Sexually Precocious Teenagers | @dragon-temeraire | T | 2k | Asexual! Stiles

Break Me Down, Build Me Up | @princex-n | M | 3k | GrayA!Stiles 

The Long Way Home | @lielabell | T | 3k | Asexual!Derek, Demisexual!Stiles 

(5+1) How Stiles Realized He Was Jealous and Maybe in Love With a Certain Sourwolf | @scarlettletterr | G | 3k | Asexual!Stiles **

Free Condom With Purchase@dragon-temeraire | T | 4k | Asexual!Derek 

Just a Spark | @mychemicalrachel | G | 6k | Asexual!Stiles

I’m Not Gonna Wait Until the Winter (I’m Just Gonna Wait Until The Springtime) | @JenTNova | M | 7k | Asexual!Derek

[that’s] my opportunity, to feel brave | @saandrae | T | 15k | Asexual!Derek, Asexual!Stiles

Windows | @drgrlfriend | E | 83k | Demisexual!Derek

The Playoff Pitch | @leslieknopeismyshiningstar | E | 83k | Demisexual!Derek

Put Down In Words | @paintedrecs | M | 204k | Demisexual!Derek, Asexual!Cora **

All of them are beautiful (because otherwise the wouldn’t have ended up among my bookmarks!) so instead of signing the “highly recommended”, I marked with ** the ones that made me cry. 

I don’t know about you, but I think we need more of both asexuality and demisexuality in this fandom (and outside of it).

anonymous asked:

Harriet Potter is a transgender asexual and only after the battle of Hogwarts when everything has settled a bit realises why she's never been comfortable in boy's clothes. Bonus: Draco being secretly aggressively supportive of Harry's identity, and never making any jokes on the front (also making whoever is transphobic life a living hell). -H

Draco isn’t really supportive of Potter or anything Potter (aside from the general defeating The Dark Lord thing, of which Draco, like many others, is still working on overcoming his trauma), but there are certain lines you just don’t cross.

Besides, when Potter is a lazy academic, uncreative problem solver, rash and brash, self-righteous egotistical jock pretending she’s got the charisma of a leader whom people only follow because she didn’t die as a baby, why would Draco need to stoop so low as to make fun of something she can’t help that isn’t even something to be made fun of? 

Other identities aren’t something new to Draco. They’re all over Slytherin; they’re just whispered about in the dead of night, when they can really all be themselves without trying to present a certain image to the rest of wizarding society.

Millicent is trans and Blaise is bisexual and agender and Daphne is aromantic and Crabbe is gay and Draco himself has only ever made it as far as labeling himself as all-around questioning. In fact, Draco hates himself a little bit for how much he admires Potter for publicly coming out. It’s something a lot of Slytherins still struggle with. He sees his own mum’s eyes wandering too long over beautiful witches to be purely platonic, gazing at them in a way that she’s never looked at towards father.

Yet it never feels weird to Draco to correct his own father when he uses the wrong pronouns for Potter. It never feels weird submit blazing corrections to certain journalists who refuse to respect Potter’s identity. It definitely never feels weird for him and Astoria to sit Scorp down and occasionally talk about identity and boundaries and exploring and being open-minded and respecting himself and other’s.

Draco’s never been one for just “doing right” - more about doing right for himself. But in this instance, he is about doing what is right. If you’re going to criticize somebody, at least put in the effort to genuinely criticize their faults, not your own shortcomings.

And when Scorp sits him and Astoria down the summer after his third year at Hogwarts, and quietly but surely tells them, “um, so. You know Al? I think I might be kinda crushing on him. I might be just a little gay,” Draco can feel the pride and love bursting within him. This isn’t a conversation he’d ever dreamed of having with his own father. He couldn’t be happier that Scorpius knows he can come to Draco. Potter’s kid isn’t exactly who Draco is hoping Scorp will end up with, but hey. It’s just a teenage crush, right?

Then when Scorp starts sending cryptic and curious letters home in his fifth year, Astoria and Draco suspect another coming out is on its way. Sure enough, that summer, Scorp loudly announces over breakfast, as if he hasn’t been able to wait to tell them, “so I’m pretty sure I’m acespec. Maybe graya or aceflux”. Draco simply ruffles Scorp’s hair, an action he knows Scorp loves and hates, and dumps more pancakes on his son’s plate, while Astoria smiles and tells Scorp she loves him always.

Even when Scorp slyly smiles at Draco after his graduation and tells him, “you know I’m looking for a place with Al to move into together, right?” Draco just takes a breath, knowing that at least Al is a good kid. Plus, how’s Draco supposed to effectively get under Potter’s skin if they never see each other?

So Draco tells his son the only thing he’d ever wanted to hear from his father, “I’m proud of you for doing what will make you happy, Scorpius. Plus,” he gently nudges his shoulder into his son’s, “you know I love you no matter what, right?”

~Hufflepuff Mod


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Said Slytherin, “We’ll teach just those
Whose ancestry’s purest.”
Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose
Intelligence is surest.”

Said Gryffindor, “We’ll teach all those
With brave deeds to their name.”
Said Hufflepuff, “I’ll teach the lot
And treat them just the same.”

– Sorting Hat

Just imagine agender aroace Salazar Slytherin being told their whole life that they needed to settle down with a good pureblood witch, but 1) they were completely uninterested in marriage or settling down, and 2) they had higher ambitions than that. And that colored their vision for Hogwarts: above all, they thirsted to prove themself as a worthy pureblood regardless of their identity, so they only wanted to take in ambitious, pureblood wix in some messed up view to try and prove themself to their family.

And genderfluid demi bi Rowena Ravenclaw who’s been told her whole life that she’s just confused, that she just wants to seem special, that she needs to be able to make decisions, who fights against these stereotypes by latching onto her passion for knowledge. He soaks up all the research he can, always striving to learn more, to show that he’s not confused - he knows what the heck he’s talking about. So when they’re founding Hogwarts, a place of learning, they want to take in those who they know will take advantage of the opportunity to learn. 

While questioning/confused queer Godric Gryffindor spent years isolating himself, afraid to speak his fears and share with others and unsure of how to be himself when he didn’t know who himself was. At some point, getting out to adventure and learn and meet people and do things outweighed the fear holding him inside, and he just never went back. Being courageous, purposefully facing scary things - whether he was afraid of them or others were - became his defining trait. It was obvious that when they were setting up Hogwarts that those who faced their fears and came to the school to learn really wanted to be there, so would be taken in by him.

Finally, nonbinary graya ply Helga Hufflepuff has been bullied and left out and abandoned her whole life when she expresses herself. She knows what it’s like to be outcast and alone. She knows what it’s like to feel unwelcome and unwanted, to start to believe that you really don’t belong anywhere. She wants Hogwarts to be a place where no one ever has to feel that, so she invites everyone to come. Everyone will have a home for her. She will love them and encourage them to work hard and do their best, but there will always be room for them at her school.

Each of the founders wanted to take in those that they understood best - those that would understand them.