Teach Me Doctor(Hoseok Smut Version)

Warning: It’s graphic smut with a Doctor Roleplaying Kink. Ambw. 

I couldn’t contain myself so I jumped ahead and started yours hopefully this can hold you off until I’m able to do more for you love @theggirlthatlikesasianboys

Shaking lightly, you shut the door to your large condo resting against it for a second before you straightened up to push the pink floral dress that you had on down some to cover your smooth chocolate skin. Your hands sweeping your dark hair back of your shoulders. You squared them starting to slowly walk down the hallway letting your heels pierce the floor with each step you took. You walked towards the room next to your bedroom and you knocked on the door before pushing it open. There he sat at an oak desk with a white lab coat over his button down white shirt. He had on gray slacks, glasses on his face his hair a mini rainbow of pink and blue.

“Dr. Jung?” You asked biting on your bottom lip. “I’m here for my appointment.

Hoseok swirled around in his black chair smirking as he looked you up and down, eyes roaming your frame. Your plump breast, curvy waist and he could imagine how nice and juicy your ass looked from behind. “Ah, Ms. __ that’s right your appointment is today. Come have a seat.” He grinned patting the black chair right next to his desk. Nodding your head, you went to sit in the black chair, crossing one leg over the other to show off your toned thighs smiling sweetly at the male. His eyes holding mischief masked by an eyesmile that made your stomach tighten up. “So, what can I do for you today?” Hoseok asked you looking down his nose at you through the round glasses on his face.

“Well.. I know I needed a checkup doctor but, I also have been having some problems down below.” You jutted out your lower lip crossing your legs tighter.

“With your stomach?” Hoseok asked taking a blue notepad and flipping it to a blank page using a black ink pen to scribble some things down.

“No. Lower. Like my princess parts lower.” You tried to explain.

“Princess parts?” He mocked lifting an eyebrow. Heat rushed to your face knowing he wasn’t going to give in. Sighing you nodding.

“My pussy doctor. There are things going on down there.” You stated drumming your fingers along your leg.

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that and get your other things checked out. You can start by getting undressed for me but you can keep your panties on for now.” Nodding your head, you stood up in front of him. Hands moving to grip at the edge of your dress you pulled it up over your head revealing your body to him decked with black lingerie. You put your dress on the back of the chair hands moving behind you to unclip your bra and put it on the seat as well. Hoseok had to catch himself from jumping on you too quickly. He took deep breaths eyes on your body. Every inch of skin he took in until he stood up grabbing your hand to lead you to his desk. Helping you up on it he grabbed at his stethoscope putting the ends for his ear in. Grabbing the string he pressed the larger circular part against your chest. “Deep breaths for me.” His silky voice cooed out and you obeyed taking deep breaths in and out for him. He moved the object down to your stomach and then to your back humming thoughtfully as he listened to your heart. “I think we need to do some heart exercises to make sure your heart is still healthy you know? Don’t want you performing tasks and you have a heart attack.” Hoseok said carefully eyes full of concern as he pulled back to take the stethoscope from your body. He sat it down on the desk beside you tapping your chin. “Open your mouth.” You obeyed opening your mouth. Hoseok used two fingers to press against your tongue pushing down your jaw as he looked in your mouth humming. “Hmm, it seems we need to do some work on your mouth as well. Have you had any problems?” He asked pulling his fingers back to lick on them.

“Oh, yes doctor. I haven’t been swallowing well lately. It’s hard to hold a lot and I worry that my vocal chords are becoming worse.” Sighing softly, you played with your hair.

“That’s nothing doctor Hope can’t fix.” Hoseok went to grab at his notepad writing more things down. “Now then.” He smiled at you putting the pad down. He moved his hands to grab at your breast. Cupping them he rolled his fingers against your bud as he lifted up your breast inspecting the underside of them pouting. “They are a handful. Do they give you any problems?” He asked pushing them together pressing his thumbs against them.

“A-ah doctor they hurt sometimes. Right now, they feel pretty sore. With all the bouncing they do when I have to perform certain actions it’s hard.” All the innuendos passing between the two of you, you loved it but you reminded yourself to be almost as serious as you possibly could.

“Let’s make sure to get you feeling better then.” Hoseok leaned forward his warm breath ghosting over your skin. His tongue darted out to lap against your perky nipples causing you to moan and grab at his hair lightly before your hands quickly retreated. Hoseok flicked his tongue rapidly up and down your nipples looking up at you while he did so.

“Mm doctor. Won’t your fiancé be a bit mad that you’re doing such things to your patient?” You asked panting softly feeing your stomach clench, a jolt of sheer pleasure and thrill running up your spine as he lightly sucked on your nipples thinking about his answer.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides it’s my duty as your doctor to make sure you feel all better before you go. I insist on it.” With every phrase, he spoke it was like his voice became deeper intoxicating and dripping with lust. He leaned forward to kiss and suck on your nipples a little more. His wet tongue causing your skin to become decorated with little goosebumps.  “Now then that that’s all better. Let’s see about the rest of you. Let’s do you a quick physical let’s see you touch your toes.”

“Yes sir.” You chirped out seeing Hoseok’s jaw clench as you hopped down off the desk. You moved in front of him bending over slowly to press your fingers against your toys. You weren’t too limber but he had made you bend into certain positions that was easy to keep.

“Nice frame.” Hoseok noted walking around your bent body until he was standing behind you. His hands reached out to grab at your ass cheeks spreading them apart causing your panties to slip through your plump ass cheeks. “Ass is also nice.” He noted slapping your left and right cheek separately. “I think your ass needs a little more slaps. It’ll help make sure your cushion is aiding you when you sit down.” He gripped at your ass cheeks before he rubbed his hands together. Moving to open the drawer up on his desk he pour baby oil on your ass cheeks rubbing it into your skin lightly. He moved to slap your ass again. Starting out with gentle hits and working his way up to rough harsh hits on your skin causing your ass cheeks to become numb. Every hit caused pain to dance up your spine but you took it grabbing onto your ankles biting your lips.

“Doctor-ahh.” You mewled out licking your lips.

“Shh kitten. I got this.” Hoseok warned slapping your ass cheeks harder. He didn’t stop until his own hands were warm and threatening of becoming numb. He leaned down to lick across your ass cheeks flicking his tongue and tapping it against your plump cheeks knowing you would like it when he did it. “Let’s put you in another position.” He mused grabbing at your body he lifted you back up to the desk. He laid you on your back. Lifting up your legs to press behind your head. Hoseok saw you struggling and his eyes roamed your figure as he shook his head. “It looks like you need a lot of work here. I’m going to prescribe you some positions that will help limber you out.” Hoseok drug his nails down your underside thighs as he helped you pull your legs down. “On the bed. You say you were having some trouble with your pussy?”

“Oh yes!” You exclaimed moving very slowly towards the bed. Taking a seat on it, your ass was sore but you tried to smile it off, cursing him for being so sadistic. He gave you a look of continue, and he moved to bring his chair towards you. “Well doctor Hoseok. Lately me and my daddy have been trying to get me to squirt. But it hasn’t been happening and we wanted to know was it just me or if he wasn’t doing a good job.” You bit back a smirk as you watched his eyes flicker quickly before he masked it with a smile.

“Ah yes squirting. Well not everyone can do it but I assure you that most of the times you probably just don’t know how. Are you sure it’s your daddy? Or maybe it’s you?” He taunted and you laughed shrugging.

“I didn’t think it was me but I’ve also played with myself in the spare time or on Skype for him and it seems I can never cause myself to do it.” You admitted biting on your bottom lip.

“Well, let’s look at it and see what we can do.” Hoseok pulled at your panties pulling them down from your hips and off your body. “Legs up kitten.” He called out and you obeyed. Raising up your legs Hoseok brought rope down hanging from the polls on the bed. He gripped at each ankle tying them to a bedpost spreading you wide for him. Moving back to sit down in front of your pussy he rubbed his fingers up and down your slit slowly. He used his hand to spread your pussy lips open watching as your pussy gleamed and a few drops of wetness seeped out. “It seems that you produce water very well so that is a good start.” He nodded his head.

“Oh I stay very wet doctor.” You fisted the covers watching him with lust filled eyes.

“I don’t think your fiancé would agree with you letting another man make you wet kitten. I don’t know if I should even stick my fingers inside to help you out.” He challenged with his fingers stroking at your entrance. Your head rolled back but instead of giving in you pouted batting your eyelashes looking at him.

“But doctor you promised to make me feel better! You insisted. Like you said, it’s our secret, right?” You asked and he groaned nodding.

“Our dirty little secret kitten. Now then let’s see if I can persuade this pussy to do what I want.” Hoseok smiled up at you sliding his ring and middle finger inside of you slowly. He pushed himself knuckles deep leaning forward to lick some of the wetness from your pussy lips. His eyes drank up the sight before him and it only made his want grow deeper. Hoseok watched your lips part he could feel how warm and wet you were. How your walls fit snug around his fingers and he couldn’t help but wonder how good they would feel around his cock as he pounded into you. But one thing at a time. Hoseok started to pull his fingers back, only to push them back forward fingering you slowly. His eyes held yours for a moment, his thumb reaching up to tap against your clit causing your hips to jerk. He smirked rubbing it in using a circular motion on you before he changed it to just up and down. His fingers curved inside of you and he increased his speed standing up to tower over your bound body. He pushed his fingers a bit deeper curving them to make a come-hither motion inside of you. Soon he was scissoring you out adding a third finger inside of you. “It seems your pussy is so tight. Your fiancé doesn’t fuck you too much, does he?” He asked you trying to keep a conversation going his other hand caressing the inside of your thighs causing them to shake as you breathed out.

“He is always busy. S-so he doesn’t get to play with kitten that much. But kitten gets just as busy with things so-“ Your head rolled back as you let out a loud cry trying to keep your hips still.

“Mmm. It sounds like you both need to learn how to time manage.” Hoseok scolded fingering his digits faster inside of your pussy. Lewd squelching noises could be heard as he moved his three fingers inside of you. Your stomach tightened and Hoseok noticed every little movement you made.

“We try.” You huffed out gently.

“Try harder.” He growled at you, fucking growled at you. Crying out your head hit the sheets. He knew how wet that made you, how weak that got you. He started to shake his hand side to side pushing his thick fingers deeper inside of you. Using such force, he had to control himself, his veins popping out his neck and his muscles flexing as he let his speed pick up. He was rewarded with your wetness, your body writhing as you hollered out his name legs jerking. You squirted for him, the wetness getting on his arm and the sheets under you and a little bit on the bottom of his shirt. Hoseok moaned as he watched you continuing to pull your wetness from you for a few more seconds before he took his hand back. He grinned wickedly licking on his fingers watching you. “Well. I don’t think it’s your body that’s the problem. You both are probably doing something wrong.”

“Are you sure. It wasn’t just pure luck?” You asked breathing deeply against the sheets pushing back up to rest on your elbows. Hoseok eyes glinted with something you couldn’t read. Instead of saying anything he shoved his three fingers back inside of you shaking them like he had done moving them side to side.

“Hoseok!” You shouted out rolling back against the bed hips jerking as you tried to fuck his fingers your fingers pulling harder onto the sheets. He smirked in success pulling his fingers back after another round of your water covered the sheets and him. He licked his fingers again pulling off the white lab coat and throwing it on his desk. He rubbed his hands together going to get on his knees in front of you. He let his tongue lick up and down your slit. He leaned close to place his mouth on your pussy moaning as he licked your pussy slowly. He licked on your clit slowly and even slower he let his tongue move down to your entrance circling it around your opening before he pulled back and went down lower. Spreading your ass cheeks wide he pressed his warm tongue against your asshole. He looked up at you slowly sliding his tongue into your ass hole groaning as the tightness sucked him in and gripped around his muscle. He used his thumb to press back against your clit just holding it there causing you to let out a needy whine. Your hand move to grab at his hair.

“Who told you to touch the doctor?” Hoseok asked as he pulled back from you to peer down at you. Wordlessly you let his hair go but he slapped your pussy demanding an answer.

“No one! I’m sorry d..”

“D?” He asked and you puffed out your cheeks.

“I’m sorry doctor.” You replied coolly. He leaned forward to bite against your thigh leaving a purple hickey before he pulled back moving to open his drawer once again. He pulled out some toys moving back to the bed setting them down beside you.

He pressed a ridged dildo against your pussy. Turning on a little button to make it vibrate he rubbed it up and down your dripping pink slit. He tapped it against your entrance watching as it got coated with your juices. He slid in the toy into your pussy making sure it was deep inside thrusting it in and out slowly. His other hand grabbed at some lube under the bed, he poured it on crystal pink jeweled butt plug letting his fingers circle the toy around your entrance. Slowly he pushed it inside of your tight asshole. You grunted in slight pain and he leaned over to take your nipples back into his mouth sucking on them before he pulled back to let his mouth travel upwards. He sucked on your skin, tongue darting out to lick across your collarbone he littered your skin with dark bruises. He buried his face in your neck inhaling your intoxicating scent. Moaning your name softly he thrusted the toy harder inside of your pussy. The bumps and ridges grazed your walls causing your hips to circle. He pulled back to push his forehead against yours looking in your eyes. He pressed a few tiny kisses against your lips.

“Your pussy is talking baby girl. Let me hear you.” He cooed licking across your bottom lip and you nodded giving in. Opening your mouth a bit wider you moaned for him, his hand picking up the speed more with the toy he wanted to make you cum as many times as you would let him. He leaned down to lick across your clit nibbling on it gently. “I love it when my kitten is being so good for me.” He breathed out against your soaked pussy eyeing you with want and need the look alone had you wanted to cum.

“D-doctor please.” You breathed out head rolling back and back arching off the soft sheets gently.

“Yes go on.” He called out flicking his tongue faster against your pussy.

“Can I cum please?” You asked him, your stomach was tightening and you were gripping the toy for dear life. Hoseok hummed looking at you before he bit on the inside of your thigh humming against your skin. “No hold it.” He warned picking up speed yet again watching as your body trembled against the bed. You opened your mouth wanting to protest but with one flick of his wrist he was hard against your spot fucking you and he knew he had you. You continued to suck on the air licking your chapped lips cursing silently to yourself. You didn’t know how long you could last with him fucking your spot. Your body writhed against the sheets, sweat starting to form at the center of your forehead, your body was starting to heat up more it was crazy how much restraint you had. It hurt in the most pleasurable of ways. He licked up your pussy to your stomach licking around the flesh he bit harshly on your spot against your belly button causing you to holler out, your orgasm trickling down slowly as you released. Hoseok immediately pulled the toy back glaring down at you. He crawled on the bed gripping at your hair harshly he pulled you up.

“I’m so sorry!” You cried out but Hoseok wasn’t hearing it. He shoved the toy into your mouth with the vibrations still on. He jammed it into your mouth causing you to deepthroat it choking lightly he pushed it down your throat enjoying the spit that he was causing on falling from your lips down to your chin. Your eyes were watery but he had no mercy. He pulled the toy back slapping the wet item against your breast and your cheeks and shoved it back into your mouth to make you suck your juices off some more. Once he was done he turned off the toy and threw it on the bed, grabbing at his glasses to take them off so they wouldn’t be in the way anymore. He moved to grab at your ankles and you felt your stomach drop lower into your legs. You thought it would be over but Hoseok gripped at your ankles pulling you down and off the bed onto your knees.

You watched as he slowly stripped himself of all of his clothes and folded them up to press them on the desk. He looked at you walking towards you slowly. “You know what to do.” He said clenching his teeth.

“Yes daddy.” You mewled slightly grabbing his cock with your hands. Your hand pumped him once before your tongue went from your parted lips to flick across his slit. You started to suck on his head not wanting to tease the man anymore because you were in trouble. You started to suck harder on his shaft instantly hollowing your cheeks to suck him in deeper. Your hand played with his balls as you bobbed your head up and down quickly. He was loving it. His hands moved to tangle into your smooth locks, he pulled on your hair pulling your head down until you were taking him inch for inch. Your nose pressing against the base of his dick. You looked up at him, he spread his legs wide, moaning as you swallowed around him. Of course, you choked a little bit and your eyes watered but for him you took it all. Pulling back from him you moved your lips to lick across his balls sucking and playing with them your hand worked on stroking him faster. He growled slightly the pleasure building up in his body. Hoseok couldn’t hold too much. “On the bed. Now.” Hoseok weakly growled out voice quivering as he watched you move around.

You moved to crawl on the bed, laying on your back. Hoseok pulled you to him once again spreading your legs wide he let his cock twitch and tap against your heat. He started to grind himself against you crawling over you. Hoseok eyed you letting his cock get more wet with your juices. He let the tip of his cock graze against your clit. “You came without permission. So, in order for me to fuck you, then you need to beg.” He ordered in a stern voice.

“I want daddy inside of my tight little pussy. I need daddy to make it better to stretch me out. I need daddy pounding into me fucking my brain out. Making me weak taking my breath away. I want my daddy’s cum deep inside of my slutty little pussy. I want to feel every inch being slammed into me-“ Hoseok cut you off slamming his hips forward to bury himself inside of your tight pussy. His hand pressing against your throat lightly pinning you to bed he started to lurch his hips forward burying himself to the hilt each town he entered inside of you. Your voice failed you and it was replaced with screams and you were trying to focus on feeling every inch of him. Hoseok smirked taking out the anal plug from your asshole. His thumb was replaced and he thrusted it in and out of you causing you to feel more full and take him in. He used his dancing hips on you winding and grinding his hips against your body not breaking the space as his balls slapped your ass. He looked down at you feeling his cock throb inside of you the need to release was deep. Your walls were so warm and intoxicating and he couldn’t do anything but he had to hold out for you. Closing his hand tighter around your neck he closed off your air using his force to slide you up and down the bed with every thrust. He watched as the air drained from your body, your hands were beside you until your air was getting cut off. Slowly using all of your strength you whimpered out to press your hand on top of his as you were blacking out. Hoseok moved his thumb from your ass snapping against your spot. He released your throat barking out one demand.

“Cum.” Hoseok commanded using both hands to slam you down on his cock.

“Thank you, daddy!” You cried out as the pleasure rushed through your body. Your juices were slipping out of your pussy unstopped as Hoseok without mercy fucked you into the mattress. He watched you unravel and lose yourself for him. With a few more thrusts he was burying thick white loads of cum inside of you. He leaned over you moving his hands up your body to rest on his elbows. He rested on top of you breathing deeply. His colored hair plastered against his forehead as he looked at you with his bangs falling in his eyes. Sweat dripping off of his face Hoseok picked you up off of the bed shaking his head. He started to slam you up and down on his cock, your hands pressing down on his shoulder blades and you shouted out, your pussy feeling overstimulated and very sensitive. He fucked you like a ragdoll snapping his hips against yours bruising your hips with his own. Your ass was becoming sore again as the pain from the slapping came back. He smirked biting on your bottom lip as he let his erected cock plow into you. Since you were in such a state you were cumming again on his cock tears streaming down from your face as you let your voice ring out for him. Gibberish trying to come out as you spoke Hoseok groaned cumming with you releasing a few more ropes of cum. Your name falling from his lips and a few cruse words. He held your body against his pressing kisses up your neck before he laid sideways with you. Smiling softly down at you he played in your sweaty hair humming tiredly.

“How did I do princess?” He asked cupping your cheeks.

“Princess is thoroughly fucked and very happy now daddy.” You complimented your lover kissing his lips deeply. “Just promise you will never cheat.” You teased and he chuckled.

“I’m such a horrible doctor. I don’t think I would last all day. But I can cure your sadness. Because I’m your hope and your sunshine. But you’re my everything and nothing can compare to you. So don’t ever forget that.” He spoke softly. You let your fingers cup his cheek stroking his skin you giggled looking up at the ceiling.

“I’m glad you feel that way though because I don’t want to share-“ You were cut off by a soft snore and being startled you looked down at Hoseok who was fast asleep with one arm tightening around your waist keeping you close. Laughing softly you kissed on his lips shutting your eyes as well knowing that since he was buried inside of you he would wake you up with sex soon.

My Favorite Color Is You

Ronan/Adam, 2.3K words, Rated Mature (here on AO3)

Well, folks, I finally caved. I read The Raven Cycle (thanks @exhuastedpigeon), fell in love with Ronan/Adam (as one does), and just had to write some fic. I had a couple ideas that just wouldn’t leave my brain, so there’s this one and then another one that I hope to have posted soon. ❤️

“So…why are we here?”

Ronan frowns harder, if that’s possible, and stares down at his menu. Glares down at it, actually, as if the descriptions of sustainably-raised pork shoulder and thoughtfully-prepared duck breast are offensive to him. Which they probably are.

“Appetizer?” he asks, in lieu of answering the question, and the sheer incredulity of it—Ronan Lynch in a fancy restaurant, asking him about appetizers—makes Adam want to laugh. “We can split the calamari.”

“Sure,” Adam says slowly. He’s evidently in some kind of alternate universe. “We can split the calamari.”

Driving up to the Barns is Adam’s all-time favorite view.

It’s true all the time, but it’s even more true when Adam is coming back after being away at school. (Exponentially more true when it’s been seven weeks, not that he’s counting.) The colors are more saturated here, closer to what colors are supposed to be, and it seems to always be sunny when he comes home—he’s not sure if that’s a coincidence or not.

He hastily parks the car and hops up the stairs, but the door whips open before he even crosses the porch. His face automatically relaxes into a smile at the sight of Ronan, lounging and taking up all the space in the doorway, then his gaze drifts down. Ronan’s wearing nice gray slacks, a blue button-down, and a tie. He looks good, obviously, but it’s unusual enough that Adam pauses.

They have an unspoken tradition for nights that Adam comes home, and Ronan wearing nice clothes usually isn’t a part of it. Ronan wearing clothes at all usually isn’t a part of it.

“Hi,” he says anyway, ignoring the clothes for the moment as he steps forward. Ronan wraps him up in a hug, blessedly familiar even after 51 days apart. His arms are tight, and Adam feels all his pieces snap together again, here on this porch. It doesn’t seem that Ronan will be letting go anytime soon, so Adam twists in his grip to press their lips together. It’s fierce but short, and Adam chases Ronan’s mouth when he pulls back. His eyes catch on the tie around Ronan’s neck, and he touches his collar. “So what’s going on with the whole…”

“We’re going out,” Ronan says abruptly. “You should change.”

“Going out,” Adam repeats. Going out isn’t usually a thing that they do, especially dressed like that. Did he forget about some kind of event with Declan or something?

Ronan nods and releases Adam enough to usher him inside the house. “And hurry. We have a reservation.”

A reservation, Adam mouths as he climbs the stairs. His nicest shirt is in his dorm room, he thinks, but he’s able to scrounge up a decent enough outfit out of the closet in the bedroom, in which his clothes are thoroughly mixed with Ronan’s.

The drive is a little awkward, awkward like it hasn’t been since they first started dating, back when they weren’t really sure how to interact with each other under the guise of their redefined relationship. But Adam asks about Opal, and about the farm, as if they don’t talk at least twice a day already, and Ronan perks up a little.

They arrive at a restaurant that Adam’s never been to before, one at the edge of town that looks fancy and vaguely Italian. Ronan strides toward the front door of the restaurant, but Adam’s pace falters behind him as something occurs to him.

Ronan’s not…he can’t be proposing, right? Sure, Adam loves Ronan practically more than life itself, and they do a mostly-successful job co-parenting a mostly-human child. He’s always assumed that some kind of official partnership thing was in their future—and based on the secret conversations they have in bed with the lights off, the ones they don’t repeat anywhere else, he knows Ronan feels the same—but he expected that future to be a little more…in the future. After Adam’s graduated from college, at least.

He tries to shove that thought from his mind and catches up to Ronan in the front waiting area, where he’s hissing Lynch, 8:30 at the poor hostess. She leads them to a table for two in the corner, complete with a white tablecloth and a goddamn candle. At least Ronan doesn’t try to pull his chair out or anything.

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Guilty Pleasures | 1 | (M)

this has been revised; the plot has changed and jeongguk is no longer a part of it, will most likely be a two or three shot rather than a series unless i decide to extend it.

word count: 5k

genre: smut + fluff; high school AU + scholar/fuckboy!jimin

pairing(s): jimin/reader

warning(s)/kink(s): cam sex, dirty talk, slight school uniform kink

summary: you hated school and rebelled a little because of it, despite the fact that you always saved face by being an angel in classrooms. that’s why you like to go online to find some fun, where you stumble across a classmate and make a special arrangement.


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Yes Sir Part 11

Yes Sir Part 11: New Changes

A new life is on the horizon for Professor Winchester and his girl. She starts to process what those changes mean.

SERIES MASTERLIST Warnings: The usual- NSFW, Mature, Explicit Smut. Fluff. Alcohol. Drunkeness. Cursing. Dirty Talk. Angst. WC: 6328 On AO3

A/N: I’m blown away by how supportive and loving the readers of this series have been. Thank you so much for loving these two with me :) Thanks to my secret squirrel @jml509! And my amazing beta @andromytta

As I stared down at the essay question in front of me the only sounds I could hear were the random shuffling of my classmates’ papers and my watch ticking through the hour. In any other recent scenario I would’ve looked up to see what the professor was doing. But John was leaving me alone. No distractions, no smoldering stares. I knew he was paying attention to something else and I appreciated it.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're still taking prompts, but could you (when possible) write one about Mulder seeing Scully for the first time since separating (a la 2014/15ish), and falling in love with her all over again? Xx

I’m actually really proud with how this turned out. Thanks for the prompt, anon!


He sees her at CVS and freezes, studying her a moment as she peruses the shampoo aisle. They’d both agreed to take some time apart; she’d moved out, taken her remarkably small amount of personal effects with her to a rental back in the city, and said she’d call him when she was ready. That was seven months ago.

The red shopping basket dangles off her right wrist as she reaches up on tiptoe to pull down a bottle of Tresemme on the top shelf, too proud to ask for help. If her long, tan coat wasn’t covering her from shoulder to kneecap, he knows he’d see her tattoo peeking out from the top of her smart gray slacks. Is he the only person alive who knows that it’s there? God, how he hopes he is.

He is about to approach her, to break their agreement, to offer his help, when a guy comes up from the other side and pulls the bottle down for her, giving her a warm smile and muttering a quiet sentence Mulder can’t make out from where he stands. She smiles, not with her teeth, but a real smile nonetheless, one that crinkles the corners of her eyes. “Thank you,” she says, and the guy nods and continues past her, twirling the black bottle of his own shampoo in his hand. Mulder can’t help but snort derisively as the man brushes past him. The guy’s young, maybe thirty, handsome with dark hair and eyes and skin and a neatly-trimmed beard. ”Most women are into that now, apparently,” he’d joked before they’d split; “Mulder you should know by now that I’m not most women.”

He knows. God, how he knows. Or knew, he supposes. There are things he doesn’t know about her anymore. Like what color her loofa is or when she started eating veggie chips, judging from the sad bag in her shopping basket.

Mulder is struck with the sudden urge to go home. He hastily returns to his search for the needlenose pliers he came for and heads to the checkout. He is proud of himself as he exits the store and the air of a cool October afternoon hits his face. She’ll talk when she’s ready, and he will wait. He’s waited much longer before. They both have.

“Mulder?” Her voice is behind him in the parking lot, hopeful and reticent in the same breath.

He turns, and she stands there in her camel-colored coat with the red shopping basket still in her hand, cheeks and nose slightly pink from the chill, and he knows that he will never stop loving her.

“You cut your hair,” he observes, liking the way it bobs across her shoulders like in the old days. He hadn’t noticed in the store.

“Classic break-up move,” she self-deprecates. “I know.”

“Is that what we did?” he asks. “Broke up?”

“We did,” she sighs, with a nod that says she’s both happy and miserable at this fact. It does not seem like an evasion, rather a stream-of-consciousness question when she asks, “What are you doing in the city?”

“Had a meeting. Needed some pliers.” He holds up the white plastic bag and it rattles lifelessly in the wind.

She purses her lips at the sudden burst of cold, then wets them once. He tries not to stare at her tongue as it darts out between her lips. “They don’t have pliers out in the boonies, huh?” she asks good-naturedly.

“Nary a one,” he says with a dramatic sigh.

She smiles, like she’d smiled at the man in the CVS, but he feels like this one is different. Like it’s just for him. “Well if you ever need some, I do have a pair. I have two, actually. I could let you keep them.”

“But then I wouldn’t get to see you when I have to return them,” he points out, something in the brisk air making him bold like it had that night of the new millennium.

She shoots him one of her affectionate admonishing looks. “Well how about this,” she posits, glancing disinterestedly in the direction of her car, “you come over to get them right now and we worry about returning them later.”

Something like hope swells in his chest, making it suddenly very hard to breathe. He does manage to say, however, “Yes, please.”

She offers him her hand, opening and closing her fingers against her palm twice, and leads him to her slate-colored sedan. It is only hours later, when she slides out from between the sheets and between his legs to take a shower, that he realizes his car has most likely been towed. He doesn’t give a fuck.

Shore Leave: Coming

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

Part 1 - Midnight Whiskey   Part 2-  Surprise  Part 3- Beautiful   Part 4- Screwed  Part 5- Blind Sided

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Countin’ One, Two, Three [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe Smut]

a/n: yay poly…. I was listening to ‘3’ from glee…..

WARNING: Smut (threesome)

“I’ve never been with a guy and girl before. At least, not at the same time.” Sebastian smirks, blazer dropping to the floor as he stalks towards the two of you. He grabs Barry by the neck, lips locking to lips hungrily. The speedster gasps, hesitantly wrapping his hands around Sebastian, copying his position. You moan quietly, biting your lip as the Warbler tilts his head, allowing for better access.

Ever so slowly, you dip your hand in your dark washed skinny jeans, popping the three buttons at once. Sebastian pulls back, teeth still tugging on Barry’s lower lip. He winks, watching his doppelgänger’s eyes darken a shade. “Get over here.” he motions to you. You obey, hand gathering his striped tie and yanking him down to your height.

With a swipe of his tongue, your knees go weak, free hand finding his perfectly styled hair, tugging on it. Gasping, Sebastian’s hand flies behind him, cupping Barry’s balls. “Ohmygod, this is so hot…” the speedster huffs, dick hardening in his black jeans, precum soaking his boxers. Sebastian hums, swollen lips detaching from yours.

Barry’s hand hooks in Seb’s tie as yours rip his white button down. Sebastian smirks, feeling both sets of hands on his chest. “Your turn, hotties.” he muses, pulling your coffee colored sweater off your body before spinning, doing the same to Barry’s blue t-shirt. You press up against his back, hands traveling to his gray dress slacks. “Mmm… One, two, three, not only you and me… Got 180 degrees…and I’m caught in between…” he sings, finger splaying across Barry’s pecs.

“Nrg… Bas….” Barry squirms out of his jeans and boxers, watching Sebastian turn again, dick poking his ass. The Warbler gasps, pulling you into him, feeling the tip of Barry. Your lips find his and you lead them towards the bed, laying down, breasts face up. Sebastian braces himself, ass stretching, forearms propping himself up, fingers tangling in your hair. “Can you…ugh… babe, touch him.” the speedster pleads, forest green eyes watching you intensely, kneeling behind the other boy.

Grinning, you rake your nails down his pale back, leaving faint red streaks, making both of them moan. Sebastian carefully lines himself up with your pussy before pushing his dick in. Your breath hitches, head falling back against the pillow. “Sebastian…” you groan, grinding your hips with his while he moves.

Heaving a breath, Sebastian hisses, feeling a dick inside him. “Fuck, yes! Give it to me….” he shouts, sucking his lip in between his teeth. Barry whines, hands creeping up the other boy’s chest, outlining the muscles. They rock at the same time, hitting your g-spot perfectly. Whimpering, you tug Sebastian’s light brown hair and he wheezes. “Oh, Y/N!” he pants, gropping your boobs.

Barry eyes your reaction; mouth open, fists full of Sebastian’s hair. Oh my god, this threesome is so hot. The speedster picks up his pace, dick twitching inside his doppelgänger. “I’m…fuck, Bas, Y/N/N… I can’t…” he moans into the Warbler’s shoulder, unable to keep his cum in. Sebastian gasps, mouth wide open, movements not stopping.

You groan, peering up at the two boys, knot forming more and more as Sebastian rocks back and forth. You feel his thrusts become uneven and clutch his neck. “Come on, Seb, cum for us.” you encourage, kissing him passionately.

In less than a second, the both of you cum. Barry pants, arms still wrapped around Sebastian; hands tracing his chest. The Warbler sighs, head resting on your shoulder, dick still inside of you. “Fuck,  I love you guys.” he admits, laughing breathlessly.

“We love you, too, Bas.” Barry hums, pecking the other boy’s shoulder.

“Very much.” you pipe in, kissing his forehead.

Clothes worn by the victims
  1. Rachel Scott
  2. Daniel Rohrbough
  3. Kyle Velasquez - Blue and green coat over a white shirt, black pants, and black athletic shoes.
  4. Steven Curnow - Short sleeve blue shirt, blue jeans, white socks and brown and black boots.
  5. Cassie Bernall - Green, short sleeve shirt over a black shirt, light blue jeans, white socks and black boots ( Velvet Doc Martens).
  6. Isaiah Shoels - Short black sleeved shirt, green slacks, and white socks with white athletic shoes.
  7. Matt Kechter - Gray long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, white athletic shoes, white socks, and a ball cap with the letter “M”.
  8. Lauren Townsend - Blue top, denim pants and dark boots.
  9. John Tomlin - Dark T-shirt, denim pants and white/black tennis shoes.
  10. Kelly Fleming - Black shirt, denim pants and white/black tennis shoes.
  11. Daniel Mauser - Tan shirt, denim pants, and grey/black tennis shoes.
  12. Corey DePooter - Gray shirt, denim pants and brown leather boots.
  13. Dave Sanders - Blue and white dress shirt, T-shirt, gray slacks and brown shoes.

( Taken from the 11k pages 11240 to 12502. Couldn’t find the reports for the first two victims since they were located outside :/ )

Chaebols: The Arrangement Pt3

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Length: 6k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x OC

Pt1  Pt2

The lighting was just right in the dining room. In one spot, on the table at the end furthest from the kitchen, with her back to the hallway door, it was just perfect. Jae-eun threw a sheet over the table cloth, set up her isle and arranged the beautiful summer flowers her father-in-law sent her, until they looked just how she wanted. With earbuds in, music turned up and supplies in place, she took pastel chalk to paper.

Jae-eun had been fighting the urge since the guys had been over for dinner a couple of months before. Her art had been something she stuffed in a box and set aside because it was what her parents asked, but she no longer lived in her parent’s house. She was grown and married, and here she could breath. She hadn’t even asked Kyungsoo his opinion. Once she had seen the rich blues, pinks and yellows framed by green stems and leaves, in a matte pink glass vase with an English “J” etched on it, she knew she had to do it.

It was her soul, splattered on canvas. Jae-eun always compared her art to music, like a choir. Each hue voiced its own sound, some loudly, some muted, some sharp and others flat, all coming together in a chorus of color. She was completely engulfed in the drawing, using her fingers to pull some of the color away or spread it around. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, stands breaking free brushing across her face, tickling her nose. Time was lost for her.

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Self Control - Chapter 1

Summary: Your first class together. As @fangirlisms-22​ commented when she beta’d it, “Enter Captain Dorito, stage right.” Inspired by this tweet series. 

Pairing: Professor!Chris Evans X TA!Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Some backstory, anticipation, and attraction. (It’s not NSFW, yet!)

A/N: Ayoo! I’m back with a new series that will likely not fit into my writing schedule either, but lucky for y’all, I only have a few more weeks till I get a break from classes (but not work). This is my first time writing a reader insert in second person, so forgive me if it sucks. A shout out to @lostboyinneverland who read the first chapter before I even finished it because she’s too hyped for this series and the patient @fangirlisms-22 for beta-ing me! Here’s the Spotify playlist for the entire series, because y’all know I can’t write a series without making a playlist. I love feedback, so send me your responses, feelings, or general thoughts anytime! See y’all soon!

Tags are open for this story, so send me an ask here to be added to it or my permanent list!

Self Control | Masterlist

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Cheaper By The Dozen [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: someone making jokes about e2!barry have too much kids like “wow you want a soccer team?” I think it would be sooo funny and cute

a/n: im dying lowkey haha this is…yes…….

Taking the kids to his workplace when you go to the doctors is something Barry isn’t used to. Walking into the CCPD, Barry holds Abby and Nico on his hips. His thin glasses drop down the bridge of his button nose and he sighs, looking behind his shoulder. “Come on guys. Keep up!” he pants, brown dress shoes squeaking on the waxed floor, gray slacks swaying. Sara, Jace and Luca follow behind, in a single file line.

The older teen has his eyes glued to his phone, signature blue Vans stomping behind Jace. Humming an Enchanted song, Sara holds onto the end of Barry’s olive green windbreaker, purple tutu flapping on her rainbow leggings. Barry almost topples over due to the weight of his three kids, but keeps pushing, ignoring when Abby steals his glasses.

“Jesus, Allen. Got enough kids there?” Eddie chuckles beside Iris, crossing his arms over his pale yellow Jitters polo. She scoffs, smiling at the group before going back to her paperwork. “You kinda… are you aiming for your own little soccer team?” he giggles, scratching his blond scruff, waving at the toddler.

A short breath of air puffs out of Barry and he stops, laughing when Sara runs into his lower back. “Well, erm, ha…” he mutters, cheeks heating up. “I love my kids? Y/N and I are, um, actually expanding…again…” he says awkwardly, fixing his hand underneath Nico’s bum while Abby clings to his neck.

Iris’ brown eyes enlarge over her paperwork. “Again? Wow…Trying to be like Cheaper By The Dozen, Allen?” she quips, black vest hanging open, exposing her cream blouse.

The two older boys snicker from behind their dad, making Barry sigh, watching Abby put on his specs and Nico babble. “Um, I-I’m getting there… A few more, am I right?” the brunette jokes, peering over his shoulder. Jace squints at him. “We’re getting ther- hey!” he laughs, bowtie now undone thanks to the two year old. Sara tugs on his jacket, giggling evilly.

Whistling, Eddie pecks Iris on the cheek, heading towards the exit. “Let’s hope Y/N’s not having twins…” he cackles at Barry’s wide green eyes. “Or triplets.” Barry chokes on his spit, cradling the two kids that are on his hips. Oh god…. “But, who knows?” Eddie grins, walking out the main door.

“Is mommy gonna have triplets?!” Sara yells, ignoring her older brothers groans.

Barry sucks in a breath, feeling Abby try to slip on his thin glasses on his face. “I… I don’t know, sweets-” A ring explodes from the pocket of his windbreaker. “Luca, can you grab my phone? It’s  probably your mom.” he pleads; Luca huffs, holding the phone to his dad’s ear. “Hey, sweetheart, how - what did the doctor say?” Barry grins.

A Teacher’s Envy: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Innocence

On paper, he was her student and she was his teacher - a simple sentence that anyone could dissect. We have our two subjects, two objective pronouns, a verb, two direct objects, an indirect object, a preposition and a conjunction. But if we focus in and read between the lines of this grammatical hoo-ha, we find three words making up a sentence that rings louder than any old high school bell itself: She was his.

And boy was she…

It’s a Wednesday: the savior of the week, the promise of the end of the week and most of all, when Freeman High School’s finest English teacher, Ms. Amari Harper, gets to see her friends.

Ms. Amari Harper was no ordinary teacher; she was the best in the county and the state. She repeatedly won the English Teacher’s Association award easily each year and was adored by parents. These people would pay to have their students moved to her class. She stood 5’ 8” in her heels, which she wore periodically, mostly for fashion, never for comfort. Thick brown waves cascaded down her back with auburn streak running through it like a winding stream. Her toasted almond eyes shined like embers right through anyone who caught her gaze.

“Ugh, how can a person do such a thing! And to their student?” Ms. Harper spoke to her friends in disgust as they huddled around her computer screen in the teacher’s longue. Her brown eyes glared at the large bolded letter jutted out from the screen.

Virginia public school teacher charged in the sexual assault of her 16 year old male student.

“I mean, how could you betray a child’s trust like that?” she fumed from her chair.

“What are you ladies fussing about? Not about that poor teacher being dragged about on TV and now online?” Mr. Tony Vega, the computer science teacher, trudged to the ladies’ small table.

He had a firm build for a man in his mid 30s and was relatively trimmed, but that was always hidden under thick black frames, his cream sweaters, gray creased slacks and dress shirts he was famous for sporting on a daily basis. If there was a geek of the week award, it was always his.

But of course his style was all a show to one day grab the attention of Ms. Harper, one day.

“Poor teacher?!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yes, I said it, Maria.” Mr. Vega stood defiantly; his body language challenging the younger science teacher to a duel.

“What about that poor adolescent boy?” she wrinkled his eyebrows in suspicion.

“Who’s to say the kid didn’t seduce her? If you’ve been doing your research, you’ll find her exact testament here.” He pulled out his newspaper, opening it and shoving it in the defensive teachers faces, hiding his face so that the only part of him visible was his short sandy brown locks. He tapped twice to the spot on the page. “Paragraph six.”

Leyla snatched the multi-shade gray paper from his hands, digging into the section labeled VA Pubic Schools too quick to judge? “Of course she’d say that! She’s saving her tail!” The underclassman history teacher uttered in distaste.

He pulled his paper back in his grasp. “I tell you, these high school kids are Slick. Little. Frisky. Eels.” He emphasized dramatically. “You’d have to chop their heads off before they catch a break.” He waddled across the room waving his hands in and out to mimic the slippery sea creatures.

“But she still made the choice to accept his advances. If that were me, I’d squash it right there.” Ms. Harper stated firmly, cutting her hand in mid air to mimic Mr. Vega’s flare for the dramatics.

“Well, Ms. Harper, not every teacher is as responsible and well-minded as you.” He flashed her his best smile.

“Yeah, Amari, let these kids know who’s boss!” She shook her fist in the air.

He cut his eyes at look at her, “Right Vegas?”

“It’s Ve-ga, Leyla. No ‘s’.” He spit out at her as he rolled his eyes.

“I’ll see you in a bit, Ms. Harper.” He acknowledged the other teachers with a glance over his glasses and trotted out the door.

She nodded back at him; part of her dreading to go to her room, which was cater-cornered to the computer lab. He’d frequently pop his head in the room to speak with her; make small talk here and there. Even though Ms. Harper’s made it very clear that she was happily dating a boyfriend of 3 years, it didn’t seem to faze him.

“Well, forget these kids, we know who has his eyes on you, Amari.” Maria said snickered.

Ms. Harper ignored Maria’s banter.

“Ms. Harper, oh Ms. Harper you’re so responsible!” Leyla mimicked, walking about the room with the newspaper in her hand.

“And don’t forget, well-minded!” Maria joined in as the two teachers burst out in laughter.

“Stop!” Ms. Harper laughed out as she trying to gain her composure.

Seductive.” Leyla looked in shock. “Can you believe him? I mean… these kids seductive? Yeah right!” She leaned back as she laughed in her seat, hitting Maria’s arm.

“I don’t know now. What if Vegas has a point?”

“Amari, imagine one of these kids has a crush on you like…” she paused to think, “like, Jay Braden for instance, getting fresh with you.”

Ms. Harper turned from her computer. “Of all the students imaginable, you pick him?”

“Oh you mean the junior that follows her around like a puppy?” Maria practically shouted into laughter. “He follows you around, the cute little thing.”

“He’s hopeless!” Maria laughed.

“Let’s be honest Amari, the boy likes you. Maybe even more ole Vegas!” Leyla joked.

Ms. Harper narrowed her eyes at her friends. “Leyla, that’s disturbing.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Could you just picture someone like him coming onto you?” she asked her honestly.

Ms. Harper sighed. “Well, I don’t put anything pass these kids-”

“Oh please, stop standing up for Vegas! Jay Braden? That’s plain innocence there. All the boy wants to do is wash your chalkboard and organize your files. They need more young men like him around here if you ask me.” Leyla looked to Maria for backup.

Maria nodded in agreement. “Have you taken a look at him, Amari, or are you too busy filling his head with knowledge? He’s the smiting image of a human baby Labrador. With his long hair and baby blue eyes. That little thing wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“He means well. He has to be one of the most caring kids in his class.” Ms. Harper thought out loud. “I could never imagine him even yelling at someone. When you put it that way, I guess you’re right.”

“You know I’m right. It’s the teacher’s fault all the way.” Leyla insisted with her hands on her hips.

“Here, here!” Maria rolled her newspaper and smacked it against he table, like a judge’s gavel.

“You win. You win!” Ms. Harper conceded.

“I always do!” Leyla retorted.

The young teachers bantered, filling the room with their laughter before the first warning bell rang and they were off to their separate worlds of academia for the rest of the day.


Ms. Harper sat at her desk with her red pen in hand, making corrections to English papers from her sophomore class. Another day. Another Wednesday. Nothing new.

Time was on her hands since Benjamin Short brushed off tutoring for the third week in a row- something she wasn’t too upset about because she had free time, but still, it disappointed her. She cared so deeply for the well-being of her students. Not to mention she held one of the best reputations as an English teacher. Winning best English teacher in the county last year for the third time in a row. Students lined up just to take her class.

She shook her head as she thought about Ben and decided to contact his parents tomorrow. To give her mind a break, she reached across her desk to snag her favorite honey roasted peanuts. She popped the salty-sweet morsels in her mouth and stopped suddenly to check the time on the clock.


That’s odd. She thought to herself. Jay should be here by now.

Jay Braden was always on time for his tutoring sessions with Ms. Harper. If anything, he was always early – 7 minutes to be exact. Five minutes dedicated to staring at Ms. Harper as she tutor Benjamin and that final two to pretend he wasn’t. He wouldn’t dare miss a moment to be alone with Ms. Harper, which was something he valued so much.

Ms. Harper could always rely on Jay to be paying attention. As she looks out to a sea of bored students, she’d look over at him, to see if he was paying attention. And he always was.

Her eyes flashed back to the clock.


She fidgeted in her chair, tapping her red pen against her wooden desk as worry started to wash over her.

Then the door finally opened, but she couldn’t see anyone there. Only a voice, “Ms. Harper?”

She knew it was him. “Jay, come in. I was getting worried.”

“Actually, I think I’ll have to miss tutoring today.” He spoke from behind the door.

She stood up concerned, “Why not? Come on in, so I can hear you.” She insisted in.

Jay slowly revealed himself as he stepped in the classroom. His long hair that usually trailed down his back hung disheveled covering half of his face. He kept his head down, trying to hide from her.

Ms. Harper frowned in confusion as she stared at her student. There was something different about his clothes, too. She noticed a tear in his t-shirt and a wide rip in the side of his jeans. Her eyes grew large.

“Jay, look at me.”

He pushed his long locks from his face to reveal his bruised and battered face as locking his baby blue eyes on hers.

Among his several cuts Ms. Harper noticed the large red bruise on his right cheek and soon found the scrape on his chin, oozing bright red blood. Whatever he got himself into, it just transpired.

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Crumbs- Percival Graves (Part 1)

Pairings: Percival Graves/OC

Warnings: None, unless you need a warning that Percival will slay your soul with his perfection. 

Request: “SOMEDAY KILLED ME. I’m typing from the grave … to request more Percival, because I can’t deal. Maybe something with 50/102? (I’m weak for danger-dodging kisses.)”

50. In order to avoid a dangerous situation, both characters are forced to stay hidden in a small, enclosed space.

102. “Kiss me, quick!”

A/N: AH what is wrong with me? Why am I such a jabber jaw? I literally can’t write anything short to save my life so consider this the first part of a two part series. Hopefully I’ll have the next one done tomorrow. Once again, I’ve made up some characters and something for the sake of the plot but hope you don’t mind. Eek!

The sound of tiny, flapping wings was incessant. I narrowed my eyes, rolling up the sleeves of my cardigan, because now I meant business. The paper currently fluttering over my head, which had been intricately folded into the shape of a bird, didn’t seem at all phased by this. I had already decided to jinx whoever had thought it was a great idea to send me a memo and then charm it to act like an utter idiot when I tried to coax it down from the ceiling. It had to be a joke. I was sure that when I finally got my hands on the paper and opened it up, there would be a big ‘HA’ written in bold, dark letters. It would take some investigating to figure out just who the culprit what. It was a good thing that was what I did for a living.

“Alright, you stubborn piece of crap.” I muttered, brandishing my wand toward it. “Accio memo!”

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lowat-golden-tower  asked:

Oh thank god you opened asks again I've been near-bursting with one. I know The Host has fully embraced his new title and new self, but does he ever... in a fit of nostalgia, just... wear his old clothes? Do up his hair in the style he used to have, even though it's longer now? He can't see the results in a mirror, but he can "see" them, narrating himself... or would it be too painful? What if one of the other egos, like Dark or Warf or Dr. Iplier, saw him?

(Wrong blog, but oh my god??? This is,,, incredible???)

He isn’t sure where the nostalgia comes from, doesn’t know what impulse has him leaving the library and drifting towards his room. He opens his closet and digs through the neatly organized coats and shirts, narrates until he guides himself to the familiar material of one of his old cotton shirts.

The Host can’t see it, but he knows it’s black and his fingers sink into the soft folds. It’s not the shirt he wore when he was shot but it’s nearly identical, bringing forth a plethora of conflicting emotions. He has a pair of his old jeans in here too, grabs them and sets them both on the bed. The Host debates his next actions, teeth sinking into his bottom lip.

The clothes, simple as they are, bring back barbed memories, reminders of when he was someone else.

He slips off his coat and white shirt, shucks off his gray slacks. The Host slides the black shirt over his head, pulls on the jeans and feels oddly small without the weight of his coat. He wanders into the bathroom and opens the faucet, proceeds to wash the gel out of his hair. It falls in long, wet clumps into the Host’s face, no longer short enough to sustain its former spiky glory, but that’s alright.

The Host narrates through the entire process, feeling like an adult trying to slip into clothing they had fit in as a teenager and found no longer suited them. It almost feels like putting on a skin he’s long since shedded away. So he stands in the bathroom, wet hair in his face and old clothing tingling at his skin when there’s a cough at the door.

He startles, readjusts to take stock of his surroundings again and reads Wilford and Dr. Iplier at the door. He can’t identify the expression Dr. Iplier ia wearing, but the devastation radiating from Wilford does more than fill the silence.

Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo is set up on a blind date.

Distractions are given as clinks of glasses meet the steel tables. Soft murmurs dance around the air while he takes step after step in the direction of his unknown date. His limbs are numb, fingertips quivering from nerves. The count inside his head fades and he starts again with a low hum this time. It does very little to ease his anxiety, if he’s being honest. But he rather likes the tone of his voice as the numbers tumble about in a rhythmic tune.

His date comes into view and Kyungsoo’s mind blanks over. He stops dead in his tracks and turns his head left and right. There’s absolutely no way this man is his date. Not the man clad in gray slacks and a loose black button up, his looks reminiscent of top models in the best magazines. To top it off, his hair is style back, a deep ebony with a glistening shimmer. The dim lighting does wonders to his skin, and he becomes fluorescent of a different kind.

Kyungsoo’s mouth runs dry and he gulps hard. Here goes his third blind date. And thank God Baekhyun actually has good taste in men, contrary to his “top” picks for women.

As Kyungsoo nears the table, he watches the stranger closely. How the man reclines back with a grace that speaks of his confidence. How his eyes also search, looking for his date and isn’t aware of Kyungsoo. The man runs his hands through his hair not once, but twice, and he does so suavely not setting a strand out of place.

He’s dangerous–too good to be true, and too damn perfe–


Kyungsoo chuckles as he watches his date spill his water on his pants. It doesn’t stop there. Next, the man knocks over the station of napkins and condiments. He’s a fumbling mess as he attempts to straighten everything.

The clumsy display tickles Kyungsoo’s insides, and when he finally arrives to the table, his hands reach out just in time to catch the falling salt shaker.

“Whoa,” he says as he catches the falling sodium. “Need some help?” he asks, barely containing his grin.

“O-oh, no. T-thank you, I’m just waiting on someone,”  The man says.

Kyungsoo playfully tosses the salt in the air with one hand and catches it. “Yea, and that would be me. You’re Jongin, right?” At that, the man’s eyes widen and Kyungsoo snickers. “You’re very handsome,” he continues to flirt and it pulls a dusky red on Jongin’s cheeks. Flushed and embarrassed, the man lowers his head. Kyungsoo doesn’t expect that to happen, and he rethinks his entire approach.

This man is utterly adorable. And for that, Kyungsoo’s going to need a whole case of beer instead of just one. Because not only are his looks downright beautiful, his personality even more so. When together, it makes for a deadly combination which Kyungsoo knows he will absolutely fall in love with, no questions asked.

As Memory Fades

Rumplestiltskin/Belle, Mature

Summary: Rumple and Belle and what they were thinking when they were sitting on that couch. From the episode stills for 6x16 Mother’s Little Helper.

Notes: IDEK. This is basically awful and weirdly present tense. Where I thought I was going with it, I didn’t go. I’m sorry.


Belle picks at a bit of lint on her trousers and brushes it away. She got a few strange looks when she showed up at the house in her gray slacks and jacket, and a raised eyebrow from Rumple. But if he can chop off all his hair after three hundred years, she can wear trousers for crying out loud. It does feel a bit weird though.

Rumple sighs as he sits down on the sofa beside her, silence and memories stretching long between them. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, his hands folded. A moment later she mirrors him, watching as he plays with his ring, twisting it back and forth. Her thumb rubs over her own empty finger as she swallows, the weight in her chest making it hard to breathe.

“It feels strange,” she says finally, “being back here again.”

He glances at her sideways and nods. “It’s - different.”

She sighs again. “Very.”

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Fleurentia Head-Canons Pt. II

I am so glad you guys enjoyed those head-canons, because boy, I’m using a lot of them in upcoming fictions and such. Oh, and yes, keep on the lookout for a hysterical AU I will be uploading sometime in the next few days. Seriously, it’s HILARIOUS and ridiculous, and you will like it, because this is possibly the best pairing in the game - along with Promnis and Nyx/Noct, in my opinion.

Anyway, you guys are totally not reading this for my rambling, let’s go.

  • Games:
    • Ignis is very much a fan of strategy games, chess in most cases, and plays with Ravus every once in a while - if he is able to get the man to sit down and remain compliant for a few hours at a time. He does admit that Ravus is actually rather good, and seemingly without even trying, much to his chagrin. He has played through entire sessions with a lot of trouble while his companion often times moves mindlessly and with bored expression. Ignis always wins, but it feels less of a victory with all of the frustration he’s put through.
    • Ravus loves Battleship. There’s something special about pure chance, picking a coordinate and watching Ignis’ pokerface change over time, especially his jaw - pulling taut as he usually ends up grinding his teeth. He also really enjoys the banter that comes with playing a game like Battleship with Ignis, referring to each other as “Admiral Scientia and Fleuret” as they insult the placement of the other’s pieces. Ravus always wins, save for the one time Ignis ran his socked foot up his leg and a jerk of his mechanical limb sent his board flying.
  • Family:
    • Ravus is VERY sensitive when it comes to the subject of his mother, having given her life for his sake, though it is not the guilt that eats him. It is the very fact that he misses her gentleness, the way she ruled with intention to heal, the way she dared not lift a weapon in the midst of war. He very much despises the way he turned out without her in his life, cold and bitter, spiteful - because it was not the way she had raised him. No one is allowed to talk about her in his presence, and even Ignis had sworn to never speak on the subject after a rather nasty spat they had after he’d made a remark of their likeness in a photograph.
    • Ignis is not particularly close with any of his family members. It is not so much that he does not care for their safety, but even his immediate family is of little priority because of his duty as Noctis’ advisor. He knows little to nothing of their interests, but he does not mind it, for he was not groomed to be a citizen that was allowed the warmth of a mother or father - and he is perfectly fine with that. He considers Ravus, the prince, and the crownsguard his family; that is good enough for him. 
  • Domestic Fluff:
    • Ravus will do anything to piss Ignis off on a good day, though it does not often work and usually, he is the one who ends up peeved. He knows exactly what ticks the advisor off, however, Ignis knows the ‘spoiled prince’ game very well and has devised more than a few tactics to turn the situation around on the perpetrator. Unlike Noctis, Ravus has succeeded a few good times, for he is sly and tactful; there is a certain gracefulness to his actions, and it sometimes throws Ignis off.
    • Even on the hottest of nights, Ravus sleeps with a blanket while Ignis resolves to lie atop them on his side or forego them entirely.
    • In addition to this, despite the height he has on Ignis (which satisfies him to no end), Ravus actually enjoys being the little spoon. This changes from time to time, depending on the mood of either party, but for most instances, Ignis is happy to wrap around him. After the loss of his sight, Ignis had taken quite a bit of time to be able to sleep beside Ravus, but after a time - he’d resumed the normal routine and actually found the warmth of the man’s back against his marred face rather nice.
    • Ravus buys himself and Ignis matching pairs of gloves and makes absolute sure that they NEVER wear them on the same day. Astrals Forbid.
    • Ignis really enjoys seeing Ravus dressed in civilian clothes, though it is almost always within their own shared home and never when company happens to be over. His favorite things to see Ravus in are usually sweatpants and baggy t-shirts when he’s lounging, or turtleneck sweaters in a variety of neutral colors. In turn, Ravus loves Ignis in gray slacks and suspenders of any variety.

Okay, so that’s it for these. I think I like the pattern of a couple of themed head-canons, and then a few domestic or NSFW ones following. I have so many, but honestly, I think it’s overwhelming to see a HUGE post and I think some of you might feel this way too. 

I hope you liked them! If you have any themes you want me to write up HCs for (because I most likely have one for anything), drop it in my inbox. I’ll have a lot more of these to come, so be sure to follow if you wish to see them.

You can find Part 1 here.

CripplePunk Advanced commission for @revisionlightning 

[image description: a digital artwork depicting a large, pale-skinned man using a black wheelchair. He is wearing gray slacks and a gray vest over a wisteria purple dress shirt and a gray tie and he has indigo died hair with an undercut and he has thick, black rimmed glasses. He also has his left arm in a black sling. The background is Art Nouveau inspired abstract pale blue-ish gray with a floral wreath of purple indigofera flowers and has flowers that match those on his sling. He gives off confidence and seems at ease.]

Everybody's Got a Dark Side [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: just watched the episode with ‘Dark Side’ and thought of this, enjoy…….i dare you to tell me what character’s would think of me (aka im bored on my day off)


“Just leave it, Y/N.” Sebastian fumes, running one of his pale hands through his slicked back milk chocolate locks. The sound of his black dress shoes on the polished floor echoes off the pristine hallway walls and his striped tie swings back and forth against his crisp white button down. “You said you wanted me to be a better person. I am.” he huffs.

With a deep frown, you follow after him, just barely catching up with his pace. “Sebastian, I said that out of rage and you know it!” you argue, reaching for his hand. He quickly pulls away, glaring at you. “They can’t do that to you! They can’t - It’s not fair! And you aren’t even doing anything about it!” you spit, crossing your arms over your red tank top.

Spinning on his heel, he leans back, arms spread wide. “What do you want me to do, hmm?” he mocks, sucking his pale pink lower lip in. “Beg for my Captain spot back? Hate to break it to you, babe, but I already tried that. I bet you would’ve loved to see that, right? Me, practically on my knees, begging?!” he sneers, rainforest green eyes filled with rage.

When he starts walking towards you, you step back, inhaling. Your eyes rake down his body, lips formed in a pout. Sure, Sebastian is an ass to most people, but he never is to you. “Why are you being like this?! Bas, I’m just trying to help! I love you…” you cry, voice breaking; you swallow harshly as you wrestle back tears.

Sebastian shakes his head, fists at his sides, gripping onto his gray dress slacks; the ones every Dalton boy wears. “Do you?” he whispers, catching you off guard. “Do you love me? Even with my dark side?” he bites, subconsciously quoting lyrics. “‘Cause, babe, like it or not, this is who I am.” he gestures to himself, navy blazer scrunching at his elbows. “I’m an ass, I’m manipulative, I’m -”

“Sebastian, I love you.” you say sternly, fingers wrapping around the bright red piping on his lapels. Those mint green eyes stare down at you, eyelashes covering them. “I’ve seen your dark side.” you muse, cupping his freckled cheek, “I want to help you. Please, don’t run away.” Your thumb brushes underneath his shut eyes, collecting stray tears that fall.

Inhaling a shaky breath, his palm connects with the back of your hand. You two stay in that position until he sniffles, getting ready to talk. “The-they made me give up my…” he licks his upper lip, tasting salty tears. “I wasn’t ‘fit’ to run the Warblers.” he balls, rolling his eyes, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling your body to his. “Promise you’ll stay. I can’t lose you too.” he pleads, nose dipped under your ear.

Running your hands through his hair, you try to sooth him, kissing his neck. “Sebby, never. I will never leave you.” you hum, squeezing him tightly. “I love you, so, so much. Dark side and all.” you promise, leaning back. Sebastian frowns at you, gulping; you dry his cheeks gently. “What do you need, pretty boy?” you murmur softly, sliding your hand up to his hair.

He blushes, blinking while he shakes his head. “Just… come to m-my dorm and baby me.” he sniffles, “I need to be babied right now.”

“Who I Am Inside” Part 9

A/N: I am soo sorry this took so long! I was literally dragging it out. B/S/O to @nothin-after-79​ for helping me proof read it before posting it! Love her so much! Please leave me your feed back and let me know what you think! Please also like and share! Enjoy! :)

I woke up with a start. My palms were sweaty and my knees were shaking. Terror coursing through my entire body as I visualized of what I just saw in my dream. My mother and my baby sister, lying on the floor covered in blood. I’m just standing over them. Tears streaming down my face as I watched my whole world shatter before my eyes. Watching them beg for mercy as the stranger has his go at them. I can’t do anything, as much as I try to, no one sees me. I call out to them as they continue to scream for help as I beg him to take me instead. The way my sister looked at me with her deep blue eyes for the last time is a look I will never forget. It will be a reminder burned into my brain of what I lost. Of what I can never have. To hold her in my arms again. To see her little body lying on the floor, lifeless, covered in blood, and her hand intertwined with my mom’s. It was all too much.

Nevaeh’s last scream ripped through my soul. I screamed out for her, trying to shelter her body from anymore harm. My baby sister, she’s gone. The woman who raised me, the one who I ran to for comfort, the one who I never thought would leave me, is gone. Then my body starts to fade, everything goes blurry, and I’m not there anymore.

“Hey! Hey! Y/n! Wake up! It’s just a dream!” Sam shakes me violently, until my body responds. I gasp for air, as I ran a hand over my sweat covered face. I was shaking like a madwoman, trying to grasp a hold on reality. Once I’m fully aware, I take in my surroundings. Remembering that I’m in my room at the bunker. My eyes meet his and I just break down. My eyes burning with hot tears, and my throat closes up as I try to let out a sob stuck in my throat. Sam consoles me and holds me in his arms for a few minutes. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My breaths coming out harsh and shallow.

Once my breaths even out, I look at Sam. His eyes looked glassy, as if tears were in his eyes. “I’m here, Y/n. Don’t worry, it was just a dream.” Sam kisses my forehead and lays my head on his chest. The soothing beat of his heart helps me relax. I wipe my tear filled eyes and pulled away to look at the clock. 3:45 A.M. My heart plummeted. Realizing, that I probably woke him up.

“Sam, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. You need your sleep, especially with the case tomorrow.” I said, trying not to make eye contact since I felt so guilty. “It’s fine y/n/n. That’s what big brothers are for. Do you want me to stay with you? Would that help you feel better?” I shook my head no. “No, you need your sleep. I’ll be fine. I feel a lot better now. Besides, this is a twin bed and it wouldn’t allow us to stretch out. You go, I’ll be fine. It was just a bad dream” I assured him. Myself probably more than him. He looked at me with a not convinced at all expression.

  “Sam, I’ll be fine. I promise.” I told him, not even believing myself. That didn’t matter though, only as long as he believed it. “Do you want to talk about it?” concern still etched across his face. I shook my head no again. “I don’t even want to think about it honestly. I’m just going to try and go back to sleep and forget about it.” I pulled the covers back over me and Sam got back up, and watched me.

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“Goodnight Sam. Again, I’m sorry for waking you.” He leaned down and gave me a hug. “Anytime, Y/n. If you ever need anyone to talk to we’re always here. Only a room away.” He walked to the door and opened it. Before he shut it, he turned off my light and told me “Goodnight”. I turned on my side and tried to calm myself before I shut my eyes, but every time I closed them, all I saw were their faces covered in blood. I reached out for Nevaeh’s pink blanket on my nightstand and held it close to me. The fabric catching all my tears.

My nightmares are getting worse. Every night I dreamed about them. Occasionally, I dreamed about Sam and Dean biting the bullet for me. It tore me apart from the inside out. I’m so afraid the same thing is going to happen with the boys. If it does, I don’t know what I’ll do. They are already like my family. They are the only people I have left besides Carter and Cas. I promised myself I would try to protect them at all costs. Even if that meant leaving the bunker, if the thing that killed my family progresses on towards us. They were too good of men to die in such a terrible way. I won’t let that happen.

Around seven, I decided to get up. I slept only for an hour total after that God awful nightmare. I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the counter. My gaze is set dead ahead, as my mind wonders off. I try to focus on the case that Sam, Dean, and I are going on today. Cas took Carter with him, so the bunker would be empty while we are gone. I was so lost in my trance, I didn’t hear Sam sneak up behind me. He tapped my shoulder and I jumped, almost choking on the spoonful of cereal I just shoved into my mouth.

“You men and scaring people! I swear! Can’t you give a woman a break!” I half yelled. Sam put his hands up, meaning he means no harm. A smirk lingered on his face. “I just wanted to ask you if you got anymore sleep last night after that? I didn’t meant to startle you. It looks like you’re a bit on edge this morning. Do you still want to go on the case?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I slept like a baby. I’m just a little irritable today. Of course I want to go on the case.” I said, as I took a sip of coffee. Sam dropped the subject. He must of known I wasn’t going to say anything else about it, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop worrying.

“Ok, so this case we are going on involves 3 guys who mysteriously died by drowning. Which I happened to find out that all three of them have something in common. They were all married and had kids. The drive is about 2 hours from here so it’s not to far. Dean said he would be back after filling up the impala. Then we will leave. I also got you your fake FBI badge” He handed it to me, and I took it.

“Scarlett Underwood.” Hmm. “Let me guess, Carrie Underwood and Scarlett Johansson.” I raised my eyebrow, and waited for his response. “Hey, at least It’s not Agent Beyonce!” We both laughed, I remembered the boys telling me all about the celebrity names Cas uses. It always ended up being a female pop singer.

  “Thank you, Sam. I’m going to go get ready. Be back here soon.” I walked to my room and grabbed my makeup bag. I went to the bathroom and put some on and straightened my hair. 30 minutes later, I went back to my room. I looked in my closet at all the professional outfits I had. I refused to wear heels just in case something happens to where I have to run. Plus, I can’t stand being in them for too long because my feet really hurt. I decided to wear some dark gray slacks, a dressy black tank top with ruffles at the front, and a dark gray blazer to match the pants. I picked a comfy pair of black dress shoes and grabbed my black handbag, then I headed towards the kitchen.

  As I entered, I heard Dean whistle. I looked over at him and smiled as he acted like he was checking me out. He took his coffee and then said “You sure do look purrty!” in a southern accent. I giggled and thanked him as he handed me a drink. “So you ready kiddo? It’s the big day? You nervous?” I took a sip of the coffee he handed me and replied back. “Pretending to be an FBI agent and hoping a whole bunch of cops don’t arrest me, this isn’t nerve racking at all!” I said sarcastically, while Dean chuckled.

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“Just take it easy, once you do it enough it will become natural to you. Besides, you got it down pat.” He gave me an encouraging smile, and patted me on the back. “You guys ready to go?” Sam asked, carrying his bag to the garage. We both nodded and followed along. I sat in the back seat and rehearsed my lines in my head.

When we got to the house of the first dead husband, Sam and Dean gave me one last pep talk before we went in. I had my lines down pat and I felt confident. I shut the door to the impala and started follow Sam across the street. I looked both ways before I crossed. I saw a tall figure in the distance looking at me. He had messy black hair and a scruffy looking beard. He looked like he was in his early 50’s at best. I didn’t realize how long I was staring at him until Sam called my name and made a hand motion for me to follow.

The shadowed figure smirked at me before I turned to catch up with the boys. Once I was at the door, Dean asked me what I was looking at. I turned and pointed to the man I had saw, but he was gone. Sam gave me a concerned look. I just shook my head and told them it must of been all the coffee I had this morning.

I watched Sam and Dean go to work on Interrogating the woman. I stayed back and observed, wanting to watch them in action before I stepped in. I walked around the victorian styled home to study the pictures hanging on the wall by the staircase and saw all their memories. They had a little girl who was no older 7. She reminded me of Nevaeh with her beautiful, long hair. It almost brought tears to my eyes until I heard Dean call out for me.

“Agent Underwood, is there any more questions you would like to ask?” Dean asked, giving me a look. “Mrs. Hathaway, did you notice anything out of the ordinary about your husband up to the day of his death?” I asked, sympathetically.

“What do you mean out of the ordinary?” She questioned.

“Like, was he acting different towards you? Was his behavior the same? Did his relationship change any with his daughter? Also, do you know if he had any enemies?”

“Heavens, no! George wouldn’t hurt a fly! I wouldn’t know who would want him dead. Everyone loved him!” tears started falling down her cheeks, and she looked at the window.

“He did complain of being cold a lot, and he was jumpy his last few days. I just thought it was because of the job interview he was going on. So, I just blew it off. That was probably so stupid of me.” She revealed, as she let out a sniffle.

“Thank you for your time, Mrs. Hathaway. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.” She gave me a hug before she led us to the door. “Hmm, cold spots and jumpy behavior before he died. Sounds like we got a vengeful ghost here.” Dean said, as we walked back to the car.
“That’s what it appears to be, but now we just got to find out who and why before it kills anymore people. What do you think, Y/n/n?” Sam inquired, as both boys focused on you.

You were looking at an old journal you found on the floor in the backseat. It appeared to be worn down and the binding just looked awful. You opened it gently and your eyes roamed over the pages as they stopped at the name “John Winchester”.

“That’s dad’s hunting journal. He used to take that thing everywhere. You can look at it, if you want. It talks about almost every hunt he’s been on. It was very useful to Sam and I when we started hunting together by ourselves.” Dean smiled.

I thanked him and continued to look through it. Seeing all what was in it. After I passed the part about wendigo’s, a picture fell out. It was Sam, Dean, and John. They were all younger and the boys looked like they were in high school. John was smiling in the picture, but his smile didn’t meet his eyes. Dean looked liked he won the lottery in this and Sam just looked like he was upset.

“Did you guys ever get along with Dad?” my eyes averted from the picture to the back of their heads. Waiting for their responses. They both paused and thought for a moment. Dean opened and closed his mouth a few times. Trying to come up with a response. Sam beat him to the punch.

“Not really. He was just so absorbed in finding the yellow eyed demon that killed our mom, that he never made time for us. Sure, he dragged us along almost to everywhere he went, but he was more like a drill sergeant than a dad. Dad and I never really saw eye to eye since are both very stubborn.” Sam said, still looking straight ahead.

“Bobby was more like a dad to us than anyone. You would of loved him. A great hunter, awesome guy, and he knew just about everything with the lore. He was there for us a lot. I don’t know what we would of done without him.” Dean gives a sad smile. I could tell he missed him a lot.

Time flew after we went to the morgue and interviewed the other families. Sam and Dean were certain it was a ghost seeking vengeance. After I pulled an all nighter for research, we had a suspect. His name was Zachary Turk. He died 14 years ago when 4 teenage boys decided to go out for a drive after hitting a kegger. They accidently ran his car into a river and he drowned. The guys involved in the accident never told a soul about it, and promised to never speak of it again. Zach had an 8 year old girl at the time and a loving wife. I could see how he wanted to show the men the pain of being ripped away from their loved ones. All of the victims deaths dealt with water.

We saved the last guy on the hit list before he drowned. It involved me jumping in after him while Sam and Dean went and burned a painting of the guy. As I got the guy to the dock and helped him out, I felt myself being dragged under. I kicked myself out the spirits grip, but he was almost to strong for me. I fought my hardest, trying to get away, but it seemed like nothing was working. When I thought my lungs would give out from lack of oxygen, I saw the same figure as I did earlier near Mrs. Hathaway’s house. He helped me get out of it’s gripped and I finally reached the surface. I gasped for air and looked around.

“Y/N! Y/N Winchester! Where are you!” I heard Dean yelling frantically.

“Dean! Sam! I’m over here!” I bellowed. Dean caught my eye and jumped in after me, he swam towards me and pulled me in his arms. Holding me tightly, we swam back to the deck. Sam was waiting for us there and helped pull us up.

“You ok, Y/n?” Dean asked out of breath

“I’m fine, thank you for jumping in. It got ahold of my ankle and I think I sprained it. Did you get the remains?” I asked, as Sam helped me up.

“It’s over. You did great, kiddo! Your first case was a success.” He flashed me a big smile. I smiled back at him as he helped me in the backseat of the car.

“We will be right back. Dean and I just have to talk to this guy than we can head back to the motel. You get first dibs on shower, since you earned it.” he shut the door and walked back over to Dean.

I laid my head back on the headrest. Thanking God that everything turned out to be a success. My mind still wandered off to the stranger who helped me today, wondering who it was. Then I remembered something. I reached down and grabbed my father’s journal and looked at the picture. How could it be?

“So you figured it out, huh?” John smiled, as he was sitting next to me in the backseat. I was shocked to see my father sitting here beside. I was speechless.

“How? H- What?” I mumbled, trying to put the pieces together.

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“I needed to tell you that I’m proud of you. For sticking it out with your brothers, and for not giving up when times got hard for you. I know I was not a good father, but I hope that won’t hurt yours and your brothers relationship. I love you, Y/n. I’m so sorry, for everything.” before I knew it, he was gone in a blink of an eye. I snapped back into reality as Sam and Dean got back into the car.

“So are you ready for a celebration with burgers and Netflix back at the motel?” Dean smiled as he buckled. I nodded, looking down at the picture in my hand of my father. Letting some of the anger go that I had towards him, as I lost myself in thought on the drive back.

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