Plot: Lucy just wants to show some appreciation towards Natsu.


The blonde celestial mage who had been immersed in deep thoughts spun around from her seat. Juvia stood behind her, hands held together tightly as she look at her supposed love rival hopefully.

“Please help Juvia!”

Lucy blinked several times before fully processing that Juvia was asking for her help. With a warm smile, the blonde patted the seat beside her as she gestured for the water mage to sit with her.

“Is something wrong, Juvia?”

The water mage let out a long sigh as she placed her hands on her lap. “Well, you see, it’s Juvia and Gray-sama’s 879th anniversary-”

“You’re still at that?!” Lucy sweatdropped, recalling how Juvia had once seeked the help of herself and the other Fairy Tail mages on her 413th anniversary.

“Juvia treasures every day she has with Gray-sama!” The blue-haired girl protested, pouting. Lucy could only laugh nervously while Juvia continued. “Juvia believes that she has run out of ideas as to what to do for Gray-sama today.”

Lucy pondered for a moment and tap her chin thoughtfully before simply suggesting, “Nee, I think that it would be the best if you just hang out with Gray and do whatever he wants. It’s simple, but I’m sure Gray would enjoy some company from you.”

Juvia’s eyes brightened as she gazed hopefully at Lucy. “Really?”

Lucy nodded, pleased at how Juvia seemed so happy. “Gray may not show it, but he really cares for you. I’m sure there would be nothing more he’d love than for you to be by his side and enjoy some time with him!”

“Juvia is thankful! Thank you, Lucy-san!” The blue-haired girl got up from her seat cheerily and was just about to skip away happily to find the ice mage when Lucy reached out to grab her wrist.

“Juvia, there’s something I’d actually like to ask you, though.”

The water mage gasped, before waving her hand dismissively at Lucy. “Juvia only has feelings for Gray-sama.”

Lucy sweatdropped as she shook her head, not wanting to wonder what fertile imagination Juvia had pictured in her mind. “I just wanted to ask why you are always so keen on celebrating every day with Gray.”

Juvia looked at Lucy with a straight face, causing Lucy to stutter and quickly add, “Well, I mean that there’s nothing wrong with it, and I do admire you for the effort that you put in. I was just wondering… What for?”

“Juvia has always thought that Lucy-san was smart.”

“I’ll take no offense to that.” Though, the blonde was laughing nervously and clenching her fist behind her back.

“Gray-sama has always saved Juvia. Juvia may not be able to always save Gray-sama but she can do little things like these to show Gray-sama that she is thankful.”

Lucy blinked as she realised how true Juvia’s words were.

“Lucy-san should perhaps show some gratitude towards Natsu-san too. Juvia thinks that it would make Natsu-san very happy,” Juvia clapped her hands in delight.

“N-Natsu? Why Natsu?! That’s really… Really…” The blonde couldn’t find any words to cover up.

“Juvia thinks that Natsu-san and Lucy-san make a great couple!” Juvia cheered, before softly adding with a sly smile as she turned her back to Lucy. “That way Juvia will have one less love rival!”

“I can hear you, you know…” Lucy sweatdropped.

Juvia took no notice of Lucy’s words, bowing 90 degrees to Lucy before waving at her briefly. “Thank you for today, Lucy-san!”

Lucy smiled brightly back at the water mage, feeling a sense of pride well up within her for some reason. She turned back to the counter to see Mirajane making some drinks, and leaned her cheek to her right palm as she sighed.

“For Natsu, huh?” Lucy mumbled to herself. “What can I do for him though?”

“Ohayou, Lucy!”

Lucy spun to see Happy walking towards her on the counter, and beamed.

“Nee, Happy, what do you think is a good present for Natsu?”

The blue cat who had just sat down on the counter and was preparing to take out his fish suddenly stopped, turning to look at Lucy with a sly smile.

“You llllllllike him.”

“Stop rolling your tongue, you stupid cat!” Lucy yelled back, a hint of blush splashed across her cheeks.

Happy simply gave a prideful smile, before starting to munch on his favourite food.

“So… What do you think it’s good?”

“I would like fish!”

“I’m not asking you what you want!” Lucy yelled again as she rubbed her sore temple. The blonde suddenly blinked as an idea sparked in her mind, before hurriedly getting up from her seat.

“Thanks, Happy!” The celestial mage had wasted no time and was already heading out of the guild.

“Aye, no problem!” Happy, who had been oblivious to the entire event, continued to eat happily.

Lucy was quick to getting back to her house as she smiled in delight to herself. Food, of course, would have been the best present for Natsu. Lucy recalled how Natsu had repeatedly mentioned wanting to get food as present back then when Juvia had asked him for his opinion.

Once in her house, Lucy breezed through her bookshelf as she searched for a cookbook.

“Let’s see… There we go! Flaming Chicken!” The blonde beamed in delight, hugging the book to her chest before punching her fist in the air. “Yoshi! Let’s do this!”

Two hours passed and Lucy had come up with nothing presentable nor edible.

And who could blame her? Though she was a well-read mage, she had servants for sixteen years in her life to cook for her. Lucy knew zilch about cooking prior to this day itself.

Still, the blonde mage was not giving up. She’d burned her fingers several times, ran out to buy several chickens after ruining each one, poured hot sauce all over her kitchen and made an entire mess of the counter, but for the sake of Natsu, Lucy knew nothing about giving up. Perhaps it was that the fire dragon slayer’s stubborness had rubbed off of her after their years of being together.

The late afternoon soon sinked in and Lucy found herself dozing off as she added the sauce to the chicken. The blonde groaned as she realised that the sauce was not added evenly, and she had ruined the appearance of the meal.

She would have to redo again…

Was what she thought but the idea of a short nap appeared much more appealing at the moment. Lucy murmured a few sleepy words as sleep clouded her thoughts and she rested her head and hands on the counter of the kitchen.

The celestial mage had been so deep in sleep that she did not realise that the door of her house was clicking open.

“Yo, Lu-” A loud voice rang through the house and briefly stopped.

Natsu blinked for a moment when he saw the celestial mage lying down on the counter, fast asleep. The fire mage grinned sneakily, before putting down his pack and pulling out a marker.

“Nin nin!” Natsu snickered as he pulled up his muffler to his nose. The dragon slayer began to gradually tip-toe his way to the dozing celestial mage.

And just as Natsu was about to open the cap of his marker, a note on the refridgerator beside him caught his eye.

“Mission: Thank Natsu!

Steps for Making the Best Present for Natsu:

1) Make the dish with lots of feelings! Think about the many things that Natsu has done for you as you make the dish and pour all your feelings into it!

2) Package it nicely and remember to add a note on top!

3) Remember to sincerely say a word of “Thank You!” to Natsu too!

Ganbatte, Lucy! \o/“

Natsu chuckled as he read the note, slowly pulling down his muffler. The dragon slayer turned to Lucy again, before catching sight of the dish beside her - a messy plate of food with sauce all over the plate with garnish poorly laid out on.

The dragon slayer who had always used his hands to eat figured that he wanted to take his time to savor the dish, and for the first time in his life, took out a fork from Lucy’s drawer and began to carefully slice the meat and put it into his mouth.

Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Natsu sweatdropped at how the chicken was not even cooked enough. Yet, something about the dish made his stomach fill up with a flurry of butterflies.

It has to be the chicken, Natsu thought to himself seriously, before looking around to see what a mess Lucy had made of the kitchen.

Natsu couldn’t help but grin, before turning to Lucy and sliding an arm around her waist and another below her knees. Lifting Lucy to his chest in a bridal-style embrace, the dragon slayer carried her to her bed and tucked her in, pulling the blanket right up to her chin as he knew the celestial mage liked. He then bent down beside her, tucking a stray lock of golden hair behind her ear and holding a breath as he realised how breathtaking his partner looked.

Natsu couldn’t hold back his smile, and gently patted Lucy’s head and ruffled her hair gently with his thumb.

"Thank you too, Luce.”

canon-verse bc i can

“What in the hell are you watching?”

“Juvia is watching The Bachelorette! Does Gray-sama want to watch with her?” Juvia asked excitedly, clapping her hands together.

“The Bachelorette? What the hell kinda girly shit is that? And why are you watching it on my TV?” Gray asked, annoyed as he kidnapped the remote from Juvia’s lap.

Juvia pouted. “Juvia wanted to stay at Gray-sama’s house.”

“Of course you did.” Gray sighed, giving up before he had even begun. “What’s this kooky show about, anyways?”

“It’s where there are thirty men who become love rivals and try to win the Bachelorette’s heart, but she can only choose one…” Juvia mumbled listlessly, admiring the scenery of the show.

“That sounds dumb.” Gray deadpanned. A face showed up on the screen and began speaking. “…who’s that?”

“That’s Keith. He says he loves Ashley, but Juvia thinks he’s only in it for the show.” Juvia explained.

“…Oh.” Gray studied the speakers face for a moment, a beachy-blond guy who looked like a male version of Britney Spears. “Who’s that guy?”

Juvia’s face brightened. “That’s Mark, Juvia thinks he and Ashley would be a good match.”

Gray nodded in understanding. “Who’s Ashley?”

“She’s the Bachelorette.” Juvia said. She tucked her long legs up to her chest and patted the seat next to her.

He looked at her skeptically. This was obviously a trap, one of the fakest, most girly shows n television and she was inviting him to watch with her.

“…Nobody needs to know.” She added for fuel.

He sighed. To hell with it.

Juvia squealed when he sat down next to her and practically jumped on top of him.

“So, what’s going on?” He asked her. He wanted her to keep talking because she was beginning to drip and he knew from personal experience if he let that go on for too long she’d be a puddle in no time.

“They just got to Thailand, and they’re going to have a group date soon.”

“A group date? With only one chick? That’s gonna be one wicked orgy-“

“Gray-sama! It’s not an orgy – they just compete for Ashley’s love.” Juvia explained tenderly.

“Hm. Sounds like a horrible idea.”

“It is – but it makes for extra drama.” Juvia inputted. At this point, her head was laying on his chest and she was practically trying to snuggle him to death. One of these days, she’d probably succeed.

“What’s that guy doing?”

“He’s getting one-on-one time so he can get a rose.”

“The hell would he want a rose?”

“If you get a rose, you get to stay on the show. Like immunity. It means Ashley loves you.” Juvia said dreamily.

After a few minutes of one guy telling Ashley his heart wrenching sob story about how his wife and kid died in a plane accident and he tried to give them CPR but they both died in his arms, followed by a vicious make out session between the said guy and Ashley, Gray was confused again.

“Wait a second – she’s macking on all these guys at the same time?” He asked, awed as she made out with a completely different guy on the beach.

“Yes. But she can only chose one in the end.” Juvia said.

“Well what the hell kinda deal is that? She just makes out with someone and then quits? Who would want to be on this show?” Gray asked, completely stricken by the audacity of the idea.

“Publicity, or to find love.” Juvia said wistfully. “Would Gray-sama go on the show if Juvia was the Bachelorette?”

Hell no-“

Juvia froze, a pout wobbling at the edge of her lips.

“-I don’t want to watch other guys make out with you while I’m trying to win you, that’s fucked up!”

Juvia grinned, frown fading completely. “Gray-sama doesn’t like love rivals for Juvia!”

“Well, I mean, no, not if I’m trying to win you-“

Juvia made a screeching pterodactyl sound and buried her face in his neck.

“Guh. You know what? Nevermind.” He mumbled, letting her scream happily and cuddle up against him. He was too bored to fight her on this one.

“Now why’s she crying?” Gray asked, The Bachelorette sobbing onscreen for some reason.

“Oh! Because she found out that Reid has a girlfriend.” Juvia momentarily stopped wiggling to focus on the TV.

“Is Reid the fugly one with the muscle tee?”


“Oh. Why is she crying then? She should be celebrating. Never thought it was possible for an idiot like that to have a girlfriend.”

“Gray-sama! She’s upset because he cheated on her!”

“Well, if you think about it, wasn’t she cheating on him, too? With…Mark? And Frank? Or something?”

“Not…really. Sort of. Stop ruining Juvia’s show!”

“Fine. Whatever.” He agreed. He leaned his head back on the couch, relaxing his limbs as Juvia clambered onto him, mumbling something about love rivals and roses.

“Gray-sama, are you asleep?” She asked after a few minute’s silence.

Gray said nothing. He was very much awake, but was curious to see what she would do.

“Hmm…” she hummed, and her body relaxed into his.

In a slip of mind, he dropped his limp hand over her waist and kept it there.

Unfortunately, that was a horrible idea because a mere five seconds after he touched her there, her waist turned into water and his couch was all wet.

The cast reacts to Fanfictions.

(As requested by PalaDude234)

It is a very traumatizing day for the FT Characters, it seems that they’ve stumbled across all of our fan stories… Those poor innocent characters…



Gray: Well at least I now know to avoid ‘lemons.’

Juvia: So many people pair Juvia with Gray-sama… our love is supported! Juvia will have her handsome prince one day soon!

Lyon: You aren’t the only one who gets paired with him you know, there’s quite a lot of these stories with me paired with him.

Juvia: There’s more with Juvia!

Lyon: For now…

Juvia: Love rival!!

Erza: They’re not all as bad as those ones you’ve read Gray, look this one is described as fluffy and it’s really cute!

Gray: But I’m still shipped with Natsu in it.

Natsu: Well it’s not like I want to be paired with you either Ice Block!

Mirajane: I think they’re all really good, some are cute and some are smutty. I think the ones where Freed and Laxus are a couple are especially great.

Freed: People pair up me and Laxus…?



Laxus: Whenever there is a fic for me and Gray it’s purely porn, that’s a little disheartening… Though I suppose we would be incredibly hot together…

Gray: …Please stop considering that.

Lucy: I see a lot of people ship me with Natsu… [blush] I don’t know how to feel about that!

Lucy: They also seem to ship me with Gray a lot too… R-really I’m only friends with both of them!

Loke: And what about me? They pair you with me too princess!

Lucy: And also Gray! It means nothing.

Makarov: Well it seems just like a bit of harmless fun, let them ship whatever they want to ship.

Gray: But I have a pairing with nearly everyone!

Makarov: Well you are incredibly attractive and you show it off with that habit of yours.


Gray: Fuck my life!

Sting: There’s a lot of me being paired with that Fairy Tail Celestial Wizard and Yukino. Do I even know the first girl?

Rogue: Just let them do what they want Sting and… Is that me being paired with you?

Sting: Yeah and… OH GOD what are we doing?!?!


Sting: …Want to go and try some of this?

Rogue: Yes!

Jellal: There are stories about me and Erza together and doing things, like an actual couple. Why would they do that? I have already said I have a fiancée.

Meredy: Yeah… No-one believes that.

Jellal: asdfghjkl

Gajeel: WHY?! Why would people ship me with the Salamander?! All I want is to beat his face in!

Levy: To be fair, it could just be seen as one big orgy and everyone is shipped with everyone?

Gajeel: Where did that come from Shorty?

Levy: …I… don’t know.

Jet: Why are there so many communities for this ‘Gajevy?’

Droy: What is it?

Jet: Gajeel x Levy…

Droy: WHAT?! But why, if anybody we should be shipped with Levy, we actually care about her!

Pantherlily: She already rejected both of you. And anyway, I’m afraid you weren’t at the council with them, so you missed a big opportunity to try and change that.

Juvia: Juvia thought they were flirting…

Jet & Droy: NO LEVY WHY?!


Gajeel: Hey…

Levy: What is it?

Gajeel: Just so you know I’m not the relationship type!

Levy: Nobody was asking you anyway!

Juvia: Is this a different way of flirting…?

Coloured this bad boy in!
Loved this chapter! Was quite disappointed with the follow up chater though!
I just want to know if they are actually farther and son! I’ve been dying to know for months TT^TT


Juvia has news that Gray might want to hear.


Juvia and Gray were both conflicted. Everyone at the guild hall noticed as soon as they stepped into the guild hall. They had been dating for around three or four years, and when they agreed on having a relationship, Juvia moved in with him. But now, as everyone could plainly see, something was wrong. Juvia threw the guild doors open with a bang and rushed into the room in a frenzy. Her face was flushed and her eyes were flooding over with tears. Gray followed her, looking helpless. He kept trying to see what was wrong with her, to help her in any way, but no opportunity was given.

Juvia needed her friends more than ever at the moment. She needed to just sit someone besides Gray down and just make them listen to everything she had to say. So she walked right up to her go-to friends (Lucy, Levy, and Erza), wiped her eyes, and said;

“I need help.”

Erza had taken the party of girls to her spare room at Fairy Hills, where none of the boys could follow. After she and Jellal had gotten together, they bought an apartment in the same building as Grays. Now they were married and had two kids, Simon and Belle, who were currently with their father back at home. The redhead wished to be with them, but Juvia had never been this upset in public before, and everyone felt the need to comfort her; not only to help their friend, but to cease the horrific storm that the woman was causing.

“Juvia, what is it?” Lucy asked as soon as the door was clicked shut. Juvia tried very hard to calm her breathing to answer her.

“Juvi-Juvia wishes to leave this place,” She gasped, burying her hands in her hair and pacing around the room. Levy’s eyes widened.

“Leave? What do you mean leave?”

“Juvia does not want to burden Gray Sama anymore,” Juvia sobbed, starting to hyperventilate. Lucy pulled her down so that she was sitting down and wasn’t at risk of falling over.

“You aren’t burdening him, Juvia. Gray has never been this happy before in his life.” The blonde reassured her. “What brought this on?”

“Juvi-ia and Gray Sama a-aren’t married,” She whispered through her tears, “Not even engaged.”

Erza narrowed her eyebrows, starting to question the entire course of the conversation.

“Why does that matter, Juvia?” She asked. Juvia sniffled and looked up at her, ashamed.

“Erza and Jellal are married with two kids. Lucy and Natsu are married with one kid. Gajeel and Levy are engaged with no kids.” She stated. Lucy nodded, thinking about her son, Igi.

Juvia pulled her knees to her chest and continued to cry.

“Juvia is shameful,”

“Why is that, Juvia? What is so bad that you can’t even tell Gray?”

The rain woman did not look up to meet any of their gazes.

“Because Juvia is pregnant. With a child that Gray Sama doesn’t want.”

This statement was followed with a predictable silence that no one except Erza felt the need to break.

“HE TOLD YOU HE DIDN’T WANT THE CHILD?!” She screamed, standing up. Juvia shook her head frantically, defending her lover.

“Gray Sama doesn’t know yet,” She corrected herself, “but Juvia knows he will leave her. Gray Sama doesn’t want kids.”

Lucy, unexpectedly, started laughing.

“Oh, Juvia,” She cackled, her body shaking, “You think that after all of this, after all you and he have been through, that a baby will ruin it? Gray will love you no matter what.”

Levy smiled and nodded in agreement.

“And by giving him a child, no matter what he thinks he feels about them, he will love you even more, if that’s possible.”

Juvia finally stopped crying and gazed at the snowflake bracelet Gray had given her for their anniversary.


Juvia and the other girls had went back to the hall immediately after their conversation and each went to find their significant other. That meant Erza calling Jellal through a lacrima and ordering him to bring her her children.

Juvia walked up behind Gray, gathering all of her strength. He was busy talking to Gajeel and Natsu, and only stopped when he noticed the girl.

“Juvia!” He whipped around and pulled her into a one sided embrace. “I want you to tell me what’s wrong. You haven’t been yourself and you won’t let me listen.”

Juvia rested her head in the crook of his neck and nodded.

“Okay. But not here.”

The two went outside the guild hall, to a small pond hidden from sight.

“Juvia loves Gray Sama with all of her heart,” She looked into his eyes. “And that is why she must tell him something.”

Gray became frightened of what she was going to say next. Was she leaving him? Was he not good enough?

“Juvia is afraid.” She admitted. Gray bit his lip.

“Me too.” He whispered. Juvia looked up at him through thick lashes and gulped, taking one last shaky breath before…

“Juvia is with child.”





Gray was going to faint. He was going to faint and hit his head and die. A father?! He was going to be a father?!

“Juvia is so sorry,” She started so tear up and back away from him, regretting her decision to tell him.

Gray had never felt this way before.

He was scared.

No, more than scared. He was terrified.

How could he take care of a child when his childhood was as screwed up as he was?

He felt the need to turn around, and run away. To run away from the woman he loved, and the future he never thought he deserved.

But when he looked down at her face, her beautiful face that he loved with all of his heart, he realized that he could never do that to her. So he took a different approach.

“Juvia,” He breathed, “Stop,”

She blinked.

“My parents raised a disaster. Ur trained a disaster. I am a disaster, and I’m afraid. I’m afraid of not giving our child its best chance. I’m afraid of losing you.” He raised her face up so she was looking at him with big blue eyes. “But there is one thing I will never do. I will never stop loving you.”

“So Gray Sama is—“

“I am the happiest man alive. You’ve made me the happiest man alive!” He laughed and kissed her, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. Juvia sighed with relief and kissed him harder.

“Hey, Juvia….”

“Yes Gray Sama?”

“Do you want to get married sometime?”


Gruvia Love Fest Day 2: Legs

Juvia is laying on her bed reading up about Gray in Sorcerer Weekly.
In her lovely PJ Shorts, when Gray walks in and see’s her lovely long legs, that we all know he loves! 

I will colour this at a later date! but I cba to atm aha! sorry ^^;

Anyway, I hope you like this XD <3