ola marilene?                                                             

like se vcs usarem algum icon pfv, é importante q vcs deem like p eu saber se vcs tao pegando meus icons e continuar fazendo vlwww

Juvia poses for Model Agency

Gray: You going to make sure she looks good in your magazine right?

Jacob: Yes! She is going to look super cooooool!

Gray: Take a picture of me too.

Jacob: Huh? Why Mr. Fullbuster?

Gray: So the perverts who think they can come up to my girl and have a     chance with her, would know what is waiting for them.

Jacob: Protective boyfriend? COOOOOOL That would work for the magazine. Hold still *takes a photo* We are going to make it look extra stylish too!

Original art from “Hiro Mashima” himself.