END: Gray the Ice Devil Slayer! You can’t escape this time!
Gray: Natsu, stop it! I don’t want to fight with you!
END: You’re so naive. That will be your downfall. I’m not the same weakling anymore. I’ve got new powers!
Gray: No way! No! You don’t know how dangerous it is!
END: Shut up! I’ll defeat you! Let’s do it! I’ll show you what true power is!
Gray: No! That’s not power! I must prove you’re wrong again, Natsu!

Gajevy :Beauty and the beast AU🌹

Levy Mcgarden - Belle🌹

Gajeel Redfox - Beast/ the prince 🐻

Natsu Dragneel - Lumiere 🕯

Gray Fullbuster - Cogsworth 🕐

Erza Scarlet - Mrs Potts 👵🏼

Wendy Marvell - Chip ☕️

Lucy Heartfilia - Featherduster⚜️

Makarov Dreyar - Maurice 👴🏼

Laxus Dreyar - Gaston 💪🏽

Freed Justine - Lefou 🏹

Mirajane Strauss - Enchantress ✨

No problem with defending Gray! I really like his character and I could see how the darkness was affecting his mind. It’s unfortunate to judge an entire character based on one event during the series, but everyone had their rights to dislike or like whoever they want. 

I started like Gray since the Galuna arc, and I’ve continued liking him throughout the series. I doubt anything he does could make me not like him though since I’ve seen how far he’s come throughout everything. 

And I respect your right to dislike Natsu even if he’s my favorite character. That doesn’t make you any less of a fan of fairy tail and it doesn’t make me any more of a fan of fairy tail. :)

Thank you for your asks! I hope you have a great day/night!! :)

Natsu/END vs Gray - Alternate Version?

Natsu: Gray, today we finish this!
Gray: Hey Natsu, why must I fight you? We’re not enemies!
Natsu: Shut up! (throws his flaming fist at Gray)
(Gray dodges the flaming punch and throws icicles that knocks Natsu/END back into the side of the building.)
Juvia: (from nowhere) Gray-sama!
Gray: Juvia!
Juvia: Gray-sama, hurry! You must come with Juvia!
Natsu: You can’t leave yet! (prepares to wake up and tries to attack again, but the icicles prevent his body to do so)
Gray: Natsu, we’ll have to end this some other time.
Natsu: No! (finally breaks the icicle free) Don’t run away, coward. You’ll pay for this insult. I’ll be back.


Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!