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Chapter 504 Thoughts

Thanks to yonkouproductions for the early chapter!

Everyone already said it, but I’m saying it again because I can. Why do Gray and Natsu not know to check for a pulse?!!! Why is their first reaction, “waifu is dead!!! Must RAGE!!!!” I’m fine with the rage, but dude, if your waifu’s life really was hanging in the balance, and you just decided she’s dead, when she’s actually not, she just needed some medical attention ASAP, but you run off, leaving her for a lost cause instead, then she really would be dead, puppy! (sorry for the run-on sentence ^^’)

Putting that thought aside, because, let’s face it, Mashima was just simply trying to get across that, Gray and Natsu really love their waifus, to the point of bad choices/insanity, and so they could attack each other, because Gray VS Natsu!!!! 

It seems like I’m making fun of the chapter, when in reality I loved, loved, loved it lmao!

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this. Obviously I’m a huge Gruvia shipper, but I also LOVE Nalu. It’s my second fav ship, and it also used to be my OTP back in the Tenroujima arc. So, to see that Natsu’s E.N.D. transformation was actually triggered by the fact that he thinks Lucy is DEAD? Is all kinds of wonderful. 

Gray mentioned Juvia AGAIN. Her death was the final straw. If she hadn’t “died” he would not be in this kind of anguish, nor in the mindset to attack Natsu, END or no END. Juvia was his future. She was his happiness. She was his strength and his emotional rock. She was the one making all the other losses easier to bear. And now, all that has been torn from him because she’s gone (or so he thinks). And she’s “gone,” because demons like Natsu exist. That’s his reasoning. That’s why he’s doing this.

 If not for END and Zeref, Gray would not have suffered so much in his life. He would not have lost so much. Natsu, his best friend, being just another tool of Zeref, is it for Gray. That revelation, on top of just having lost Juvia to more Zeref machinations, is where Gray draws the line. And thus he is throwing everything into the ring, because he has nothing else to lose. 

And that’s where this break comes from IMO. Because another wonderful thing happened. We saw Juvia, she wants to get to Gray. And IMO, she wants to get to Gray, because the “break” that she mentioned, is reference to Gray’s wound, which we see gush open in the next few panels after she says this. 

Juvia’s magic is flowing inside Gray. She made that blood. She sealed that wound. She knows he’s pushing himself beyond the limit, and that his life is probably hanging in the balance again, because she can feel it. That’s what I think. Juvia always had a sixth sense when it came to Gray. In this case, it goes beyond that. 

The title of the chapter can also be translated as “gash.” Gray’s gash has literally split open, and Juvia’s magic blood is being lost. And he is going full devil slayer mode on Natsu, and he probably shouldn’t be. Whether she is also feeling his mental/emotional state, that I don’t know, but it’s very likely. I think she must realize that if he’s pushing himself to this point physically, then he’s not in his right mind. She was using the last bit of her life’s energy to perform this life-saving magic on Gray, so that Gray could continue to live. Gray is essentially throwing that away, whether knowingly, or not, because he has nothing left to live for.

So, Juvia has full intention of going after Gray, to stop him from whatever he’s doing to put himself in danger again. While Lucy is going after Natsu. I don’t know if the girls will meet each other first on their way. I don’t know if Lucy will get there first. But I do think that at this point Juvia will succeed in stopping Gray, while Lucy might fail at stopping Natsu. Because Natsu’s problem is a little more serious. I feel like Natsu will be lost as END for a while (because the plot needs it to be so), and it will take more than just seeing Lucy, to make him come back to himself. But I do absolutely think Lucy also has to be the one to ultimately save him from that. That will be the climax of the arc. 

As for how Gray will react when he does see Juvia is alive, I don’t know. His feelings at this point for her are crystal clear. The guy just needs to calm down in his waifus arms lmao. I think he wont believe it’s really her at first but once he realizes he hasn’t lost everything after all, he’ll settle down, and embrace her in some way (I want a kiss, but I wont hope for it at this point. Especially because Gray probably already did kiss her ^__~). 

And then, once Gray has calmed down, and stopped trying to kill his BFF, Lucy will carry on and have to save Natsu, who’s hellbent on going after Zeref. IMO Natsu needs to be END long enough for him to attack Zeref because Lucy has to learn (from Happy) that Natsu killing Zeref also kills Natsu, and she wont let that happen. In comes the “one magic,” activated by Lucy’s deep feelings for him, and she saves him from himself, and also death, just like he has saved her throughout the series. She will be his hero, the way Juvia was Gray’s. 

I love it. It’s beautiful. Thank you, Mashima!

P.S. I saw Makarov clutching his chest in this chapter. Don’t tease us if you’re not going to go through with it. Just sayin’. ^-^ 

Don’t mess with waifu!

I knew it!!!! That Natsu wouldn’t lose it without him thinking Lucy is dead! That Natsu wouldn’t disregard Happy’s request without him thinking something bad had happened to Lucy. I am so excited right now!!! The #angryboyfriend club is about to blow but that’s ok because the waifu’s will go after them xD

p.s. I cannot wait for this to be animated! the feels! 

Full NaLu theory on this chapter > link


CHAPTER 504 IS FUCKING INTENSE. but anyways here is my opinion :

- E.N.D awakening was triggered by Lucy’s supposedly death. I kinda predicted this already because the pattern is kinda obvious now. Lol

- MY BABY GRAY IS MENTALLY UNSTABLED. He is broken. Because he thinks that Juvia is dead. He is driven by his rage.

- GRAY DOESN’T WANT TO KILL NATSU. HE WANTS TO KILL END. ummm thats what I think, maybe he thought that NATSU is already overpowered by E.N.D plus FUCK INVEL FOR MAKING HIM THINK THAT E.N.D CAUSED HIS SUFFERINGS.

- WE’RE GONNA SEE ERZA VS EILEEN NEXT. I’m almost certain.