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Natsu’s Fire

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The sleeping bah, the underwear and now the Frozen rain... Gray is showing his feelings toward Juvia so clearly. That makes me happy but in the Same Time it scares me. It's to easy, mashima is going to make us suffer

Well yes, he IS going to make us suffer. It’s what he does lol. But it’s ok! Mashima always makes us really happy after we endure some suffering, so no worries, it’ll all be ok, and especially for Gray and Juvia. They’ll get their happy ending when all is said and done. ^__^

Rewatching the Oracion Seis arc

Episode 52.
That one time Erza refused cake.
That one time Gray was obviously annoyed that Ren hit on Lucy.
That one time Erza “threw” Ichiya at Lyon.
That one time Erza was using a spear to hold Ichiya during a conversation.
That one time Jura told everyone to stfu.
That one time Mashima foreshadowed Natsu knowing Wendy.

Oh simpler times in Fairy Tail where there biggest worry was the Oracion Seis.


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miraxus, gruvia, and asuna in her alo avatar every1 c:

prom tonight glob im freaking out T^T

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