Ferris Wheel (Gruvia AU)

I would like to dedicate this to panda013​, happy birthday! I hope you have a beautiful day >u< This is a really random story that I probably messed up somewhere along the way… hahah but I hope you enjoy it somewhat.


Reaching towards the handle to trigger the ride to a stop; he pulled himself out of the safety box; his strong arms waving about in a majestic manner. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and yet she also couldn’t bring herself to go up to him and say something. 

That man… this… beauty in front of her eyes; was something she had never seen before.

She scanned her eyes over his boy for the umpteenth time that afternoon, taking in the look of his skin tight black jeans that clung to his figure in such a way that made her metaphorically drool. His shirt was covered with a half open uniform jacket, the theme park’s name plastered upon it in block letters; “Fairy Tail”, as he stood guard by the large ferris wheel.

Who knew that such a family fun place would hold such treasures, something as so fantastically eye catching as this boy. But of course it was his upper body that kept her oozing to speak with him; the way his jaw gave him such eloquence, and the locks of charcoal hair that threatened to cover his dark chocolate irises. 

She had to sigh a little as he shouted for the next passengers of the ride to come on, her brain yelling at her to get up off the bench and speak to him. But how was she supposed to just get up and talk when her tummy was doing somersaults even while she sat still.

That was until something struck her like lightning, when she finally came back to earth and realised the attractive male was looking right at her.
She froze up quickly, a shiver running down her spine as he focused his full attention on her, his expression a mixture of confusion and slight awe as if he noticed that she had been watching him this whole time. He raised a brow and waved at her slightly, summoning for her to go to him.

She could barely believe her eyes, was this man asking her to go to him? Had he actually been watching her the whole time?

She could barely focus, her heart beating a million times a minute as she tried to focus herself and stay in contact with what was going on around her.

She practically pulled herself up off the bench, quickly petting down the back of her white dress in a cutesy manner, tucking a strand of soft blue hair behind her right ear. Whatever she did, she had to seem normal… otherwise she’d blurt out something embarrassing.

Shuffling over, she hid her eyes under her wide sunhat, wishing that she had brough sunglasses along with her but also completely enjoying the fact that his eyes were still on her; not once leaving her figure until she got all the way to the gate.

He was better close up, every aspect of him. And now that she was nearer, she could clearly see his name badge, “Gray”, and felt herself ache more with the need to speak with him.

Gray crossed his arms, blinking at her as if he was expecting her to say something but when she didn’t, he simply shook his head.

“Do you want to go on or something?”

“What?” She asked, her eyes unfocused as she just listened to his voice trickle through her head like honey.

“Do you want to go on?”

She blinked, mind black. The tone of his voice was almost hypnotising, she couldn’t explain how right it felt just to hear him talk.

“Go on what?” She asked, not meaning to play the dumb act. But his words were making her giddy and his presence left her simply star struck.

“The ride, do you want to go on the ride?”

Her eyes widened, unsure of how to respond. Of course, she’d been staring at this area for a long time with a look of wonder. No wonder he had assumed she wanted to go on the ride.


“It’s free, you can go on it if you like.”

“Y-yes. Okay.” 

She smiled, brushing aside her fringe. Though her insides did a little dance in her gut, asking her what an earth she was doing. She wasn’t particularly a fan of rides, she didn’t mind them but they weren’t exactly her favourite part of a theme park. So she didn’t really have a problem if he had to check the fasteners and she could get in a few words. What did one ride hurt?

He nodded gently and opened the gate so she too could enter the platform.
There weren’t many people seated on the ride, it wasn’t cabined but it had two seats with belts, despite the lack of a partner; she’d never been on a wheel before. 

It was basically a normal ferris wheel that moved in a rotational direction, and so it wasn’t too crazy in terms of physical movement; since she wasn’t in the mood for such a thing. It was possible she’d get a big stomach ache worse than butterflies after she got off it from being so high, but at least she had spoken to Gray and maybe she could speak to him again.

She felt something on her back, it soft and gentle as it lightly prompted her to move forward and she whipped her head back to see that Gray was asking her to take a seat so he could fasten her in.

She couldn’t help but smile of course, this was actually happening! He was even close enough to touch her for real.

“You might want to take your hat off though.” He added, nodding to her large white hat and she simply nodded; removing it from her head.

“Can you look after it?” She asked gently, fluttering her lids in a frantic attempt to keep looking as cute as she possibly could ever imagine.

Gray nodded, a soft smile appearing on his lips and she moved herself to get into the strapped seat. He moved back quickly to put her hat away to safety and returned to help strap her in, having to ask her to move her hair to avoid clipping the blue locks into the metal clips.

After one last clip, she was strapped in safely.



“Eh?” He looked at her completely confused, her name was unusual after all.

“Juvia is the name.”

“Your name?” 

She nodded and he looked amused for a moment.

“Okay Juvia, have a good ride.” 

Him saying her name almost made her want to pass out, it was so smooth and just lovely to hear. 

How had she fallen completely in love in less than two hours? She knew she ought to get a grip but what was the point. She intended on savouring every moment of her connection with this boy before returning to an empty home to continue the rest of her lonely week. the least she could do was treat herself a little while longer.

Juvia watched as the male stepped away from the platform and back into his control box, her eyes once again watching his every graceful movement of his body; his arms flex as he pulled down the lever; with a crank, her seat was finally beginning to move in motion of the wheel; her body dangling along with it. 

She didn’t even bother with responding to the movements, she was too focused on Gray, her mind playing out scenarios on him asking her to go out on a date after it, or perhaps confessing that he believed in love at first sight. Anything that would have represented a true fairy tale would have fit perfectly into her current mind set. 

Though as she began to steadily move further and further to the top, she felt her seat swing a little heavier. To be honest she could not wait for this ride to end, developing ways she could speak to him once more. Maybe dramatically hug him or thank him for allowing her to ride the ferris wheel without even having to stand in line (despite their never being one).

Though her thoughts were bombarded out of her head when her stomach did a backflip; her seat jolting and making her almost drop. She was far up now, but something at the top of her seat had unclicked, and she felt her chair turn lopsided.

Juvia couldn’t help but scream out, her eyes widening as her seat began to swing slowly.

“Gray-Sama!!” She cried out, her body frantically kicking subconsciously as he legs dangled from the seat.

She glanced down only to almost knock the chair into falling further, there the male was, his shirt completely ripped off only to reveal shockingly perfect abs and arms to die for. 

“I need everyone to stay calm.”

Stay calm? Was he joking?! Juvia couldn’t even contain her pants, her anxiety was a mixture of love and lust from just watching the man. And he moved towards the platform; thrusting his arms ahead in order to climb the machine in a majestic manner.

She could hear other passengers of the ride shout out now, all of them seeming annoyed that it had stopped but also impressed with the little show going on ahead.

The worst … or better yet, best part of it all was that he wore a huge grin on his face. Like he was meant to be in this side of work- the hero part that she was completely adoring.

Another jolt, and she yelped, glancing up at the chair hooks, one of the hooks slowly stretching under her weight. If she were to move anymore, there would be a possibility that she would drop immediately and completely smush against the tarmac.

He gained closer and her heart beat accelerated, hoping to fall into his arms of safety; but as he came round she felt the seat wobble again before his arm wrapped around her waist and yanked her close before the seat could wobble more.

“Gr-Gray-Sama…” Her eyes were wide as she clung to him, security gathering down below. She smiled slightly. It was not what she called fun but… she was in his arms and was speaking with him. So that was a start right?