In “Fairy Tail” Chapter 503, Juvia, Carla and Wendy are allegedly going to meet up with Gray. As soon as Juvia saw Gray, she ran towards him. Gray was shocked with the sight of Juvia.

It can be recalled that Juvia apparently sacrificed her life for Gray during their battle in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 499. Gray, and everyone else, thought that Juvia has perished for good. Turns out, Wendy came to rescue and revived Juvia with her healing magic.

Gray could not believe that Juvia is indeed alive. It was only confirmed when the Juvia calls him “Gray-sama.” Wendy the goes on to explain that she and Carla found Juvia because of the latter’s premonition and eventually revived her.

It’s no secret that Juvia has feelings for Gray and has been pursuing him since the day she left the Phantom Guild. However, she remains unsure about Gray’s feelings for her. Although Gray always cared about Juvia as a comrade, there have been times when he sees her more than just that.

During their near death situation, Gray promised Juvia that he will take her seriously if she lives. Now that Juvia survives, will Gray finally confess his feelings for her?

FT 503

ルーシィが意識を取り戻すと、 ディマリアはわざわざ背後に移動

ルーシィのブラだけを奪い ナツのそばに戻る

ルーシィ睨みつけてくるので ディマリアはルーシィにまたがり 両目をえぐろうとする

その時、イスが壊れ ルーシィが仰向けに倒れる

ルーシィが気付くと 目の周りは血まみれだが、 両目は無事

部屋の反対側にディマリアが ズタボロになって倒れていた

駆けつけたブランディッシュ達に言われ ディマリアを拘束する

いなくなったナツを追おうとするが、 ルーシィは乳丸出しなので止められる

腫瘍の正体はENDの力 ゼレフを求め暴走するナツは グレイと遭遇する


煽り 「ゼレフに翻弄された2人の運命が 今…激しく、哀しく交錯する!!」

フェアリーテイル ネタバレ 504話 ネタバレ 505話 ネタバレ 最新 ネタバレ FAIRYTAIL ネタバレ 『亀裂』に続く

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