• Gray:Juvia is the hottest in Fairy Tail!
  • Laxus:Keep talking cuz we all know that Mirajane is the hottest.
  • Jellal:bruh Erza is clearly the hottest dafuq
  • Everyone:.....
  • Lucy:idiot
The signs as Fairy Tail ships:

Aries: Jerza

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Taurus: Stingue

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Gemini: Gruvia

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Cancer: Miraxus

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Leo: Gajevy

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Virgo: Zervis

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Libra: Nalu

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Scorpio: Gratsu

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Sagittarius: Chendy

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Capricorn: Elfgreen

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Aquarius: Grayza

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Pisces: Cappy

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Juvia’s world was the color gray..

Nobody wanted to be her friend because they thought she was creepy and everywhere she went it rained. She’s never seen a blue sky. 

She meets a guy named Gray who changes her life 

This guy is her enemy yet saved her and she fell in love with him 

She joins the guild the boys in and that’s Fairy Tail 

She makes tons of friends 

Gray being the color her world used to be turned out to being the same name of the guy she fell in love with. He turned her world to a bright pink and filled her with joy. She joined a guild full of people who accepted her. She was no longer sad. She smiled now.

and thats when it finally stopped raining.

She’s now able to see a blue sky in a world full of beautiful colors.All thanks to the boy who was suppose to be her enemy.  

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gray x lucy + mini skirt! <3

GrayLu – Miniskirt

  Miniskirts…Gray felt his eye twitching as he stared open-mouthed at the contents of his wardrobe. Every pair of trousers, shorts and boxers that he owned had mysteriously disappeared at some point overnight, and been replaced with what looked like the entirety of his girlfriend’s wardrobe…although he knew that many of these she would never been seen dead in, so he wondered where she had found them, because he knew without a doubt that she was the culprit. All he’d done was make a flyaway comment about how she should wear them more often because he enjoyed the view, meaning it as a competent, but ending up with a stinging red mark on his hand…and now this. She certainly knew how to get her revenge he had to admit, realizing that he was going need to grovel on hands and knees to get out of this one, and worse he was going to have to wear one of the blasted things to track her down as he could hardly walk around Magnolia without anything on his bottom half. I’m doomed…


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