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Luvia + Gift, Party. Stingsu + Shelter, Food. Stingray + Silence, Please

Luvia + Gift

    Lucy blinked, and then blinked again for good measure, but the sight in front of her eyes didn’t change and she could see that Juvia was becoming increasingly alarmed by her silence. Biting her lip in an attempt to swallow back her giggles she stepped forward, reaching up to gently tug at the glittery silver bow that her girlfriend had managed to attach to her hair.


“I couldn’t find a perfect gift,” Juvia admitted sheepishly, turning bright red and looking down at her feet, hands twisting in the front of her dress. “Juvia looked…and I tried to make something…” The shift in tone told Lucy just how worried the water mage was, and the latter bit explained why it had looked like a bomb had gone off in the kitchen a few times over the past week…they were working on her cooking skills, but when unsupervised it tended to get messy.  “And…I thought I could be your gift, but I know it’s…” The Celestial mage cut her off, gently tilting her face up so that they were looking at each other, smiling at her before leaning in to steal a kiss and seeing Juvia go bright red.

“It’s the perfect gift…”

Luvia + Party

  Juvia was frozen, staring around the guild in disbelief as she took in the decorations and her eyes were like saucers when they returned to the large banner that was strung up behind the bar…confirming that it was indeed her name painted on it, and she blinked, stunned to feel tears trickling down her cheeks. At once Lucy rushed across from her spot in the crowd who had surprised her by yelling ‘Happy Birthday’ when she’d walked in…the blond pulling her into a tight hug, and peppering butterfly kisses to her cheeks to remove the tears.

“Juvia? Don’t you like it?” The worry and concern in her girlfriend’s voice was enough to shake her out of her shock, and Juvia frantically shook her head, returning the hug with equal fervour as she buried her face in Lucy’s shoulder.

“I love it…” She really did…it was just that she couldn’t remember the last time someone had done something for her birthday, even in Phantom Lord she had been lucky if anyone apart from Gajeel had remembered the day and his idea of presents…she sniffled pressing closer to Lucy. “Thank you…thank you…”

Stingsu + Shelter

“I can keep going,” Sting protested loudly, resisting as Natsu tried to yank him towards the small shelf of rock he’d managed to spot through the pouring rain. To be honest he wanted nothing more than to stop and seek shelter, the rain had long since soaked completely through his clothes and he was beginning to shiver…but the Fire mage looked completely unfazed and Sting didn’t want to be the one holding them back.

“You’re frozen!” Natsu countered with a sharp glare, olive eyes fierce and Sting couldn’t really argue… especially when he was pulled into the other Dragon-slayer’s side where he instantly curled closer to the heat that Natsu always let off, and he couldn’t even bring himself to mind the triumph in Natsu’s expression when he let him tug him across to the shelf. It wasn’t much of a shelter to be honest, but when Natsu tugged him down, practically yanking him into his lap as he let his magic heat the air around them, it felt like heaven and Sting sighed. “Better?”

“Yeah…” Sting admitted, before grinning slightly as he leant up to steal a quick kiss, sending Natsu’s face bright red. “Now it’s even better…”

Stingsu + Food

    The moment that Natsu refused food was the moment that Sting realised that was something wrong, for years he had been teased about how much he could eat when he got going…but Natsu took that to a whole new level…so the sight of the Fire mage pushing aside his lunch after a couple of mouthfuls had alarm bells ringing in the blond’s head.

“Natsu…?” Something had prompted him to rise at the sight, and he was grateful he had because Natsu met his gaze for a brief moment, olive eyes unfocused and then the Fire mage was falling and only a quick lunge on Sting’s part stopped him from hitting the floor. “Natsu…?” He reached out to pat his mate’s cheek when he realised Natsu’s eyes were closed, only to hiss at the sheer amount of heat coming from the other Dragon-slayer…he had grown used to Natsu’s heat…but this was too much, scarily too much and gritting his teeth he scooped the shorter mage up into his arms, growling at the others to get out of his way…and growling at the idiot in his arms for not telling him he was ill.

Stingray + Silence

   Sting had never been good with silence, he liked noise and distractions…but this silence, the new silence that had engulfed his house was the worst. It wasn’t that Gray had ever been particularly loud, unless he was arguing with Natsu…but he had always been there, doing something in the background or right beside him, and even when he was sleeping or reading, his breathing and the sound of his heartbeat had filled the silence…now there was nothing. It grated on his nerves, made worse by the warmth that had crept into the house…it had always been chilly with the Ice mage’s presence, something that had taken Sting a while to adapt to, but as long as he had blankets and Gray to snuggle up to he hadn’t minded… and now the heat, just like the silence grated on his nerves, a wrongness that he couldn’t escape and he could feel himself beginning to crack beneath the weight of it.

   Going to see Gray didn’t alleviate it…because whilst there was noise, and a hint of the familiar chill lingering in the air…it wasn’t the same, and staring into the pale face, watching as the machines breathed for him…fed him…kept him tied to life.

Stingray + Please

   Gray blinked, confused to find himself lying face down on the ground, weight pressing on his back and trapping him in place…he had seen the spell coming at him, watched it shatter his ice shield and realised that he wasn’t going to dodge in time…he had accepted it, braced himself for the pain…and yet he felt fine, aside from the aches and pains he already had from the fight. What happened? A low, pained groan from above him sent a shard of panic through him…he recognised that voice…with fear lending him speed he wiggled out from under the weight, trying to calm himself before turning, his stomach lurching unpleasantly as he found Sting sprawled behind him, his back torn and bloody. Sting…

“Sting…” His voice cracked as he crawled to his mate’s side, gently shaking him and earning another low groan in response…but when he peered at his face, he saw that the blond’s eyes were closed, his forehead creased with pain and he felt his panic going up another notch. “Sting! Wake up! Please…”

Please be okay…

Fairy Tail 504...
  • <p> <b>Natsu & Gray:</b> Oh shit, she's not moving<p/><b>Natsu & Gray:</b> That must mean she's dead<p/><b>Natsu & Gray:</b> I'm not gonna bother checking for a pulse<p/><b>Natsu & Gray:</b> Instead, I better go kill my best friend<p/></p>