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72 for gratsu? :)

Here you go Brea, my dear, I hope you like it! ❤ Inspiration struck me for this one first for some reason …I feel it may have taken an odd turn aha enjoy!

72. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.” 

Gray was asleep, well, he was trying to be. He’d been trying to ‘be asleep’ for the past half hour while he knew Natsu was still at the guild hall. Natsu had challenged Cana to a drinking competition despite the odds of him actually winning. Most of the time Gray waited and pulled Natsu out against his will before things got too bad.

This time though, Natsu had declared – while already quite drunk – that he would win this time, for his husband, and then proceeded to kiss Gray full on the mouth in front of everyone. Gray had kissed him back, with just as much, if not more energy, then chuckled against Natsu’s lips, “We’re not even married yet, Hot Stuff.” Natsu had given him a playful glare to show his distaste for the new nickname before heading towards Cana. Gray had left them to it. Trusting Happy to bring Natsu back in one piece. Then it would be up to him to deal with the aftermath.

Gray kept his eyes closed as he heard the door open and close with a clunk. Slow, heavy footsteps headed towards the kitchen. Gray waited. A couple of loud clangs, then a thud reached Gray’s ears.

If he turns the stove on I-

Gray leapt up from the bed, still only in his boxers, and ran to the kitchen. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”

“Huh?” Natsu spun round. In one hand he held an egg. The other a large frying pan. The only problem was, the pan was upside down. “Husband! I’m gonna cook an egg.”

“No. You are not.” Gray stepped forward.

“…but I want one.” Natsu whined. “No. Two!”

Gray turned the stove down a bit and proceeded to pry both the pan and the egg from Natsu’s grip. He failed on one, leaving Natsu to keep a hold on the egg. As he took another egg and cracked into the oil in the pan Gray could hear Natsu mumbling behind him.


“What?” Gray yelped as he slid the egg onto a piece of toast and handed the whole plate to Natsu.

“Uhhh.” Natsu frowned. “Nothing. Sit with me.” Natsu pulled Gray towards the couch with his free hand. They sat, but Natsu had not yet taken a bite of his toast. The Dragon Slayer suddenly sat up a bit straighter.

“You okay?”

“Wait. We’re not married are we?”

“No, Natsu, we’re not.” Gray chuckled. He then watched as Natsu slid the plate onto the coffee table and pulled a small square of toast from the rest. He then poked a hole in it.

“Uhh, what are you doing?”

Natsu got down on one knee, presented Gray with the ring of toast and then smiled lovingly up at him. “I love you Gray, so so much. Marry me.”

Gray stared. Stunned for the most part, but then he couldn’t help but laugh. “I’d love to Natsu, but we’re going to do this properly, sober, and I’d rather not put eggy toast on my finger.”

Natsu wasn’t deterred. “Fair enough.” He put the ring of toast on the plate before sitting back on the couch. “Do I still get to kiss you?”

Gray chuckled. “I’ll never say no to that…”



“Even if we walk on different paths, one must always live on as you are able! You must never treat your own life as something insignificant! You must never forget the friends you love for as long as you live! Let bloom the flowers of light within your hearts.”

Important clarification!!!

Keep in mind that the official translation will appear on Wednesday but Gray and Juvia’s somewhat confusing conversation becomes clearer once you piece all the rough translations out there to get the following:

A year has passed since the war and the celebration we see is a party dedicated to Lucy winning a prize for her novel. Juvia gets drunk and starts to strip which attracts Gildarts’s unwanted attention 

 At which point Gray openly gets jealous and drags her away to a more private area. 

He suggests she asks Wendy to take care of her scar. Juvia points out that he has one too, and Gray replies that it’s different for men and women (as in “for men scar tissue ain’t an issue”) and then he hesitatingly says that her body is now “his” body.

With all this it seems as though Gray and Juvia have been in an intimate relationship for this time after the war, and Gray’s comment that her body is now “his” is a way of saying that he has to take care of her as though he was taking care of himself, as couples usually do in a relationship. His embarrassment also suggests that his words are not “possessive” but rather intimate and are said with love and care. Therefore confirming their canonisation.


Mashima tweeted that he went to the FT cafe today. And obviously he was spotted by some fans. ^^ 

He drew Natsu, Lucy and Happy around the cafe, but I think he let fans also request some characters for him to draw, and the fans apparently were gruvia fans, because one requested Gray and the other requested Juvia. And he drew them both right on the spot! I think the drawings he made are actually going to decorate the cafe. But it’s nice to see Gray and Juvia drawn again by Mashima for the first time since the series ended.

And it’s great to see the Japanese gruvia fans are still quite passionate about their ship. I would so be the girl dying beside him while he drew them haha! ^__^

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