Every time I hear the song “Just a little girl” I think of the Na//Lu and Gr//uvia pairs, since the girls do not take what the guys have been through seriously. Juvia with her overly expressive behavior towards Gray and Lucy with her insensitivity after the Tartaros Arc.
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Fairy Tail

Ok, so now all the enemies have been defeated, what’s next? Obviously they have to fix Lucy. Also where in the name of FUCKING HELL IS MY GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING GRUVIA GOD DAMN REUNION!!!!! HUH, ITS BEEN ALMOST A FUCKING YEAR SINCE THEY HAD THE GOD DAMN FIGHT AND EVERY FUCKING MONTH ILL TELL MYSELF THIS CHAPTER IS FUCKING IT BUT NOOOOOOO!!!!! AND THEN THEY SEE EACH OTHER BUT OF FUCKING COURSE THEY PASS OUT!!!! We deserve a mother fucking kiss Hiro Mashima, or a hug that COMES FROM GRAY WHILE HE IS FUCKING SMILING GOD DAMNIT!!! I’ve gone fucking crazy waiting for them, and I would be completely fine with not seeing them having a reunion but IT ENDS IN 9 CHAPTERS LIKE DAFUQ! I know he might do a sequel but I still want a cute fucking reunion. (Sorry for all the curse words but I’m pissed) also there are more questions, but I think everyone gets the point… 😭 Me right now:

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Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!