INKTOBER :: WEEK 4 - Week of Monsters

Day 25: Vampire

I was going to do Mika from Owari no Seraph… but since I already did Juvia as a witch from last year’s Halloween, I might as well add Gray to the list LOL!

Redrawing Gray as a vampire from last year’s Gruvia piece 

If you haven’t seen already, you can click here to see! :D


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Gratsu: first time (You can make it NSFW if you want to... (^_-)-☆)

Gratsu + First Time

    Gray paused as he felt the tremor that Natsu hadn’t quite been able to hold back, pulling back so that he could peer down at the Dragon-slayer, eyes softening as he took in the brilliant blush covering his partner’s cheeks and the way Natsu was trying desperately to avoid his gaze. Stealing another kiss, this one softer and more chaste than the heated one from a moment ago, Gray reached up and brushed his fingers over pink cheeks, waiting patiently for Natsu to meet his gaze.

“We can stop,” he murmured reassuringly as he saw the nervousness in the olive eyes, ignoring the flicker of disappointment at the thought of stopping now that they had finally got this far, instead focusing on tracing the contours of Natsu’s face and waiting for the Fire mage to think it over.

“No…I want this,” Natsu whispered finally, some of the tension melting out of him under the gentle ministrations and he smiled when his words were met with a flurry of butterfly kisses, gathering his courage as he reached up and wrapped his arms around the Ice mage, kissing him firmly before adding softly. “I want you.”

  • Human:*tries to hurt Natsu*
  • Erza:did you just?
  • Gray:Oh great, you got mom mad.
  • Lucy:*practically flings herself across the room* b I t c h
  • Gray:*slowly inches away*
  • Human:*hurts Natsu a little more just because*
  • Gray:*sits down&sips tea* you've done fucked up now.
  • *Lucy and Erza basically attempting to rip the person's soul out in the distance*

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Hope this isn't to much, but could you write Gratsu, Stingue, Fraxus and Yukinerva with the prompt "Accident"?

Gratsu + Accident

   Gray had always known that his boyfriend was really just an overgrown child, he just hadn’t thought that would mean that he needed to childproof the house…or make sure that the idiot had adult supervision, as going from the sight in front of his eyes, Happy certainly didn’t count. For a moment, he just stared at the guilty looking Dragon-slayer, eyes slowly shifting as he took in the explosion of coloured paper and balloons covering the living room before tracking back to Natsu…a hand rising to pinch at the bridge of his nose.

“Why did you glue yourself to the table?” He asked once he was sure that he wouldn’t start chuckling in the middle, although the aggrieved look he received did nothing to help that urge and he had to take a deep breath before taking pity on the idiot and rephrasing his question. “All right…how did you manage to glue yourself to the table?”

“I don’t know,” Natsu’s voice was too much like a whine and Gray could feel laughter threatening to bubble up as the Fire mage pouted down at where he was connected to the table. “I was trying to make paperchains and I knocked the glue over…but I thought it was fine…but…” He tugged fruitlessly in an attempt to free himself, only succeeding in knocking the glue over once more and that was it…Gray was doubled over, laughing despite the disgruntled expression on his mate’s face.

Stingue + Accident

   Rogue stiffened as Sting dropped down beside him, unable to stop himself from peering out of the corner of his eye to check on the blond, hands clenching as he took in the sling holding his mate’s arm against his chest and he glanced away with a low growl.

“Rogue…” Sting’s voice was soft, the same soothing tone that he used whenever the Shadow mage woke from a nightmare…only this time it wasn’t comforting, it was just a painful reminder of the fact that he hadn’t been able to respond to Sting’s voice earlier, losing himself in the shadows instead…lashing out when the blond had reached out to try and stop him.


“It was an accident,” Sting cut across his protest, adopting a sterner tone as though realising comfort wasn’t what Rogue needed right now and the Shadow mage found himself glancing at his mate despite himself, freezing as blue eyes met his without the slightest hint of hesitation.  “I knew you weren’t fully yourself, and I ignored your request to stay back…and I also know that you were trying to push me away, that you were trying to protect me.”

“But…” I hurt you instead…

Fraxus + Accident

   Laxus had been up and moving the moment he had heard a tremendous crash from the bedroom, his pace increasing when there was no response to his frantic shouts and he nearly took the door off its hinges in his hurry to get to his mate. The sight of one of the large bookcases lying partially propped up on the bed brought him to an abrupt halt, sharp eyes taking in the books that had landed all over the floor and bed, before his breath caught in his throat as he caught a flash of familiar green.

“Freed!”  Laxus was on the other side of the room in the blink of an eye, crouching down just as there was a soft groan and it took him a moment to realise that the Rune mage had managed to wedge himself between the bed and the base of the fallen bookcase, protecting himself from the weight of the shelves. “Are you all right?”

“I think I’m going to have some bruises but I’ll survive,” Freed replied with a groan, grimacing as he shifted slightly…he was going to be black and blue by tomorrow. “I was trying to get a book from the top and the whole thing tipped over…” Laxus huffed out a sigh at that information, he had been trying to get Freed to cut down his book collection for ages…and now this…however, he bit back the urge to moan about that as he caught Freed grimacing again and he reached out to brush his fingers against his mate’s forehead.

“Stay still, I’ll get you out of there.”

Yukinerva + Accident

    Yukino sighed as she realised that Minerva was still glaring daggers at the healer, and she could see the sweat dripping down the man’s neck as he tried to work under the dark gaze, having already felt the edge of Minerva’s tongue when he had inadvertently made the Celestial mage yelp. Wincing at the feel of the needle against her skin as the healer worked to close the deepest of the gashes she had received from her unplanned tumble behind the bar Yukino took a deep breath, before plastering a smile on her face as she called to her girlfriend.

“Minerva?” The speed with which her girlfriend responded would have been amusing in any other situation, but Yukino could see that Minerva was readying herself to lash out again and she quickly spoke up to protect the healer. “You need to calm down…I’m okay…” The glare she received for that made her sigh again and she rephrased herself. “I’m going to be okay. It was just an accident, and it certainly wasn’t the healer’s fault…I just tripped and landed in the wrong place, so please calm down.”

“But…” Minerva protested, wanting to punish something or someone for the fact that Yukino was sat in a hospital bed with a dress speckled with blood, pain marring her face despite the healer’s best efforts…but she sighed at the mulish expression that spread across the Celestial mage’s face. “Fine…I’ll calm down.”

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Could you do Sting X Rogue and Natsu X Gray with the word headache (maybe with Rogue and Gray who have the headache)

Stingue + Headache

    Rogue felt absolutely miserable as he buried his face into the cool material of his pillow, listening as Sting quietly moved around the room, wincing at the sound of the curtains being drawn…it was one of the disadvantages of being a Dragon-slayer, the slightest noise was deafening at the best of times and right now he just wanted everything to disappear…even his mate, because no matter how quiet he was trying to be it wasn’t enough.

“I’m going to get you some medicine and then I’ll leave you in peace,” Sting’s voice was soft and concerned, and Rogue hated himself for groaning softly at the noise and he squeezed his eyes shut as imagined the expression his mate was probably wearing right now and he forced himself to reach out blindly, relieved when Sting’s hand met his.

“I’m sorry…” He heard Sting sigh, and then there were gentle fingers in his hair and despite everything he found himself relaxing at the gentle touch…hating himself for soaking up the comfort when a moment before he’d only wanted his mate to go away, but that didn’t stop him from holding on when Sting tried to rise to his feet and fetch the medicine, his voice little more than a whine this time. “Stay…”

Gratsu + Headache

    Gray moaned appreciatively as Natsu’s gently massaged his temples, part of him wanting to flinch away from the overly warm fingers, whilst the rest of him wanted to press closer and soak up the warmth being offered. He had awoken with a pounding headache, the light seeping in through the curtains aggravating it and he had curled up with a moan…hating the fact that the thought of Natsu waking up and just being himself was enough to make him want to hide…his mate was not built for being quiet, but he didn’t think he could handle even a little bit of noise right now. Of course, Natsu had roused at the first moan, immediately snapping into overprotective mate mode and Gray had braced himself the noise that he was sure was about to hit…instead he had been greeted with silence, which had coaxed him to lift his head, blinking when he found the Dragon-slayer watching him with worried eyes and a knowing expression and he had found himself whispering an apology. Olive eyes had flashed at that and he had thought that the quiet was about to be burst, but instead Natsu had merely shifted closer, slowly reaching out as though to give Gray the chance to chase him away if he wanted…and then warm fingers had been brushing his forehead, the heat that was often too much, comforting and when Natsu had begun to massage his temples he was lost.