I hope Gajeel arrives at the Avatar fight and:
  • Natsu:Let's finish this soon because we left Wendy with Juvia and we need to see if she got better.
  • Gajeel:What? What happened to Wendy?
  • Natsu:No, not Wendy, Juvia. Gray kinda left her alone without telling her for six months and she got sick. She had a fever so high Wendy had to stay behind to heal her and-
  • Gajeel:~runs after Gray~ You did WHAT to Juvia?
  • Gray:Oh, fuck! ~runs~
  • Levy:Gajeel, stop! We came here to fight against Avatar, not Gray!
  • Natsu:He also made Juvia cry!
  • Lucy:Natsu! Not helping!
  • Natsu:~shrugs~ Who says I want to help Gray? I want Gajeel to get him.
  • Briar:~frowns~ Do we attack or wait for them to kill themselves?
  • Jerome:~gasps~ Don't you dare interfere.