Fairy tail 534 spoilers

Translations of the jump-netarabe text  posted by sirsamuel016 from mangahelpers

- Jellal jumps off the airship into the air
Jellal: Meteor
- As much as Jellal struggles, he cannot get through Acnologia
Erza: The ground is gone… the timelapse, will it still not open?
Anna: There is no response, no matter how I interfere with it…

Lucy’s side…
- The letters in the book suddenly begin to burst
Happy: I can play with the letters!
Gray: Did something happen to Natsu’s body?
- Lucy rewrites the lost characters
Gray: Amazing…
Happy: The characters are restored!
- But at that time, an accident occurs to Lucy
Happy: Lucy?!
Gray: Oi, Lucy! What’s going on?! Hold on Lucy!

The fellowship of the E.N.D’s book and Lucy, where will it guide you? (This line is very roughly translated)


A brief summary:

Jellal jumps off the ship to confront Acnologia and despite hitting him with meteor, Acno eats the spell, creating a powerful blast of energy that tears the sea apart. Anna tries her best to open the timelapse/ravines of time, but she fails to do so.

Zeref, now ready to cast Neo Eclipse and say goodbye to the world, begins to unseal the timelapse.

Lucy notices alterations in the text of E.N.D., as Natsu’s body has been affected (the hole through his chest) which changes the text of the book itself. She takes pen in hand and decides to begin rewriting it.

Anna suddenly realizes that the timelapse has been opened (by Zeref) and in a desperate attempt Jellal tries to shove Acnologia into it, alongside himself, much to Erza’s dismay.

Zeref is ready to activate Neo Eclipse, but right before he does so Natsu gets back on his feet, as Lucy has rewritten the missing parts of his body and brought him back to life. However, upon doing this, Lucy is struck by a mysterious force…

To be Continued in Chapter 535: The Strongest


Invel liked her eyes only from an aesthetic point of view – cold and empty, deep blue color, they certainly will never look with love at Fairy Tail’s ice mage, who is bleeding and helplessly scratching the frozen ground. Life faded in them, in these heavenly blue eyes, only a couple of moments ago, and it was deliciously beautiful

story named “Crimson Water” and written by me

Petals and Thorns outtakes- Gray's little sister
  • Juvia: Wait, you have a little sister?
  • Gray: Yeah, you two would probably get a long great. She's a little young, though.
  • Juvia: How old is she?
  • Gray: Let's see... She just turned 120 on her birthday.
  • Juvia: *dryly* Oh yes... She's so young to a human like me...
. Between the Lines . 192

Hisui flew through the palace she’d lived in for as long as she could remember, her heart pounding in her chest. She’d entrusted her father to Arcadios, trusting that he would protect him in a way that normal guards could not. Arcadios was not a mage, but he possessed a weapon that he’d bound to himself. He was prepared to sacrifice himself for she and her father.

She grimaced, remembering their protests as she’d run off.

“Lucy,” she shouted as she burst outside. The blonde knelt on the ground, shaking, as that strange man who looked so much like Natsu yet was nothing like him cradled her head against his shoulder. Leo stood behind them, teeth bared protectively. Lucy’s head snapped around, and Hisui was stunned by the sight of tears streaming down her face.


“Hisui,” Lucy whispered in shock. She quickly wiped her cheeks free of tears. She grabbed her whip, snapping it to spark the fire in it, and then reassured the future Natsu, “I’m fine, it just…he scared me, that’s all.”

“He didn’t hurt you?” Hisui heard Leo ask. He leaned over the future Natsu’s shoulder to lightly brush his fingers over her chin. Hisui was stunned to see what looked like bruises were forming there. “Lucy, there’s bruises.”

“I’m fine,” she promised, clearing her throat. The future Natsu helped her to her feet, glaring suspiciously at Hisui. But Hisui was only looking to Lucy. “What’s up, Hisui?”

Hisui looked relieved. “The Gate. I know what we have to do to get rid of the dragons.”

The future Natsu’s eyes widened. “What?”

“We have to destroy the Gate. We have to smash it,” Hisui hastily explained.

They stared at her. Lucy snapped her head around and asked the future Natsu, “Has that been done? Has anyone ever broken the Gate?”

He shook his head. “No,” he said excitedly, turning to face the Gate. “Stand back, I want to blow this thing to-”

There was a roar as a dragon cut him off. They all looked over their shoulders, stunned, and Lucy couldn’t help but laugh as the dragon who possessed a body of fire stumbled and screamed in rage. Lucy could see a small speck in the blazing flames. At her side, Loke chuckled lowly.

And despite the roaring, Lucy thought she heard Loke murmur, “Look at your son go, Igneel.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Where can find an interview in which it is said that Juvia love make mage? It has always been interesting, but I can not find the source. Thank you for your help!

Hi there! ^^

It’s actually not from an interview. Mashima had an autograph session a couple of years ago, and when someone requested he draw Juvia for them (each person who attends gets to choose a character that they’d like him to draw), he labeled her picture with “love make mage” and included a little heart.

I had to dig a bit but I found the post again. Here you go!

It was very cute, and now Juvia even knows water make magic, so I guess Mashima took what was probably just a cute joke at first, and brought it a step further in the story. ^__^ And like I said in that post, it really does fit Juvia perfectly, because so much of her magic and power stems from love (plus it matches Gray’s ice make magic ^_~). ^^