Ch. 416 & 523

For some reason, Gray’s words about not having a place in the guild reminded me of how Juvia once felt she did something so terrible she too no longer had the right to … well… “be happy”? 



They are so different, and yet so similar it’s amazing. Not one of their friends ever blamed them for their actions, and yet they both feel a crushing sense of responsibility for the choices they’ve made, they’re ready to sacrifice their own happiness just because it feels like “the right thing to do”.

This parallel (is a bit of a stretch, but) makes me think that Gray and Juvia can understand each other on an even deeper level than they did before this war, and that fills me with a new wave of joy I feel for Gruvia. ^_^ 

Legends say that if Gray Fullbuster says the word iced, shell, or death in the same sentence Natsu Dragneel will appear and proceed to beat him up

[Translation Update] FAIRY TAIL - DRAGON CRY -

Hiro Mashima’s coordination produce!!


Mashima-sensei drew a total of 200 pages for the movie version of the original name (Fairy Tail)…… It all started from here!! For the FT series 10th Anniversary Project, we will release the latest information quickly for the manga readers every week about the movie animation’s final result!!

BREAKING NEWS 01: This Spring, May 6th (Saturday) Opening!!
BREAKING NEWS 02: Mashima-sensei’s Key Visual Drawing completed!!

“That power, hope or destruction?”
Natsu’s half body is a dragon…… Those eyes, what is he feeling that dwells in that fist?! Look forward to the next report!!

BREAKING NEWS 03: Latest character settings is out!!
BREAKING NEWS 04: New characters of the movie version revealed!! (Sonia, Zash & Animus)

The rough painting drawn by Mashima (Nalu one), that scene will drive a lot of imagination!! The cast and staff that are earnestly making the movie version!!

T/N: I hope you enjoy this translation update about the 2nd movie >w<

  • Natsu: This was a great idea. Crossing the desert without any water.
  • Gray: I didn’t ask for your help.
  • Natsu: There’s the city!
  • Gray: It looks like one of those things you shake and it starts snowing!
  • Natsu: All right, I’ll get Lisanna, you wait here.
  • Gray: No, I’ll get Lisanna, YOU wait here!
  • Natsu: All right, I’ll tell you what. We’ll flip for it. Winner goes, loser stays here. Since it’s my coin, I get to call. Tails. Okay, if it’s tails, I get to rescue Lisanna. If it’s heads, you get to go (flips the coin) Tails! I’ll tell her that you were worried about here, and that you…
  • Gray: (smirks before snatching the coin from Natsu’s hand) Hmm…a coin that has tails on both sides (grins to Natsu while showing the said coin) That’s how I used to beat Lyon.
  • Natsu: How about that?
  • Gray: Let’s both go.
  • Natsu: Okay, Popsicle. Did you really use one of those coins on Lyon?
  • Gray: Of course! That’s how I got all my baseball cards and his old guitar.
Fairy Tail

Why is Juvia still passed out, yet Erza is fine and everybody else. Like wtf Hiro Mashima. Her “injures” are that bad the she fainted. But Erza can break all of her bones, stabbed, and still fight and win. Like Juvia has had no epic fights this whole arc. The only one was against which lasted what, a chapter. It’s pathetic and here’s Erza having twenty. Also why is everybody who has gotten so much worse injures be okay and Juvia isn’t. Everybody learned new magic, got even more powerful and all Juvia learned was Blood Make. Every damn time she fights she only does water slicer. Her power has so much god damn potential and Hiro Mashima is throwing it all away to give characters who are already overpowered more and more. WHY. She is made out of FUCKING WATER. You’d think that I don’t know she’d be fucking hard to beat but know, he finds a way for her to get hurt. Also when is the last time she has used water body?

This isn’t even about a gruvia reunion, this is about how a character with so much potential like a lot of characters in fairy tail is thrown off to the side. Also for the gruvia part though, we are like the most deprived ship of the top 4. Gale (Gajeel x Levy) even though they aren’t always shown a lot they’re canon, and Gajeel had an awesome fight seen. Nalu (Natsu x Lucy) they are the main characters, they are always getting more development, more powerful, and have lots of moments together. Jerza (Jellal x Erza) they have a damn past together, almost kissed, are pretty much canon. Even though Jellal isn’t on that much, when he is they have a moment. Now for gruvia (Gray x Juvia) they are rarely seen on the covers of chapters, when they’re drawn together Gray has a frown but is getting better. Every moment they could have a special thing go, Hiro Mashima ruins it. Like having Gray try to do ice shell again and then have Natsu stop him (even though I do like them as a brotp it just sucks that Juvia didn’t do it).

ALSO Gajeel and Juvia rarely have brotp moments and they should have more like they did earlier when we first met them.

AND we barely know anything about Juvias past, yet we could write a god damn book on Erzas. And it’s not just Juvia, it’s everyone else in fairy tail. For example, why did Levy join fairy tail, why did Gajeel join phantom? I WANT TO KNOW.

AND out of all the places Acnologia could land, he lands right in front of fucking Erza and Wendy. Like why not Juvia, or somebody else. But I will be fine with it as long as Wendy does all the work, I’ll be happy.

That’s it for now, sorry for the rant.

FT Chapter 522/23

Gray is such a beautiful beautiful handsome man. My god I fangirled at some of his panels.

Gray is so honorable. He was willing to sacrifice his life just so his friends can remain safe and seal Zeref while Natsu lives on. He also wanted to remove all memories of himself so his friends won’t be sad for his departure. This is one of the honest and honorabable sequences of cherishing a friendship bond a character can ever do in this manga. That is why Gray is the best!