Chapter 540 thoughts

Like the cover, but Silver looks kinda weird in it.

Wendy is the most badass dragon slayer (including Acnologia) in those panels. Yes, I said it there. Wendy ftw!

Natsu using a nakama speech isn’t going to do wonders for Acnologia. Prepare for the villian beatdown!

Also I’m glad to see a huge panel of Juvia’s thoughts. The way she went from horny to serious in quick fashion was amusing. Looking very forward to the Gruvia moments in the near upcoming chapters for sure ^^

Lucy is the MC of the manga, so it’s no surprising that she’s getting decent amount of coverage, tho I wish my boy Gray plays a good main or support role in assisting here. Lucy is shown to be strong, but she can’t do things alone. She needs help from her bestie (Gray) : >

FT spoilers

I’m glad that the outside battle with the FT Mages, has just as much as spotlight than the acnologia battle. Showing how important both fights are.

I wonder what Lucy is thinking about right now, but it would be really really nice for Mashima to give Gray some focus as well, because he’s also a very intelligent person, and unfortunately we have not see many intelligent moments from Gray in this arc, so please Mashima have him shine as well here in this regard when he has some brilliant strategies over his battles. Last arc, let him do something to be remembered for.