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So, @arya-aiedail​  senpai did such an amazing lineart that I couldn’t resist to colour it. When I read the “feel free to colour” I thought I needed to give it a try. Hope everyone likes my colouring and thanks Arya-san for the opportunity. :D

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Fairy Tail Chapter 506 Reaction

Idea inspired by @caity-searles post here

To be honest, I made a joke to myself that Erza would stop the fighting. And if i’m being completely truthful, I never saw Lucy and Juvia stopping the fight with love or whatever. 

I really like this chapter, Natsu and Gray found such inventive ways to fight.

I need sleep so this thing is probably riddled with mistakes.

[Translation] Tawawa Challenge Gruvia ver.

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon
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NaNoWriMo 2016

Just wait, Gruvia fandom. This is the story you have all wanted to see. 

I am working this novel with ideas and suggestions from many of your favorite tumblrs, with their permission to script and plot them as needed. So big thanks to @rieriebee , @dooshiedoosh , @squisherific , @tea-lief , @shir0usagi , @chanting-to-u , @bonneyq and @muffindragon227 for your assistance that you will be lending throughout NaNoWriMo.

I am very excited about this story, so Iw ill not spoil it any further. I will post it once I’ve completed it in it’s entirety. 

Gruvifeels. You will has them.

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The next chapter is titled “Voice.” Rumor has it that Mavis will unify the Ishar mages with the Guild to battle and ultimately defeat Zeref and the remaining Alvarez Empire. If this is true, they might really have a chance for a victory, but Mavis has to act fast before they lose momentum.

Gray and Natsu will stop fighting and eventually help Mavis, the Fairy Tail Guild, and the Ishar mages in defeating Zeref and the Alvarez Empire. Mavis will most likely use her grief from Makarov’s sacrifice and prove that she is now the Fairy Tail Guild’s leader.

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Could I get Gruvia, #15 please?

I Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss

Vampire AU

There was one simple rule at Magnolia Special Academy. The daytime students of Fairy Hills were NEVER to associate with the night students of Fairy Tail.

Of course, not many followed that rule…

Juvia’s eyes slanted as she scanned the dimming courtyard. It was just now twilight, and Fairy Tail’s night students would be coming out of their dorms soon for class. Her job was simple- make sure everyone from Fairy Hills were in their dorms by six.

She flipped some of her waving blue hair over her shoulder as she walked down the street from the school and to the courtyard that Fairy Tail’s dorms connected to. Slowly, Fairy Tail’s door opened and their front gates did as well with a loud creak.

Juvia was hardly scared of the night students, since she had been dealing with them for a two years now. The first batch of students walked past her, hardly glancing her way. She could help but let her eyes drift towards them, all of the night students were remarkably pretty.

The second batch was coming, and Juvia could see the Night Students representative before anyone else. Gray Fullbuster, the prime definition of tall, dangerous and handsome.

“Juvia-chan,” a seductive voice purred in her ear.

“Lyon-san, what have I told you about doing that?” Juvia frowned, not even bothering to turn to see who was talking.

A figure stepped out in front of her, and she glanced at the tall, white-haired figure. “Always so cruel…” he gave her a small smirk, his sharp teeth peaking out between his teeth.

“Gray-kun! Gray-kun!” Juvia’s head snapped to the side where two daytime students had ran out to stand in front of Gray. “Gray-kun, you’re looking extremely handsome tonight,” they giggled at him, but he stood as static as ever.

Juvia huffed through her nose, walking away from Lyon, who frowned after her. “What are you two doing?” She demanded harshly, taking the space between them and Gray. “Go back into your dorms, immediately,” she told them, narrowing her eyes.

“You’re no fun,” one of the girls pouted dramatically as they turned with huffs. “We were just telling Gray-kun hello…”

Juvia watched them until they were safely in the Fairy Hills dorms and then she turned towards Gray, who stood with his hands in his pockets. The sight of him standing before her made Juvia’s heart skip a light beat. He was tall, his dark hair slicked back and his royal blue uniform pressed up against him without a crease. It was no wonder the girls always drooled over him.

“They were just wanting to play,” his dark voice told her as his lips twitched into a teasing grin that barely showed the tips of his fangs.

“You should know better than to let them do that,” Juvia told him, her hands resting on her hips as she glared up at him.

“What if I like it when they do?” He cocked a dark eyebrow. The sun had set and dark blue hue was covering the sky. Gray’s pale skin seemed to glow in the dark light.

Juvia breathed deeply, biting her lip to stop her spiteful comment. He could say such hurtful things sometimes, even though he knew how they made her feel…

She breathed out through her nose one last time. “Well,” she said slowly, her eyes meeting his strong gaze and never breaking it. “Have fun with them tonight,” she spat lowly so he was the only one who heard.

He took a step towards her so fast that she had to straighten her back and gasp for air. She could feel him tightening his hands in his pockets as she felt his arms against her flex. In her ear he whispered, “you and I both know that I’ll only play with you…”

“Gray!” His friend Natsu called from the school’s door. “Hurry up, or Lyon’ll lock us out again.”

Gray nipped Juvia’s ear, giving it a gentle blow as he straightened up. Her cheeks were a dark red, her eyes watery and trying not to look at him.

“See you later, Juvs…” his low voice barely reached her as he walked away.

Juvia refused to look back. Even when she heard the door shut, she still didn’t look back… Sometimes, he was such a jerk! She wouldn’t do it… She wouldn’t go meet him tonight, that would show him…


Juvia sighed heavily as she sat on the stairway in the pale moonlight. She banged her head on the steel railing, silently cruising herself. Here she was doing the exact thing she had promised she wouldn’t do…

She was waiting for Gray… Like she always would be.

No wonder he thought nothing more of her than a plaything or pet, she would always come running if he called. The first time they met two years ago, she had known… He would always be the only one to make her feel the way he had. Perhaps it was just that she was too weak to tell him no, but she couldn’t stop now…

The seventeen-year-old straightened her back when she heard footsteps coming down the dark stairs. She didn’t have to turn around to know just who it was.

He sat down on the step behind her, his legs around hers. His long fingers grabbed her blue waves, slowly pushing them to her back as his chin rested on her right shoulder.

Juvia knew what was coming, she would have been stupid not to since they had been doing this routine for almost a year now.

“Juvia…” him calling her name still caused her shivers. “You’re not mad, are you?” His voice was low and quiet.

“No,” she breathed. She wasn’t mad anymore, just hurt…

“You know you’re the only one I do this to…” his hands found her waist and he pressed her against his back.

“I’m sure you could easily find someone else to play with,” she muttered lowly.

“They wouldn’t be as fun,” he commented dryly.

Juvia shuddered. There it was, again… She was just something for him to play with.

“I don’t want anyone if it’s not you,” Gray whispered.

The statement surprised her, and she turned her head, finally looking at him for the first time since he had been there. His lips twitches up weakly, and she could see his color had faded. Dark circles had bloomed under his eyes. When was the last time he had her? It had been almost a week, hadn’t it? When they last met up, all they had done was kiss and other activities. Oh, he looked awful!

“I finally got you to look at me,” he murmured as she stood up on her knees on the stair below him.

“Gray-sama,” she whispered, all traces of hurt and anger towards him fading. She reached up, touching his cheek. “Why didn’t you tell me?” She whispered. How long had he been putting himself in that much pain without telling her?

“I’m fine,” he told her.

“No you’re not-” she replied, yanking her uniform down the right side of her neck- “you’re obviously starving!”

She could see as he swallowed hard, his eyes focused solely on her neck where he knew something delicious waited for him. He blinked his eyes slowly as he took in a deep breath. Slowly, he looked at her. “Juvia, I’m not using you…”

She froze for a second, “w-what…?”

His hand reached out, touching her cheek. “You’re mine,” he whispered, leaning forward and resting his forehead against hers.

“Gray-sama…” She whispered, feeling rather weak in his embrace. “Please…” she almost begged, hating the sight of him looking so weak. “Eat…”

He let out a heavy sigh, his head moving from hers and down to her neck. Juvia tensed as she felt his breath against her neck and she shoved when he licked up it. She placed her hands on his shoulders as she felt him opening his mouth. A gasp escaped her lips as he bit down, and then the sucking began.

Juvia grasped him tightly as Gray’s grip on her tightened. Faintly, she could hear him gulping, but mainly all she could hear was her heart drumming inside of her ears. She could feel her strength slowly decreasing, but she trusted Gray.

A few minutes later when he was done, she was glossy eyed and half in a daze as he leaned back to look at her. Already, he was looking so much better than he had been. He was handsome, too handsome for this world… Even if a drip of her blood was on the corner of his lips. He licked his lips slowly, giving her a glance at her fangs that made her knees weak.

Gray caught her, scooping her onto his lap. He cradled her gently, holding her head as he licked her wound to heal it quickly. Once he was finished he kissed her neck softly, going up her cheek bone and towards her lips. His lips were firm and cold against her soft and warm ones, but she didn’t want him to move them.

She grabbed the front of his uniform as he deepened the kiss. Sometimes, he didn’t have to say words, cause his actions spoke louder. With these little things is how she knew that sometimes, she just over-reacted. Gray loved her, and she loved him too, more than she had ever loved anything or anyone ever before.

Juvia thought that perhaps, this was her biggest secret and sin… She, a human was in love with a vampire who was destined to be the end of her.

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