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Gruvia rant

I had to get this out my mind. Please respect my opinion, as I will respect yours on this ship.

Juvia and Gray, UGH! Disgusting. Its like a celebrity loving a stalker! This makes me the most saltiest out of the big four. I don’t understand why Gray loves Juvia! Excluding Juvia killing the necromancer (Keith, was it?)

At first glance, they’re a really cute couple! But then, after watching and reading Fairy Tail, just, plain disgusting. I’m talking about those moments where Juvia is stalking him, calling others love rivals, etc. You get what I mean basically.

The problem is Juvia, mostly.

Calling Lucy a love rival especially. In the Phantom Lord arc, I kind of understood why she called Lucy a love rival since she didn’t know her that well. Then, after the Tower of Heaven arc, I crossed the line. Juvia just fought the guy that has really long hair with Lucy! There was an emotional LuVia moment!Juvia should’ve known Lucy wasn’t trying to steal Gray then!

Then there’s more.

The disgusting moments, UGH! (I was at least 8 or 9 when I first started watching FT, so this really, REALLY made me want to puke!And I watched season 1 over and over again bc I watched it on Netflix and they only had season 1, until I was,what, 10 or 11?)

Let’s talk about the 413 (I believe it was 413) days episode. At the beginning, Juvia taking a shower. Washing her body……WITH A GRAY SPONGE????!!!!!! And then she covers herself with a “I love Gray-sama!“towel. We then see that she has a lot of Gray plushes (If I remember this scene correctly)

If Gray somehow saw her room, ofc he would be creeped out!

And then the body pillow. I’m not sure what you do with a body pillow, but I’m pretty sure it’s nasty. (Juvia is not a virgin, confirmed) Gray is shown to be creeped out by this. Yet he still loves her!!!!

This is a really creepy ship. I don’t understand how you guys ship this, but, whatever. Your opinion, not mine.

Ignoring how creepy Juvia is, I still love her. I love her personality no matter what.