[Translation] Gruvia & Invel based from Chapter 498 part 1

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon (T/N: You can read part 2 here)
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What Can Gruvians Expect Next?

Spoilers will be out tomorrow, and yet the questions are still hanging over our heads like an Ice Make Impact. Gray and Juvia are ice locked in their worst nightmares, subjected to killing the one person they want most in the world to protect.

So we can’t help but ask: Just what exactly is Mashima planning next?

The only way to answer this question is to look back at what Mashima has been slowly building over the course of the series– the parallel between Zervis and Gruvia.

Exactly one year ago today and 50 chapters ago, Chapter 449 was released (click here to view our podcast discussion on the spoilers), titled Mavis and Zeref. This began the necessary flashbacks to explain the power and source of the One Magic and the truth of the Ankserum curse- love used in two different ways. It also shows how Mavis and Zeref are eternally linked by their fate with the curse.

499 is titled Gray and Juvia.

Chapter 450 shows the building of love between Zeref and Mavis, and how it ultimately was their downfall as the Anskersum curse “stole” away Mavis’s life and showered upon them the greatest of sorrows with the greatest show of love: a kiss. The moment Zeref chose to give in, he loses everything.

Chapter 500– one of the biggest milestone chapters in the series– is going to give us conclusion of Gray and Juvia’s fight, and if we keep on the trend– a deep show of love that will bring aboutn both joy and pain.

Chapter 451 ended with Zeref renouncing goodness to be lost in the darkness because he lost the one thing he slipped up and allowed himself to care so deeply. His curse “stole” the life of someone who should have been immortal.  He also created the  most powerful magic in the world through his love with Mavis: Eternity magic.

The deepest loves are born from the greatest of sorrows. So does that mean that our ship is destined to sink? Will they end up the same as Zervis, doomed to a bittersweet union in death?

No. Because not only are Gray and Juvia intended to succeed where Zeref and Mavis failed, but Zervis’s story is not yet over.

Chapter 494 reintroduced us to the fact that not only did Zeref not expect to see Mavis moving, but he has no intention to truly hurt her. He wants the power, but he still, in some form, harbors affections for her. And Mavis knows it.

This is a game changer.

As of 498, we know that Invel’s goal with fighting Gray has turned into an  intention to awaken the darkness within him, and he intends to do this the same way he has seen the darkness in his emperor– through having him destroy someone he cares for. He does not know just how much, but I think we will see a similar descent to what we saw happen with Zeref.

There is a reason why Mashima showcased Gray’s face the most upon the reveal that he and Juvia would have to fight to the death- it is him who we will need to watch, and it is  him who already has the seeds of darkness. I am assuming this also makes him the easier of the two to control. We also know that Gray tends to push away those he loves to protect them– the same as Zeref had done up until believing Mavis would be the one person he was permitted to love and not lose.

And on this same note, we have Juvia– who, in Invel’s eyes, is just caught in the crosshairs as happenstance but whom we know is well aware of the awaking darkness in Gray’s heart and who has a very strong emotional attachment to Gray (see my post Tartaros’s impact on Gray’s emotions toward Juvia). Someone we know Gray has pushed away and left behind in order to protect– so as not to lose her as he has others in his life.

Also this is not the first time Gray and Juvia have been linked with their emotions and the safety of the other on the line in the midst of battle. And in those moments it was JUVIA who won and saved them both… with the power of love. It has been showcased time and again that Juvia’s strength comes from her love for Gray and the need to protect him. We even received the cover for Chapter 444 (a number denoting death, the title of which referred to Zeref) with reference to this power.

Juvia is known as the love make mage- as dubbed by Mashima. She is known for having insane surges of power that frighten both ally and enemy when it comes to protecting what she loves, and she has the ability to make the most difficult of decisions to do it even if it means harming herself or others.

That is also why Juvia and Mavis mirror one another; it is Juvia who  understands how the power of love could have saved Mavis instead of killed her and she also understands the deepness of it’s sorrows. I have thoroughly compared both women as sourced in this post, so I will not go into the elongated details of how this parallel is displayed, but it is vital in determining how the next few chapters will unfold. 

By comparing the events of Chapter 451 and Chapter 498 however the parallel is alarmingly clear:

Both women are in a position where they must fight the men they love— destroy them, or be destroyed themselves by the darkness lurking in their loved ones hearts. It doesn’t get much clearer than that– and they have both taken very different approaches to ending those respective battles, and this is why the ending will be drastically different.

We have seen on many occasions that Gray and Juvia’s ultimate power comes when they are fighting alongside one another or protecting each other (see my post on how Gray and Juvia become more together). The difference now is that Juvia has learned through her struggles and battles that sometimes protecting the one you love does not mean you have to live. She has witnessed Gray die for her (and has a memory of “flash” of what could have been). She has helped Silver pass on, believing she has destroyed her right to love Gray.

And now she is willing to set her own life aside to keep herself from not only harming him, but from making him shoulder the burden.

This is not the first time Juvia has been used to destroy Gray’s future and direct in the way someone else would have it:

But this is one time that Juvia is not willing to let herself be that same crutch again. She has made a promise to protect Gray, and she will keep it.

So what does this all mean?

The thing to remember is that where circumstance has caused love and the one magic to fail Zeref and Mavis and placed them in this awkward, bittersweet mission to see each other to their ultimate doom, Juvia has proven that love is the strongest of all and can overcome– and that no matter how hard someone has tried to use her against him, in the end she will come back stronger and be the controller of her own fate.

Do I expect Juvia to die?

Yes, in a way.. But I fully expect her to be back– if not immediately, then after we have resolved the long standing question of Gray’s darkness (from Ur’s promise of sealing it, to Momento Mori awakening it, to Avatar pulling him from Juvia and to Invel setting him to kill the woman he loves) when she comes back to defeat that too. 

Will their love break the chain? Yes, because symbolicly I feel that makes the most sense. Zeref and Mavis cannot break that chain, but Gray and Juvia’s love CAN and will break Zervis’s chain too.

Do I expect that to be the end of the drama? Absolutely not. Even though the rest of the battles have been resolved, I do think that we have heard of Gray’s darkness too long for it NOT to come to fruition now. Gray may or may not be responsible for Juvia’s “death” (I can see her getting in the way to protect him), but he will lose himself all the same.

And when we think all else is gone, I expect Juvia to come back and prove that love can defeat darkness– ending Gray’s, and proving to Mavis that there is another way to save Zeref. I fully expect Zervis to die together, happy in their deaths and having kept their promises. I expect Lucy to be the wielder of Fairy Heart. 

But I expect Juvia to be Gray’s salvation– and the proof that someone can protect him, love him, and live. I expect a similar format as the Zervis chapters, with flashbacks and the revelation of emotions from Gray’s side.

After all, Mashima told us Gray was going to give us an answer. Gray told Juvia to wait, and so have we. Chapter 453 promised a death flag over Juvia and drama. 

But it also promised love and new beginnings.

Importance (ch. 498)

A/N: Damn, I’m late. The angst was killing me, it was so hard to write! Even now, I just wrote like a madwoman to finish this in one sitting xD Hope you guys like it!
Words: 1980
Summary: When it came down to one of them living, who was more important? [Gruvia - ch. 498 spoilers]

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As soon as they stepped inside their house, Juvia was off like a shot, running to the kitchen in search of the first aid kit. Most of their missions went rather smoothly, a few cuts here, a few scrapes there—usually no more than that.

But sometimes, the enemy would catch them off guard and get the better of them. During those times, she’d have to dig out all the bandages, salves and ointments they’d have in their small house and play the role of nurse for a while.

“You need to be more careful,” Juvia told him, tenderly wrapping a bandage around his bicep with quick and nimble fingers before tying it into place. She sat back, admiring her handiwork with a smile. “All done, Gray-sama!”

Gray, who had been busy staring off outside the window at nothing in particular, waiting for her to finish, shook his head, clearing his thoughts before turning to her. “Thanks,” he said, flexing his arm to see if the bandage was comfortable enough.

“Is everything alright?” she asked, eyeing him anxiously.

“Quit worrying,” he said with a roll of his eyes. “I’m fine. Now…” His gaze flickered to her, lips tugging up in a smirk. “Let’s take a look at you.”

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[Translation] Gruvia & Invel based from Chapter 498 part 2

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon (T/N: You can read part 1 here)
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Battle in my head


brain: calm down, nobody dies, especially main characters, it’s Fairy Tail


brain: but it’s Fairy Tail, not Rave


brain: he knows what he’s doing…



heart: okay, where’s my donuts?


                                   Take care of your business

anon request the high five of Natsu and Gray

Anonymous asked: Just gonna be the shy anon who likes side characters and is gonna ask you nicely to draw gray and Lyons dead trainer Ur (if I spelled her name right) though it’s fine if you don’t.

Thank you for requesting this! I’ve been meaning to draw Ur with the kids for awhile and you gave me the perfect opportunity :) I hope you like it!


ALRIGHT !!! I need to let this out of my chest! Call me weird and bizarre for a sudden rant . I know this is not a fashion or any lifestyle blog post but I am really anxious about the upcoming chapter of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail. It has been a while since I fell in love and got addicted in a Pairing in a manga. This is also my first time reading a manga about friendship and battle , just because of a cute pairing . IT”S BECAUSE I FOUND HAPPINESS IN #GRUVIA , that I start reading manga again, manga that is very far from my usual genres. 

I really have to let go of the feeling that JUVIA might die or SHE WILL DIE. I am already crying at the thought . I believe if Juvia dies , it will be a forever rain in my eyes and apparently I might not end reading FT anymore. It really scares me to know that maybe the last chapter will be the last chapter I’ll be seeing Gray’s concern to Juvia cause she will just stay in a memory . 

This is just all my opinion, and I respect those people who doesn’t ship GRUVIA, but I just really want to release it all.

As on of the writer in Wattpad have posted.. Last goodbye . To one of the greatest mage in FT Guild . I just really feel bad , that Juvia will die in the hands of her most beloved Gray! I love the sacrificing plot but please Hiro Mashima don’t kill Juvia-san . T_T . 


I just wanted to point out that Gray doesn’t deserve to suffer more, he doesn’t deserve to be engulfed by darkness, he had been through too much, and so does Juvia, she might be a crazy and weird stalker but she deserves to be happy too , let the RAIN woman , carry the sunshine in her heart !! 

I really hope , Chapter 499 won’t be the same as Zeref and Mavis’s tragedy. Loving someone is never a mistake never a sin.