[Translation] Gruvia & Invel based from Chapter 498

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon
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Battle in my head


brain: calm down, nobody dies, especially main characters, it’s Fairy Tail


brain: but it’s Fairy Tail, not Rave


brain: he knows what he’s doing…



heart: okay, where’s my donuts?

Back at it again with the anime art of very detailed backrounds and simple characters. And I still don’t shade.

A little bit of a redraw of a piece I did for gruvia week and never posted for some reason? Regardless, the origional looks sO Gr osS I can’t believe I actually drew it. And just a few months ago? It’s from when I was first learning how to do digital art. I’ll put it under the cut, because I am proud of my improvement but the old version ruins the aesthetic. (tm.)

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  • Natsu:so how do we do this, sneak in, surprise em'or just full frontal?
  • Gray:Well with who we're dealing with i'd say sneak in.
  • Erza:Nonsense full frontal all the way.
  • Wendy:um are you sure we can't just knock and see if Lucy's home?
  • Natsu:Are you crazy Wendy, this is Luce we're talking about, she'll be expecting that.
  • Gray:Yeah Wendy for once flame brains right.
  • Wendy:But aren't we just visiting her.
  • Gray:All the more reason to make it exciting.
  • Lucy:*opens door and sighs* Do you guys have to do this every time you come over?
  • Gray:Yeah.
  • Natsu:Duh Luce.
  • Erza:Of course.
  • Wendy:I'm sorry Lucy!!
. Between the Lines . 121

After eating supper and gifting the Fairy Tail members their prize - which was immediately handed over to Lucy alongside a golden bracelet as a congratulations gift from the head, who recognized how important such things were - they settled down together in a building to enjoy one another’s company.

Aware that Natsu was very closely studying Lucy’s new bracelet from where he was nearly pressed up against her, his onyx eyes like those of an excited cat’s as he contemplated how to sneak it away, Erza cleared her throat after a short while and caught their attention.

“I think,” she told them with a soft smile, “That this year’s S-Class exams will be fun. The three of you are participating, and I wish you all luck in it. I know that we will not be the easiest to beat, but I think one or two of you will succeed.”

They stared at her in surprise. Lucy paused in petting Happy, who snored away in her lap, and then smiled brightly. “Thanks, Erza.”

“I hope we fight Gildarts,” Natsu said excitedly.

“…I hope not,” the blonde told her partner honestly before turning her face away, her gaze thoughtful. Lucy gently ran her fingers over Happy’s ears, and he purred happily. “I don’t think we’d be able to even get close to beating Gildarts, Natsu.”

Gray slammed a fist into his open palm, eager. “Well I don’t give a damn about who I fight. I’ll beat them anyways.”

Erza’s eyes glinted at the challenge. “Oh?” she mused. “Then perhaps you will find yourself against me. That would be interesting, don’t you think, Lucy?”

“…I think you’re all insane,” was her muttered response as she yawned, cuddling Happy closer before telling them, “I think I’m going to summon Loke and go over the constellations like usual before I go to bed. Natsu, you want to come?”

“Yeah,” he said eagerly, climbing to his feet. He may not have been a celestial mage like she was, but he didn’t care. He liked to look at the stars with Lucy. She was serious about them, and it was interesting to watch her expression change depending on what she was told about her friends in the other Realm.

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The Singer AU

So, because I have a habit of listening to anime seiyuu singing, I’ve ended up creating an AU for Fairy Tail (and to be honest it was only a matter of time).
Basically, Natsu, Gray, Freed, Sting, Loke, they are all singers/performers. Rogue and Sting already know each other personally, as do Freed and Bickslow, but Bickslow makes it a point not to tell his friends because he’s only also friends with Freed’s biggest fan ever. (Laxus never fangirls. It’s vastly against his principles. But god, that guy is his favourite artist ever.) Bicks often accidentally almost blows his secret by saying things he shouldn’t otherwise know, and then lying and saying he learnt the info from an interview he saw somewhere. Also he constantly teases Laxus for ‘having a crush’ on the singer.
Juvia is, of course, Gray’s biggest fan. She goes to every concert, without fail, no matter what. She has all the merch. She goes into fangirl overdrive. Juvia is the ultimate fangirl. She wishes to meet Gray in person and her romance dream adventure will continue from there.
I’m tempted to make Mirajane the manager of the FT boys just for the hell of it. Rogue may very well do that sort of stuff for Sting. I mean, Rogue just generally takes care of Sting as a whole.
Lucy and Erza are somehow going to get involved with the boys, I’ve not quite decided how yet. Naturally, I’ve been mostly focused on the Fraxus because that’s where this entire thing originally came from. A Fraxus headcanon. I’m going to go in a Lolu and Natza direction with this myself, but since it’s open at the moment and I have no idea what to do with them, you can do any combination of ships! (Maybe Jellal is a roadie!)
No idea what Gajeel and Orga are doing through all of this. I part want to also make Rufus a singer, but eh. Maybe Gajeel and Orga are trying to get into the business. Screw ‘em.
Obviously the main story here is ‘Bickslow accidentally on purpose gets Laxus and Evergreen involved with Freed and Elfman and the whole musicy thing’ with other ships on the side. (Ever and Elf because Mira as a manager! Or is it agent? I don’t have either, but then I’m a dancer. It might work differently.)


ALRIGHT !!! I need to let this out of my chest! Call me weird and bizarre for a sudden rant . I know this is not a fashion or any lifestyle blog post but I am really anxious about the upcoming chapter of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail. It has been a while since I fell in love and got addicted in a Pairing in a manga. This is also my first time reading a manga about friendship and battle , just because of a cute pairing . IT”S BECAUSE I FOUND HAPPINESS IN #GRUVIA , that I start reading manga again, manga that is very far from my usual genres. 

I really have to let go of the feeling that JUVIA might die or SHE WILL DIE. I am already crying at the thought . I believe if Juvia dies , it will be a forever rain in my eyes and apparently I might not end reading FT anymore. It really scares me to know that maybe the last chapter will be the last chapter I’ll be seeing Gray’s concern to Juvia cause she will just stay in a memory . 

This is just all my opinion, and I respect those people who doesn’t ship GRUVIA, but I just really want to release it all.

As on of the writer in Wattpad have posted.. Last goodbye . To one of the greatest mage in FT Guild . I just really feel bad , that Juvia will die in the hands of her most beloved Gray! I love the sacrificing plot but please Hiro Mashima don’t kill Juvia-san . T_T . 


I just wanted to point out that Gray doesn’t deserve to suffer more, he doesn’t deserve to be engulfed by darkness, he had been through too much, and so does Juvia, she might be a crazy and weird stalker but she deserves to be happy too , let the RAIN woman , carry the sunshine in her heart !! 

I really hope , Chapter 499 won’t be the same as Zeref and Mavis’s tragedy. Loving someone is never a mistake never a sin.