Demisexual positivity post

I haven’t seen one of these for demisexuals yet and as your ace brother I’d like to spread some positivity so:

  • You are still valid as a demisexual if you look at porn/masturbate as well as if you don’t
  • You are still valid as a demisexual if sex doesn’t really interest you
  • A close emotional bond is the condition in which sexual attraction MAY occur- if you have a close emotional bond with someone or many people who you do not find sexually attractive then you are still valid as a demisexual
  • You may call yourself ace as a demisexual as you are part of the asexual umbrella
  • As a demisexual you have just as much right to be a part of the ace community as gray aces and asexuals 

Thank you :) this has been a demisexual positivity post! Stay awesome, Demi friends! Please feel free to add other important points of positivity to the list as you reblog.

Here’s to all the aces who are pushed out of ace spaces

To the disabled aces

To the neuro-divergent/aneuro aces

To the aces who survived trauma

To the Aces of Color

To the gray aces and WTFaces

To the older aces

To everyone who spent years of struggles before learning they were ace

You are all still valid and amazing people. We are working every day to make the community fully inclusive.

Shoutout to black asexuals!!

Sex repulsed black aces
Sex positive black aces
Sex neutral black aces
Black aces who’ve had sex
Black aces who’re still virgins
Black aces who are out
Black aces who are in the closet
Black aces in their teens
Black aces who are in their twenties on up
Questioning black aces
Black aces who’ve always known they were ace
Demisexual black aces
Grey asexual black aces
Black aromantic asexuals

I hope in 2016 the black community will recognize that we exist! We definitely need more conversations about being black and asexual.

Shoutout to gray-asexuals!

Shoutout to gray-aces who wonder if they’re alone on the spectrum because we so very rarely talk or post about gray-asexuality.

Shoutout to gray-aces who feel as if they don’t fit in anywhere.

Shoutout to gray-aces who are hesitant to tell people about the gray part of their asexuality because acceptance is so hard to find.

Shoutout to gray-aces who proudly announce the gray part of their asexuality no matter the opposition.

Shoutout to gray-aces who are questioning or confused.

Shoutout to gray-aces who haven’t come to terms with their own identity yet.

Shoutout to gray-aces who fight the fight for asexuals as their identity is ignored or shoved aside.

Shoutout to gray-aces for being gray-ace.

Shoutout to gray-aces!