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I'm a gray ace lesbian and I used to do kendo for 4 years. I still have all the equipment. Can I be a part of sword lesbian culture too?

You 400000% can if you’re a lesbian you can be a sword lesbian

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nat isn't very found of sex, she likes telling other people what to do tho and she also likes to be cuddled. She tiny and always around this huge guys so she will just curl herself up around or on top of them like a comfy cat

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ONE BILLION PERCENT EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINE NAT TOO she’s a non-sex-repulsed gray-ace who 90% of the time prefers to not participate in sex at all, but likes to, say, call the shots from a comfy armchair :D

It's okay to..

It’s okay to want kids.
It’s okay to not want kids.
It’s okay to want to get married or be in a relationship.
It’s okay to just want friendships.
Wanting these things didn’t make you less valid.
You’re valid, you belong, remember that.