It's okay to..

It’s okay to want kids.
It’s okay to not want kids.
It’s okay to want to get married or be in a relationship.
It’s okay to just want friendships.
Wanting these things didn’t make you less valid.
You’re valid, you belong, remember that.

Aces, you’re amazing.

Aros, y’all are astonishing.

Demisexuals are downright dazzling.

Demiromantics are delightful

Gray-aces? Great, of course!

Gray-romantics? Glamourous individuals.

Aspecs deserve love no matter what they identify as.


Getting out of hand? These? Never! 

There are like five new owls, including a trans owl, an agender owl, a demi- and a gray-ace owl, and a RAINBOWL! (I am so pleased I can now finally make that pun).

Also still there: asexuowl, pansexuowl, bisexuowl, genderqueer owl, nonbinary owl, polyamorous owl and arowlmantic owl! 

They are for sale here: If your owl isn’t there, poke at us and I shall dig up more colours of yarn <3 

Hey PSA from a bi ace: If you’re asexual and think it’s okay to talk/joke about being immune to HIV/AIDS compared to allosexual gay people, you’re

  1. an idiot
  2. abso-fucking-lutely not welcome in the LGBT+ community
  3. going directly to hell when you die where you’ll spend the rest of eternity sucking Satan’s dick just like you did in life

EDIT: This post isn’t for exclusionists so keep your hands off it and anything else on my blog