• what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:lucy was almost stabbed in the eye and didnt even blink what a character development and natsu saved her but has turned into E.N.D. and now he's out in a total demon freak mode looking for his emo brother who is a 400 years old wizard with the military power of an entire nation, but instead he faced gray whose life goal was to kill E.N.D. for revenge before he knew it's his best friend and we don't know what he'll do now since he's pissed after a frEAKING DOUBLE SUICIDE WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND WHO HE THINKS IS DEAD AND WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT FRIENDSHIP AND MAGIC MANGA WITH CUTE FLYING CATS

Right-wing gala attendees give the officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death a standing ovation.

The Baltimore police officers charges in the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray received a hero’s welcome last week at an annual gala of the ring-wing media watchdog, Media Research Center. 

During the private soirée on Sept. 22, the six officers charged in the arrest that led to the black man’s death were saluted as victim-survivors of attacks by the"left, political agitators and the national media" hellbent on advancing an “anti-police narrative,” as Fox News contributor and gala speaker Deneen Borelli put it.

Borelli went on to tell the crowd why the officers deserve our thanks and apologies.

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  • Erza:Levy, congratulations, you deserve the best, and you’ve found it… Gajeel; don't you dare hurt her.
  • Gajeel:Haha I won't.
  • Panther Lily:Don't laugh she means it.
  • Gajeel:I-I wont..
  • Gray:Seriously, don't hurt her.
  • Gajeel:Ok, I'm not planning on hurting her.
  • Lucy:You better not be.
  • Gajeel:I'm not.
  • Happy:Gajeel, you best watch yourself.
  • Gajeel:Why would any of you think I would hurt Levy, you’re all my friends too.
  • Natsu:Meh.

Ivar is almost exactly six months old, and I cannot BELIEVE how much he’s grown. I haven’t had him weighed in a while but hot damn, he stands as tall at the shoulder as Cabal does, and still has a ways to go.

Wolfdogs don’t typically exceed 100 pounds in weight (despite many misrepping owners making preposterous claims of their “wolves” being 150 or more). In fact, Ivar’s large size will likely be one of his more doggy traits. Wolves in the wild have been recorded at up to 148 pounds in recent years, but these individuals are exceptionally rare, and should be considered outliers to the norm. Most range between 75 - 100, with the majority being on the lighter end of the spectrum. 

For more information about wolfdogs, or to make a contribution to help, please check out 


Happy Birthday Elena ( @xoxomyseriesxoxo )

say a little prayer
for you and me

(I bid farewell to love)
誓えない 愛を
(that can’t promise us)
(an eternity anymore)

- Re:pray by Aimer

Just a little something of what I’ve been doing these days (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

{ Note: It needed so much cleaning tho, I even had to redraw his foot as well T^T }

Cause it’s too cold
for here and now
so let me hold
both your hands in the holes of my sweater. 

- Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

This is my very first fanart I did on my graphic tablet! Since I love this couple with my whole heart, I wanted to draw these precious cinnamon rolls and this song just goes so well with them ^.^ 

Fairy Tail 503
  • Dimaria:I want to become a wonderful bipolar just like the emperor!
  • Lucy:I'm gonna show my haters my character developement by making angry my enemy that is an already pissed off psycho!
  • Natsu:Oh no Lucy is suffering! I'm gonna save her again with The Nakama Power!!!
  • E.N.D.:You wish lol
  • Porlyusca:Here I am the most useless doctor in the while history, who mistakes a diagnosis in the middle of an apocalyctic war!
  • Brandish:Lololol fuck you Dimaria guess who's alive?
  • Evergreen:Just showed up for the new brotp
  • E.N.D.:Oh look I was just wandering around and here is my best friend whose goal is destroy me
  • Gray:Notice me Sasuke-senpai