gray sectional

Since my computer freaks out when I try to keyboard code special characters into browser windows and I’m too lazy to copy/paste them all when doing English for Spanish speakers on Duolingo I end up with things like:

Duolingo: Translate: thousands of years
Me: [knowing very well the answer is miles de años] miles de anos
Duolingo: [counts it as correct but reminds me of the actual spelling]
Me: Thousands of anuses

     it’s not exactly a rule that you can’t spend time at your place of work outside of your busy shifts and whatnot — it’s just that most people don’t exactly want to linger in the greasy shadow of the diner if they’re not being paid. will, though, has other reasons to turn up at night when he’s not scheduled beyond that of food well outside his diet plan, and those are definitely his OWN business, no one else’s. “ hey, grayson —– ” will’s certainly not demonstrating prime patron behavior at the moment, shoes propped up on the seat of chair across from him as he lounges a bit obnoxiously at the table, thoroughly amused smirk playing at lips. he’d even taken the trouble to seat himself well within gray’s section of tables because fuck rachel and her peppiness and endless gossip. he’s not HERE to admire rachel’s impressive winged eyeliner anyway. “ —- bit slow on the service here, i’d say. or is that because it’s me?