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Look what came in the mail today! My Gray-sama FT Mag! ^0^

It’s so much smaller than what I thought it would be. For some reason I was picturing it to be the size of the weekly manga magazines, but it’s actually about the size of the official manga volume releases, but much thinner. Anyway, it looks great, and for all my fellow Gruvians out there, I found a few more appearances of Juvia hee!

I’m not sure what it says of course, but I guess the first pic talks a bit about Juvia’s first meeting with Gray where he started stripping, and his stripping problems in general, if the other pictures are any indication lol!

The second one is likely about the Gruvion love triangle. ^-^

The last one doesn’t have anything to do with Gray probably, because this section was part of a three page feature that looks to just be generally FT-related.

I sent melllllly a message about translating these sections, so hopefully she can. If not, then maybe thefairystales will get to them soon. In any case, it’s nice to have the mag itself, and I’ll definitely be getting Juvia’s too if/when it comes out. ^-^

Also, getting Lucy and Plue’s stickers included makes me a little sad that I wont be able to get the Gruvia ones that will be coming with Erza’s volume (I can’t justify buying the whole volume/DVD just for Gruvia stickers ^^; ). 


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The text in Gray's Love Section

Major thanks to BluecChuii for the scan:

Here’s the Japanese text in Gray’s “Love” section that I found on 2ch:





お互い “気の置けない仲間” といったところか。 





It essentially translates (VERY roughly) to:

As was said by GeminiGray, he is interested in Lucy’s looks, but there hasn’t been any progress on that front, and they are just friends/Lucy is someone easy to get along with/talk to.

While with Juvia, it says “he’s often harsh towards her, but he also sometimes says gentle things like "I’m here with you” and sometimes he holds her hand. Does he just think of her as a friend, or…!?“

Like I said, this is a a VERY rough translation, and there are far better people working on what is really being said, so I suggest we all just wait patiently to read what is really going on. But, it does seem like they are clearly stating Gray and Lucy are friends, while simultaneously hinting that Gray and Juvia have something more going on.

Honestly, after being worried that gray’s profile would feature a ton of other girls just to tease his love life, this is beyond awesome as a Gruvia fan. They are hardly being subtle here with the Gruvia tease to say the least lol!

Also, I can’t wait until the "relationship” portion is also translated, because they used that Gruvia cover to represent Gray’s close relationships (With Natsu and Juvia having the biggest/most prominent pics obviously), and there’s a couple of “!?” and some trailing off there too for Juvia’s section lol!


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