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Are you sure that the spaceman is from the Garrison ? I like to believe that but couldnt he be a rebel too ?

This guy? This guy is blatantly Garrison. That said, it seems to be a Garrison uniform we haven’t seen before. First, it has the Garrison’s gray and white with orange color scheme. (and I just noticed, it’s asymmetrical- on one side, the striped material goes all the way up the arm, while on the other, it has a gray section on the upper arm, it also seems to have a belt across the right thigh)

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Great Comet 8/18

My Great Comet Experience - 8/18/17 - Onstage Seating, First Row Banquettes, Aisle, Stage Right

-First of all, the stage is gorgeous. If Mimi Lien didn’t win Best Set Design I would’ve died

-Lulu Fall gave our section pierogis, and she was so sweet, and they were delicious

-Amber Gray did or section for the pre-show announcements. Okay, so, I met her the day before I saw the show, and she remembered my name? Y'all can brag about Amber smiling at you, but wait until I tell you what happened at the stage door. Not everyone gets to be friends with one of their idols

-I almost started crying when the show started

-The scene where Andrey leaves for war is honestly heartbreaking, as is the expression on Scott’s face

-Within the first minute I was slapped by about five costumes, which I liked a lot. I also got a ton of eye contact from everyone, I swear. Everyone

-In the perfect position to hear everyone, including being able to pick out all of the harmonies through all of the songs

-When Lucas said ‘he spends his money on women and wine,’ he winked at my mom

-Scott is actually a m a z i n g, and he was consistent through all of the show

-Amber conducts the women during Pierre, I was the only one who really got it, I think

-Marya and Natasha are very dismissive of Sonya in Moscow, it sort of surprised me. However, Grace McLean’s expressions are absolutely amazing, as well as her voice

-Courtney Bassett was very good as Mary, just very different than Gelsey. Her Mary has a much tighter leash on her emotions

-When Paul was doing his thing as the servant, when he went up to Bolkonsky, Nicholas Belton said ‘I’ve told you not to sneak up on me like that’

-When Denée sang in The Private and Intimate Life of The House she sang to me a bit

-I nearly had a panic attack during the ‘where are my glasses’ sequence

-When Denée said hello in Natasha and Bolkonskys I almost started laughing, just because I was expecting it to be quiet and shy, but nope!

-Denée and Courtney came and sat right in front of us while they were singing ‘constrained, and strained,’ and it was awesome

-T h e m e a n o l d m a n i n h i s u n d e r t h i n g s

-When Bolkonsky said 'not in my house’ I nearly died, because I didn’t expect it

-No One Else was stunning. Denée’s voice is gorgeous, and the blue lighting is beautiful

-The snow fell right next to me in No One Else

-All of The Opera

-Honestly Nick and Amber were so amazing in the Opera. They came and sat right in front of us, and Amber whispered, 'Don’t worry, it’s only for a little,’ and she and Nick smiled at me

-The Opera itself makes a lot more sense when you see Andrey being shot

-Lucas’ entrance? Was amazing? He is one of my idols, honestly. He manages to be super talented and live his life as a person. Natasha, I get you girl

-Natasha and Anatole was great. Lucas made eye contact with me a bit, one of my life long goals came true

-Nick came through the audience in The Duel, which made me smile for some reason

-The strobe lights in The Duel made me really happy

-Lauren Zakrin sat in front of us in The Duel with another ensemble member (who I didn’t have time to recognize) to snort the fake crack. Before she did, she picked up my pierogi, and said 'You haven’t eaten this yet?’ I said, 'I’m saving it.’ She said 'You have to eat it while it’s still warm!’

-For 'Never mind about that now/It doesn’t matter/I don’t give a damn,’ and when Dolokhov is singing about Anatole before, Nick sang to us and made eye contact with me a bit, and Lucas and Amber were in front of us

-'OH, this is horribly stupid!’ Killed me. Lucas’ expressions throughout the song were great

-I didn’t know Dolokhov and Pierre went to the stairs on the side of the stage to start their paces for the duel

-Amber’s scream d e s t r o y e d me. Hélène does have feelings


-All of Dust and Ashes was stunning. Scott is such an amazing Pierre. Also the choral parts? Amazing


-Charming was amazing. Amber Gray is such a talented woman. Honestly one of the best songs in the show

-The dancing in The Ball was phenomenal

-When Lucas runs up the stairs to kiss Natasha during 'blocking her path, I bring her face close to mine,’ he ran right by me

-T h e k i s s

-All of Letters

-In the beginning I got sang to for “Once it’s on the paper we feel better, we feel better/It’s like some kind of clarity when the letter’s done and signed”

-Cathryn Wake gave me her letter (shoulder bops get you places), and it said 'Hold fast to what you love, xo, Cathryn’

-When Hélène is passing the letter along the front row


-Lucas held that note forever

-That look Anatole gives Sonya at the end of letters

-Denée’s face during 'I do not grasp the question’ is me constantly

-Sonya Alone made me cry

-Okay so you know how y'all say ’___ could step on me and I would be grateful,’ right? Well, Nick Choksi actually stepped on my foot, so.

-Dolokhov and Anatole in Preparations are fabulous. When Nick tries to interrupt Anatole during 'Isn’t that so, now, don’t you know’

-I started getting super pumped during Balaga. Paul was great, and I saw the Dolokhov and Anatole kiss! Short but sweet

-The. Abduction

-I talked about this one, but during 'Everyone raise a glass/WHOOOooooooooooOoAH’ (which Lucas held forever), he grabbed a nearby man’s water bottle and shoved it into his hand, so I ended up raising my invisible glass

-The Gypsy Lovers segment made me cry

-The number is wild. There’s so much to watch, the fist fight, the make out session, etc. I got a bit flustered. The dancing was fabulous, I found myself watching Alex Gibson a lot. He has such an energy

-'WOOOOOOOAH/Here’s to happiness, freedom and life/Hey!’ Was one of the best Broadway moments of the season. The portrait smashing was great

-'Shut the door! First we have to sit down/That’s the way/It’s a Russian custom,’ Lucas sat right behind us, just having a staring contest with the girl he pushed over. So, you know, up close view of Lucas Steele

-Shoba plucking the violin made me super happy (?)

-'Hey Balaga ho Balaga hey hey hey Balaga/Hey HEY Balaga’

-Marya’s facial expressions during 'You will not enter my house scoundrel!’

-And Anatole’s expressions

-Grace was about eleven feet away from me while singing the first minute of In My House and I was trembling

-S o n y a w h y

-And then Denée went there for 'And she threw herself down on the sofa’

-Grace McLean during all of A Call To Pierre, she stuns me

-For some reason, whenever Pierre left his study it felt really symbolic to me

-'NatAsha/NatAsha/It is essential that I see Natasha/How can I see her?’

-When Pierre met Hélène and Anatole in the drawing room, the three were super close to us

-During 'You are more repulsive to me than ever,’ Amber whispered 'Go,’ to Lucas, then ran and leaned right on my banquette section, right next to me

-Scott was actually terrifying in A Call To Pierre, Lucas, I get you

-'Amuse yourself with women like my wife/With them your within your rights,’ Amber’s gasp hurt my heart

-Lucas’ expressions for the rest of the song were flawless, my eyes welled a little

-I think I was the only one who understood Natasha was poisoning herself

-Denée’s s c r e a m when she poisons herself, and when Grace comes onstage made me cry

-I’m sure everyone says this, but- 'Next day Anatole left/For PETERSBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURG!’

-Brittain made me cry- again- during Natasha Very Ill, but I think I was also crying because of Nick accompanying her onstage

-Nicholas Belton was fabulous in Pierre and Andrey. He was so crushed

-Scott’s face during 'If you wish to be my friend/Never speak of that again,’ made me cry. His Pierre is so excellent

-I love the piano in Pierre and Natasha. It breaks my heart.

-I was actually watching Amber for portions of the song, and she made me cry

-I started crying when Denée started crying

-I cried even harder during the proposal

-All of The Great Comet Of 1812 made me cry. All of it. I watched Lucas for a little, and it broke my heart

-I sobbed during bows

-At the stage door (this includes people who snuck out the alternate door and smiled at me for a few seconds) I met many ensemble members, including Josh, Alex, Shoba, Lauren, Cathryn, Mary Page, and a few others. I also met Denée, Grace, Nicholas B, and Lucas (who did not go down the line, but smiled at me). Brittain, Courtney, Nick C, and Paul Pinto went down the line

-Amber snuck out, but then came back. We hugged, talked a bit, and she only took a picture with me, then left with Brittain

-I cried a lot that night

-Tears of gratitude

Meet Me In the Hallway- Chapter 1

Okay guys, here’s chapter one of my new Harry AU. It starts slow, but this is really just the chapter that sets the scene. I promise it gets more lengthy and in depth as it goes! This is also the first time I’ve written in two years, so I’m a bit rusty. Be gentle, please lol.

I took a deep breath as I drove by the house that had become a permanent fixture in my brain, a ghost of my former self, my painful past. As I passed the driveway, it was almost as if the house was taunting me, reminding me that I almost lost everything. I could still faintly see fist-sized holes in the kitchen wall as I quickly peered through the large window at the front of the house, making me shudder at the painful memory.
The house had become a representation of pain and pure anger. There were no happy memories left in that house. All of that was erased day by day the longer I stayed. The longer I let the demons overtake me, the longer I lost myself.
It had been a little over a year since I had last set foot in that house, much less on campus, and I was glad for it, glad that I was finally getting past the worst year of my entire life, glad that I am moving into a new house and mending things with my best friend. But most of all, I was glad to be getting the fresh start that I needed– no, deserved.

Chapter 1

Looking around at the quaint and freshly renovated home, I smiled, knowing this was going to be a good start. This was going to be my year, I was going to focus on myself and no one else. I needed to do this, if not for anyone but myself. I had been through hell and back, it was my turn to take charge of my life.

“It looks great! Tyler did an awesome job.” Haley puffed, setting down a box of her beloved vinyl records on the counter before draping an arm over my shoulder. “I’m really glad you’re back, Tay. This is going to be a good year. For both of us. No more thinking about last year, just focusing on having fun and being young.”

I smiled, pulling my best friend in for a hug that I had longed for for what seemed like ages. “I’m glad to be back.”

“Okay now that we’ve got the sappy shit out of the way, let’s get to unpacking all of-”

Her sentence dropped as we heard a loud thud from outside followed by an Irish voice yelling, “Fucking hell!”

I giggled, shuffling outside to see what I knew was probably a mess. I was right, there he was surrounded by a mountain of boxes that had fallen from the moving truck.

“Damn it, Horan.” Haley groaned with a small smile, shuffling down the front steps. “I told you to wait until Harry got here to get the heavy stuff. You don’t need to be lifting too much with your back.”

Niall rolled his blue eyes, glancing at his girlfriend, “I’m a man, I can handle this.”

“Yeah, looks like you’re doing a fabulous job at that.” I giggled from the front porch, leaning against one of the posts.

He glanced up, looking happy to see me as I came down to embrace him, “How are ya, Tatertot?”

“Better, much better.”

“Oh by the way, babe. Harry can’t make it. He’s not flying back in until tomorrow.” Niall puffed, scratching his head as we broke our embrace. “So it’s just gonna be us tree.”

She huffed, “Fine, it’ll just take us a little bit longer now. So we may want to get to work.”

After four hours of transferring boxes and furniture from the trucks to the house, we had finally managed to empty the trucks. The three of us were exhausted, plopping down onto Haley’s mattress on the floor.

“I’m starved,” Niall stated, “I think we’ve earned a break. Let’s go.”

We walked down the sidewalk of Main Street, taking in the unusually quiet scene. It was a sunny day, but the temperature had stayed fairly mild much to my appreciation. The college town was just beginning to see the return of students coming off of summer break, moving into new living accommodations, preparing for another semester of school. I for one, was happy to be back to somewhat normal, at least environmentally. I had missed the beautiful campus that I had called home for two years before everything happened. It was a refreshing sight to see that everything was the same, not that I had expected it to change much in just a year.

Tino’s was our favorite place to grab a bite. The quaint sports bar was the perfect spot for the three of us, whether there was a game that we were just dying to see, if we wanted a quiet drink, or if we just wanted some damn good wings and pizza. It’s been owned by the same family since it opened in 1954, and we were one of many groups of their regulars.

“Hey, hey! Look who’s here!” Our friend Vinny exclaimed, wiping his hands on a bar rag, before ushering us to our favorite booth. “The usual? Three Bud Lights on draft and one large, thin crust pepperoni and Canadian bacon?”

We all nodded in agreement, “Shocker, right?”

“I’ll get that right out for you. Nice to see you guys again.” He smiled warmly, patting me on the shoulder before breaking for the kitchen. Minutes later, he returned with three mugs almost overflowing with beer, setting them down in front of us before rushing off again. I reached for one, taking a long gulp.

“Okay, I’m curious,” I started, wiping foam from my top lip, “Who is this Harry character you two were talking about earlier?”

“He was my roommate when I lived at the International House.” Niall explained, taking a sip of his own beer. “He’s also one of my fraternity brothers.”

“He’s a Delta Chi?” I questioned. “How have I not met him before?”

“Well, Tatertot, you were kind of not really around for two years. Even when you were around, you weren’t around us.”

Haley glanced up at me with a cheeky smile, “He’s a cutie. Maybe he would be a good distraction for you.”

“No, I don’t need a distraction. I need things to get back to normal.” I argued, taking another gulp of my beer. “I need to focus on myself.”

“Tay, you need to get back out there. Who knows? It may help push things further away, which is something you need.” Haley pleaded. I knew she was right, I needed to push the thoughts completely out of my mind. It was the only way I was truly going to be happy again.

I sighed, “Hales, I know you mean well, but I just need to be single for a while. Have fun.”

Vinny reappeared with our steaming hot pizza, making my mouth water and realize just how hungry I was.

“Thanks mate.” Niall said as he immediately dug into the biggest piece on the platter, as he usually did. “Fuckin’ hell this is good.”

Haley rolled her eyes, finishing off her beer just as Vinny had returned with another round for the three of us. “You know me so well, Vinny. Maybe I should be dating you instead.”

Niall didn’t even flinch as Vinny laughed walking away. Niall turned to her, puckering up his lips “You’re stuck with me, baby.”

She laughed, rolling her eyes and pushing his pizza sauce covered lips away. I smiled, wishing that I could find someone to love me the way that Niall loved Haley.

“Get a room.”

“I think it’s coming along pretty well.”

I took a look around our living room, smiling at our work. We had decided to go for a very cozy, neutral theme. Fluffy gray sectional, different variations of gold, grey, and white sprinkled in the decorations. A bit of both of our personalities was evident in the room.

“What better way to celebrate new beginnings than with our favorite bff past time?” Haley smiled, pulling a bottle of moscato from the fridge. “A little moscato and Teen Wolf?”

“Oh my god, yes. You don’t know how long I’ve needed this.”

She sat down opposite of me, pouring a hearty helping in my glass, “I really missed you. You missed so much. I didn’t think you were coming back.”

I looked at her, her pretty face visibly sad. “Let’s not talk about that, this is a happy occasion. We’re back together and better for it.”

She nodded, raising her glass. “To new beginnings.

“To new beginnings.”

“Fuuuuuuck.” I grumbled into my pillow as my alarm went off. Why I ever thought an 8 AM was a good idea, I would never know. Rolling over, I peered through the tiny slit in between my curtains before turning off the blaring alarm. The sun was already shining bright at 6:45 AM. I groaned as I rubbed my tired eyes, finally managing to pull myself from my warm bed and trudge into my bathroom to turn on the shower. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and shuddered, how had I managed to turn my whole head of hair into a bird’s nest?

After pulling the oversized t-shirt over my head and slipping out of my underwear, I stepped into the steam and savored the scalding hot water washing over my skin. This was always the one part of my mornings that I loved. A shower seemed to just fix things in the smallest of ways and helped me start my morning.

I quickly applied a light layer of makeup and curled my hair slightly, and threw on a mauve cotton tshirt dress. Might as well look somewhat nice for the first day back in classes. I sighed, pulling on the jacket and giving myself a glance over once more.

“I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” I muttered to myself before grabbing my bag and denim jacket to head out of the door.

Haley was already awake and showered, much to my surprise seeing as she never had a class before ten. She stood in the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her head fixing a smoothie and nibbling on a piece of peanut butter toast.

“You’re up early.”

“Yeah, I just thought I’d get up and start my day since I was already awake.”

“I’m already looking forward to a nap this afternoon.” I sighed, pulling a mason jar from the cupboard before walking to the fridge to grab the orange juice. “My mom called this morning at around 3 AM, because she had a nightmare and wanted to make sure I was okay.”

Haley glanced up at me for the first time since I had walked into the kitchen. Her expression was sympathetic, “Tay, are you okay? Like genuinely okay? We never did talk about-”

“Look at the time! Gotta go, see you at lunch! Love you.” I interrupted, grabbing a granola bar, before I fled to the front door. I was desperate to avoid the subject, it wasn’t something I liked talking about with anyone, not even Haley.

Behavioral Psychology was not a class I had looked forward to. It was one of my last pre-requisites I had as a pre-med student and I had already avoided it for too long. It was time to face the class I knew would probably bore me to tears. It wasn’t that I didn’t respect the field of psychology, I completely did. Haley was a psych major herself and it was her passion. It just didn’t hold my interest in the slightest.

The second row is always the safest. You look interested enough but you’re also safe from being called on randomly to answer a question that someone else is more prepared for. Thankfully, there was two seats left in the middle of the row. I grabbed one, setting my bag down and pulling out my syllabus. Looking over the contents, I rolled my eyes. This was going to be a headache.

“Good morning, everyone. Welcome to Behavioral Psychology, I’m Professor Bennett.” The stout, middle aged woman call from the bottom of the tiered classroom. “I have one rule, and one rule only. I don’t appreciate tar-”

Just then, a tall boy with curly hair appeared in the doorway, slightly flustered, obviously in a rush. He smiled slightly, looking at Professor Bennett.

“Tardiness.” She finished, with a quirk of her brow. “Please, take a seat.”

He blushed, mouthing a quick apology before scanning the room for an open seat. His eyes landed on me, meeting mine briefly. With a flash of his dimples he started to make his way towards me.

“Can I help you?” I asked confused, as he stopped beside me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t immediately physically attracted to him. From the mess of curls, to the deep dimples in his cheeks to his infectious smile– No, stop Taylor. You can’t get distracted by a boy.

“Erm, the seat beside you. I believe your luggage is taking it over.” He smirked, pointing to my large purse and backpack occupying the seat beside me.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” I blushed, quickly grabbing the bags and shoving them under my seat before turning my attention back to Professor Bennett. Fuck, he has an accent.

“I’m Harry, by the way.”

Harry’s POV:

“Taylor.” She never broke her gaze from the front of the room, focusing on the professor. Her hair was falling just over her shoulder, brushing against the pen she was anxiously tapping against her notebook. She was cute, I’d say probably twenty, twenty-one at most.

“So, what year are you?” I asked quietly, leaning in towards her, catching the slightest whiff of her perfume.


“Have you always gone here?”

She sighed, closing her eyes before turning to me, “If you don’t mind, I’m trying to-”

“Miss Callahan, do you have something to add?” Professor Bennett asked, looking pointedly at the brunette girl that sat beside me.

She blushed, sinking into her seat “No ma’am. I apologize.”

Settling back in my seat, I glanced over at her once more. It was hard to put my finger on where I knew her from. I pulled out my phone, bringing up Niall’s contact, opening up a new text.

haley’s roommate, what’s her name?

Moments later, my phone vibrated with Niall’s response, Taylor Callahan.

I smirked, returning my phone back to my pocket, suddenly hearing the multitude of books closing. People started filing out of the classroom, and without me even noticing, she had slipped into the crowd.

Quickly packing up my things, I started after her.

“Hey! Callahan!” I called, watching as she stopped and turned around confused.

“How do you-”

“You got in trouble, remember?” I smirked, looking down and seeing long dark lashes framing a pair of beautiful green eyes.

“That’s because you kept talking to me.” She drawled, a hint of a Southern accent was laced with her words. She’s not from around here either.

“You didn’t have to reply you know.”

She sighed, “Do you need something because I have another class…”

“Have lunch with me.”

“Sorry, I already have plans.” She spun back around, making her way back down the hall. My gaze followed her, enjoying what I was seeing.

“Another time then?” I called after her, smiling.

She turned around, flashing a cute grin, “Bye, Harry.”

Taylor’s POV:

“There you are, I thought you were never gonna show.” Haley muttered, stuffing her mouth with her burrito. The student commons building was the most crowded it would be for the entire year, seeing as everyone was out of classes earlier because of syllabus week.

I sighed, setting down my bag of Chick-Fil-A and pulling out a chair. “I know, I know. I got caught up in a meeting with my study group.”

“A study group? It’s the first day of classes.” Niall looked slightly offended, making me giggle.

“It’s for organic chemistry. We already have an ass load of work to do.” I groaned, realizing I was already behind on the first day. Organic chemistry was something I dreaded since I had declared my major, and my study group was already irritating me– a group of guys who acted like they had never interacted with a girl and a girl who acted like she was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

“So Harry texted me about you earlier.” Niall spoke with a mouth full of food.

I looked up at him with a quirked eyebrow, “How does he know about me?”

“How do you think?” Haley questioned with a smirk. “We’re not giving up on this, Tay.”

“Guys, I’ve already told you, no boys.”

My phone buzzed in my pocket, taking my attention. A picture of me and my mom displayed across the screen, making my heart clench. I missed her, going from seeing her everyday again to barely talking to her all day was hard. Already knowing what this conversation was going to be about, I hesitated but I answered the call.

“Hey mom.” I answered, walking outside to the sidewalk.

“How are you today?” She asked carefully. “Are your classes okay? Is it too much?”

I huffed, slightly annoyed, “I’m fine. Classes are classes. I’m glad to be back.”

“I just don’t want you to overload yourself too soon.”

I knew she was just being a mom but, she needed to realize that this was what I needed to do. I needed to face every demon, I needed to get back into the swing of things, I needed to graduate. There was only one way to do that and she needed to just let me.

“It’s been a year, mom.”

“Honey, just listen to me-”

“No, listen to me, please. I’m okay, trust me. Haley and Niall are keeping constant checks on me. I promise, you will be the first one to know if anything happens, but it won’t. Everything is going to be fine.” I knew that she had tears in her eyes, every time she talked to me she seemed like she was walking on glass. It pained her as much as it did me to talk about it. All I wanted to do was hug her and let her breathe. Being over ten hours away from home hasn’t always been the easiest thing, especially now but it was something I needed to deal with. “The house is great by the way. Tyler did amazing. I hope y'all can come visit soon.”

She sighed, “Soon, honey. Hopefully your father can take a few days off in a few weeks so we can come spend some time with you. I think it would do both of our minds some good.”

“Listen mom, I’ve gotta go finish lunch and get to the house. I’ll call you soon. I love you.”

“I love you.”

I hung up the phone and ran a hand through my hair before making my way back to the door. Sitting at the table was a familiar mop of curls, he looked up smirking, “Nice to see you again, Taylor.”

I rolled my eyes, “Are you stalking me?”

Niall perked up, looking at me as I returned to my seat, “So you two have met?”

“Yeah, we have psych together.” I answered, checking my watch. “Shit, I gotta go.”

Quickly gathering up my things, I muttered a quick goodbye before making a break for the parking lot.

Harry’s POV:

“What’s the deal with her?” I questioned, watching her shuffle out of the student commons building and down the front steps. “She always seems like she’s late.”

“She is.” Haley took a sip of her drink, “She has a meeting with her sorority advisor today about becoming active again.”

“Why was she inactive?” I questioned, watching as the couple in front of me shared a worried glance.

“Um, well she had a really bad year and decided to take a year off.” Haley answered carefully, avoiding my eyes and focusing her gaze on the remnants of her lunch. “Personal reasons.”

“What happened?” I knew I shouldn’t pry, but I couldn’t help myself. There was something deeper than ‘personal reasons’. There’s only a few reasons someone would be approved to go inactive. It was a process and so many people have to vote on it, so what were they hiding?

“Look mate, it’s not our place to say and it’s not something Taylor is going to tell you about so you might as well just forget about it.” Niall quipped, throwing me a ‘please shut the hell up’ look.

“Fine, sorry for asking. I won’t bring it up again.” I apologized, realizing that it was definitely a lot deeper. Maybe it was best that I didn’t pry, but I still wanted to know more about her. I needed to know Taylor Callahan.

Taylor’s POV:

As I left the Alpha Xi house, I glanced around the Greek square, taking in the familiar scene. I was always glad I had decided to rush, even though it was expected considering I was a double legacy because of my mother and sister. It had brought me some amazing girls that I will always call some of my closest friends, and more importantly, an advisor that had supported me through all of my difficulties.

“So, you’re an Alpha Xi?” I heard that familiar deep, British drawl.

He stood at the sidewalk in front of the house, one hand holding onto the strap of his backpack that was slung lazily onto one shoulder as the other hand dug into the pocket of his tight jeans. He wasn’t the type I normally went for but there was just something about him that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I chuckled, walking down the steps of the house, “So you are stalking me.”

The dimples appeared, making my heart flutter slightly and I wanted to punch myself for feeling that way. Fuck, Taylor. Stop this.

“Actually, I was on my way to the house.” He pointed down the road to the Delta Chi house. “How was your meeting?”

“It was good. I’m assuming Haley told you?”

There was the dimples again, followed by a chuckle, “Yeah, she knows your schedule pretty well.”

“Listen, I’m sorry about being rude earlier. I just have a lot going on.” I apologized sincerely, running a hand through my hair.

“I know a way you could make it up to me.” He smirked. “Go on a date with me.”

I laughed, “We barely know each other and I’ve pretty much sworn off guys for a while.”

“The whole point of a date is to get to know someone.”

I sighed, beginning to walk past him, “Harry, you seem nice, but I’m just not looking for anything right now.”

“Fine, how about we just hang out, as friends? S’no harm in tha’.”

I turned around, seeing him smile that adorable dimpled smile, making my heart do the thing again. “There’s a party at my house Friday night. You can come if you’d like.”

“It’s a date.”

I rolled my eyes, letting myself smile from ear to ear when I was out of view, beginning towards my car again, shouting, “It’s not a date!”

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Rude Awakening

Here you go, nonnie! Thank you for the request :)

Originally posted by aomg-jaypark

It was still dark outside when you woke up. Gray’s light snoring was the only sound in the house and you had the distinct impression that your arm had fallen asleep underneath you. Every fiber of your being wanted to shut your eyes and drift back to sleep but something didn’t feel right. Your skin was clammy making your hair cling to your face and all of your joints seemed to ache simultaneously.

Gray barely stirred when you rolled onto your back to free your arm. Your mind flipped through all of the possibilities as you stared up at the ceiling.

Food poisoning… Allergies… Flu…

You looked over at Gray and ruled out food poisoning as none of your symptoms seemed to have manifested in him. That left allergies or the flu. The one thing you were sure of was that you couldn’t let Gray get sick. Gray was the most miserable looking sick person you had ever taken care of. He didn’t complain or demand too much but you could tell by looking at him that he was distraught. That his mind was brooding over the things he could be doing if he weren’t sick and you hated being the one that kept him home.

But when you sat up in bed you knew exactly what was happening. The feeling was nothing if not unmistakable and the realization made your body go rigid. You lifted yourself off of the mattress just enough to brush your hand across the back of your shorts. You nearly groaned out loud when you felt a warm, wet spot which you knew had stained the sheets even before you worked up the nerve to check.

This cannot be happening.

It was the only cohesive thought running through you mind alongside a slew of profanities. You disentangled your legs from Gray’s, careful not to disturb him in the midst of your internal panic, and hurried to the guest bathroom instead of the one off of the bedroom so he wouldn’t hear the shower running.

The vanity lights revealed in the mirror that you looked almost as terrible as you felt. Your face was patchy. Your cheeks were flushed. The sweat had made the remnants of yesterday’s eyeliner run until you had dark circles under your eyes.

The first wave of cramps hit before you could prepare yourself. Your knuckles grew pale as you gripped the edge of the sink to steady your balance and you had to remind yourself to breathe. It was a struggle between your churning stomach and your blatant refusal to be sick that kept you from throwing up.

“You need to get a grip,” you told your reflection. “Pull yourself together and figure something out.”

Showering was the only trace of a plan that you had at the moment so you turned on the faucet and began pacing back and forth while you waited for the water to get warm. The shorts clung to your inner thighs as you peeled them off and tossed them into the shower to start rinsing. Then you searched through the small linen closet to find some towels and wondered to yourself why anyone would think white towels were a good idea when you found them.

The water was slightly too hot but you didn’t care. It made the cramps subside. For a while you simply stood there, enjoying the feeling as the steam engulfed the room, before turning your attention to scrubbing your ruined underwear.

By the time you finished, you had the rest of your plan laid out. Gray kept a toothbrush and an extra set of clothes for you in his apartment. Nothing too personal, you both weren’t at that stage yet, but he made sure he had the essentials for you. Most of them.

If, and it was a big “if,” you could get your pajamas in the washing machine, cover the sheet stain with a pillow, and grab the extra clothes without waking up Gray, you were sure you could make a quick run to the store for supplies; using a generous amount of toilet paper in the meantime. You were also going to buy the ingredients to make breakfast while you were there so you could change the sheets while he was eating.

But all of your hopes were crushed when you got to the bedroom to find that Gray had already stripped the sheets for the laundry and made the bed again. You knew there was no way he couldn’t have seen. A neatly folded stack of clothes lay on your half of the bed and on the side table he had placed a bottle of pain relievers next to a glass of water.

Gray was in the kitchen when you finally emerged. He was staring down at the pan in front of him so intently, hand holding a spatula so he could be ready to flip the pancake at a moment’s notice, that he barely noticed you come in until you took a seat at the breakfast bar.

“Good morning, jagi,” he said mid-flip. “Are you hungry?”

He seemed so nonchalant as if the events of the morning were part of an unspoken routine. You didn’t know what you had been expecting but watching him struggle not to burn breakfast made your shoulders relax.


He beamed as he added the final pancake to the stack and set the plate on the counter in front of you alongside scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Then you’re in luck. I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I made what you usually cook but if you want something else I can-”

“It’s perfect,” you returned his smile.

Gray served your plate for you but he couldn’t help but notice that you were only taking tiny bites. Mostly pushing the food around with your fork.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I’m fine.”

The transparency of your tone was so hopelessly obvious. Gray put his fork down on the edge of his plate and tilted his head to the side as he looked at you to show that he wasn’t fooled.

“Talk to me.”

“I’m so,” you started but flinched as another wave a cramps came on. “Embarrassed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now.”

“Jagi,” he said softly. Gray brushed a section of hair behind your ear and traced his hand gently across your cheek. He was surprised by how warm you felt as you squirmed in your seat to get comfortable. “Come here.”

He scooped you up in his arms and carried you over to the couch. He made sure to grab you a blanket, tucked you in, and leaned down to kiss your forehead to silence your protests before leaving the room. When he came back, Gray was balancing both plates of food in his arms as well as a hot water bottle.

“I can’t say I know what it feels like so I’m just making this up as I go along,” he said, blushing as he handed the water bottle to you.

“As evidence would suggest, I’m not much better at this stuff either.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. As you finished breakfast together, Gray sitting on the opposite end of the couch with your feet in his lap, you realized that this was turning out to be one of the best mornings you’d spent with him. It all felt so effortless.

“After we eat, I’m going to go to the store to pick up your, uh, supplies.”

“Really? Isn’t that against the AOMG image or something?”

Gray smirked without a word as he cleared the dishes. Then he leaned down over you until his lips were hovering just above your own.

“If I ever let my pride get in the way of taking care of you,” he said. “Dump me.”


He shook his head in mock disappointment and let his lips graze you teasingly.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Kiss me?”

“On one condition: you be as specific as possible about what you need because there are a lot of options to choose from and I don’t know where to start.”


Last chance

*A very short bit of Caryl fluff.

Last Chance                                                                                   Nov.  2017
By LJ Michaels


“Here,” Carol said. “Last piece.”

Daryl took the offered section of gray siding, fitting it into place at the corner of the little house. Hammering it into place, he wondered why Carol had asked him to do the repair. She could have done it herself, really, or had someone from the Kingdom help…not that he minded spending time alone with her.

“Much better,” Carol declared, but without much enthusiasm.

Daryl glanced at her. “No one even livin’ here anymore.”

“Well, Morgan still uses it sometimes.” She shrugged. “Might as well keep it up.”

“Wanna tell me why we’re really out here?”

Carol smiled softly. “You’ve never been one to beat around the bush.”

“Nope.” He leaned down and put the hammer and the few remaining nails into the small toolbox near his feet. He flipped the lid closed, waiting for Carol to reply.

“Ezekiel’s asked me to stay at the Kingdom. With him.”

Daryl was stung, and a sarcastic reply fell from his mouth before he could curb it. “As what? His ‘queen‘?”

“Basically…but…more than that.”

Daryl looked up sharply, his eyes wide, all sarcasm gone. “What…“ He swallowed hard, his stomach taking a fast, nauseating drop. “What does that m…?” He couldn’t get the rest out. Been such a damn coward, he scolded himself. Afraid to open my mouth…

Carol turned away slightly. She didn’t have the expression of a woman who’d been offered a place next to a king.

“Did…you…?”  Daryl found himself unable to move, but his hands clenched into tight fists.

She shook her head slowly. “I couldn’t. Can’t.”

Relaxing a little, he asked, “Why not?”

Carol turned to him, the pale blue of her eyes shining with tears. She smiled and reached up to brush the hair from his face. “It wouldn’t be fair to him…when my heart is so full of someone else.”

Daryl met her gaze, hope filling his heart. He felt a blush beginning to color his face, unable to stop the smile that tugged at his lips. “Tobin, huh?” Carol burst out laughing, a sound that made Daryl both relieved and delighted.

“No,” she said decisively, giggling a little. Sliding her hand beneath his long hair, Carol pulled Daryl to her and kissed him soundly.

Daryl let himself be kissed for a moment, bringing his relaxing hands to Carol’s waist. He slowly slid his arms around her slender body, needing her close.

Deepening their kiss, Carol whimpered softly. She pulled back to catch her breath, and rested her forehead on Daryl‘s. “Maybe….maybe we should…go inside.”

Daryl was puzzled for a moment, but then caught on. “Oh, uh…yeah. It’s um…cold.”

Carol scoffed lightly and backed up, tugging him toward the steps. Daryl stooped to pick up his crossbow, and they continued inside. When he set the crossbow down next to the door, Carol was instantly back in his arms.

His lips on her neck, he spoke quietly. “Carol?“

Shivering from his warm breath, Carol replied, “Mm-hmm?” Her hands roamed his broad back restlessly.

Daryl took a shaky breath. “I’m sorry.”

Pulling away, Carol stared at him in surprise. “For what?”

He eyes were on the floor. “For not…having my shit together enough to…“  He took one of her hands and raised it gently to his chest.

Carol smiled. “You weren’t…we weren’t ready.”

 “But…Ezekiel…” Daryl began.

With her free hand, Carol lifted his chin, forcing his denim-blue eyes to meet her gaze. “Ezekiel…never had a chance.”  

“Okay,” Daryl nodded. “Okay.” Hesitantly at first, he began to kiss her with everything he’d been holding back for so long.

Carol began backing them up toward the bedroom, unbuttoning Daryl’s shirt as they went.


Dancin N Romancin

18+ Fem!Reader 3k


Fic Summary: You’re in an established relationship with Hanzo, and tonight you guys are having a date night in! Where you get dressed up, stay in the apartment you share together, and have a date!

Hanzo points his spatula at you, narrowing his eyes, “Do not take one more step into this kitchen.”

You stomp your foot, your flowy dress swaying back and forth around your thighs, “I wanna help!”

“You are not allowed in here; you know this.”

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Chapter I - A sunny morning

           He did not know how long he had been there: hours, days, months, counting was impossible. The room, without any opening except for a large iron door that had been locked since he had been put inside, brought with it a feeling of hatred and fear that combined exceptionally with the cold humidity of the place. His body, covered only by the fine silk cloths all of his class wore, was not prepared for the low temperatures he was facing at the moment. His skin would shiver with every second that passed inside that cell. His stomach hurt as his hunger grew. His legs dangling as he leaned against the nearest wall. His messy hair was clinging to his forehead because of the cold sweat that fear and anxiety caused him, and the clotted blood that came from an ugly cut on his right temple. From his mouth, dried and cracked by his panting, traces of blood dripped down on the floor every time he coughed. His tired eyes, accustomed to the dim light that came through a gap between the door and the floor, analyzed everything they could, trying to find any gaps to plan his way out, his escape.

           Suddenly, his ears caught the sound of footsteps coming towards the room. It stopped when it was already high, and the door latch opened. The yellow and artificial light blinded him for a moment, and that was enough to remind him of the sunny morning that had brought him to that cell months later.

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futaqueenchrysalis  asked:

*Julia hums softly as she relaxes on her couch drinking some wine as she watches a romantic comedy movie. She giggles softly as this was a fun day since there was peace and quiet and she loved that greatly. She drinks more wine and yawns as she takes a quick nap due to the wine*

As the young woman slept, in the corner of the room a pillar of white-blue light appeared briefly before solidifying into a humanoid shape. The figure was clad in black trousers, and a black jacket with a gray section over the shoulders. A maroon high necked shirt stuck up above the collarless jacket with four gold dots on the right side.
She moved through the room, with a sense of purpose and a great deal of urgency. That all changed abruptly when her shin collided sharply with the edge of the coffee table.
“Oww! Damn it!” She swore, in her sudden outburst she neglected to keep her voice down.