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Chapter Ten

“Dreamland, take me there ‘cause I want your sex. If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away. Touch, make love, taste you”

A/N: here is the long awaited sex scene that all of you have been asking for!!! and there’s more to come after this hehe

I saw my reflection in the mirrors that line the wall leading to Niall’s apartment. The ride over to his flat was tense and quiet, only Niall’s fingers strumming my inner thighs as my nerves started to get the best of me. Am I sure of this?

Niall turns the keys, opening the door to his clean flat smelling of man and bleach.

“Can tell my cleanin’ lady’s been here, want a drink?” Niall closes the door and heads to the fridge.

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Rude Awakening

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It was still dark outside when you woke up. Gray’s light snoring was the only sound in the house and you had the distinct impression that your arm had fallen asleep underneath you. Every fiber of your being wanted to shut your eyes and drift back to sleep but something didn’t feel right. Your skin was clammy making your hair cling to your face and all of your joints seemed to ache simultaneously.

Gray barely stirred when you rolled onto your back to free your arm. Your mind flipped through all of the possibilities as you stared up at the ceiling.

Food poisoning… Allergies… Flu…

You looked over at Gray and ruled out food poisoning as none of your symptoms seemed to have manifested in him. That left allergies or the flu. The one thing you were sure of was that you couldn’t let Gray get sick. Gray was the most miserable looking sick person you had ever taken care of. He didn’t complain or demand too much but you could tell by looking at him that he was distraught. That his mind was brooding over the things he could be doing if he weren’t sick and you hated being the one that kept him home.

But when you sat up in bed you knew exactly what was happening. The feeling was nothing if not unmistakable and the realization made your body go rigid. You lifted yourself off of the mattress just enough to brush your hand across the back of your shorts. You nearly groaned out loud when you felt a warm, wet spot which you knew had stained the sheets even before you worked up the nerve to check.

This cannot be happening.

It was the only cohesive thought running through you mind alongside a slew of profanities. You disentangled your legs from Gray’s, careful not to disturb him in the midst of your internal panic, and hurried to the guest bathroom instead of the one off of the bedroom so he wouldn’t hear the shower running.

The vanity lights revealed in the mirror that you looked almost as terrible as you felt. Your face was patchy. Your cheeks were flushed. The sweat had made the remnants of yesterday’s eyeliner run until you had dark circles under your eyes.

The first wave of cramps hit before you could prepare yourself. Your knuckles grew pale as you gripped the edge of the sink to steady your balance and you had to remind yourself to breathe. It was a struggle between your churning stomach and your blatant refusal to be sick that kept you from throwing up.

“You need to get a grip,” you told your reflection. “Pull yourself together and figure something out.”

Showering was the only trace of a plan that you had at the moment so you turned on the faucet and began pacing back and forth while you waited for the water to get warm. The shorts clung to your inner thighs as you peeled them off and tossed them into the shower to start rinsing. Then you searched through the small linen closet to find some towels and wondered to yourself why anyone would think white towels were a good idea when you found them.

The water was slightly too hot but you didn’t care. It made the cramps subside. For a while you simply stood there, enjoying the feeling as the steam engulfed the room, before turning your attention to scrubbing your ruined underwear.

By the time you finished, you had the rest of your plan laid out. Gray kept a toothbrush and an extra set of clothes for you in his apartment. Nothing too personal, you both weren’t at that stage yet, but he made sure he had the essentials for you. Most of them.

If, and it was a big “if,” you could get your pajamas in the washing machine, cover the sheet stain with a pillow, and grab the extra clothes without waking up Gray, you were sure you could make a quick run to the store for supplies; using a generous amount of toilet paper in the meantime. You were also going to buy the ingredients to make breakfast while you were there so you could change the sheets while he was eating.

But all of your hopes were crushed when you got to the bedroom to find that Gray had already stripped the sheets for the laundry and made the bed again. You knew there was no way he couldn’t have seen. A neatly folded stack of clothes lay on your half of the bed and on the side table he had placed a bottle of pain relievers next to a glass of water.

Gray was in the kitchen when you finally emerged. He was staring down at the pan in front of him so intently, hand holding a spatula so he could be ready to flip the pancake at a moment’s notice, that he barely noticed you come in until you took a seat at the breakfast bar.

“Good morning, jagi,” he said mid-flip. “Are you hungry?”

He seemed so nonchalant as if the events of the morning were part of an unspoken routine. You didn’t know what you had been expecting but watching him struggle not to burn breakfast made your shoulders relax.


He beamed as he added the final pancake to the stack and set the plate on the counter in front of you alongside scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Then you’re in luck. I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I made what you usually cook but if you want something else I can-”

“It’s perfect,” you returned his smile.

Gray served your plate for you but he couldn’t help but notice that you were only taking tiny bites. Mostly pushing the food around with your fork.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I’m fine.”

The transparency of your tone was so hopelessly obvious. Gray put his fork down on the edge of his plate and tilted his head to the side as he looked at you to show that he wasn’t fooled.

“Talk to me.”

“I’m so,” you started but flinched as another wave a cramps came on. “Embarrassed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now.”

“Jagi,” he said softly. Gray brushed a section of hair behind your ear and traced his hand gently across your cheek. He was surprised by how warm you felt as you squirmed in your seat to get comfortable. “Come here.”

He scooped you up in his arms and carried you over to the couch. He made sure to grab you a blanket, tucked you in, and leaned down to kiss your forehead to silence your protests before leaving the room. When he came back, Gray was balancing both plates of food in his arms as well as a hot water bottle.

“I can’t say I know what it feels like so I’m just making this up as I go along,” he said, blushing as he handed the water bottle to you.

“As evidence would suggest, I’m not much better at this stuff either.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. As you finished breakfast together, Gray sitting on the opposite end of the couch with your feet in his lap, you realized that this was turning out to be one of the best mornings you’d spent with him. It all felt so effortless.

“After we eat, I’m going to go to the store to pick up your, uh, supplies.”

“Really? Isn’t that against the AOMG image or something?”

Gray smirked without a word as he cleared the dishes. Then he leaned down over you until his lips were hovering just above your own.

“If I ever let my pride get in the way of taking care of you,” he said. “Dump me.”


He shook his head in mock disappointment and let his lips graze you teasingly.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Kiss me?”

“On one condition: you be as specific as possible about what you need because there are a lot of options to choose from and I don’t know where to start.”


preview for chapter 10

Niall turns the keys, opening the door to his clean flat smelling of man and bleach.

“Can tell my cleanin’ lady’s been here, want a drink?” Niall closes the door and heads to the fridge.

“Just a water, please,” I cross my hands embedding my fingers into each other as I slowly take in my surroundings. Nic naks placed in its own place line the white walls on built in shelves. A gray rug covers the middle of the wooden floor in the sitting room that was surrounded by a  gray sectional couch. I sit on the edge of a cushion that is pushed into the couch, trying not to make my presence known for other guests. I stare at the pictures that Niall has framed along the shelves. Pictures of his friends, family, and his band mates. There’s a picture of him and Harry when Harry had long hair. It looks as if they were backstage, making an impromptu photoshoot. Both in all black, both staring at my soul, both capturing my heart…

Niall walks up, startling me out of my trance. He hands me a glass of water, his lips rolling onto the opening in the beer bottle. I sip on my water, my hands shaking at the thought of Niall touching me soon. I pull the glass away from my lips and run my fingers through my hair, pushing it to the side. I roll my lips in and then pout them out as I look up at Niall who is hungrily staring at me.

“God damn, ya look so fuckin’ sexy when ya do that,” Niall breathes.

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*Julia hums softly as she relaxes on her couch drinking some wine as she watches a romantic comedy movie. She giggles softly as this was a fun day since there was peace and quiet and she loved that greatly. She drinks more wine and yawns as she takes a quick nap due to the wine*

As the young woman slept, in the corner of the room a pillar of white-blue light appeared briefly before solidifying into a humanoid shape. The figure was clad in black trousers, and a black jacket with a gray section over the shoulders. A maroon high necked shirt stuck up above the collarless jacket with four gold dots on the right side.
She moved through the room, with a sense of purpose and a great deal of urgency. That all changed abruptly when her shin collided sharply with the edge of the coffee table.
“Oww! Damn it!” She swore, in her sudden outburst she neglected to keep her voice down.

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hi I'm kinda new to the fandom especially dramione blogs and I'm wondering if you could please explain what 1) The God of the Lost, 2) Crimson and Clover, 3) dramioneficlists, 4) coloured grey, 5) contraveritas, 6) Of Crimson Joy, 7) flagfic 8) dmhgficexchange 9) Letting go of the past 10) Draco Malfoy the Bouncing Rat, 11) Draco Triology 12) Wildcatcdc 13) bk11 is. I feel like I'm missing out on something important since I see these things talked about a lot and can't find them. Thanks!!

Hi, welcome!! Ok let me see:

1) The God of the Lost: A fic by author gravidy that has been deleted a while back, pdf can be found here

2) Crimson and Clover: A fic by author starrymoonmaiden that too has been deleted, pdf can be found here

3) dramioneficlists: The parent blog to this, originally started by Mandy, which housed numerous lists that categorized fics into themes, characters, genres etc. Was deleted almost a year ago. To compensate, the blog dramioneficindex​ was created which has all the fics from dramioneficlists but without the lists.

4) coloured grey: A dramione fanfiction site from the early 2000s, that has since been offline, some fics from that site can be found here

5) contraveritas: Same as the above. I believe coloured gray was an exclusive section to contra veritas, sort of like MalfoyManor is part of GrangerEnchanted but at the same time exclusive. Idk much about this, I joined the fandom after both sites went offline.

6) Of Crimson Joy: A fic by author xLittleRobinx that has been deleted, mobi file can be found here

7) flagfic: Website that allowed you to download fanfiction, was one of the best until blocked them from downloading fics from their site, and then the site went offline. :(

8) dmhgficexchange: Community on LJ, they host fic exchanges, where you can request a certain fic to be written by suggesting a plot, and someone will write it for you. This community no longer does fic exchanges fests.

9) Letting go of the past: A fic by author HermioneMalfoy79 that has been deleted, pdf can be found here

10) Draco Malfoy the Bouncing Rat: Another deleted fic this time by author Maya, pdf of entire work can be found here

11) Draco Triology: A draco-centric series of fics written by YA author Cassandra Claire (before she became a published author), more information about the series can be found here

12) Wildcatcdc: Another fanficiton author turned published author. Wrote a very popular fic called Out of Control which has since been deleted. html file can be found here

13) bk11: Author who also deleted all of their fics a while back, they can be found here   

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She was a waterfall whom he saw as a raindrop. [Gruvia Potterverse]

Gray had been sitting in the Gryffindor common room for three hours. Completely still.  No one had walked by and seen him, and even if someone did, they probably wouldn’t have cared. They’d think that he was lazy, or had drifted off to sleep with his eyes open (it was two in the morning, after all), but the truth of it was that he had been stunned; literally stunned, by the hands of his good “friend” Gajeel Redfox.

The wicked son of a bitch had jumped him the second the room had been cleared of any witnesses, stuffed him in a chair, taken his wand and then bolted—leaving, of course, with a message.

“She made it very clear that you were not going to supervise her this time,”

Gray knew from this statement that the idiotic bastard had been tipped off in order to ambush him, because he’d never do anything like this if it wasn’t requested. They may fight, but they were in the same house. The most obvious loose end in this statement was the mysterious she in Gajeel’s parting statement, and though the shock of the stunning spell shook him up, it didn’t take Gray long to figure out who it was.

The gorgeous Juvia Lockser, Ravenclaw’s sweetheart from the minute the sorting hat placed her there, was behind the mask on this one. She was a pretty thing, with her azure curls always spilling off of her shoulders and her robes falling loosely around her small frame, making her appeal to most people on sight as a delicate girl who needed protecting instead of the badass she was.

Juvia had met Gray on the train going to Hogwarts, and had sat next to him the entire way. He hadn’t expected an instant new friend, because he had Natsu and Erza, who had always hung around him. However, the second his pink haired friend was whisked away by a blonde girl Gray had never met and Erza had reconnected with an old friend from her childhood, he was left alone.

“Is anyone sitting here?” She had asked when she stumbled her way into a nearly empty seating section. Gray had shook his head no and motioned for her to sit. She did.

Gray had always hung around girls before, like Erza, Cana, and Mirajane, who he had known since he was a kid. He knew they were all beautiful, and that any guy would have to be blind not to notice, but he had always known in the back of his head that their beauty wasn’t what he was looking for.

This girl, however, was entirely different. Giant, watery blue eyes stood out against skin so pale that it was basically white. Her perfect white teeth raked nervously across her pink bottom lip, and Gray could tell it was a habit based on how chapped they were. She had on a light navy dress that fell down to her knees, with tall black combat boots that nearly covered the lacy white socks she had on underneath them. Her hands were shaking a little, and he could tell she was nervous asking him the question, as if he’d say no.

“T-thank you,” She sighed with relief, “there were no more seats left anywhere else, and this was the only other place Juvia had to go.”

“No problem,” Gray shrugged and sent a smile in her direction. “Is that your name? Juvia?”

She nodded. Her hands fumbled with the end of her thick blue braid and tugged the elastic tighter, trying her best to prevent any stray hairs from slipping out. Even though she had tried to tame her curly locks enough to form the braid in the first place, there were still a few thin curls that had escaped and were framing her face.

“What’s yours?”

“I’m Gray,” He extended his hand which she happily shook.

“This is exciting,” She bounced a little in her chair to try and let off steam, “don’t you think so?”

Gray grinned and folded his arms across his chest, flicking his dark hair out of his eyes.

“Yes, it is.”

They talked the rest of the way there, stopping only to buy and stuff their faces with snacks and candies and to change into their robes.

They remained good friends even though they weren’t in the same house. She watched all of his Quidditch matches (when she wasn’t playing against him) and always rooted for the Gryffindor team behind her own. He managed to track her down when they were taking trips to Hogsmeade in their third year and beyond, secretly praying that they’d spend the day just the two of them.

Gray and Juvia were simply always together, in class and out of class, during battle and out of battle; so why on earth would she send Gajeel to cast a spell on Gray to stop him from preventing her from walking into her possible death?

Ah, yes, Gray was a protective person, and Juvia was reckless. During this war with Zeref (most people didn’t say his name), some Professors got together and decided that they’d make groups of the top students from each house to help fight off the dark one’s pawns and eventually reach the source itself. Juvia was one of the ones picked for Ravenclaw. Gray was chosen for Gryffindor, and at first he was excited about going with the groups so he could protect his friend (she didn’t need his help, but he often wished she did so he had the chance to impress her). But then Professor Makarov decided to separate the groups by house whenever they were going out.

Gray was disappointed for about three seconds before realizing that his invisibility cloak could allow him to sneak into the Ravenclaw group and watch out for her there. He successfully went along with them twice with no one noticing before he physically tripped over the small Levy McGarden and gave a sudden gasp—which not only made him sound girly, but also gave away his hiding place.

Juvia was offended.

“Gray thinks that Juvia can’t take care of herself?!” She had yelled in disbelief when they returned to Hogwarts. They were both muddy and exhausted from traveling, so Gray didn’t know if he had the emotional stamina to continue the “conversation” he was about to take part in.

“That’s not it; I just wanted to make sure you’d be okay.”

“But that’s exactly it!” Juvia’s braid had been tugged out, and her wild curls finally had room to breathe. “You don’t think that Juvia is strong enough to face enemies, and that something bad will happen to her. Gray, we’ve had this argument a million times—nothing bad is going to happen!”

“Stop this, Juvia!” Gray stomped his foot on the ground and immediately regretted the childish action. “You can reassure me all you want, but that doesn’t mean I won’t worry about you.”

“Why?” She stepped closer, her eyes illuminated by the candlelight around them, “because you don’t trust me?”

“I don’t trust you, Juvia, you’re too reckless! If you wanted to be trusted you’d realize that the world doesn’t revolve just around you!” He fired back without meaning to.

“What do you mean?” She yelled too loudly. 

“You’re selfish, and you think that the things that happen to you don’t affect anyone else. Do you know what I’d be if you got killed?” He paused, taking in shaky breaths. “I… I’d be…”

Juvia looked up at him, waiting. She waited and watched him try and say how much she meant to him, to see if she was worth the effort. But he took too long, and to save herself from further embarrassment, she spun around on her heels and took off down the hallway, leaving him alone. Gray didn’t follow her.

He knew that she was pissed, but he would never guess she’d recruit Gajeel (who was basically her “big brother” figure or whatever) to paralyze him on the night of her next mission. The spell lasted for a few more hours, until it finally wore off at around five in the morning—an hour past when the group was expected to return back.

When he was finally up and moving—too tired to finish the pile of homework still waiting for him in the common room—he went straight to find Gajeel. He’d be waiting for the group like he always was, to make sure that Juvia and Levy both made it out okay. The tough guy would never admit it to Gray of all people, but the small girl had wormed her way through his rough exterior and found his heart. No one knew why she wanted it, but if it made them both happy then who cared?

Sure enough, the bookworm and the spiky hair wizard were standing near the hospital wing with the majority of the group. That wasn’t a good sign.

Gray was too tired to talk or put up any type of fight, so he just waked at a brisk pace until the two wizards were face to face.

“Where is she?” He hissed.

“Why should I tell you?” Gajeel crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall, not smiling.

“Oh, I don’t know, because you stunned me and left me alone in the common room when I should’ve been out protecting Juvia.” He answered simply.

Gajeel averted his crimson eyes away from the navy blue ones, and muttered that she was one of the three people in the wing that actually needed treatment.

“I knew it,” Gray whispered, pushing his way through the crowd and into through the doors. The room smelled like cleaning spray mixed with medicine, and one whiff of the awful combination was enough to wake him up.

The bluenette wasn’t hard to find, since she was lying in the first cot to his right. Her hair had been pulled up into a loose ponytail that fell a little past her shoulders, the only pieces hanging out were her long bangs. He could see only half of her face.


She shifted over slightly and craned her neck so she could see the body that the voice belonged to (even though she had already known to begin with), and then winced as she looked down at her hands guiltily, knowing that a lecture was coming. Gray, however, was once again stunned by looking at the other half of her face.

An eye patch covered her right eye, and he could tell that it was seriously damaged. A jagged laceration cut through the skin on her forehead and ran down all the way to her collarbone, dripping blood down her arm and onto a skimpy tank top she was forced into.  The gash was deep and must have hurt like hell, but on account of the millions of remedies Porlyusica (the head nurse) had in store, he was sure she was at least partially comfortable at the moment.


“Don’t talk, I mean it.” He ordered. She refused to look at him and they sat there in silence, indirectly enjoying each other’s company.

“Juv… s… sorry.” She murmured an apology as best as she could, her left eye fluttering closed. Gray looked up but didn’t smile.

“It’s okay.” He whispered. “I know you’re strong. But look at you now; if I had been there this may have never happened!”

She shook her head slightly and a tear rolled down her cheek, leaving a trail through the dirt and dried blood on her normally porcelain skin.

“No,” She breathed softly and didn’t continue—knowing he’d just keep beating himself up no matter what she did. “Juvia’s… fault.”

Another silence fell upon them and Gray took some time to just watch her—the girl who had intrigued him to no end. In his eyes she was a witch, and a damn good one, at that. She was a master with a wand as well as on a broom. Students and teachers alike adored her, and knew that she was capable of amazing things.

But even though she was incredible in a million different ways, Gray also saw her as a doll. A glass doll. Fragile and delicate, and in need of protection. Her beauty deceived him in this case, fooling him into thinking that the person she was around him was the same one who was going into battle.

She was a waterfall whom he saw as a raindrop.

Gray reached out and took her shaking hand in his for comfort, and was relieved to see her give him a weak smile. They had said what they needed to say, no more and no less, because they understood everything. All that was left now was to get Juvia sorted out.

After Porlyusica came marching back into the room and promptly kicked Gray out of the ward, he went without arguing. He’d sneak back in later. Until then, he’d sleepwalk through his classes and scramble to finish his homework, always keeping an ear out for the cheerful voice he’d instantly recognize.

And if he did hear it, he’d stop what he was doing to see her. Because if she needed him, he’d be there—which was a fact neither one of them could deny. 

Sorry about some OOC-ness, but I couldn’t help it. :3 The Harry Potter series is amazing, and when a a lovely anon requested a Potterverse Gruvia one shot, I couldn’t say no! I apologize for any mistakes relating to the Harry Potter universe. I know that there are many people who have put lots of thought into which houses the characters of Fairy Tail would be put into, and I tried my best ’-_-Anyway, more one shots are on the way!

Welcome Back, Riley │ Part 9

Riley disappears the day after her high school graduation, five years ago. She didn’t keep in contact with anyone, but her family. What happens when she comes back to New York for a week? What happens when she comes face to face with the friends she left behind? When she left, she never made plans to look back at the life she left. She left it behind for a reason, but sometimes the past has a hard time staying there.

part 1part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5part 6 part 7 part 8

“Where are we going?” I ask once we start walking down the street.

“To my place.”

We don’t say anything to each other as we walk. I was expecting a worst reaction from him. I’m still trying to pull myself together, and Lucas almost seems unfazed by it. Maybe it hasn’t completely sunk in yet.

As we get closer, I start to notice the street we are on. We keep walking and soon we are standing in front of the house I dreamt about living in with Lucas. The house that I thought would be perfect to live in when we decided to get married and start a family.

It’s a light blue town house with a white door. It has a small patio that I would picture myself sitting with a warm drink watching the rain. I’ve never been inside, but I peeked through the windows. It had a brick fireplace and a garden seat that was by the front window, so even if it was too cold to sit on the patio I could sit there and watch the rain. It was perfect.

“Lucas, what are we doing here?”

“Th-this is my house.”

“Why? Why would you do this? Why would you bring me here?”

“If I ever seen you again, I wanted to show you to know that I never gave up on you, on us.” I blink a couple of time to push the tears back that were forming in my eyes. “Do you want to come in?” I look up at him and then look back down before I nod my head. “C’mon.” He pulls me up the stairs leading to the front door.

He unlocks the door and walks inside, I hover by the front door a little longer before I follow him inside. I take a look around, and it’s almost like I pictured everything would be. It has a very homey feeling to it. My first instinct is to look around, but I don’t. I think he needs a chance to talk. It was mostly me telling him what happened, and I can feel a mixture of sadness and rage radiating off of Lucas.

I take a seat on the charcoal gray sectional. I expect him to take the spot next to me, but he doesn’t. Instead, he paces in front of me. “Say whatever it is that you’re thinking.” I play with my hands. “I know you must hate me right now.”

Lucas squats down in front of me. He takes my hand in his, “I could never hurt you. It’s the opposite of what I feel for you Riley,” tears start to build in my eyes. “But I’m mad right now. I’m furious!” he lets go of my hands and stands up.

“You disappear for years. Years, Riley! I have no idea where you went, but you write letters to my best friend! I thought the worst thing was you leaving, but you turn to someone that isn’t me. That’s one thing we have always prided ourselves on, is that we were able to talk to each other!” He takes a deep breath, “Now you tell me I had a daughter. A daughter I’ll never get to meet because you took that from me!” His tone sent a shiver down my spine. I look up and I see his glass over with tears. “We could have been a family.”

I shake my head, “No we couldn’t have been. She would have still gotten sick and she would have still died if I was here. I saved you from heart ache.”

“You think you saved me from heartache?! Riley, my heart has hurt every single day you have been gone,” he shouts.

“I’m sorry,” I say so I’m barely heard.

“I know you are,” he finally takes the seat next to me. “I want to be mad at you, Riley. I really do. I want to yell at you for keeping this from me. I want to yell at you for leaving,” he has tears in eyes that I can barely see through mine, “but honestly I’m just so happy that you are here. Right in front of me.”

He grabs my face in between his hands, “I can see you, and not in my dreams,” his green eyes look into my soul.

“I can touch you,” he wipes the tears with his thump and I do the same to him.

“I can easily kiss you,” he slowly moves his lips closer to mine. His lips are so close I can feel them lightly brush against mine.

“I don’t think we should,” I whisper, “I’m leaving tomorrow, Lucas.”

“So don’t go, stay with me.”

I look into his eyes, and I know he is serious. I want to stay, but I can’t. I just can’t. “Lucas, I-I-I can’t.” I feel his hand leave my face and watch as he drops his head in defeat. “I started a life there. I can’t just drop everything no matter how much I want to. Something will always drag me back there.”

“I understand,” he clears his throat to cover the cracks in his voice, “Just know, I’m not giving up on you Riley Matthews.”

Silence fills the room, before he speaks again.

“Riley, how did you cope with losing Hope?” he asks at a whisper I barely hear.

I cough to clear my throat, “I, uh, I started drinking heavily to numb myself. Something I’m not proud of.”

“I thought so.” I cock my head to the side as I look at him, “I see how much you drank tonight, but you weren’t drunk.”

I shrug my shoulders, “Oh. I guess I built up a tolerance.”

After that, we stay quiet for a while. Neither one of was uttering a single word, just enjoying each other’s presence. I missed being this close to him. I almost forgot the amount of comfort that overcomes me whenever he is in the same room as me.

When we finally decide to speak, it’s almost like our ability to talk to each other came back naturally. Yes, we’ve been talking all night, but this was different. This wasn’t me sharing things with him because I felt obligated to tell him. This was actually conversation.

We catch up on the last five years that we miss out on each other’s lives. He tells me about his late start to A&M and how he eventually transferred here to Cornell. He just told me he needed to be back home, but thanks to my dad I know the real reason. He tells me about his mom, Laura, and how she moved back to Texas when he went to A&M to stay close to him, but stayed to help Pappy Joe with the ranch.

When he tells me about his job that he has at a clinic here in New York, he talks about the many animals he helped. I can hear the passion in his voice. I see the smile that consumes his face when he talks opening his own practice. I’m just so proud that he did it. He became a veterinarian.

When it’s my turn, I try to be short with everything. He knows what he needed to know. I didn’t tell him about never finishing college. I made such a big deal out of it continuing your education after high school, I felt like a hypocrite for dropping out.

I tell him out my job, but I lie a little. I tell him that I work for a company, but my main job is making sure the website is always updated. At least he bought it, I’m guessing Farkle never told him about my website. I was a little disappointed. I’m surprised Farkle hasn’t figured out what my alias was. If he did, he would have found me by now.

He asks about my personal life, but all I tell him is that I don’t really have much of one because I drown myself in work. Which is true.

More silence fills the air, but it isn’t an uncomfortable silence. It was a nice silence. I was enjoying it, until he decided to talk.

“I know you don’t want to hear it, but talk to Maya,” I scoff. “Riley, she misses you. I know you miss her too. She beat herself up constantly for doing what she did. After prom, you completely shut us out.”

“You both hurt me! I felt betrayed Lucas.” I look down at my hands, “But the thing is Lucas, I forgave you the minute I got home and it terrified me. How could I forgive you after you let her kiss you!? It was simple. I’d do anything to have you in my life. If I would have stayed I would have acted like nothing had happened and it would have eaten at me.”

“You need to know why Maya did what she did.” I shake my head. “You do, Riley. It’s my turn to tell you something you deserve to know. You won’t like it, but you need to know,” he looks at me, but I avoid his gaze. “I need you to know.”

His phone starts to ring, “I have to take this, I’ll be right back.” I nod, and he walks into the next room.

How did I end up here? In Lucas’ house, a house that we talked about living in together. This was mine no, our dream home and here he is living in it alone. Hoping one day that I would come back. I don’t think I ever will though. This isn’t my home anymore. My home is Seattle. New York is just a place I grew up.

He walks in clearing his throat, “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.”

He takes the seat right next to me. I can feel my heart racing. The reason Maya did what she did is going to be known to me. He takes a deep breath, “You remember when my dad left me and my mom in the beginning of senior year.” I nod, “Their marriage started to fall apart after Olivia died.” I see him choke back tears. “It was hard at first, you remember. I saw my mom struggling to pay bills. I told her I would get a job, but she said no. She wanted me to focus on school maintain my grades, so I wouldn’t lose my scholarship. I let her do it her way, until that February. I don’t know if you remember, but-“

I cut him off, “I remember. You were pulling away from everyone especially me. At least that’s what it felt like, it felt like I was losing you. I thought you were finally realized that I wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Riley, if anything you have always been too good for me.” He goes quiet for a minute, and I avoid his gaze.

He clears his throat, “My mom was behind on the mortgage. We were going to lose. I didn’t think it was a big deal at first. It was just me and my mom, so it made sense to move into a smaller house. It wasn’t the house that my mom was having a hard time leaving, it was the memories. The last memories with Olivia,” I see Lucas’ bottom lip quiver.

It’s instinctive to reach over and place a comforting hand on his knee, “You don’t have to tell me.”

“I do. I got into some pretty bad stuff. Some stuff that I wish I never gotten involved in, but I did.” He hesitates a little before continuing, “Do you remember prom night, how people kept coming up to me?” I nod, “They were coming to me for a reason.” He takes a deep breath, “I was dealing, Riley,” he avoids my eyes.


“I was dealing. Pills, weed, and sometimes a little more hardcore drugs,” he turns to meets my eyes, but I look straight ahead. “I wasn’t thinking. All I was thinking at the time was saving the house. I couldn’t hear my mom cry herself to sleep every night anymore.”

“Why didn’t you just get a job? Wouldn’t that have been the logical thing to do.”

“You don’t think I know that,” he shouts and I shift uncomfortably, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” He takes a deep breath, “A part time job working a couple of hours after school wasn’t going to help. I just wanted to help my mom.” Silence. “I was doing that for a couple of months. I told myself once I helped my mom catch up with the mortgage I would get out, so at the beginning of May when that happened I was relieved. I told my supplier I was done, he didn’t really like that.” I see Lucas clench his fist, “Maya was coming over one day after school to help me with my art final, and uh when we got to my house the front door was open. My house was thrashed.”

I look at him, but he refuses to look at me. “When we got inside, I thought we were alone but we weren’t. I heard someone coming does the stairs, and I push Maya into a closet. I wasn’t going to let whoever did this get away.” I watch as he closes his eyes, “I should have known when I told him I wanted out that there was going to be trouble to follow. He slammed me against the door of the closet that Maya was in my neck,” he gulped. “He-he pulls out a gun, cocks it and puts it to my head and tells me I stop when he says I stop. I have never been that scared in my life.”

I can’t help the tears that form in my eyes. He clears his throat, “I wait a few minutes after he’s gone to get Maya out of the closet and tell her to leave, but you know Maya. She wasn’t going to go without an explanation. I tried to be lie, but she wasn’t believing any of it. I tried to be as vague as I could, but she wanted to truth. So I told her parts, that I was dealing and I was getting out and the person that was there was just a misunderstanding. I promised her I was getting out, but-“

I cut him off, “You didn’t, did you? That’s why she did what she did, isn’t it?”

He nods, “On prom night, I was in the hallway with some of our classmates at the time. Maya saw what I was doing. She didn’t understand that I didn’t have a choice.” I hear the agitation grow in his voice, “I had to put my life on hold. I couldn’t even go straight to college because I had to find a way out of the mess I got myself involved in.”

“You could have told me; you know?”

He scoffs, “I couldn’t. I didn’t want you to think any less of me. I did it to help my mom, not because I wanted to.” He locks eyes with me, “I really didn’t want to, Riley.”

There’s a knock on the front door. He hesitates to get up for a second, “Don’t be mad.”

“Why would I be mad?”

He walks to the front door and my heart starts to fasten. Why would I be mad?

“Where is she?” I hear a voice calling from the front door and I immediately tense up. I don’t look in the direction. I didn’t want anyone, especially her to see me in such an emotional state.

The sound of footsteps starts to fill my eyes as they get closer, “You heard what I had to say, now I think it’s time for you to listen to what Maya has wanted to tell you for five years.”

The Spoilers for 424

I have a slightly better translation of the spoilers that were posted on 2ch:

Black magic religious society  

Gray was living with Juvia in this village, but Gray had disappeared some days ago.  
Natsu goes to a nearby guild (Sabertooth) to look for Gray.  

At that time  
Each one of a black magic religious society vows loyalty to ZEREF.  
In it…,….  
■ The crest carved in its form as well as the time of one year eats gray, and is it invited to darkness, and…?
Tiger skin of 425th hanashitsurugikou x TO BE CONTINUED following 792 


So yeah, the ending is still a little confusing, especially the part about a timer/crest being carved into something/someone (into Gray and the other members of the cult?) which is counting down a year’s time? Edit: I think I figured it out. The “crest” is just referring to the Dark Guild’s “Guild Mark” symbol that Gray probably now has on himself since he joined them. And the next chapter title definitely mentions a tiger. Maybe in reference to Sabertooth? 

Here are my thoughts: Gray and Juvia seem to have been together for a while, since this village was the last place they had settled, and Juvia is still there. The spoiler mentions Gray has been gone for “some days.” So, I’m guessing they have been traveling together nearly the entire year until very recently. As a Gruvia fan that’s great news lol! What their relationship status is, however, seems not to be mentioned, so I’m excited to find out. Because it depends on what kind of living together they were doing lol.

The things I do and don’t like: This situation will likely be resolved in  5 chapters or less, which means Juvia getting the spotlight and a main role (or close to one) for the majority of this arc is not very likely any more. However, I’m sure she’ll play a role in getting Gray back during this section of the arc, so yay for that! Plus, her rain will probably be once again taken away by Gray very soon, so Juvia’s sadness will not be long lasting, and we’ll get to see her smile again sooner rather than later. ^__^ And hey, for all those hoping for another fight between Gray and Juvia (myself included!) we might get it!

Also, I’m both happy, and not happy that Gray is back in the picture already for many of the same reasons. I’m happy, because we get to see him and Juvia together, but I’m kind of bummed, because I wanted the tension and drama to build if he was seriously missing for nearly the entire arc.

The thing I don’t like. Gray being tempted by darkness. As I’ve said many times during the speculations throughout the week, I’m no fan of a “dark Gray” route. Thankfully though, it does seem like it will be resolved soon regardless, so I don’t think Gray will truly fall into darkness. If anything, he might even be acting to get info about Zeref the way many others thought Juvia might have been doing.

Again, the title for next week makes very little sense to me, so we’ll have to wait on a better translation for that. Basically, though, I’m overall pleased with these spoilers as a Gruvia fan, but my need for suspense and my dislike of the falling into darkness cliche have me on the fence. And I wanted more Juvia spotlight, so I’m not happy that Natsu just goes off to Sabertooth (I hope the girls went with him, and it’s not just him on his own) to search for Gray.

So, yeah, the big question as a Gruvia fan is, how close did Gray and Juvia get exactly?  Inquiring minds want to know.  ^_~