~gruvia playlist~ with explanations

untitled - rex orange county


this song makes me think of what Gray’s perspective might’ve been whenever he considered confronting his feelings but eventually would fall back out of fear of screwing up

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the last stand - koda


 I feel like this represents Juvia’s desire to wish the best for Gray and his life, no matter what, especially since she knows his past

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i’m in love with you - kina


I like to think this is how Gray probably felt about Juvia’s unwavering loyalty and faith in him despite his cold exterior

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ultimately - khai dreams


lowkey makes me think of what gray must’ve thought before (spoiler?) leaving juvia behind in their shared home in amefurashi village

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bloom - the paper kites


what i think juvia feels as she is so content with just being in her beloved’s presence, that he makes her feel so happy by just being there.

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(I might add more another time, if I come across any other songs)

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