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“Because we’re kids, just kids, and we’re growing up, and I keep thinking that one day we’ll be off doing our own things, and maybe we won’t see each other again for a long time, and then…then, when we meet again somehow, we won’t even recognize each other.

Doesn’t that scare you?

It scares me a lot.

It scares me to death.”

1st part of my bnha au, details in the read more

Hero name: Kanda

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DGM AU Concept

The Order still exists.  The Noah exists.  There is still the holy war raging on, but everything is taking place in the 21st century.

anonymous asked:

So by Bakugou saying that Uraraka isn't "Frail" (which is a fact) that automatically means that he's in love with her? He treats her like shit and told her to fuck off when she was trying to talk to him. Must mean love right? RIGHT? clearly it's izuocha that canon is leaning towards which is a mutually respecting and caring ship . I'll never understand how you could ship Kacchako over it. Your logics are so flawed

Woah woah woahhhhhh where is all this hostility coming from? 😂 shit.

I just wanna start off by saying I (or pretty much any Kacchaco shipper that I’ve seen, for that matter) have NEVER claimed that Bakugou has any type of romantic feelings towards Uraraka. Ever.

Second off, he doesn’t treat Uraraka as anymore of shit than he does anyone else (did that even make sense?? What even is English??) It’s not like he’s extra mean to her and nice to everyone else, he’s just an asshole in general🤷🏻‍♀️

Thirdly, I am (as is everyone else) well aware that Izuku X Ochako is more canon than Kacchako will ever be, but we ain’t bothered lmao. It doesn’t change anything 👍🏻

Lastly, I DO ship her and Deku, I just ship her with Katsuki more. Why?? Because I just don’t tend to be a fan of the cliche “main guy and main girl fall in love everything is all peachy” ships and that’s OKAY, everyone is entitled to like what they like, and for me, it’s just not my cup of tea. GIVE ME THAT DENIAL, GIVE ME THAT ANGST, GIVE ME THAT DEVELOPMENT, ya know? But for her and Midoriya, everything as it is is fine 👏🏻 like they’re all good, A-okay and it’s just kinda boring to me. BUT NO SHADE, because I do love both of them as individuals and a couple 💚 I just prefer Kacchako 💚💚💚

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So what is the age of Joey and the other workers

[Just the right ages to at least make some of them be compatible for multi-shippers .]

[EDIT: Wrote Henry’s age wrong, it’s actually 70 not 60]

DGM Characters as Sound Aesthetics

Allen Walker: The sound of leaves gently brushing across the ground in autumn, lightly scratching the ground before fading into silence.
Lenalee Lee: A gentle breeze brushing by, with wind chimes somewhere in the distance.
Lavi Bookman: Stiff pages of an old book turning, dusty and worn.
Yuu Kanda: The gentle rippling of water caused by the fall of a droplet, quiet and distant.

Do you want

- brutally badass female antiheroes?

- quiet, unassuming characters who are surprisingly cunning and powerful?

- girls who are unafraid to fight for themselves?

- diverse representations of women living in an blatantly misogynistic world, each fighting in their own way to live their life how they want?

- dangerous political intrigue and characters with gray moral compasses?

- main characters with gray moral compasses?

- a cut-throat alternate historical fiction setting?

- a historical fiction setting that’s not Western Europe?

- queer/LGBTQA+ representation?

- Muslim representation?

- queer/LGBTQA+ Muslim representation? 

Read And I Darken by Kiersten White 


Starfleet Uniform Colors