morning glories

summary: Of Tuesday mornings, suburban mysteries, and the shy, blue haired girl next door.

pairings: gray/juvia natsu/lucy jellal/erza gajeel/levy sting/minerva rogue/yukino alll my trashy pairings

sidenote: i got one sentence into a request and was like ‘i got an idea’ so i abandoned all my civic duties to do the thing


And - here comes Dragneel, going for the gold,” Natsu narrated, slamming the basketball down and kicking his leg over it, like he wanted to look cool but just ended up looking like a third grade child.

“FAKE OUT!” Natsu screamed, jerking his hands with the ball to the left and then pulling right.

“Natsu - it’s not a real fake out if you announce the fact beforehand,” Gray informed, easily blocking the so-called ‘fake out’ with his hand.

Natsu laughed and kicked him in the shin. Their daily basketball games had begun more and more competitive with each day of summer, it was impressive that they weren’t sick of it yet.

Then again. It was barely three days into summer,

“So,” Natsu began, once they had finished their game in a prompt tie, sitting on his front porch sipping cool sugary lemonade that Gray’s mom had dropped off. “You think this is the summer?”

Gray scoffed. “I thought last summer was the summer.”

Natsu shot him a pointed glare. “Baby steps, Gray. This is the type of relationship that takes time, and effort.”

Gray fought the urge to laugh out loud. “Hell of a lot of time you’ve spent working on this.”

Natsu fumed. “That’s completely - shit. Oh, shit, shit, shit! Look!”

Gray turned his head to where Natsu’s eyes were fixed, across the street and exactly four doors down, the front door swung open to reveal a young blonde girl who looked to be about their age. She walked down the driveway towards the curb, probably to go grab the mail or something.

“Oh my god.” Natsu grumbled, mouth practically watering. “I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna talk to her.”

“Then go, for christ’s sake-”

“She’s so perfect. I mean - yeah, check out that fucking rack - but just…uuuuuhhhhhh…” Natsu groaned, burying his face into his arm shamefully.

The girl reached into her mailbox, fingered through the mail, then made her way back to the driveway.


Then, she disappeared back into her house.


“There goes the summer.” Gray grumbled, sipping his lemonade casually. “You really need to check yourself man. You’ve been pining after Miss-Terri since she moved here.”

Miss-Terri (a less than clever code name for mystery) had moved to that cream colored house down the street almost two years ago. They’re best guess was that she went to a private school of some sort, because they’d never seen her at school, and, ironically, never spoken to her either.

“Hey, but on a different note,” Natsu said, his attention span flicking between subjects. “You saw the moving truck down by Scarlet’s?”

Gray looked upwards and down the street where Erza lived. The old couple who had occupied that house as long as he remembered had finally decided that a multi-level house was unrealistic with their aging bodies. They lived in a suburban enough neighborhood that the house went in less than a week. The new family had moved in yesterday afternoon, but Gray hadn’t had the opportunity to see what they looked like.

“Yeah,” Gray replied, eyeing the house with keen interest.

“Scarlet said there’s a girl our age,” Natsu said conversationally. “Maybe you can get your own ‘Terri, yeah?”

“As if,” Gray responded with a groan. The glass of lemonade had begun to condensate, and  a cool droplet hit his knee cap subtly.

His eyes drifted back to the street. The Natsu’s blonde muse strolled out of the house, wearing nothing but…

“Oh god, don’t look now-”


“Yup. Just…keep it cool, you’ve got this…”

“I can’t. I can’t. She’s trying to kill me, what the fuck, she’s so cute, why pink?

Said female was donned in a tight, shiny pink bikini top, accompanied with tiny butt-hugging jean shorts as she strolled over to the side-yard to retrieve something.

Fuck me,” Natsu whispered, and Gray began to laugh at his…struggles…

The girl grabbed her electric green hose and dragged it over to the driveway, where the mini van was parked.

No,” Natsu whispered hollowly, “This can’t be happening.”

Gray’s laughter got louder as it became more and more clear what the girl’s objective was.

“Welp.” Gray started, standing up and stretching his weary limbs. “Have fun watching that.”

The girl grabbed a bucket from her garage and began filling it with water and soap.

“No,” Natsu repeated, “Gray, do something-”

“Try saying the pledge of allegiance,” Gray suggested, finishing the last few drops of his lemonade. “That usually helps.”

Fuck you.”

“More like fuck her.” Gray laughed.

The girl grabbed a wet rag and began dragging it across the front of the car, leaning forward so her chest pressed against the top-

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag-

And so, the summer began to the sound of Gray’s laughing and the smell of cheap soap running down the curb.




The very first incident happens exactly three days after that Tuesday.

“Bullshit,” Natsu whispered into his hand of cards. “Bullshit - you do not have three queens!”

Erza, or more commonly known around these parts as Scarlet, lifted up the three cards she had lain into the massive pile of cards.

Three, mocking queens stared back up at him.

“Read ‘em and weep,” Erza hissed confidently, folding back into her chair and grinning.

“Son of a-”

“Whoa,” Gray breathed out, “Natsu, check your six o’ clock.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“Look behind you, dumbass!” Erza whisper-yelled, twisting Natsu’s face by the jaw to look towards the street.

The blonde girl was standing on her front porch, looking outwards, like she was scanning the street for something she had lost.

“Wonder what she’s doing,” Natsu mumbled, absently forgetting that Erza had just whooped his ass.

“Not you,” Erza muttered, and Gray resisted laughing.

“Shaddup. You know what I meant.” Natsu grumbled.

“What’s that she’s holding?” Gray heard himself ask, the girl was clutching something that looked like a plate.

“I dunno,” Erza squinted as she tried to identify the object in the girl’s hand.

“Oh shit. She’s looking at us. Be cool, you fuckin’ freaks!” Natsu screeched quietly.

“Shut up! You’re the freak with the flamingo locks!” Erza yelled right back.

“Oh my god guys, she’s totally coming over.” Gray said in a hushed tone.


Shut up!” Erza cried, smacking him in the windpipe so he started wheezing like a drowning goldfish.

Gray started laughing so hard he choked on his root beer. Erza had the mind to look away in shame.

The girl was on the front lawn and Natsu was panicking, as well as struggling for breathe because his windpipe was severely damaged.

“Hey,” she stated, and Gray noticed, while choking, that what she was holding was a plate of muffins.

“Are…you guys ok?” She asked, noticing their predicament.

“Yup. They’re…fine. they’re fine.” Erza assured her. “What can we do for you?”

“Well, uh…” The girl trailed off, looking down at her muffin plate. “Did one of you guys…give me these?”

Natsu held the banister tightly, probably still in shock that his dream girl was a few feet away from them.

“Uh…no…are they good?’ Gray asked, recovering from his choking fit and looking at the plate curiously. They looked very puffy and filled with blueberries…delicious…

“Well, I’m kind of nervous to eat them, they could be…poisoned, or something…I don’t know…” She mumbled the last part, embarrassed from coming all the way over here.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Natsu choked out, regaining his voice. “Can I try one?”

Erza and Gray looked at Natsu strangely.

“Uh…sure, I guess, but again, they might be poisoned-”

“Don’t care.” Natsu interjected.

“A-alright.” She stuttered, unwrapping the plastic wrap over the muffins and handing Natsu one that looked particularly select.

“Whoa, hit me up, that looks insane.” Gray requested.

The girl handed him one too, and it only took a look from Erza to earn her one as well.

“What the fuck,” Natsu garbled through a  mouthful of muffin. “This tastes fuckin’ delicious!”

“Really?” The girl inquired, looking at the desirable muffins lustfully. “Does it taste like poison?”

“It tastes like if happiness had a flavor,” Natsu informed her, eating the muffin like he was a broken vacuum cleaner. “So, what’s your name?”

Gray grimaced. Flirting while eating while eating was so Natsu it was almost painful.

“Oh. I’m Lucy,” she told them, eagerly unwrapping a muffin at the sign that none of them had died.

“I’m Natsu,” He said, wiggling his eyebrows in an almost suggestive manner.

“Natsu, how did you get a blueberry on your eyebrow?” Erza asked, who had seemingly finished her muffin unscathed. Even Gray had to admit that the muffin was a work of art. It was weird that someone had just left it on Lucy’s doorstep - maybe it was a secret admirer of hers, she was definitely pretty enough to reel those in.

“I don’t - fuck, hold on,” Natsu vigorously tried to rub the blueberry out of his eyebrow, but only succeeded on giving his whole face a smoky eye look the color of blueberries.

“Wow, these are really good.” Lucy mumbled into her muffin, eating it like it was some sort of delicacy.

“Do you…uh…do you want to play BS with us?” Natsu asked nervously, licking his lips and still rocking the blueberry eye look.

“Uhhh…” Lucy took one look at their three person squad and shrugged. “Why not?”

And so, that summer, they gained a fourth member. Willingly, or unwillingly.




The next day, Erza found a plate of chocolate chip cookies on her front doorstep.

“Holy shit,” Natsu remarked, “these actually have the kind of chocolate that like, comes out in strands when you break the cookie in half - this is some quality shit, like the teenage mutant ninja turtle cheese pizza…”

“I wonder who put these here,” Erza said, allowing herself a cookie and chewing on it slowly. It was still warm.

“Do you think it’s the same person who put muffins on my doorstep?” Lucy wondered, examining the cookie like there might be some sort of watermark on them.

“Whoever they are, why haven’t they come to my house yet, jeez.” Natsu complained sneaking an extra cookie.

Gray said nothing, only enjoyed the taste of the cookie. It was sweet and warm, still a little bit doughy too, which made the best kind of cookie. He couldn’t stand when people overcooked them, he wasn’t a fan of eating stale hockey pucks.

“Hey, I forgot to ask ya Scarlet, have you met the people next door to you yet?” Natsu asked, licking his fingers like he did after he ate an entire bag of cheetos.

“Actually, now that you mention it, I did. There’s a girl there, kind of shy, but nice.” Erza answered. “I swear to god, if you go over there and scare her, I’ll murder you.”

“Well, I was just asking, because I think she’s checking us out. Don’t all everybody look at once…nevermind, you’re doing it anyway.” Natsu sighed.

Sure enough, a gentle looking girl had her face sticking between the parted curtains next doo, anxiously watching them eat cookies on the front porch.

When she saw them look at her, she was quick to hide behind the curtains once more.

“Wait to go guys, you scared her off.” Natsu blanched.

“Shut up Natsu, you’re the one who gave her away!”

“Her name is Juvia, right?” Lucy asked, nibbling on her cookie like a tiny chipmunk.

“Yeah.” Erza replied. “I wonder if we should invite her to join us…”

“We shouldn’t, we’ll probably just freak her out.” Gray retorted, giving Natsu a sharp glare.

“Hey! I didn’t do anything!”

“You will-”

“That’s it! Meet me in the pit, Gray, let’s go!”

“That’s enough you two!” Erza took their foreheads and pushed them apart with ease. “If anything, the racket you two are making will be the thing to scare her off!”

“Are you guys always like this?” Lucy asked cautiously.

Erza said yes at the same time Natsu said no.

“Welcome to the club.” Gray grumbled, but his eyes were fixed on the motionless curtain next door.

That girl had the bluest eyes he’d ever seen in his life.




who the fuck let me write another au honestly

anyways, its pretty much between this and fangirl in terms of me continuing shit…but I really like both so I might end up continuing both…idek. but this one is nalu!heavy so theres that.


in case you didn’t catch this, when I reference ‘the pledge of allegiance’ [its an inside joke with an irl friend] its basically a method for boys to get rid of boners. omfg. sorry forgot to mention bye

heads or tails (late lmfao)

Heads or Tails - OOC high school gruvia - Part 1Part 2      Part 2.5       Part 3   Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 (nalu counterpart here) (navia brotp part here) (pregnancy here) (gajuvia brotp here) (gray pov here)

I usually like to classify days like this as ‘casual days’. You know those days, when your pants either decide not to make an appearance or do make an appearance, however short lived, and disappear later?

Days like this make me happy. I get to sit on the couch, watch TV, text Sting stupid memes, and listen to my parents argue about the stupidest, most laughable shit you could ever conceive.

“-she is seventeen years old, she is allowed to wear thongs!” My mom argued, for some reason their topic had switched to me.

I had no desire to input that a.) I have absolutely no intentions of wearing butt floss unless it’s a special occasion, b.) I am eighteen years old, I have been for some time now, and c.) why the hell is this even an issue.

Partly because I’m too far invested into Criminal Minds reruns, and partly because I’m not gonna put that much effort into arguing with my parents. I’m a pretty good judge of what’s worth arguing about, and that doesn’t even make the list.

I kicked my feet up atop the couch, unsatisfied with the position I had previously been in and switching to a more favorable viewing spot. I was a restless soul, always have been. Sitting still has never been in my agenda.

“Dad, can you make me food?” I asked, out of pure boredom and will to get my parents to stop bickering about useless things.

“Not now honey, daddy has to win a battle with your mom.” My dad said, in a belittling fashion that made my nose wrinkle up like a pissed off bunny rabbit.

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