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96. "I brought you an umbrella" with gruvia please?

Yup! <3 This is based in the Avatar Arc before Gray left. 


Juvia was tired of being out in the rain. She not only caused it this time, but she made it worse because Gray wasn’t there. Actually, he hadn’t been home for days. 

It worried Juvia to no extent, and so happened the rain. He had said he was going out to train, but it had been quite a while since he had even stepped foot in the house. All she could do was hope for him to come back. 

Sighing, she sat down in a puddle, which was quite comfortable for her. She didn’t like her clothes being wet, but being in a puddle was her normal state, at least around Gray. 

She missed him.

She wanted to spend time with her love, making dinner with him before retiring to sleep in the same bed. She needed only a few minutes with him to be happy if she was honest, but she longed for more. If only he would come back.

Listening to the rain patter on the ground, she heard footsteps from behind. Preparing herself for battle, she readied an attack at her fingers. 

“Juvia will fight if she is threatened!” she said before turning around. Then, her mouth went slack. 

Gray stood with his Devil’s power fired up, but it was slowly going away. Covering her mouth with her hand, she ran over to him with a smile. Still wary, she looked at his marks before clinging to his arm. 

“What happened to Gray-sama? Juvia was so worried!” Juvia cried, and Gray only stared into her eyes. 

“I brought you an umbrella,” he said after a moment, his voice deep and growly. Juvia was just happy to hear Gray’s voice again. 

“Thank you, Gray-sama. Would Gray-sama like to come inside?” Juvia asked, and Gray nodded after she took the umbrella from his hands. Her fingertips brushed his for a moment, and she was surprised at his cold fingers. 

His fingers were usually cold, but not that cold. 

As they went inside, Juvia began to cook dinner for him, excited that her love had returned. 

But it was not to last for long. 


Sorry for the angst. But not sorry hehe

I will write a more fluffy gruvia thing soon <3

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I can’t believe I’ve never drawn anything for Gruvia week, I didn’t even know when it was until now;;

Happy Gruvia week everyone!! 

This is the scene I was hoping to see after what happened in chapter 499. <:3c I read through those chapters so many times–/)///(\

They’re so precious. <3 


I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.

Hugs are almost always the answer.❄💙

It’s here!! My first fanart!😧 It took long to finish since it’s the first time I worked so hard on something of my own 😞 But to be honest, I am VERY proud of this! I know it’s full of mistakes but please be nice!😂💕

Want to find a way to start being more active? Here is your chance to work out while watching/rewatching your favorite anime, Fairy Tail!

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I will be starting this work out today, so I will take a picture of my body of before and after the work outs through the months.

I take no credits to this since all this credits and ideas belongs to mama_nalu from Instagram!

Just spreading the word!