gray water

Global Balance is a great product that we’ve been using since we moved into the tiny house this fall.  It’s bio-digradeable.  As I have learned, all biodegrade products are not created equal, there are very few that can be used in a gray water situation, but this product dilutes really well and we are switching all our products over to them.  We already use, natural laundry and just good old vinegar and water for basic household, but finding this line was so fantastic.  It’s made right here in Massachusetts.  We also use there bath, hair and body liquid, which is super nice too.  We can’t wait to get the grey water system up and running as soon as we can stay above 50 for more than a day!

Global Balance Website

What are some systems we live with today that were designed for a world of the past?

- “modern plumbing” is a severely flawed system, particularly toilets. Potable water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, and yet we have plumbing that in order to handle a few ounces of waste requires polluting many gallons of water.

That’s HELLA REAL TALK! There is NO REASON why we flush with drinkable water. Like NONE. We could easily use the grey water from our showers, sinks and laundry. -[bLaK.]
Gray Water Brings Lush Lawns Without the Guilt
Californians—now in their fourth year of extreme drought—are increasingly installing gray-water systems, which recycle wastewater from sinks and bathtubs for use in landscape irrigation
By Kerry Close

“It’s a very practical thing,” says Ralph Petroff, chairman of Nexus E-Water, a San Diego-based company that designs and installs water-recycling products for homes. “You have a guaranteed supply of water for landscaping, no matter how bad the drought is.”