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Knight in a Navy Coat (Newt x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: Would you do a request where the reader and newt are dating and the reader is hurt by someone and newt gets all protective? Thanks! I love your writing style!

I really hope you enjoy this you lovely anon! 

Words: ~4000 (I like protective Newt, okay?!)

Rating: Super A +++ fluffy throughout, to kill you all slowly… and I’m pretty sure the memory of the first kiss is something I’m going to expand upon in another imagine cause it’s so darn cute! Lemme know if you guys feel the same!

Four months.

The best four months you could have ever imagined, going out on little adventures, dinners, and long walks with the wizard oddity that was Newton Scamander, it was better than you even imagined when you were initially adoring the Hufflepuff from a respectful distance.

As a “No-Maj”, or “Muggle” as Newt tended to call you fondly, you had been utterly fascinated with the realm of beasts and magical creatures that had opened up to you, and grew all the more passionate with their study the longer you spent with Newt. You continually thanked your stars you accompanied your friend Jacob to his bank meeting that fateful morning in New York.

Tonight had been lovely, a small dinner in a quaint cafe recommended by none other than Tina, who insisted on their world-famous cheesecake, which you two ended up sharing for dessert. Currently, you both were enjoying a long walk through central park, despite the incredibly late hour. Time flew by, you never ran out of subjects to discuss, though you did enjoy the quiet of each other’s presence just as much sometimes.

It was likely one of your last dates in New York before you two would board a boat to Britain, as Newt had emphasized the freedom you two would have as soon as you left the scrutinizing watch of MACUSA and their “bloody ridiculous” rules regarding the involvement of non-magical humans with wizards.

You didn’t care where you went, as long as the shy wizard’s slightly-calloused, freckled hand was in yours, you couldn’t be happier. In the spur of the moment, you tugged on Newt’s collar and stood on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “Your eyes are especially enchanting tonight.” You giggled at the almost instant reddening of your boyfriend’s cheeks as his seafoam eyes widened in delighted surprise, the corners of his lips twitching into a smile.

“I, uh, I ha-hadn’t noticed,” Newt stammered out, feeling his knees go a little weak. It was a wonder such few words had such an effect on him when they came from you.

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What Are You To Me? || Part 2

Hoseok // Soulmate AU

Part 1

Word Count: 1,810

One week later…

There were times when you really hated your indecisiveness. Just why was it so hard to choose between two shirts? Either would have been fine, but you couldn’t help wondering which would be best. After all, it was your first date with Sangin and you wanted to look nice. 

You took a look at the digital clock on your bedside table. It was a quarter past noon. A hint of panic tinged your movements now because Sangin said he was going to pick you up at half past and you still haven’t picked a shirt.

Chewing your lip, you decided to flip a coin. Of all the ways to pick a shirt… But it wasn’t like you were going to make a decision on your own anyway.

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Three Times Natemare Met The Theorist And One Time He Met Matthew Patrick

So this is basically a gift for all the people who are reading my natepat fic and waited oh so patiently for me to update. So, here’s to you. Some fluff. Natepat fluff. youre welcome. as always @natepat thank you bc if it wasnt for you, i would have almost nothing for this au.

Superhero AU, set in something resembling the DC universe.


The first time they meet is while Nate is pulling a heist. It’s going good, so good, Nate’s is expecting a cape to bust in and stop him. Technically, he’s not wrong. He just didn’t expect…this.

“This,” is a man in a large greenish gray trench coat and fedora that seemingly has no face. He’s staring at Nate in a (what seems to Nate, anyway) thoughtful way. He half expects the man to simply be a figment of his imagination. Instead, the man starts walking towards Nate and muttering under his breath. He only stops walking once he’s directly in front of Nate. Normally, he’s fighting or making a getaway by now. The sheer oddity of the situation keeps him rooted in place.

“Uh” he starts, “Can I help you?” He raises an eyebrow underneath his domino mask. The other man goes silent and stares at Nate (well, he assumes so. He can’t really tell.) for an uncomfortable amount of time. Eventually, the man nods.

“You’re Natemare, correct?” Nate opens his moth to respond, but the other man beats him to it. “Of course you are. I did research. Hm, I would’ve expected more….government affiliation. Never mind, they wouldn’t want the public thinking them involved.” The man had muttered out the last part before continuing. “Anyway, I’m The Theorist, but you may call me The Theorist. I don’t allow nicknames, they could be trigger words for the government’s mind control waves being brodcasted.” Nate’s mind had gone blank during the man’s-The Theorist’s- ramblings. “Ah…okay.” It’s phrased more like a question than a statement, hesitant and soft. The Theorist nods, then begins to speak again. “Well, while I introduced myself, I cuffed you to me and alerted the authorities.” Nate sputters and looks down to see that, yes, in fact he was handcuffed to this lunatic. “Why would you do that?” he asks, dumbfounded. “I want to keep watch on the police so cuffing you to me was the most favorable solution.” He sounds so smug and content with himself and Nate wants to punch him right in the jaw. Instead he grits his teeth glares as the police trickle in. He refuses to acknowledge the part of him that found the rambling almost cute.


The second time Nate met The Theorist, he had just broken out of Belle Reve and was laying low in the shadier parts of LA. He doesn’t have his mask on, but he’s still weary. He’s toward his small hotel room but a man in a familiar greenish gray trench coat walks in front oh him. Nate skids to a stop and pushes down his annoyance (and the fluttering in his chest) in favor for civilian typical confusion. “Um, who are you?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows and frowning. The theorist hums out a noncommittal greeting and starts rubbing his chin. “Natemare, I’m I found you.” he says and Nate’s heart stops beating for a second before he’s on the defense. “W-Who?” he asks. “The theorist huffs and shakes his head. “Really,” he starts and wow, Nate’s only just realized how almost annoyingly high pitched and prepubescent his voice sounds. “I appreciate you making your alter ego a pun; made it much more easier to find you.”

Nate groans and glares at The Theorist. He contemplates if using his powers is worth getting rid of this nuisance and decided fuck it, it’s very worth it. He starts singing a soft tune that would normally have anyone withing hearing distance under his control. The Theorist stays still and unreadable. Nate’s expression bitters and he glares for what feels like the hundredth time at the other man. “Why aren’t you under my control?!” he grounds out. Matt laughs softly and answers back cheerily. “Oh, I can’t hear anything. There are plugs in my ears to ensure no government can mind control me using sound. I’m reading your lips.” Nate gets the feeling the idiot is smiling and his glare increases tenfold. “And besides,” The Theorist continues with a wave of his hand, “I’m a high level Psionic. I could’ve blocked your powers out easily.” Nate’s about ready to explode at this point but holds it all back.

“What did you want?” he asks, rolling his eyes. The Theorist perks up. “ Oh, I wanted to discuss my theories with you! Markiplier and The Completionist were too busy and Septiceye didn’t want to talk. So, I found you!” Nate stares at the man with utter disbelief. This is it. He’s dead. He died and now he’s in hell. (he also refuses to acknowledge how flattered he is that The Theorist thought of him) “I would’ve gone to Pro Woman but her area of the city is riddled with government spies and androids.” The Theorist continues his rambling, oblivious to the growing irritation in Nate. “Please,” he says, about ready to strangle the other man. “Stop talking. I will honestly turn myself in if you stop talking.” The Theorist does stop, and instead looks at him expectantly.(again, Nate’s assumes so. He can’t tell.) Nate groans but dutifully starts walking towards the county police station, The Theorist close behind. Nate could almost swear he was smirking. He does not think it’s cute. He doesn’t.


The third time was not a charm. Nate did not magically fall in love with The Theorist. His anger did not change overnight. Which is exactly why when they meet for the third time, he does not blush like a schoolgirl. He glares at him, because he hates The Theorist.

He’s atop a large tower, relaxing after a quick heist. He closes his eyes for a few moment, enjoying the warm breeze. When he opens them again, The Theorist is staring at him. “Jesus Christ!” he yelps, leaning away. His face (does NOT) heats up but he manages to glare at the man anyway. The Theorist chuckles and stops telekinetically holding himself in the air, instead lowering himself next to Nate. He doesn’t say anything. He simply sits himself next to Nate is if this was a normal occurrence for him.

It was….nice.

Hesitantly, Nate slid his hand atop The Theorist’s and holds in a breath. When The Theorist doesn’t pull away, he lets it out and allows himself a small smile. He doesn’t want to admit to himself that maybe he doesn’t entirely hate The Theorist, but this is nice. Very nice.


Nate walked into the quaint little coffee shop tired and ready to collapse. He quickly orders a simple black coffee and sits down in a nearby booth, resting his head on the table and letting loose a muffled groan.

“Bad day, huh?” Nate whips his head up at breakneck speeds. That voice…!

The speaker was a man with soft brown curls and equally brown eyes. He was smiling and looking down at Nate so fondly, Nate was almost certain this was The Theorist. “The Theorist….?” he whispered, staring at the man with narrowed eyes. The man’s smile broadened and there was a glint in his eyes. “Call me Matthew, Matthew Patrick.

“I’m calling you MatPat,” Nate smiled.

wow what the fuck happened

where did this monster come from

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hey! I have a request, can you please make one that (y/n) is the quiet slytherin and Draco falls for her 'cause she's a cinnamon roll and helps him to be nicer. sorry for taking your time! you're an amazing writer!

Warning: fluff, kissing
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,329
Y/N - your name
Y/H/C - your hair color
Y/E/C - your eye color

This turned out longer than the last one but I’m pretty happy with it so I hope you like it! And don’t forget to keep sending requests I love reading and answering them!

You were sat in a corner of the slytherin common reading a new book you’d found in the library when you heard the door slam shut and someone knock over a table. This wasn’t exactly uncommon people were always mad and expressing it in one way or another. “That filthy Potter!” You heard a male voice spat. You quickly brought your legs up to your chest and continued reading trying not to attract any attention. “y/n” you heard the guy speak once more after a few minutes but this time it was softer and sounded more sincere. You looked up only to be met with the one and only Draco Malfoys’ icy eyes, sure you’d held a few conversations with him but mostly small talk. To be honest although he was a jerk to most people he always was quite nice to you. “Yes” you said rather softly looking at him hoping he wasn’t going to use you as a punching bag. “I just wanted to let you know you look nice today” he said then winked, you furrowed your eyebrows and gave him a questioning look. Did he just compliment you? I’ve never seen him be nice to a soul. “Uh…thanks?” You said “But is this some kind of joke cause I really don’t appreciate it if it is.” I you said looking around to see if anyone was staring. He looked at you like a lost child “ I just-” he started walking away from you and you could tell he was embarrassed, you grabbed his wrist losley and he spun around quickly almost as if ready to strike but his eyes softened once he was fully aware it was you. “Thankyou” you said this time more confident and giving him a smile, he slowly nodded and walked away back to his friends.
The next day you were sitting in the great hall for breakfast eating a cinnamon roll and talking to a few of your friends from other houses when you felt a finger tap your shoulder. You could tell from your friends raising their eyebrows that it was Draco, they all insisted he had a crush on you but you brushed it off. You spun around your y/h/c swinging to one side. “Hey Draco!” You said cheerily causing your friends to slightly giggle and waggle their eyebrows, you sent them a glare then smiled and turned back to Draco. “I was wondering if you would like to meet me at The Three Broomsticks tomorrow.” He said trying to avoid eye contact, you’d never seen him like this, he seemed nervous like you were going to punch him for speaking to you. “Ummmmm” you said a joking smile on your face, he looked up looking almost enraged that you were saying no “I’m kidding! Of course I will. You need to lighten up a bit” you said lightly hitting his arm with a laugh playing on your words. His hardened expression turned into a light smile as he told you the time and walked off to wherever he was going. You turned around to your friends who were full on losing there shit, you just laughed and got up to go to your first class leaving them to gossip.
As you were walking to The Three Broomsticks the next day the light snow covering the ground you were trying to decide whether you had feelings for Draco or not. I mean he is a bit of a jerk but he’s always been a sweetheart to you and he is good looking. You walked in swinging the door open and glanced around looking for Draco. He was sat in a corner booth yelling at the waitress for something, you slowly walked over hearing that he ordered two buttterbeers and was only brought one. “It’s ok.” You said to the lady “can you please just bring another one?” You asked giving her a smile, she nodded and glanced back at Draco who had gone radio silent then she walked away. You sat down on the opposite side of the booth as Draco and pulled off your gray short trench coat. “How did you do that?” He asked his eyes gleaming with curiosity, “do what?” You asked resting your hands on the table fiddling with your thumbs. “You completely defused the whole situation” he said leaning forward while taking a sip of his drink. “I don’t know I just was nice” you said confused as to what he was confused about.
You guys talked for hours before deciding to head back to the castle. “You know you’re a nice person when you’re not flipping tables” you giggled, he let out a small chuckle then stopped in his tracks almost causing you to trip. “Y/N, I just wanted to let you know that I really like you and I would really like if you gave us a shot cause I know I’m a total dick but when I’m around you nothing else matters and I just turn into a different person, a better person.” He said looking into your y/e/c orbs with full confidence. “Sure” you said nodding your head slightly and letting a small smile form on your lips. His mouth dropped open, “Really?” he asked as if you would be lying “yes now shut your mouth or your tongue will freeze.” You said as you used one of your hands to push his bottom jaw up and close his mouth. “Well then” he said looking forward again as he took your hand in his and you walked back to the castle.
Once you were back in the castle you passed a girl with curly brown hair and brown eyes, that you recognized as Hermione. “Filthy mudblood” you heard Draco mutter sending the girl a glare. You let go of his hand and ran to turn the girl around, “I’m so sorry!” You said to her apologetically. She smiled and turned away thanking you. “Draco!” You said full fury taking over your face, “No matter what you think you can’t call someone that, it’s bullying.” You whisper-shouted trying to remain calm. “I’m sorry” he said taking both of your hands in his, “See what I mean though, you make me a better person, cause trust me I never want to see you angry, you’re already cute enough and making you angry just makes you hotter.” You smiled a laugh escaping from your mouth as you looked towards the ground. He put a finger under your chin and lifted your head up slightly leaning in only centimeters from your face. “May I?” He asked politely, you nodded hesitantly as his lips touched yours, you felt an array of fireworks erupt in your belly as you melted into the kiss. His tongue glided across your lip but you didn’t allow it. He pulled away taking your hand in his and making his way towards the common room. “You’re a piece of work, you know that?” He said slightly turning to you with a smirk, “yes but I’m your piece of work” you said and tapped his nose. You then let go of his hand and skipped ahead, “catch me if you can!” You yelled behind you. You heard Dracos deep laugh as he started running. You made it almost all the way to the door before you felt his arms glide around your waist and pick you up spinning around, you turned into a full giggle mess. He sat your feet back on the ground but kept his arms firm around your waist. “If this is the new Draco I could get used to it.” You said winking, “ya well my fathers gonna hate you for turning me soft” he mentioned you shrugged it off and gave him a quick peck then made your way into the common room and up to your dormitory, thoughts of Draco running through your mind.


Hi bbs!! Aujourd'hui je suis aller au field trip francais…my outfit is: free people leather jeans & trench coat, gray pullover, zara scarf, pastel mint beanie, and rag & bone combat boots ;-) have a good friday everyone!!!!!

Breaking Point in Blue - Chapter 8 - “Crazy He Calls Me”

[] [AO3] [Chapter Master Post] [Soundtrack]

Rating: M (Violence and Smut)

Chapter Word Count: ~4700

Summary: Over three years after the close of the Red Killer case, Korra and Mako are called upon to investigate a poisoner whose targets include the city’s rich and powerful elite. But with three years worth of baggage between them, the duo’s task will be their most difficult yet. [Sequel to Rhapsody in Red and Mystery on the Republic City Express] Noir AU

Author Note: Longest chapter yet. Hope you enjoy.

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6]
[Chapter 7]


Chapter 8 – “Crazy He Calls Me”

Like the wind that shakes the bough
He moves me with a smile
The difficult I’ll do right now
The impossible will take a little while
I say I’ll care forever
And I mean forever”


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Grildy, first time they meet

1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence (whoops) fic.

Hildy played around with her hair as she sat on the steps outside of Spooky Academy, feeling low. Probably lower than anyone had ever felt before.

She should’ve trusted her gut and not have come to this ridiculous dance in the first place. Then, she wouldn’t have shown up (fashionably late, of course) wearing the exact same dress as Snazzy Shazam, and having to spend the entire night hearing the entire school body whispering about how Snazzy wore it better. Then, her date wouldn’t have ran off to go ask Snazzy to dance, leaving her all alone on the sidelines. And then, her date wouldn’t have given Snazzy a ride home, leaving her stranded here, all alone.

Hildy let out an irritated shriek as she pushed herself up off the stairs and shouted to the heavens, “COULD THIS POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE?!”

Apparently, the heavens had a cruel sense of irony, because mere seconds after she said that, the skies opened up and a full on rainstorm broke out. 

Hildy slowly tilted her head upward, her soggy strands of hair flopping to the sides of her face. She pointed a finger upwards at the heavens and growled, “You’re pushin’ it.”

Irritated beyond belief, Hildy bent down and retrieved her purse and decided that now was as good a time as any to begin her long walk home. Her dress and shoes were already wet anyway, so there was no use worrying about that anymore.

As Hildy squinted her way through the thickening rain, using her purse as a makeshift umbrella, she began making a mental list of people who she would curse for all eternity, for making her night a complete disaster.

“Curse Snazzy Shazam!” Hildy started, as she tightened her grip on her “umbrella,“ feeling the anger bubble up inside her. "Curse that no-good date of mine, for leaving me! Curse Snazzy again! Oh heck, curse her three times! Curse-”

Hildy stopped as she felt something being draped around her shoulders. Was she getting mugged? Well, wouldn’t that just be the cherry on top of the perfect night? Hildy thought to herself. 

She turned around fast, startling the boy behind her. She squinted harder at him through the rain. He sure didn’t look like a mugger. He looked more like an upperclassman, and a cute upperclassman at that.

He had fairly long blue hair, with a white streak up at the top. Judging from his outfit, he looked as though he had just come from the same dance. He was shielding himself from her with his hands, probably scared he was going to receive a slap in the face.

The boy cringed, apparently still waiting for his pummeling. He choked out, “Y-you looked cold! I j-j-just gave ya my jacket! That’s all, I swear!”

Hildy looked down. He wasn’t lying, he had just given her his jacket. It was a nice, gray trench coat, with various stars and moons scattered across the bottom. Why he hadn’t lifted the jacket over her to shield her from the rain, instead of just putting on her shoulders was unclear, but she supposed it was the thought that counts. Hildy couldn’t help but smile.

The boy took a few slow steps back, “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare ya. I can leave now.”

Unfortunately, the boy tripped over the curb and ended up in a puddle on the street. Hildy tried her hardest not to laugh at the boy’s misfortune. She offered her manicured hand out to him and he gave her a goofy grin. This time, she did let out a small laugh. 

“Thank you,” she said as she got him up. She cleared her throat, “I’m, uh, I’m Hildy.”

The boy lifted the jacket over both their heads and shot her another silly smile, “Grim.”