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Jungkook Scenario: Your Warmth.

Request:  Hello, I think requests are open so can you please do a Jungkook scenario about him and his girlfriend cuddling for the first time? Thank you so much 😊

Genre: Fluff

–Everything is going to be just fine – you said to yourself to try and get a grip of your racing heart that was apparently happy about going a mile per hour inside your chest.

You were at Jungkook’s place for the first time ever, it was supposedly going to be just you and him for the first time and you wanted to say that you were collected and not a single tiny bit nervous about it, but you were.

You laughed and checked yourself on the mirror above the sink quickly. You still had a lot of things left to do with Jungkook since your relationship was only going into its third month and most of your dates had been outside until now. This opportunity was exciting and it wasn’t like you had really something planned, but you were always up to just spending time with your boyfriend. You’d worn a long black baggy sweater and gray thigh highs with your hair down and a little wavy since this was nothing fancy but you still wanted to look put together without seeming like you put a lot of effort.

But none of you had counted with Jungkook’s roommates crashing back without advice, so Jungkook had said he didn’t want to spend his relaxing time with them being all nosy and chatty around you. So you were going to stay on his room, it wasn’t like you didn’t want it, god you loved that idea, you only hoped it didn’t show how much on your face. You went out of the bathroom and found Jungkook busy with his phone, but with the sound of your steps he looked up at you and smiled, so you had the tiniest internal scream with the sight of your boyfriend.

–Hey, so… – how did he manage to look so effortlessly attractive at any given time? He only had to stand there with jeans, a basic t-shirt, a fire red beanie and the stash of butterflies on your stomach got wild.

Jungkook laughed and then leaned forward to peck your lips. –So, what do you want to drink, we have to build a stash to get with us before they catch us–

You laughed and nodded, taking his hand to walk with him towards the kitchen where you’d left all the snacks and junk food you’d bought on the way there. You chose a nice amount of snacks and sneaked into his bedroom as quick as possible.

–Did you plan this since the beginning? – you giggled, teasing him with your question but well, he’d said his roommates weren’t going to be there at first so you could chill calmly on the living room.

–What? No! – Jungkook panicked for a moment, you could see it perfectly on his expression. –Not that I don’t want you in my room…– he laughed breathlessly and you nodded. –Of course I do, I mean, not like this, not this time I told you to come but not to get you in here, I…– your boyfriend laughed and you bit your lower lip, humming as your only answer. –Or did you want me to plan it like this? –

Well, that was quick of him to turn around things this way. You only laughed, flipping your hair and shrugging nonchalantly, walking towards the bed just so he didn’t see how you were most probably getting all red around the edges.

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Headaches & Hair Gel

ballet dancer!Lucy au. Hope you enjoy!

pairing: nalu, with a mention of gruvia

word count: 1003

type: fluff

characters: natsu, lucy, gray, and mention of juvia

“Those ballet dancers are annoying,” Natsu said, slicking his hair back with some gel. After a long workout, his hair was greasy and he didn’t want anything to do with it. And taking a shower was not optional as the boys swim team was in the only remaining ones. He did not want to see any guys in speedos, much less nothing at all.

“I hear ya. They can be real prisses,” Gray said as he smoothed his shirt, then started to unbutton it as usual. He took it off and stuffed it in his gym bag, and Natsu sighed at the action. Being best friends had it’s downfalls such as that, but they agreed on most things.

As the two walked outside the gym to drive back to their apartments, Natsu spotted something strange.

A girl with a long blonde ponytail and her ballet uniform arguing with some guy in gym shorts and a wife beater. The guy wore a snapback on his head, and his face was prettier than most guys’. But the way he acted was far from handsome.

It was odd seeing as gorgeous as a girl as she get so angry. By the tone of her voice and the pointing finger in his face, he had done something wrong. The guy was not backing down, though, and with a smirk on his face he stared at the girl’s chest.

It only made her angrier, and she slapped him on the cheek, leaving a red mark. The guy rubbed it and then began arguing back. Natsu stared, but knew that she had it handled. If she had just slapped him, she might as well punch him too.

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The Greatest Enemy

Warnings: None

It was perhaps the greatest thing that you had seen in your short life, but you weren’t sure that anything else could compare (aside from your wedding and your kids). The rubber of the mask and the polyester of the cape felt wonderful as you rubbed your fingers across the material. Looking down at the package you almost squeal in delight.

“It even has the utility belt!”

You were so lost in your reverie that you hadn’t noticed the eyes of the patrons in the department store looking at you worriedly.  If you had been any other person they probably would have kept on with their business, shaking their head at the woman who was losing her mind over a child’s toy, but you were you. You were a Wayne, surely, you’d seen something like this before. They often saw you on television, promoting philanthropic causes or on a red carpet somewhere with your husband. Yet seeing you here acting positively deranged over the small outfit shattered their illusion of your untouchability.

“Mrs. Wayne,” A red-headed teen with a large pimple sitting on the right cheek of his otherwise blemish-free face, “It comes with these too.”

He held up small rubber toys excitedly toward you, sharing your enthusiasm. Seeing the black creatures, you feel the smile slip from your face as you stare in awe.

“Listen,” you say placing a firm hand on his shoulder, “bring me all of them.”


Bruce Wayne was enjoying his day off. He would likely have a late night on patrol, but the down time from dealing with business was more than welcome. However, one thing was strange. You’d gone shopping with Alfred early this morning, and he’d come home but you hadn’t. He would have been worried if Alfred hadn’t assured him that you were perfectly safe.

Sighing, he sat down in his library and tried to focus his attention on reading to quite his ever-running mind. As he laid back on his sofa he found himself stuck on the first page, reading the first sentence repeatedly before he finally closed his eyes. He started to drift off quickly, allowing stress and past pains roll off of him in waves. It was nice having a day off.

The thump that hit his head startled him. It didn’t hurt but the shock of it cause him to sit up in a slight panic. Looking around he couldn’t immediately determine the source of the intrusion. He looked to the ground curious as to what hit him.

“What in the world?” He muttered to himself as he examined the small black rubber toy on the ground. Picking it up he squeezed the soft plaything, smiling softly as he realized that the rubber had been shaped into a batarang.

“[Name], where did you find this?” he asked calling out to you chuckling at your playfulness.

When he didn’t receive a response, he turned expecting to find you standing at the door, but found it empty. The silence caused him to furrow his brow. Then he felt another thump, this time hitting him between the shoulder blades.

He turned around quickly, seeing black gloved fingers curled around the edge of one of the bookcases. Clearly you had tried to hide as quickly as possible but you were failing quite miserably.

“What are you doing?” he questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“F-Fear me Batman!” you squeak out trying to breath as the weight of the bookcase pressed down on you.


“KSSSSSS!” You hiss as you pull yourself from behind the furniture breathing heavily with your hands in a fang position.

Bruce pauses as he examines your figure. There is a too small black rubber mask that sits on top of your head adorned with, what he assumes are, bat ears. There is a small black cape made from cheap fabric the stops just below your shoulder blades. A stretchy gray shirt stops just above your midriff and you’ve put a white tank top on underneath. The small highlighter yellow belt was left hanging open on your waist, seemingly unable to close because it was too small, and your legs were covered in a different shade of gray leggings and thigh high black wool socks.

“Are you supposed to be me?” He asks incredulously, “I don’t hiss.”

You narrow your eyes and look at him warily.

“You don’t recognize me batman?”

“Should I?”

“It is I,” you pause trying to think of a suitable name, “The Mirror Bat… DUN DUN DUN!”

“What?” He asked with raise eyebrows.

“I am what you would look like if you weren’t secretly a billionaire mwuhahaha.”

You chuck another batarang at his chest and try and roll away to make an escape back behind a couch. However, being nowhere near athletic, half way through the roll you get stuck and the momentum causes you to roll backward onto your back.

“Blast you Batman you have defeated me again!” you scream arms flailing in the air.

You lay flat on your back for a moment letting a silence wash over the room. Your heart jumps as your ears picked up his deep chuckle.

You watch as he covers his mouth in laughter and you smile you watch him genuinely smile. You jump up and watch him. One of the things that you had noticed as of late is the stress that he had been under mostly due to ever increasing hours at work met with the all-nighters of patrol. While he had the children to help him, that didn’t stop the worry or the weariness that he carried.

“Isn’t this amazing?” you question as you spin around showing the entirety of the outfit. “Can you believe it was only 20 bucks?”

“I’m not surprised,” he states moving closer. He pulls at the rubber ear of the mask. “This seems a little small though.”

“It might have been in the children’s section,” you mumble not meeting his eye.

He hugs you close and pulls the mask off. You let out a sigh of relief as you feel blood rush back to your head. He presses a kiss to your forehead and you melt into his arms.

“One thing,” he starts, “Why don’t the pants match?”

“I couldn’t get the others over my thighs.”


A Gift For You. | Adrien Agreste.

You pressed your cheek to the  cool glass window of your room; a cup of hot chocolate resting in your lap. You must remain extra careful with your extensive watching - knowing that the small mug rested there and you wouldn’t be able to catch it quickly enough. The dress you adorned for this particular holiday was nothing to sneeze at; for your grandmother in Japan made it for you.

Not only that; but the wine colored fabric accentuated nicely with the fluffy cotton around the edges. The dress exposed your back and arms; leaving much room for accessories. With wedding-styled wine gloves to match the jewels hanging from the back of your collar; the gray and black thigh-high socks were a nice touch.

“Ugh..” You huffed; picking up your mug as you re-positioned yourself - now sitting properly on the red love seat. “Where is he?”

Keeping your gaze fixated on the snow colored grounds outside, you took a slow sip of your mug - your mind wandering. It’s highly possible that your parents were content with all of the effort they put into decorating; both in and out. However - you could already feel the disappointment settling in the back of your mind. Surely it wasn’t all for nothing?

When you removed the mug from your lips, you gave a small sigh. With the half-full mug in your hand, you stood to make your way to the kitchen. Though, before you did so, you paused to pull your socks back up to where they originally were; the folds against the back of your knee causing a dull ache.

Then, you continued your journey into the room across from yours; the kitchen. As you suspected; your mother sensed your immediate presence.

“Ah (Y/N)! Could you pass me the french fried onions from the far left cabinet?”

You didn’t give a worded reply as you sat your mug on a free spot the counter. “Are you making green bean casserole?” You questioned as you made your way past her; noticing the mixture of green beans and cream of mushroom.

She responded with an approving hum; “Mom said that even though she couldn’t be here this year; we must keep making her favorite dish.” Finally passing the pack of fried onions - you noticed her mixing had halted. “Wait,” Your mother looked to you, the package somehow remaining between the both of your grasps. “You didn’t forget to call her today did you?”

You were forced to stifle a giggle as your grip on the package weakened, forcing her to tighten her grip before it fell. “I did. I even passed it to you when she asked to talk to you.”

“Really, when?” She blinked; tapping her cheek.

You shook your head - a smile threatening to show on your lips. “When you were baking the cheesecake, remember? After she finished explaining that she had presents to send and that we should send some back - she started telling you how to properly bake and not burn it like you did when–”

You were interrupted as your mother let out a loud groan; “How could I forget that?” She inquired profusely.

“You forgot where the ketchup was yesterday too..” You lightly teased; obtaining a round pan for the casserole mixture to go into.

Her arms were soon placed on her hips as she directed a playful glare towards you; “And aren’t you forgetting something as well young lady?”

“What’s that?”

“Your little friend; wasn’t he coming over?” Taking your silence as the hint to go on; she did just that. “Shame on you (Y/N) - you’re just as forgetful as I am..”

“I-I didn’t forget.” You were able to keep your blush to a minimum; yet you were sure your stuttering gave it away. “He just isn’t here yet..”

The entire room was enveloped in silence–causing you great anxiety as you awaited her next question or statement. However; what you heard next was nothing serious as you had originally thought it to be.


A tune similar to ‘jingle bells’ echoed throughout the quietest rooms of your house; notifying the owner’s of the house that they have just recieved a guest. As you may have guessed; your mother’s gaze was locked onto you and she wore the silliest grin on her face. “Go on,” She ordered; taking the pan from your grasp. “greet him.”

Being raised to respect your elders and do as you were told - you made your way to the front door without a fuss. “Darn you mother–you and your devious antics.” Well - not that much of a fuss.

Finally, you reached the most decorated door of your home and began to unlock it. It only took a few seconds to undo the lock mechanics; yet you waited to turn the door-knob. You pondered over many greetings as you twisted your hand slowly.

“U-Um, hi Adrien! Merry Christmas!” You greeted with a giant grin. “Come in - mom was just asking about you.” The door proceeded to be pulled open to let in the teen on the other side.

“Really? I’m sorry for taking so long then.” He returned with a sheepish smile; shaking the snow from his hair. “Oh and Merry Christmas to you too (Y/N); I like your dress.”

Your entire face flushed just as Adrien passed and entered your home; causing your arms to fidget whilst closing and locking the door. “Thanks..” You muttered; quickly gaining the lead to direct him to the kitchen.

“Hey there Adrien - Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” He went in for a hug, “Thank you for inviting me over today.”

“No problem dear; couldn’t have you spending Christmas all alone could we?”

“Thanks again. I’m really sorry that my father chose to go on a business trip now of all times.”

She shook her head; giving him a small pat on the head. “I already told you - it’s alright. Now how about you and (Y/N) go and organize the presents around the tree? We’ll be opening them in a little bit.”

“Sure thing.”

“Oh and (Y/N), get Adrien some hot chocolate.”

“Yes ma'am.”

“Today has been the best day ever.” You stretched your arms above you; a content sigh escaping your lips. You turned over onto your back; finding comfort and warmth in the new (F/C) sleeping bag you’ve received.

“Hey (Y/N)?”

You hummed, keeping your eyes trained on the lit up Christmas tree above you.

“How did you end up getting so many gifts for me? I came over on such short notice - I didn’t really expect that much..”

You shrugged - your smile never faltering. “It’s because you came that we had to get so many gifts.”

Adrien tilted his head, looking over at your relaxed form. “What does that have to do with it?”

“Because; you are the best gift I could ever ask for.”

“I don’t think I understand–”

“Adrien,” You called - changing the subject as you propped your head up on your arm. “do you now why I like to sleep under the Christmas tree?”


“Well, I used to do it on Christmas Eve to catch Santa–but he only built a fort of presents over me somehow. Now, I just do it whenever; it kinda feels like tradition.”

Adrien only hummed in response–glancing up at the neatly decorated Christmas tree.

“Anyways, we can talk more tomorrow; goodnight Adrien!”

“Goodnight (Y/N).” He muttered in reply, folding his arms behind his head as began to wonder about your previous words. Tomorrow–for sure–he was going to ask about it.

I love Hanzo Shimada. If you got the ref; I love you too.

Merry (Super-belated) Christmas everyone! I am so sorry I didn’t post this earlier today–my mom had a-lot of stuff and places she wanted to go to; and I had to go.

Also, I just noticed how reflective this oneshot is…hm..

Hope you enjoyed! Next is a new years oneshot!

Imagine By; @animerocks00

Requested By; No one; simply a blog tradition.

Oneshot By; @animerocks00

Proofread and Refurbished By; No one yet ;_;

A Court of Spring and Stars pt. 4


That was terrible. Why can’t I be charming like other guys? No, I have to keep blundering on oblivious to the fact that I’m making a girl uncomfortable. She’ll never talk to me again.

I sigh as I walk into my room. I almost collapse on my bed until I notice my dad lying on his side across it with his head propped up on a hand. Amusement glitters in his eyes. “Paint me like one of your dream girls.”

“Dad, get out.” I say, not unkindly but tiredly.

He sits up and pats a spot on the bed, “But Feyre darling said you might need some fatherly advice.” he winks, “You know, on how to get a girl.” nudging me as I sit down and glare at him. “Okay, your mother didn’t say that but she showed me your conversation about the girl and I felt like imparting some fatherly wisdom.”

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http-anti  asked:

Anti had a little surprise for Glitch. It was something he had never done before, but now that he was doing it, he enjoyed it a lot. He had gone shopping and came home to change before Glitch got back from work. He wore dark gray cozy thigh-highs and a long sleeved shirt in the same color, going just past his bum. Underneath were some cute little black lace panties and his dog tags around his neck.

Glitch walked in from work with a hum, his hair was pulled back due to him not wanting to cut it as his combat boots were getting toed off as he walked straight to the kitchen for a glass of water before going to change. “Baby, I’m home.” He called, not really paying attention at all to his surroundings as he stripped out of the combat pants and shirt, tossing them in the special hamper as he pulled on a loose pair of sweats instead. “Sugar?” He asked, not hearing Anti at all.

Rainy Days

A fluffy Gruvia, rain themed one-shot I wrote a while ago. 



Juvia awoke to the rain.

All cuddled up in her duvet, with her Gray-sama plushy in her arms, the smell of the rain floated through the open window. The sound, once something she despised, now made her happy. It didn’t rain often in Magnolia and it reminded her of the day she met Gray-sama.

She murmured in contentment and let the sound and smell wash over her as she cuddled deeper into her bed. The fluffy duvet and cozy bed soothed her sore muscles from the job she had just returned from late last night.

Juvia will just stay home today and recuperate. The rain makes for a cozy day. Her eyes fluttered back shut as she fantasized of a rainy-day with Gray-sama.


Hours later, after a steaming shower, Juvia found herself cuddled in a blanket on the couch with every window thrown open. Clothed in an oversized dark gray sweater, which she had bought because it reminded her of her beloved Gray-sama, and thigh-high cobalt fuzzy socks that matched her guild mark, she was buried in a good book. She immersed herself in the romantic comedy, where everything fell apart just to end perfectly, with a cup of hot chocolate beside her, a music lacrima softly playing jazzy music, and many, many candles lit.

I wish Gray-sama were here to share this with me.

She was startled out of her thoughts by a loud banging on her door. She sighed, slightly frustrated that she had to pull herself out of her comfy position on the couch. Juvia glided across the room and hesitantly pulled the door open.

“Gray-sama?” her shocked voice rang out.

“Shhh…” he clamped his hand over her mouth and pushed her back into the room and shut the door behind them. He could see the excitement and desire to squeal in her eyes. “Don’t freak out, okay? I had to get Cana to sneak me in here. I don’t want Erza to find out. If I take my hand off, will you be quiet?”

Juvia nodded, her eyes shining. He carefully removed his hand, waiting for her to squeal.

She just did a little dance, trying to contain her excitement, and then threw her arms around his neck.

“Gray-sama!” She whisper-squeaked. “You came to see Juvia! And risked getting caught! How romantic!”

He pried her arms off of him, but held onto her wrists. “What were you thinking? You were supposed to be back yesterday from that dangerous solo mission, and then it was raining today…” he trailed off.

Juvia then took in his appearance. He was missing his shirt (typical), was sopping wet, and out of breath. He had taken the time to get Cana to give him her key and had either run from the guild or up the stairs to her room, or both.

She squealed in realization, “You were worried about Juvia!”

Gray, realizing he was still holding her wrists, let go and rubbed the back of his wet black hair, a slight blush tinging his cheeks. “Well…”

Juvia clapped her hands together, “Well, Juvia is safe and good. Here, let Juvia make you some hot chocolate and we can sit on the couch together and Juvia will tell you about her mission, okay?”

Gray sighed and nodded, walking across the room to the couch. He sat down and looked up, watching Juvia’s retreating figure and took her in. His eyes grew wide as he observed the oversized sweater, barely grazing the bottom of that ass he hated to admit he was attracted to, and her socks grazing the middle of her thighs with her milky skin standing out between the dark gray of her sweater and the cobalt of the socks. Damn… those legs…


He wasn’t sure if it was the relief of seeing her, or the desire to touch her in that sexy outfit, or just the cuddly atmosphere of her room and the rain trickling outside, but something drove him to do it. When she returned with his hot chocolate and was setting it down on the table by his side of the couch, he pulled her into his lap. She squeaked in surprise, her eyes flying wide. Gray tucked her under his chin, his arms around her feeling the soft wool of her sweater against his bare chest.

“Gray-sama? What?..” She was shocked. It was as if he had read her fantasy.

He just grunted and reached forward to grab her hot chocolate and hand it to her and then snatch his. One hand still around her waist and the other holding the delicious smelling cup.

Juvia just squeaked in pleasure and turned sideways, burring her head in his shoulder with her feet dangling off his lap onto the couch. Both of her hands enveloped the mug of goodness.

“So why didn’t you come to the guild?” He asked, his breath tickling the top of her head.

“Juvia got back late last night and was super sore and tired. When Juvia awoke to the rain, she decided that it was a rest-day! Juvia wanted to decompress and relax. But Juvia is really glad you came to see her Gray-sama!” she snuggled in closer to his chest.

“You really shoulda let someone know you were okay.”

She turned to look into his dark eyes, “Juvia is sorry to worry you.” She pouted, upset that she worried her beloved.

Gray just sighed and pulled her slightly closer and leaned his head on the top of hers, “I wasn’t that worried.”

Juvia giggled at his contrasting responses, “Yes, Gray-sama was. Otherwise, he would not have come to see Juvia or be holding her.”

He just rolled his eyes at the accurate perception and grunted.

A moment of silence followed, the rain and soft jazz filling the empty space. Juvia sighed contently and sipped her drink, enjoying Gray’s presence and his arm around her.

Gray broke the comfortable silence, “So the mission went well?”

Juvia nodded, “Yes! It went without a hitch, but just took a lot of Juvia’s energy. That’s why Juvia was so exhausted today. Juvia needs to train more…” She blushed and looked down.

Gray sighed, “You know that you are strong, Juvia. But even the strongest have their limit.”

“Mmhmm! Juvia just didn’t want to disappoint the patron.”

“I doubt you could disappoint anyone,” Gray mumbled into his mug.

Juvia stared at him shocked, “Gray-sama just complimented Juvia?”

Gray just nodded. She cuddled deeper into him, feeling his arm tighten around her waist. Her eyelashes were fluttering against his neck.

He leaned forward and set his empty mug down on the table, and feeling Juvia shiver against him, he reached out and grabbed the blanket on the couch and draped it over her shoulders. His now-free hand settled on her thigh, causing Juvia to blush.

“You don’t disappoint me ever,” he finally added. After much debate, he pressed a tender kiss to her temple and then rested his chin on her head again.

And they were content to spend the rest of the day like this; cuddled on the couch listening to the rain.