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no offense but like tododeku is one of the Best ships out there like hands down. bc todoroki was like Im Going To Beat You, we all thought it was gonna be some tense i-hate-you-but-then-we-makeout relationship, smth like our-parents-hate-each-other-so-we-do-too-but-not-rlly (…….all might isnt izukus dad but u get the point) but u know what it turned out to be like a chapter later?? izuku helping shouto realize he isnt his dad. them becoming friends immediately after. then them just loving and supporting each other from there on out…. it is?? SO good???

@ everyone still reposting the valentines day video

……. D O N ’ T

it is NOT public access. it is a video that was uploaded ACCIDENTALLY because of a youtube glitch a few years back


therefore, by posting it, you are literally shitting on dan and phil’s privacy and completely disregarding any aspect of respect for them. as a fan, a shipper, a subscriber, whatever, is that really what you want? you want to add to the stress dan and phil have in their lives anyway by bringing up something that was never supposed to be public? can you imagine how stressed out phil must get, constantly looking for it to make sure it doesn’t become public? no, you can’t, otherwise you wouldn’t do it.

it is PERSONAL. it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. and yes, reposting it is a bad thing to do.

thank you for your time

the signs as things nezumi has done

Aries: sung to a giant mythical bee to placate it

Taurus: bragged about being taller than shion the first time he saw him after 4 years while in the middle of escaping from city officials

Gemini: been referred to as a “female fox” by other people on more than one occasion

Cancer: freaked out that shion was able to catch him off guard in the middle of his love confession

Leo: climbed over a pile of dead bodies

Virgo: recited macbeth in the middle of a ridiculously dangerous situation

Libra: made fun of shion for being a virgin

Scorpio: said he’d kiss shion before slitting his throat and consequentially made him pop a boner

Sagittarius: told a prostitute he was shions boyfriend directly before kissing her

Capricorn: threateningly pressed shion into a wall and then immediately dotted on him after books fell on them two seconds later

Aquarius: been slapped across the face by shion

Pisces: referred to safu as shions “bestie”

the zodiacs as no.6 quotes

Aries - Someday, I’ll return the favor. You said you needed me. I’ll live up to it. I’ll put my life on the line to protect you. // “I want you to fight with yourself.”

Taurus - I don’t want to be protected by him. I haven’t abandoned my thoughts. I’ll keep decoding my world around me and its workings on my own. I will confront the world in its true form, and look reality in the eye. That’s probably something you would call a battle, Nezumi. // No.6, this is who we are. No matter how many times you step on us, we’ll raise our heads again. We’ll never be destroyed. We’ll crawl across the ground, we’ll set our roots down, and we’ll live. We’re a lot tougher than you think.

Gemini - “You put everything into dichotomies. You either love or you hate. You’re either friends or enemies. Outside the wall, or inside the wall. And you always say you can only ever choose one of them.” // “It is a boy whom you have brought. Surely he is neither entirely wicked, nor entirely virtuous.”

Cancer - I was human when my heart was stolen by him, and I was human when I longed to be by his side. And this fact won’t change, no matter what name I give to these feelings.// But I’m still wishing they’d return. I find myself still wanting to see them again. Yeah, sure, I’ve got my sights set on the gold bullion, too. My eyes are dazzle by the mountain of gold. But I want to see them too. I want to hear with these ears again, Nezumi’s sarcasm and laugh, Shion’s awkward way of speaking.

Leo - Nezumi, I want to stay human. // When he saw the boy choking on the unbearable tumult of his emotion, there was only one emotion that welled up inside Shion, and it was love.

Virgo - You called me, and I listened. I reached out, and you caught my arm. I opened the window so I could meet you. That’s our truth, Nezumi.// Yes, Nezumi. I’m confident. As long as I’m beside you, I can say with conviction that I can remain human.

Libra - Cool, ironic, stronger and more beautiful than anyone else—that was the kind of person Nezumi had always been, and that never changed. But behind it all, even he had a childish, emotional side like this. He still had some immaturity left in him to feel agitated when he was unable to control his emotions. // Have you really gone away? Will we really never see each other again? Have you guys really left? Am I the only one here?

Scorpio - “Before I slit your throat, I’ll give you a kiss,” Nezumi said softly. “You’ll find out exactly how much better I am at giving farewell kisses. Then you can go off to heaven.”  // “You’re a mysterious one, Shion. I thought so since the first time we met—you’re a mystery.”

Sagittarius - “Sometimes poison and medicine can come from the same plant. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s going to be poison or medicine until you drink it. Right?” // If he peeled off a layer, what would this angelic and pure figure reveal? Maybe he would be more horrendous and fierce than he ever expected. Maybe within Shion, there existed some dark pit of truth that even Nezumi feared.

Capricorn - I won’t allow any hesitation. There’s no option left for us to go back, to delay to look for another path. We have no choice but to move on. And I won’t allow you to hesitate here, Shion. // How heartless could humans become? How could they stop themselves from becoming so? Someday, he would seek it out.

Aquarius - Nezumi, we’re going home. We’re going back to that room. We can’t turn back time, but we can create it anew. // I’ve gone against what you’ve told me. I’ve sighed many times for another. I believed him, and opened my heart to him. I placed the shackles around my feet. But I couldn’t have done otherwise. I couldn’t cut him away.

Pisces -  I am weak. My mind and body are all too fragile. But nothing can shake my resolve. Nothing can confuse my feelings. My resolve to live not within, but outside the city; my feelings of wanting to live together with you; nothing can shake them, nothing can muddle them. // Listen to me. Let my voice reach you. Open your eyes and answer me.

im crying i cowrote a maximum ride fanfiction when i was 12 and occasionally ill get notifs from telling me that ppl have favortied it or reviewed it and today i got a review that said “years of writing and i am just so disappointed in your ending. your story itself is great but you could have had a more appointed ending. i am sorry to say but it would be a bad ending for any story”

im yelling that fic was unfinished and hasnt updated since 2011

  • what he says: im fine
  • what he means: listen ok i understand that during gon's date with palm it confirms that he's still 12 but there's no way that's possible ok hes 13 AT LEAST at that point. during the greed island arch killua goes to get his hunter license and it confirms that that year's hunter exam took place at the very beginning of the year right after new years, which means last year's hunter exam took place in january too, assuming that they take place during the same time every year. gon's birthday is in may, and killua's is in july--they were both 12 when they took the exam the first time, so there's no way they didnt pass both of their birthdays over the course of the series. theres literally no way they werent 13 during the end of the greed island arch. the whole span of the chimera ant arch takes place over the course of at least 3 months, quite possibly more, meaning gon would've been almost 14 during his fight with pitou. why do they keep saying hes 12? why have they not celebrated their birthdays? why are these boys never aging?

a female character: is written without personality not bc she doesnt have potential to be good but bc the author ruined her for the sake of only being the token female character/fanservice vessel
fandom: UGH 🙄🙄🙄🙄 shes so annoying why cant she DO anythig ……shes so useless ……..
a male character that is basically a carbon copy of the female character, perhaps even more “useless” than the female character, except male: exists
fandom: 😩👌🏻👌🏻🔥 daddy af… my sweet baby cinnamon roll protect him at all costs 😍