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  • Paper Magazine — Bryshere Y. Gray Is the Spectacular Spider-Yazz

To demonstrate what superhero movies —by far one of the most successful forms of popular American entertainment— could be if they embraced diversity, we asked Bryshere Y. Gray, aka Yazz the Greatest, to pose as Miles Morales for a series of mock posters. He’s captured audience attention as the brash rapper Hakeem Lyon on the Fox series Empire; those same skills would no doubt make him an excellent Spider-Man. “I’m young and pretty and I represent the youth in America and speak to them in a way no one can at this time. I’m the American Idol,” he tells us. “And I like to climb and fly through the sky and also would look amazing in the Spider-Man outfit.”

i love how the NPC names in WoW get more and more ridiculous with each expansion. in vanilla maybe you fought “gray wolf” or “shadow spider” but i’m on broken shore and i just swam past something called a Vaporous Abalone

I’m not with room service

I just needed drunk, flirty gratsu, and for Natsu to be naked for no real reason at all.


“Come on,” Sting says, smile plastered on his face, “one more round.”

“I can’t.” Natsu shakes his head, a bad idea with how blurry the world is. “I’m so drunk.”

Rogue clicks his tongue. “After all that bragging you did about drinking us under the table, you’re gonna give up so easily?”

“First of all,” Natsu hiccups, “first of all. We’ve been drinking since breakfast and it’s-” he one eyes the clock behind the bar. “-it’s 4:30!”

“So?” Sting hums, nuzzling his nose into Rogue’s hair.

Natsu jabs a finger in their direction. “So second of all, fuck you! You guys have been sharing these goddamn fishbowls of long island iced tea.”

“So?” Sting repeats. “What’s the problem?”

Natsu snorts. “There wouldn’t be one if I hadn’t matched you fishbowl for fishbowl,” he says.

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My top five photos of 2016 for Gray-Card’s annual Top Five Extravaganza.  2016 was a particularly good and bad year for me, and not my best year for photos… but looking back, there were more good ones than I remembered.

1.  Green bee (September)
2.  Cliff with clouds, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (June)
3.  Brown jumping spider (May)
4.  Hesperus Mountain (September)
5.  January, the butterfly we found in the house (January)


A rainbow of insects (and a spider) for Gray Card’s top 5 year-end extravaganza.  Celestial Macros features bug, birds, and any wild animals within camera range.  More science based than my main blog.

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RFA+V take care of spiders for MC

Dedicated to the wolf spider who visited me at my desk. Like the perfect host I am, I gave you my room while I sleep on the couch. I hope it’s so comfy for you.


  • when you run out of the bedroom from the spider over the headboard 
  • he knows it’s a big one
  • honestly, he’s scared of spiders just as much as you are
  • but as a reminder:
  • so he’s willing to man up and face his fears if it meant you would feel safe
  • he tries to kill it but it falls on the ground and he loses it
  • spends an hour trying to find it
  • can’t find it
  • you two end up sleeping on the couch that night


  • in the middle of some spring cleaning you encounter a gray spider sitting on Jaehee’s desk
  • you run to Jaehee
  • because she is the Batman to their Joker
  • inspects the spider first before she gets her equipment
  • grabs a tissue, a spare shoe, and a vacuum cleaner
  • first takes the tissue but it starts scurrying
  • you bolt from the room
  • you hide on the couch as you hear a sharp slam, followed by the vacuum
  • afterward, she comes out and the deed is done
  • you cook dinner that night and let her pick a movie to cuddle and watch


  • you were planning on taking a shower, but before you enter you see a large, dark spider nestled in the corner
  • you never put on your jeans as fast as you did now
  • when zen sees you running out of the bathroom he’s a confused marshmallow
  • when you tell him there’s a spider in the bathroom
  • his eyes just go wide and he grabs your shoulders
  • your boyfriend’s arachneaphobia is worse than yours
  • “we need to burn this place down”
  • you two decide to go out and as far away from your apartment as possible
  • you end up hiring Jaehee to do the deed


  • Elizabeth 3rd was having a grand time playing with her feather toy
  • then as you look up, you see a spider slowly descending before you
  • you just f r e e z e and call Jumin
  • he goes over to you, noticing how tense you are at the spider
  • he comes back with a cup and a tissue and catches the spider
  • releases it outside
  • oddly enough is just so calm in this situation
  • you’re still tense so he lets you hold Elizabeth 3rd as he sits closely next to you
  • you have all the comfort you need 


  • you just came back home grocery shopping
  • after collecting the bags you start walking out of the garage but you freeze when you notice a huge spider in your way
  • what is that sack thing on its butt???
  • you call seven on your phone and he makes a few jokes before he actually shows up
  • gets up close to it, scoops it up with his bare hand, and shows it to you
  • “aw look how cute it is MC! can we keep it?”
  • “I would rather let a crazed lumberjack live with us than that spider”
  • pouts and puts it down while telling you how harmless it was
  • then the sack on its butt bursts and hundreds of tiny spiders are crawling on the floor
  • you are about to faint but seven scoops you in his arms
  • takes the necessary precautions and covers the cracks in the doors 
  • calls Jaehee


  • when you were in the kitchen you squealed your eyes spotted a creepy spider by the knives
  • V hears you and asks what was wrong
  • after explaining it to him he tries to look where it was
  • only sees a dark blob with his good eye
  • he would rather it hide somewhere else but he can feel how stiff your arms were
  • so he traps it with a cup and takes it outside
  • when he comes back he acknowledges your fears
  • and explains to you how important spiders are
  • you’re kind of surprised how much facts this guy knows
  • even talks about his old pet tarantula as a kid
  • his passion for nature makes you love him more