gray sama

  • Random arrogant girl: So yeah, my boyfriend got me this really big diamond ring and a 3 new dresses~ Like he is the best. What did your boyfriends do for you?
  • Lucy: *reading a book* He ripped out a rainbow tree and send it by my house through the river when I was sick. He saved me from falling to my death. Gave me courage when all hope was lost. Beat two mages to win the Grand Magic Games after my humiliation and became a demon when he thought I was dead.
  • Juvia: *Creating a Gray doll* He accepted Juvia for who Juvia was without a second thought. Got shot by multiple lazers but luckily survived via time going back for a minute. Accepted the fact Juvia had to kill Gray-sama's father again and trained with Juvia for a year. Beat the one person who Gray-sama thought killed Juvia.
  • Levy: *studying He absorbed lightning to protect me, let me escape to fight two enemies to near death. Inhaled poisonous water to save me as well as poisonous particles. Sacrificed himself and confessed while doing so. Managed to stay alive and found me again.
  • Erza: *eating strawberry cake* Gave me my last name when I didn't have any. Got arrested on purpose to not give our guild any trouble. Gave me a jacket when I was fully naked on the winter streets. Destroyed an entire army of ships after seeing in the bad condition I was from the fight.
  • Girl: ...

“No no I need to wake up” She said.
“Idiot, you already woke up and stop closing your eyes.” He said
“…come on wake up…”
“If you still saying like that, should I remind you what we did last night?”
“ !! ”
“Open your eyes come on I’m gonna count in 1…2..see I’m here”

No words lool I just need to draw ma OTP to fulfill ma life.
Hope you like it XD


“Ah, at the end, Gray sama reached me”


Juvia is definitely a stalker.

She even invaded Gray’s sub-conscious once…


…and a third time!

I mean, how far can she go? Not even Sigmund Freud would be able to solve this psychological stalking situation, because Gray is definitely not interested in her that way to actually think about this dangerous being on his own. Definitely not.

It’s canon Gray wouldn’t approve her stalking tendencies. Yeah she stopped about 400+ chapters ago but how can you justify the invasion of Gray’s psyche? She literally has no control of herself. Poor little abused and harassed Gray-sama. We shall call the police maybe. Juvia definitely needs to be reclused in a corner where she cannot stalk him. Freud send help pls.


lmao guys I suck at irony but I needed to write this down.

Juvia Lockser isn’t a stalker and Gray definitely loves her approves her, as more than a friend too.

But he isn’t the only one…

FRIENDLY REMINDER Silver Fullbuster actually left Gray in care of Juvia ( to his stalker omg what kind of father would do that!1! Did she brainwash him? Is Silver anti-gray too?) in other words: HE GAVE HIS BLESSING TO THE COUPLE.

Father’s approval? Mh, a pretty big deal in Japan don’t you think?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Lucy: Natsu, I want to eat something.

Natsu: Okay, okay. I’ll be back.

After a couple of minutes…

Lucy: Uuh. Natsu, I know I eat a lot now, but I can’t eat this much!

Natsu: Well, I guess I craved some too. Hehe.


Juvia: Gray-sama, can you please buy me ice cream?

Gray: Okay.

Comes back with all the flavors available

Gray: You didn’t mentioned the flavor you like, so I bought all flavors.


Levy: Gajeel, I’m hungry. Can you get me something to eat?

Gajeel: Yeah yeah.

Comes back with a bowl of iron


Jellal: Honey, you need to eat fruits and vegetables too. Too much cake is unhealthy.


Mira: Laxus, can you buy me the biscuits that I like?

Laxus: But that’s like, two streets away!

Mira activates Satan Soul

Laxus: Shit! Fine! Stop transforming, geez! It’s bad for the both of you, you know? God, Mira!