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the picture of the trio
  • Henry Wotton: tall, graceful young man with a "romantic olive-colored face" and a "worn expression", with a beautiful melodic low, languid voice, and with cool, white, flower-like hands that moved as he spoke "like music, and seemed to have a language of their own"
  • Dorian Gray: a young man of extraordinary personal beauty, looks as if he was made of ivory and rose-leaves, a perfect Narcissus, certainly wonderfully handsome, with his finely-curved scarlet lips, his frank blue eyes, his crisp gold hair, there is something in his face that makes one trust him at once
  • Basil Hallward: has black hair maybe

April Just One Word BPC ~ Day 4; Historical

In school I was taught about World War II ofc but mostly it was about Hitler and what the Nazis did to my country (The Netherlands). So I’m very thankful for Ruta Sepetys for writing these two beautiful books and not forgetting about the Baltic people and the horrible event of the Wilhelm Gustloff.
I personally never learned about this in school, which I find rather shocking.

Fairy Tail Chapter 529 Review

Let’s just get into: Teacher

COver page of Galuna, I like it.

So Acnologia (not shooting them down for some reason) follows after Blue Pegasus.

yes because to follow up the tension of being chased by the all powerful dragon, with ship pandering. It’s just like with Lucy being forced to strip and warm natsu while trying to make me affraid that he might die.

Also Erza’s Tits are the size of Wendy’s head… Great to know.

then she must’ve suffered from the lack of oxygen.

So Blue Pegasus tries to fight back. On the one hand I’m glad minor characters are doing something, but again this was never built up. BP hasn’t been a presence in this arc aside ichiya. This feels hollow.

Wow memory loss sure is selective. Okay Here’s my problem, I hate this twist, i despise it. 2 weeks ago, I stood up for the twist that August being Zeref’s son was good, and I stand by it. Because Hiro had, built up August, created clues that would questions Larcade’s claims of being the child, and genuinely got me off guard with all the clues in front of me. But this twist, I didn’t see it coming because it came from nowhere. None of this was ever alluded to being possible, we get Anna’s explanation of how she’s here but again, never were we given any clue this could happen. And the reason she is here is to be a deus ex machina. I want people to imagine this objectively, just the bare bones description, a monster seems unbeatable but a person we’ve never foreshadowed comes in with the answer to defeat them. Objectively that is not good writing. And It gets worse.

Really Anna? You did because…

looks like Igneel was the one who did that. This is one of my biggest problems with this retcon, by making Anna their caretaker that they don’t remember, you have weakened the ideas and sympathy of the bonds between the kids and their dragons. Now in the memories of Natsu’s heart it’s said Anna was close to them but it seemed to imply she was a friend while the dragons did the parenting, but now your telling me that one of only parenting aspects we knew about the dragons was wrong and that really they just seemed to exist to teach them Dragon Slaying Magic, wow thanks a lot for pissing on that.

We cut away to Gray and Lucy…

“Hurry to the guild, Natsu needs you” was more a suggestion apparently

You know Lucy, you’ve done nothing this arc. You’ve sat on your butt and did nothing. And now when you are need, you are crying over your man instead of actually finding an answer. God Damnit Lucy.

We cut to Natsu and Zeref Fighting

Zeref is becoming more and more transparently evil and Natsu stays as the only good thing this chapter

Back to Anna

No, that was what the dragons existed for, to be their parents, not you. You existed existed to open the gate. 

convenient wasn’t it. 

NO it was because you were a retcon that didn’t need to exist. If you were a real care taker maybe you should’ve, I don’t know, actually taken care of them, get them ready to fight acnologia, the whole reason their here in the first place. No, I’ll just leave them in the care of who ever they end up with.

Let’s just keep ripping off Rave Master at this point. If Natsu and Zeref fight in Star Memory, I swear to god…

Okay Why I’m so mad with Anna in this chapter, because I know where this is going, she exists to deliver us to a solution that was never built possible till now. But since she’s a side character related to a main character, she’s going to have a big emotional moment where she sacrifices her self or powers up or does something big and emotional and it will fall flat because it was to a character we just met and so it will feel hollow. OR she doesn’t die and gets happy ending with everyone else, which wow that suck on a side character we just introduced this arc gets a happy ending while doing nothing of value before.

Both these options are terrible, and lean toward the first is going to happen because it’s happen 3 times this arc and I’m sure it’ll be done again.

Also this key to beating Acnologia comes off as Hiro didn’t have faith himself to write a satisfying fight between the DS and Acnologia so he had to create an insta-kill. But hey understandable, but Hiro maybe you could’ve introduced this with another character. Say Zeref the one who’s been obsessed with time apparently, or DImaria the woman with the god of time in her, or maybe August the guy who knows about everything Zeref has in plan, but no, we had to bring in Anna. Why can’t you work with the characters you’ve made Hiro?

Post Chapter follow up: I think people have noticed my distaste for Anna, and it isn’t just because she’s a deus ex machina, but rather she just ruined the concept of the DS and their dragon parents, by saying she was their real caretaker. Fuck you Anna for ruining one of the best examples of FT’s theme of Family with those who aren’t related to you, because a dragon raising you even though it’s a completly different species, is dashed as they now seem like they existed to teach humans DS magic because they wanted to beat Acnologia.

She has no reason to be here and robs other characters of potential, but I can’t change what’s now been written so I will come in open to Anna next time because I was ready to do the same with Wendy Belserion, I didn’t like the twist but damn it, you introduced it, make it interesting.

Gray and Lucy’s interlude is just pointless and fills out the chapter. The time thing bothers me as outside of the eclipse arc, FT has no reason to involve time rifts or time travel. It worked in Rave Master because the underlining theme was Fate vs Free will. But FT would make more sense with its theme is the DS beat Acnologia because they worked together, their bonds and teamwork proved greater than blind destruction.

Pros this chapter, It is fun seeing Blue Pegasus fight back. Even though they weren’t foreshadowed, it is nice to have them do something.

Natsu vs Zeref looks like it’s coming to a close. I like how the more emotions Zeref is getting he’s becoming more psychotic as the contridiction curse is basically causes his thoughts to be in flux.

Final Verdict: 2/10

  • There is some good action
  • There is use of previous material, making feel like it’s important
  • The retcon does more harm than good
  • A very predictable finale is on the horizon

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do you have any book recs without romance? :o

I don’t think I read much without romance, but I can give you my best recommendations, like books with small romantic subplots or romantic mentions! The genres are a bit all over the place!

Little or No Romance

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top 5 shipping pet peeves

1. people tagging ship hate under the ship’s tag

2. people disliking characters just because they dislike a certain ship

3. people who feel the need to enter their notp’s tag just to bash people

4. people who add unnecessary and snarky comments to posts about their notp

5. people who criticize others for shipping non-canon rarepairs

Things about the way Mashima writes Gray that are kind of okay:

  • Having a soft spot for cute animals (Frosch)
  • Loyal to his friends
  • Being ready to lay down his life even if he doesn’t actually do it
  • “Sunny with a chance of Laxus”
  • Probably some more but it is 1am

Things about the way Mashima writes Gray that are in no way okay and you couldn’t pay me to let go:

  • Overlooking his trauma and basically ignoring half of what the Galuna Island arc told us about his past
  • What I mean by above: “Natsu and Gray destroyed everything”
  • ???
  • That’s not how trauma works
  • Not how it works Mashima
  • Do I even have to mention anything about Juvia I mean jfc

Here’s the thing about reading a life-changing historical fiction novel. Once you read one, there’s no going back. You need to read another. And another. And another. That’s how we felt after reading SALT TO THE SEA (out in February!) a heart-wrenching story that pulls back the curtain on one of the greatest untold tragedies in history, so we decided to share the love and round up 8 reads that will get YOU hooked on historical fiction:

1. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

Four voices. Four secrets. The lives of four young people come together at the end of WWII, weaving a story that brings to light the greatest maritime disaster in the history of the world. It comes out February 2 but you can read the first chapters here!

2. The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry

Who knew medieval France was so…scary? Matchmaker and tavern-keeper Botille has a secret: she’s hiding a branded heretic, Dolssa, in their town of Bajas. But how long can they avoid the wrath of the Church? THE PASSION OF DOLSSA comes out April 12 but you can start reading it here!

3. The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

Beware of the shadows in Regency London, especially when demons have infiltrated every level of society. THE DARK DAYS CLUB comes out January 26 but you can start reading it here!

4. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

Everything changed for 15-year-old Lina one night in 1941, when Soviet officers forced her family apart into Siberian work camps. A tale of survival, strength, and love that will make you want to hug the person next to you.

5. All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

Two years ago, Judith returned to her village having been permanently mutilated. Now, the town is being attacked and she has to choose: continue to live in silence, or speak out and change the lives around her forever.

6. Flygirl by Sherri Smith

When America enters WWII, Ida Mae Jones sees her chance to chase her dream of flying – but she’ll have to deny her true self to do so in this empowering story about deciding who you want to be. 

7. A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller

In 1909 London, Victoria’s expected to become a wife and mother, when all she wants to do is become an artist. But how much is she willing to sacrifice to pursue her dreams?

8. Under A Painted Sky by Stacey Lee

Sammy and Andy are headed on the Oregon Trail to the California gold rush…except Sammy and Andy are actually Samantha and Annamae, girls in disguise who find out there aren’t many places to hide on the open trail.

By the Sea

By the Sea

Rating : T

My deepets thanks to @akai-echo for her gorgeous banner and to @titaniasfics for the betaing.

I stay, watching the incessant rhythm of the waves.

They come near me, dying on the sand, broken in white foam, trying to reach my bare feet.

I don’t move.

I can taste the salt on my lips, echoing the tears at the corner of my eyes.

I’m crouching, watching the water come and go, an eternal renewal.

They never tire, the waves, they still try to reach the higher grounds, still try to get over the beach, over the sand, over the dunes, still try to get to the earth behind.

Or maybe, they don’t.

Maybe, they like this never ending dance with the rocks, passing over them, until grain after grain, it becomes sand.

I don’t know.

I don’t know if the sand my toes are touching is only sand, or if it’s mixed with the ashes of my family.

I put my right hand into the sand, just to feel it. Feel.

The seagulls sing their melancholic ballad to the clouds, trying to make the sun come out.

They won’t succeed.

Today is for mourning. It’s been four years.

The cold of the wind tries to break through my scarf, my coat, tries to get to me.

I only allow him to play with my hair - like when I was a little girl.

But I’m a woman now.

Today is for mourning.

Tomorrow will be for celebrating.

I clutch the dandelion Peeta gave me a couple of minutes ago in my left hand. I know he’s waiting for me, even though I told him not to.

Because that’s who he is.


When more time has gone, I finally stand.

Today is for mourning, today is for the gray skies, for the salt on my cheeks.

But only today.

Tomorrow, even if the sky is cloudy, even if the rain falls, we’ll celebrate life.

Tomorrow and every day after.



This week we’re celebrating hidden histories – they’re stories that unearth parts of the past that you probably never learned about in class, and give you a whole new perspective of the world. Check out this infographic for 15 of our favorites!

Gruvia Week - Prompt 2: Sunrise


The first thing Gray Fullbuster realized upon waking up was that he was alone.

Of course, he was used to being alone for the most part, but knew that when he went to bed last night, he wasn’t alone. He was sharing the bed with someone last night, but now that person was gone, leaving behind chilled blankets.

Still, he could tell that he wasn’t truly alone. Strewn about the bedroom was the clothes his bedmate wore the night before, along with a few other necessities, so he knew that they were still somewhere in the apartment they shared. With a yawn and a scratch of his head, Gray stepped out of the bed, slipping on a pair of jeans he kept on the side, then walked out the room and towards the kitchen.

He picked up the scent of tea, as faint as it was. Light puffs of steam came from the kettle’s spout, indicating it was freshly made. Not one for wanting tea in the early morning, Gray yawned again and grabbed an apple from the fruit basket that was set on the table. He looked into the living room, not seeing any signs of his roommate, and his brow raised in confusion as to where they could be.

As he raised the apple to his lips to take a bite, Gray caught sight of a faint shadow on the curtains of the big, sliding door window that led out to the balcony. He walked towards it, sliding the curtains back and revealing the figure on the other side.

“Oh! Good morning, Gray-sama.”

“Morning… you’re up rather early today, Juvia.”

The blunette water mage smiled, the twinges of sleepiness still in her eyes, “Juvia woke up a bit early, and decided she wanted to see the sunrise today. She’s sorry if she woke you up though.”

“You didn’t,” Gray said, taking another bite of the fruit, “I was just confused when I woke up and you weren’t there.”

“Juvia’s sorry. But Gray-sama woke up just in time to watch the sunrise too,” she commented, turning back towards the horizon.

Gray’s gaze lingered on her for a few moments longer before he turned his eyes towards the horizon as well. He thought back on the last year, since he confessed his feelings towards the blunette and opened his heart and home to her. He never expected to fall for her, but he also didn’t know when it was that he realized he was as madly in love with her as she was with him. Waking up every morning to her sweet face, being able to train and eat with her every day, spending each night with her wrapped up into his arms and being able to greet and end each day with a kiss… it was more than Gray ever wished for in his life. His eyes looked back over at Juvia, watching as she took another sip of her tea, and he smiled at how her face was lit up in the colors of the early morning.

His left hand went down to his pocket, feeling the outline of a ring buried in the corner of it. He had been giving the thought of proposing to Juvia a lot of thought in the last few months, but nothing ever seemed right. He kept it in his pocket at all times, waiting for the right moment to finally show itself, to finally be able to ask the water mage to be his forever more. Gray’s eyes gazed back over at the sun, then back at Juvia once again. There was a sense of calm about him, and a thought telling him that this moment may be the right time. In the illumination of a new day, with the beauty of the dawn lighting them up, there was a feeling of something perfect forming.

Juvia’s blue eyes turned towards him, and she smiled as she noticed that he was looking at her. “Gray-sama looks even more handsome in the morning sunshine,” she complimented, “Juvia is glad that she could watch the sunrise with you today. Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Sure is,” Gray commented, but it wasn’t towards the act of nature, “Hey, Juvia?”

“Yes, Gray-sama?”

“I want to ask you something.”

Juvia arched a brow, placing her tea cup on the railing and turning completely towards her beloved, “What is it?”

Gray sighed, putting the apple down on the railing, wiping his fingers off on his pants of what little juice was on them. One hand in his pocket, his fingers wrapping around the ring, he took one of Juvia’s hands into the other.

“Gray-sama?” Juvia whispered, her face beginning to heat up with a bit of blush.

“I know I hadn’t always been the best man. I had my demons, and I used them to constantly push you and others away because I didn’t want them to take any of you away. You know the many times I thought if I just disappeared… if I sacrificed myself, then not only would the demons leave me, they wouldn’t haunt the ones I grew to care about,” Gray explained, rubbing his thumb over Juvia’s knuckle.

The blunette nodded her head, remembering those times she had witnessed and heard of, feeling a pain in her chest growing in response. “Yes, Juvia remembers,” she replied, “And she sacrificed herself for you too, Gray-sama.”

“I know you did,” he acknowledged, “It was through that and the sacrifices of others that helped to make me realize that my life was worth living, and by hell or high water I was going to make sure I did live for them. But especially for you. That day, when we both tried to kill ourselves because we didn’t want to hurt each other, that made me realized that, if I couldn’t live for myself, I needed to live for you. I realized then how much I loved you, how much I needed you, and how much I wanted to make sure I never saw you like that again.”

Gray began to kneel down, and Juvia’s free hand went to her mouth as she gasped. “G-gray-sama, what are you…?” she squealed out, her heart beginning to race and her face turning the brightest shade of red.

“We’ve been through so much together, and even though we’ve technically only been together for the last year or so, I feel like I’ve been with you for my entire life. Maybe because for a lot of the time, you clung to me like a lost puppy,” Gray said with a bit of a chuckle, earning one in response, “But even then, I know that I want to make sure that you are with me for the rest of it. So… Juvia Lockser…”

He pulled out the ring – a simple gold band with a small diamond embedded into it – and held it out to Juvia. She began to cry at the sight of it, releasing another gasp in revelation. “Will you marry me?” he asked at last.

Juvia’s eyes welled up with tears, her lips were parted, and her heart felt like it was about to pop out of her chest. Gray waited for her answer, growing increasingly more nervous as the seconds ticked by without a response. He began to doubt himself: maybe Juvia loved him, but didn’t want to marry him. Now what can be done? What will happen to their relationship–


That excited scream was more than enough to put Gray at ease, and he smirked as he slid the ring onto Juvia’s left ring finger, albeit with a bit of struggle due to her excited movements. He stood up and attempted to grab her into a hug, but found himself tackled and falling back towards the end of the veranda. He quickly steadied them, making sure they didn’t accidentally fall over, although he couldn’t say the same for the apple and mug that fell instead, landing on the ground with a strong crash.

“Whoa! Guessing you forgot we weren’t necessarily on the ground,” Gray joked, his hands on Juvia’s upper arms.

“I guess so. But Juvia is just so happy! She’s going to be Gray-sama’s wife!” Juvia added, her hands on Gray’s chest, “Juvia loves you, Gray-sama, so much.”

“I love you too, Juvia. So very much,” he replied, smiling as they leaned in towards each other.

Their lips touched in the sweetest of kisses, their arms moving to wrap around each other and bringing themselves closer to each other. Gray could taste the salt of Juvia’s tears, but knew it was from happiness. He had tasted those tears before, mixed with her blood, and he knew he didn’t want to ever had that touched his lips again. By gods, he would make sure of that.

The two parted, smiling at each other as bright as can be, as they turned back towards the horizon. The sun was up a little further, the colors of the land becoming much more prominent than the dusky twilight sky. Gray felt a wave of relief and happiness wash over him; he was used to being alone, but he knew he never wanted to be alone ever again. He had his nakama, his guild home, and now more importantly, a wife that will always be by his side, for the good and the bad and everything in between. He was at peace… at long last, he was at peace.

“We should go and clean up the mess we made before people start to come out and start the day,” Juvia commented, “And then make something for breakfast before we head to the guild?”

“Yeah, we should. But I think there’s something else I’d like to do before then,” Gray remarked, a sly smirk on his face as he looked down at his fiancee.

“What’s that?” Juvia asked, a bit of a squeak in her voice.

He chuckled and tilted Juvia’s head slightly to align his lips up with her ear. He whispered something into it, and Juvia’s face became as red as a ripened cherry in response to his words.


so i was bored, a tad bit tired, & extremely motivated to expand my vocabulary & improve my writing, so i figured i’d share. under the cut is a LONG ASS masterpost of anything you could think of to improve vocabulary & such. there will most likely be a part two considering i have so much left to write, & i’ll definitely post that if people enjoy this one ! like/reblog as you please, i just hope this helps some people !

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