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Teacher (M)

Plot: Maybe asking your Korean teacher for help wasn’t such a bad idea. Good grades weren’t the only thing you were going to achieve from that.

Pairing: Teacher! Jung Hoseok x Student! reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Oral (receiving), Moaning denial, just full-on hardcore Jung Hoseok the sexy beast

Note: This is probably the first time I’m actually posting smut. It took me quite a while to write, considering it was very long, and I need to be in a certain mood for it. Thank you to my friend for giving me this idea. Please forgive me if there are any errors, english isn’t my first language. 3657 Words

P.S. You are 19 in this, and Hoseok is 25. I do not support all that underage sex stuff. Everything here is legal (wrong – please don’t fuck your teacher no matter how hot he is – but legal).

Korean Literature was probably your least favorite subject. You hated just everything about it – well – excluding the teacher. He always greeted you with a smile, asked you if you wanted help. You were the only foreigner in the class, after all. He gave you so much special attention, and you wouldn’t mind it at all. Unfortunately, that didn’t change your view on the subject. No matter how hard you tried, you always got a low grade.

“Okay students, remember we have a test on the new poem this Friday,” His voice echoed through your ears, breaking you out of your trance.

There was a solemn look on your face, while you stared out the window. Your eyes stayed on the uniformed kids flooding out of the school gates, while your nail dug under the staple holding your latest spelling test together.

5 out of 10. It was better than the last one.

No matter how bad it got, you always had this urge to try. You always wanted to keep studying for a higher score, but you just never seemed to understand everything that was thrown at you. It was like everything registered into your brain, but it never stayed – it disappeared, unlike your determination to do well.

As your eyes flickered over to the teacher, a nervous feeling settled in your chest. You now stayed after school for that exact reason. A few days ago, Hoseok had offered to help tutor you for an hour everyday until the test. It had been at least a week since he started, and you could safely say that you were getting better.

“Are you ready to start?” 


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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Cursing, awkwardness, sleep deprivation (?)

Summary: You stayed up late on a school night, and the side effects are as prominent as ever the next morning.

A/N: I wrote this over a couple of days so I’m sorry if some parts are a little wonky or inconsistent. It’s my longest imagine yet, lol. Also I might make this a series, maybe, maybe not :-) I’ll see how you guys like it. Ok, I think that’s it,,, enjoy!!

Staying up until 3 AM on a school night was never a good idea. However, after the new season of Stranger Things had just been released onto Netflix, your brain suddenly disregarded this well-known fact and decided that it would be a good idea to binge all the episodes in a single night. You’d certainly enjoyed the new season, but you weren’t enjoying the after effects of only getting three hours of sleep. 

That was why when you’d stumbled onto the train the following morning, hair tied up in the messiest bun it’d ever been in, it took all of your willpower not to just fall asleep standing there holding onto the rail. It was just your luck that there were no open seats and you had been forced to stand up, cramming yourself in between other commuters and students and clutching onto the metal pole with one hand. You almost pulled out your phone to lazily scroll through social media, but thought better of it when the train rocked slightly and you almost went flying down the aisle.

Note to self: No matter how much Nancy Wheeler is your “badass queen”, there was no way you were going to function getting through a whole seven hour school day like this. 

For heaven’s sake, even the extra-large, extra-hot coffee you’d downed before you left your apartment wasn’t even working. This was bad. And it could only get worse.

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 34) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Twenty Dead Goats”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar, Zachary Pillit & Reader/OFC

Warnings: You’ve been reading my bullshit for 34 chapters, do I still need to give a warning for (possible) cursing or can you guys just assume that I have a foul mouth and we can all move on? Also, a litttttttle bit of smut. not really though.

Author’s Note: the below gif is 100% what he looks like in my head right now and what i’m trying to describe below. a scruffy Stiles, if you will.

Summary: Stiles returns home following a harrowing night at the McCalls. The Pack comes over to help read through the books that Sam had used for his research, and Stiles makes a breakthrough.

Chapter Thirty-Three - Chapter Thirty-Four - Chapter Thirty-Five

Originally posted by dylns-obrien

Scott and Isaac had moved Stiles back into the Stilinski house after Isaac had accidentally broken Melissa’s pull-out couch. Y/n was throwing Stiles’ pillows onto the couch in his own living room, while Scott helped Stiles up the stairs to the bathtub on the second floor. Y/n heard the water turning on, the door closing and Scott coming back down to the first floor. She had settled into a chair in the dining room and had pulled the book that she was reading at Scott’s out of her backpack, scattering the highlighters on the table for everyone else to use again. 

Lydia and Allison walked through the front door and tried to talk to Isaac who barely looked up from his phone. Derek had taken Cora back to his apartment building and Scott advised Isaac to leave them alone for the rest of the day, to allow Derek some time to cool off. Liam and Zachary, the vampire that they had saved in Berkeley, who they were trying to reintegrate back into society on an animal blood diet, walked through the door shortly after Lydia and Allison. Everyone had come over to help look through the books that Y/n had ordered and help further solve this puzzle.

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Timeless Fate [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Could you write a Barry x Reader where instead of seeing Iris being murdered by Zoom he sees the reader being murdered by Zoom. Team Flash has no idea who she is. She’s from Earth 38. You’ll have to figure out the rest. :)

a/n: this was interesting, i think you mean savitar….i need evil sebastian *cries*


“Guys, I have no clue who she was…” Barry sniffles, wiping his nose on the sleeve of this suit. “I don’t know, but I, future me, knew her and… For some reason I felt something.” he shakes his head, tears stinging in his mossy green eyes.

Caitlin bites her bottom pink lip, typing on the keyboard and sighing. “The girl you’re explaining is dead, Barry. Y/N Y/L/N?” she flashes a picture of you on the TV screen and the speedster walks closer to it, arms crossed over his gray pullover hoodie. “I’m not sure who you saw, but it can’t be her.” she explains, waving her hand, causing her flowy dark blue blouse to dangle. 

Barry spins around, gazing at the rest of the team. “No, guys, I’m telling you. She was there! And future me… cared about her. I could feel it in my gut. When Savitar killed her, future me wasn’t fast enough; she died in my arms…” he argues, eyes darting from Cisco to Wally. He kind of feels desperate, repeating the same thing in different words.

After exchanging glances with Kid Flash, Cisco shakes his head, black locks flying around his tan face. He twirls the pen in his fingers, distracting his hands from trembling. “Maybe you ran to a parallel time. The future can go in multiple directions, right?” he offers, pointing the pen at both of the speedsters. Wally shrugs, mouth twisted slightly, looking to Barry for answers.

“Hypothetically, yes. But… I think this was… is… real.  Like, it’s going to happen.” Barry defends himself, hands flying to the base of his neck. He knows what he saw is a likely outcome; he just knows it. “I- Did you guys hear that?” he pauses, peering around the Cortex; Iris nods, standing from her seat and following Barry through the hallway, knee-high boots clicking on the tile.

The whoosh sound gets closer and closer as the team approaches the corner; the scarlet speedster holds his arm out, halting his friends. “Oof!” you huff out, hitting the floor, hair in front of your face. You look back at the dazzling purple portal, which is shrinking with every second. “Wait, no, stop!” you yell at the inanimate object, scrambling to your feet, black vest rising up your waist, messing up your white button down. “I don’t even know where to find The Flash, Jay!” you scream, watching the portal disappear in on itself.

Slumping your shoulders, you twirl on your heels, puckering your lips, beginning to explore the building. Barry’s green eyes widen and he makes weird hand gestures; Iris and Caitlin point to you, gritting their teeth. He gulps, standing up straight before strutting around the corner, coughing to get your attention. You jump, facing him, “The Flash! I found you; you can help me!” you say excitedly, clapping your hands.

Barry’s heart swells. You are completely adorable. “I… can’t help. You need to leave.” he frowns, putting on a stoic face, watching your smile crumble. “You need to go back to your earth.” he repeats, hand pressing to the small of your back, starting to lead you to the basement, where Cisco can vibe.

“What? No!” you fume, shaking his hand off. Your dark washed jeans scrunch at your boots as you move closer to him; barely chest to chest with him. He sucks in a breath, green eyes focused on your pretty face. “I need help fixing my time watch; without it, I can’t control my powers. I can slow time… Please.” you beg, pouting slightly.

A pang of guilt hits him straight in the chest and he sighs, bringing your wrist to his face. The watch resembles a fitbit; dark blue and thin with a small screen. “I think we can help, but after, you need to go back.” Barry reasons, ignoring the flutter of his heart when you smile. This is not a good sign.


Barry is being selfish, he knows this. Yet, his lips on yours feels like nothing he’s ever felt before, words can’t even describe it. Then, images of Savitar killing you flood his memory and he has to pull away. “Y/N, this can’t… We can’t be together.” he informs, blinking back tears at the sight of your confused face. “No matter how much I want to be with you, and, god, do I want to be with you, we… we can’t.” he swallows, stressing the last word.

Sniffling, you furrow your eyebrows together.  “W-why not? Am I no-”

“No, no, no, it has nothing to do with you.” he shakes his head slowly, tears streaking down his freckled cheeks as he cups yours. His thumb drags underneath your eyes, collecting the stray water. “I need to protect you. I’ve been to the future and-and you die.” His voice cracks, “I can’t let you die, Y/N.” he cries, chestnut locks bouncing when his head moves.

Sucking in a breath, you force your lips on his, screwing your eyes closed. Reluctantly, he kisses back, soft and slow, like if he makes one wrong move, you’ll break. “I’ll die without you either way.” you mumble in a gentle tone, cracking a small smile. “If I stay, I get to spend time with you. If I go, I won’t see you ever again… I want to be with you; no matter time limit. I can stall some with my powers; make it seem longer. Please, Barry, please.” you beg, tears staining your smooth Y/C/S cheeks.

He rests his forehead on yours, breathing in and reaching for your hand. “I’m going to save you, I promise. If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll save you.” he swears, capturing your lips with his. Barry needs to get faster, for your sake, even if HR thinks you have a timeless fate.

neighborhood party - six o’clock

*reminder: cynosure is completely gender neutral*




5:45 PM. 

The first thing to catch your eye is the clock.  

You find yourself sitting in a chair in your living room, hands curled around the armrests. For a second you allow yourself to revel in the softness of your armchair. You’re practically sinking into it. 

With a jolt, however, you realize that you only have fifteen minutes to get ready. 15.


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Lots of Love [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: i just think seb wouldnt put up with barr’s bs lol


“Okay, actually watch this time, Joe… I mean, West? Sir? Detective? Sir Detective? God?” Sebastian sighs, arms spread out across the table, gray Hollister pullover hoodie scrunched at his elbows. You rest a hand on your thigh. “So, this -” he holds up a sugar packet, “Is me. ‘Cuz I’m sweet. And this-” he gestures to the pepper and salt, “Is Barry and Y/N. Following so far?” Joe nods, arms crossed. “So, Barry and I are gay for each other.” he explains, pushing the sugar packet and pepper shaker together. “But wait, we’re also straight for Y/N!” he grins, bringing the salt to the middle. “So, it’s like a little triangle.”

Raising an eyebrow, the detective peers at his foster son, frowning. “But why are you even in the picture? As far as I’m concerned, Barry and Y/N were perfectly fine before you came along…” Joe grumbles, shifting in his seat.

“Joe!” Barry screams, looking at him with wide eyes. Peeking at your boyfriends, your mouth hangs open, astonished that Joe just said that.

Sebastian stands up in a hurry, fists clenched at his sides. “Look, we love each other. We all fall asleep in one bed, we all wake up together, we… When Y/N and Barry go to work, I stay home, taking college classes online and when they come home, I kiss them. Both of them. ‘Cuz they are mine!” he fumes, grass green eyes shimmering with tears when he stomps to the door, tan Vans squeaking on the ground.

The speedster sighs, getting up. “You insulted our boyfriend… I can't…. We’re leaving.” he mutters, fixing his dusty green flannel and following you outside.

Frowning, you watch Sebastian kick the ground angrily, grunting as he grits his teeth. “Seb! Sebastian!” you call out, stalking towards him. A huff escapes him and he turns, gazing at the two of you with watery eyes. “Seb… what Joe said… that’s not true, okay?” you mumble, reaching up to cup his face; he sniffles, rolling his eyes.

“We love you so much.” Barry hums, brushing Sebastian’s thick locks off his forehead, hand on the small of your back. “It wouldn’t be the same without our gay boyfriend, you know?” he chuckles, smiling sheepishly. “Y/N and I were missing something before you came….” he trails off, hearing you hum.

Sebastian smirks, pressing his palm against the back of your hand, fluttering his long eyelashes. “Yeah! And we love coming home, right, Barr?” you muse; the speedster nods. “Cuz you’re so into your class work; with your laptop on your lap and only wearing boxers and hair in your eyes…” you sigh, adjusting your black half sweater.

A little giggle comes from Barry. “And on your breaks… I like when you sing at the top of your lungs.” he laughs, resting his chin on your shoulder. Sebastian scoffs, turning his head to the side. “We love you, Bas.”

“I love you guys…” the Warbler grins, scrunching his nose. “Okay, now you kiss me.” he orders in a small voice, pointing at you. Smiling, you lean up, pecking his lips softly. “Okay, now you.” Sebastian mutters in the same way, gesturing to Barry; which he kisses. “Okay, now each other.” he waves his hands between the two of you. Barry raises an eyebrow. “I like seeing you two kiss.” he shrugs.

You roll your eyes, “I like seeing you when I get home, but I’m not this bad…” you giggle, kissing your tall boyfriend. Well, one of them…

calm before the storm

I’ve never posted fanfiction before, but I was so inspired by the amazing finale that I wanted to share this short fic!

This takes place after 1x13, so there are spoilers! Let me know what you think!

The first thing Betty noticed when she woke up was the smell of coffee drifting into the bedroom as the sun began to pierce through the window. Her next realization was that she was not in her own room.

Startled, Betty sat up, pushing the sheets off of her. As she took in her surroundings, she recognized the trailer bedroom. The memories hit her in a rush, as she remembered the events of last night.


Betty’s question sounded more like an accusation, causing Jughead to feel a wave of guilt.

“Thanks for the jacket, but I have company now. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Jughead closed the door while the serpents mumbled their goodbyes and left.

“Betty…I know they’re not the safest people…”

“Really, Jughead? The serpents are dangerous!” Betty said in anger while she stared at the beaniless boy in front of her.

“Don’t you get it, Betty? Didn’t you hear what they said? I’m family.”

Jughead collapsed on the sofa with his face buried in his hands.

“Even my goddamn mother didn’t want to see me. I have no one. At least they care.”

Betty rushed over to the couch and kneeled in front of him, taking his hands in hers.

“Juggie, I’m your family. Archie, he’s your family. Veronica, Kevin, heck even Pop…they’re all your family.”

Jughead raised his head and looked the blonde in the eyes. He wasn’ t sure if he believed her, but her look of determination made it clear that she believed in him, in them.

He leaned forward, placing his forward against hers, and mummered his love for her. She placed her hands on his tearstained face and kissed him softly.

“I love you, Jughead Jones.”

They had spent the rest of the night together in bed. Betty had texted her mom to say she was spending the night at Veronica’s, then she had put away her phone, blocking out all distractions, so it was just her and Jughead. They laid together all night, whispering secrets to each other in the dark as they soaked up the pleasure of just being together.

Betty sighed contently. She reached over the bed to grab the gray pullover her boyfriend wore yesterday. Betty pulled the large sweater over her bare body, running her hands over the soft material. She smiled, as she acted out the typical cliche of stealing a boy’s clothes because they smelled like him.

Just as she was getting out of bed, the door to the bedroom opened.

“Good morning, Juliet,” Jughead said with his usual smirk she loved so much.

He was shirtless, wearing only his sweatpants and trusty beanie above his head. In his arms, he held two random mugs filled with coffee and a plate of pop tarts.

“There wasn’t any real food in the kitchen, but this is what we have,” he said sheepishly.

Betty smiled at the small gesture, scooting over on the bed to give him space. As he handed her a cup of coffee, she couldn’t help but grin when she took a sip and noticed that he had put in a bit of cream and one sugar, just the way she liked it.

“I wish we could stay like this forever,” she said as Jughead put his arm around her while they leaned against the headboard.

“Me too, Betts. Me too.”

When Betty heard the sound of her phone ringing, she told Jughead to ignore it, not wanting their time together to end. But when Jughead’s phone began to ring right after Betty’s stopped, Jughead glacned at Betty with concern. He sat his coffee down on the side table and walked into the kitchen to answer the incessant ringing.

“Hello?” Betty heard from the other room. “Is he okay? Yeah of course, we’ll be right there.”

Betty looked at Jughead with fear when he rushed back into the bedroom.

“Jug, what’s wrong?”

“That was Archie. His dad…Betts, his dad was shot.”

That event changed the future of Riverdale, a town once so pure was now full of such evil. As the weeks of despair were ahead, Betty would cling to the memory of her night with Jughead for hope; hope that one day, no matter how evil Riverdale would become, everything would be right with her Romeo once again.

Okay, I know the ending was cheesy! But let me know what you thought! Thanks for reading :) Please send any requests for future fics!!!


The Ravenclaw’s clothing style matches her taste in music: grunge with some classy flair. This involves leather/jean jackets, buttons and pins, bandanas, high-heeled or sparkly boots and ripped skinny jeans. Her nose ring, tattoo and pixie cut add to the aesthetic, along with some thick eyeliner and dark lipstick. She basically dresses to break nerd-girl stereotypes.

The Hufflepuff’s style is neat but sophisticated, involving long shirts in subdued colors and patterned leggings. You’re very likely to see pearl earrings in her ears and a cross or animal necklace around her neck. Black flats are her go-to shoes, and she tops it off with a silver or black headband in her curly golden hair. She keeps makeup simple, occasionally wearing a bit of mascara with pink lip gloss.

The Slytherin’s style could be called tomboy hipster. It usually incorporates her red converse or hiking boots with skinny jeans and some sort of striped, camo or baseball-style tee. It’s rare to see her out without a sweatshirt tied around her waist, and even rarer to see her wearing more jewelry than simple silver earrings. She owns about 12 hats (most of them beanies ranging from black to lime green) but often opts to leave her short and floofy blue-green hair alone. Makeup has not been seen on the Slytherin since she was in a play last Spring.

The Gryffindor’s style is sort of hipster-adventurer. He often walks about barefoot or in light parkour-type shoes with rolled up jeans and black or gray muscle tees that reveal the lion tattoo on his left shoulder. On the rare occasions when it’s cold enough, he’ll throw on a gray pullover. His hair is short on the sides and the longer portion at the top is either left to its own spiky devices or pulled into a small man-bun. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t wear makeup, but he does have a few leather bracelets and rings for accessories.

impress you [sam wilson]

you decide to join sam on one of his morning jogs, eager to spend more time with him one-on-one.

tagging: @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier, @darlingbuchanan, @bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest, @aubzylynn, @ifmiracleshappened, @isastrobitchpersonal

warnings: fluff, humor, flirting

additional notes: reader (of an ambiguous gender) has electrokinesis. personally, i hate long-distance running, but i know some readers love running, so i kinda just wrote a happy average of the two ends of the jogging spectrum. i owe all of you and sam himself fluff with sam wilson so here it is.

Sam Wilson wasn’t the fastest man around, but he certainly was the most tenacious.

He jogged every morning and had done so for the last ten years. You were usually asleep when he left at the crack of dawn and in the kitchen by the time he returned, his gray jumper soaked through with sweat, with a very cheerful Captain America in tow. Occasionally, Bucky joined them, though after the first few days he had gotten tired of teasing Sam about his slowness and went back to his typical indoor workout routine and solitary night runs. Even Steve would take a jab at Sam once in a while, though you knew it was all in good fun, and you laughed along with him, much to Sam’s halfhearted annoyance.

“Looking good, boys,” you rasped one morning, when the two of them entered the kitchen sweaty as ever. Bucky sat next to you at the kitchen island, reading the newspaper and sipping some coffee. For breakfast, you had made Belgian waffles for the two of you, over half of which had already been eaten by Bucky. You were only on your second. “I know quite a few fans who would kill for pics of you two like this. Care to smile for the camera?” You waggled your eyebrows suggestively. Bucky snorted.

Sam laughed through his panting and patted you on the back as he passed you on his way to the fridge. “I’m sure our star-spangled friend here would burst into flame from blushing so hard.”

Steve tousled your hair, worsening your bedhead and smiling when you swatted at him. “Pay me enough and I just might.”

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Lost - A Stonefaced G story

Stonefaced A-hole G (@stone-faced-asshole) is a version of Gaster!Sans by @junkpilestuff. He could be described as a glitch, who can, as such, manipulate the world to a certain extend. When Junky shared this info about him on Twitter recently I just knew I had to write something about it, even though it is a lot different from what I usually do.

This fic is a ‘What-if’ scenario in which Frisk accidentally meets G and thus, two anomalies in the system of their world are coming face to face. My headcanon for original Frisk was always that they didn’t talk much and they would prefer using signs, because their empathy comes from hearing what the monsters have to say and try to understand, instead of speaking about themselves. I finally realized this headcanon with this story!

Dedicated to @junkpilestuff , who has a rough time now and who I highly appreciate for all her recent help and for her inspiring ideas, which they share and also @liptongirl00 , who did an awesome, spontaneous job editing it. Kudos also goes to my great friend @candiedconstellations (who was beta-reading it and deemed it a worthy reading for a relaxing evening ;) and the story is indirectly inspired by ‘Lullabyes’ by the wonderful @yoralim.

I hope you enjoy it and if you are just here for ‘Kitten of the Don’ AU you can simply ignore this and look forward to another project regarding this AU, that will soon be released! :)

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Pink. A Bam Brown story

There was something about the look in Bam’s eyes that made you stop what you were doing and look directly at him. Your mind was only partly on your work as you laid the fresh strips of venison on the grates of the smoker. Your brother-in-law Bear had already started the fire in the smoker for you and once the last strip was laid in, you shut the door and turned around to face Bam.

“Let me take that for you.” He reached out and took the tin plate and long fork that you had been using from your hand. A smile tilted the corners of his mouth as he leaned in and gave you a light kiss. Slipping your arm through his as you had seen his mother do with his dad so many times, you and Bam walked in comfortable silence back to your cabin.

Stopping at the washbasin outside the front door, Bam quickly rinsed off the dirty utensils. You loved to watch Bam work. He was such a hardworking man. His forehead was lined in concentration because he always said that anything worth doing was worth doing well. You reached out to stroke back the wispy curls that had fallen around his face. Bam shook off the wet utensils and laid them aside to dry. When he reached for the drying towel you thought he would wipe his hands dry like he normally did. Instead he brought the towel up to your face and just before he covered your surprised eyes, he whispered.

“Trust me.” You never had a reason not to trust Bam so you nodded excitedly and let him tie the drying towel over your eyes and turn you toward the cabin door. You were so eager to find out what the surprise was that you started to walk slowly in the direction you thought he wanted you to go, your hands stretched out in front of you.

“Just let me lead you, girl. I don’t need you tripping over something and falling on your face.” His voice was right on your ear and his prickly attitude made you smile. Bam could go from sexy sweet to in-your-face sarcastic in a heartbeat. But that’s just the way he was and you loved every bit of him. His breath on your ear was warm and sweet and your insides stirred a little as his hands pressed on the small of your back. He gave you a small push forward.

Stepping into the cabin, you noticed right away that the room was warm and the smell of savory meat was pleasantly strong. Bam steered you to the middle of the room and you felt his hands leave your back.

“Can I look now?” You were so excited and your hands were clasped together in front of you.

“Not yet.” Bam’s voice was further away and you turned your head in the direction of his voice, straining to hear any sounds at all that might give you a clue as to what you might soon see.

“Hurry, Bam. You know I don’t have a lot of patience.” You unclasped your hands and shook them in front of you, trying to calm yourself down. Bam’s laugh cut through the silence.

“Oh, just settle down there, girl. I’m almost ready for you.” And within a second, his hands were on your shoulders, and then you felt him releasing the cloth from your eyes.

Your first thought was that you couldn’t possibly be in your own cabin. The one-room cabin had been transformed into a soft pink wonderland. It appeared that Bam had borrowed ever strip of pink cloth he could get his hands on to hang on the wall and to use as a bedspread on the bed. Even the tablecloth on the small handmade wooden dining table was patterns of light pink roses on a dark pink background. You had told him once that the cabin still felt like only a man lived there and you were itching to bring some feminine color to the place. At the time, he had only frowned and shook his head at you, but clearly, he had been listening.

“Baby…” You could barely speak you were feeling so much emotion. The words you wanted to say were stuck in your throat behind your tears and finally you just burst out crying. Your hands flew to your mouth and you felt the tears dripping on your fingers.

“Hey, stop that.” Bam reached out and pulled you to him, pressing your face to his chest. “Don’t get all fluffy on me just yet.”

Bam planted a light kiss on your forehead and then led you to sit at the small table.

“This is so…amazing.” You looked all around you at all the bright pink colors and patterns. As you peered more closely at one wall covering, you thought it looked familiar. “Baby, isn’t that Rainy’s sweater right there?” You pointed.

“Yes. And she wants it back when we’re done with it.” Bam grinned as he tugged on the hem of his gray pullover jacket, yanking it over his head and hanging it on a hook by the door. Your eyes widened at the sight of his tight muscles displayed in this black tank top. “So, unfortunately, all this pink is temporary, but I thought at least you could enjoy the view for tonight.”

“Oh, yes Bam. I’m definitely enjoying the view.” 

You watched as Bam spooned the hot stew into the two bowls and set one before you.  He was a good cook and you knew the food would be delicious, but you barely tasted it, you were so happy. As Bam talked about the work he had done that day and you gave him a recap of your adventures in learning to use the smoker, the evening drew on. The light slowly faded from the sky as you and Bam sat talking and laughing and discussing your dreams for your future. It was comfortable and relaxing and your heart was so full of love for your husband. When Bam finally stood up to clear the dishes from the table, you stood up with him and followed him to the washbasin.

“I’ll take care of these, Babe.” He gave you a little push back with his hand.

“No, I want to help. I don’t want to be even that far away from you tonight.” You jerked a thumb back over your shoulder at the table just a few feet away. You kissed his bare shoulder and slid an arm around his trim waist.

“You know.” Bam began slowly. “I really had planned to do so much more for you tonight. I had all these different ideas of how to make this a perfect romantic evening for you. To make it really special, but…” He leaned his head back, slight disappointment showing in his eyes.

“No buts, Bam. This was perfect.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and stroked his hair, smiling into his deep blue eyes. “It was me, and you, in a beautiful girly room.” Bam looked around at his pink handiwork and smiled.

“There was a delicious romantic dinner and I spent the evening with the most handsome man in the world, talking about our life and our future. It doesn’t get any better than that.” You let your lips slide over his, feeling the softness of his mustache on your tongue. Bam’s body responded and you felt his arms tighten around you.

“Well…” Bam drawled. “Maybe there’s one more thing that will make this evening even better.” Bam lifted his brows and gave you a sexy smile as he led you to the pink-draped bed. He knew exactly what to do to start your motor. It was just like turning on a chainsaw.

Just Make Believe [TW x OUAT]

Requested: No

Song: None

Warnings: swearing

Plot: Reader is Maleficent’s daughter. After being reunited, they decide to leave Storybrooke, so they decide to move to Beacon Hills. Reader starts school at BHHS, and Scott suspects something up about Reader. This is pretty Long ish

A/N: I really liked this plot, and I really like cross-overs. So this is gonna be an Au, and the magic at Storybrooke is also at Beacon Hills. So fire, dragon, magic, blah blah blah. Anyways, I really hope you like this imagine. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, I’m not good at describing things and stuff.

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You asked me one autumn morning what my favorite time of day was. You were sitting at the kitchen table, a steaming cup of coffee perched precariously in between your fingers. I pretended to ponder the question when in reality I already knew the answer. I loved overcast days, days where the sky usually has to play catch up with my mood. Watching the clouds roll through the sky in all various shades of gray reminded me of you. Well in particular, your eyes. Sometimes when you wore a white shirt, or a black sweater, or a heather gray pullover your eyes were overcast, like the sky. You’d stare at me when we were driving in your car and the rain would patter against the window panes and I would remember why I loved overcast days, why I loved the rainy days, the days where the sky had finally decided to catch up with my mood, it’s because I loved you.