gray pony

At the Purly wedding Curly was in charge of decorations and everything is black or gray and Pony is too happy to care but when he is looking at wedding photos a few months later he’s like, “Hey babe, did you make our wedding look like an emo gathering :-)??” and Curly is like “Hahaha, hey babe did you know I love you??” and then kisses him to get off the subject

Just a thought if Gray grew his hair 1 year later; Oh~lala~ he’d be my straight A+ bae! ( >//w/// < )

[I’ve grown attach to Gray lately, I blame the hub.]

when i was a kid i had this giant gray pony, like massively fat chunky old school quarter horse and she was mean as a snake. and i loved this pony mainly because she liked me and no one else. but when i was too small to really ride her i would go out into her field and climb on, this was a complete ordeal and usually required a running start, and then because of how truly enormous this pony was i could sit criss-cross-applesauce on her back or lounge like i was lying on a couch and read a book or watch the clouds or even a few times take a nap. and this pony could have truly cared less about my teeny-tiny self climbing all over her and would just carry on eating her grass. and sometimes i think about how incredible it was to grow up in the country and have a pony mean enough that my mother couldn’t use her to teach on so i could spend hours at a time just chilln with her.