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Requested by the beautiful samanthaofanarchy.  Thank you for your requests and I really do hope that you enjoy them.  I’m sorry if it appears choppy and short.  I tried to keep it in the usual length of my other prompts and still include everything you had asked for.

It had taken quite a few weeks and a lot of meddling from Garcia and Morgan, but eventually Spencer worked up the nerve to ask you out on a date.  The Behavioral Analysis Unit had hired you as basically another Spencer.  It was very rare to find someone with an identical IQ to the genius, so when the Unit found you they jumped at the opportunity to hire you.  The team welcomed you with open arms, which you greatly appreciated.  At first you had wanted to focus on your work, but it was hard not to catch feelings for the dorky genius that you worked well with.

Garcia was the first one to notice that the two of you liked each other.  Eagerly she had divulged this information to Morgan, and the two began to scheme about ways to hook the two of you up together.  It took them a few days of scheming, but eventually they decided that inviting you both out for a group dinner and neither of them showing up was the route to take.  The surprise date started out rather awkwardly for Spencer and yourself, but after a few glasses of wine the conversation was flowing easily and you were both able to share your crushes on each other.

Now you were nervously seated on a plane headed to your hometown, Beacon Hills, for a case.  Spencer’s fingers interlaced with your own as he noticed you fidgeting.  “What’s wrong?”  He asked quietly, bringing your hand up to his lips to kiss the back of your hand in an attempt to calm your frayed nerves.

“Haven’t seen my Dad and brother in a while, that’s all.”  You sighed, keeping your gaze trained out the window as the earth came up to meet the descending airplane.  You were extremely nervous.  This would be the first time Spencer met your family, and it wasn’t like you two had been dating for very long.  What if he didn’t like them?  Or worse, what if they didn’t like him?  You weren’t sure what you would do if either of those ended up being the case.


     “You can still back out.”  You offered one last time to Spencer as you both stood out on the porch of your childhood house.  Spencer merely laughed lightly before reaching around you and knocking on the door.

     “We might not be in town again for a while.  There’s nothing to worry about Y/N.”  Spencer reminded you as your little brother, Stiles, threw open the front door.

     “Dad she’s home!”  He shouted into the house behind him before pulling you into a tight hug.  He had grown since last time you saw him.  Instead of being shorter than you, he was almost a half a head taller than you.

     “God who told you that you could get taller?”  You groaned, laughing anyways and hugging him back before letting go as your dad stepped out into the hallway.

     “It’s good to have you home.”  He sighed, pulling you into his own arms for a tight, quick hug.

     “Dad, Stiles, this is my boyfriend.  Spencer.”  You said once you had been released, taking a step backwards and grasping Spencer’s hand once more.  You could tell your dad was a little shocked as he raised an eyebrow at you before sidestepping to let you both into the house.

     “Nice to meet you Spencer.  Join us for dinner?”  He offered, shaking Spencer’s hand before motioning towards the dining room.


     Dinner had gone smoothly, and it seemed like all your worrying had been for nothing.  Spencer got along splendidly with your dad and Stiles, and conversation never stilled the whole time you were visiting.  With dinner over it was time to say goodbye, much to your dismay.  Spencer had already said his goodbyes to Stiles and your dad, opting to wait in the car while you say your own goodbyes to give you privacy.

     “Love you.”  Stiles said, engulfing you in an almost bone crushing hug, lifting you off of your feet momentarily solely because he could do that now.  “Have fun finding criminals or doing whatever it is that you do.”  He released you, scurrying up the staircase to his room.

     “Well I wish you could stay for a few more days.”  Your dad spoke up, taking his turn to hug you goodbye.

     “You always wish I could stay longer.”  You countered, laughing as you squeezed him slightly.  “What do you think of Spencer?”  You asked, almost nervously as you pulled away to watch his facial expressions.  He coughed awkwardly, your blatant question catching him off guard.

     “He’s a good kid.  Has a good head on his shoulders, very bright.  And I like the way that he looks at you.”  He listed off quickly, ears turning a slight shade of pink out of embarrassment.  “He’s a catch, Y/N.  And you obviously like him.  Just let me know if he ever gets out of line.”  He offered, causing you to laugh and hug him once more.

     “I love you dad.”  You smiled, kissing his cheek.

     “Love you too.”  He smiled, squeezing your hand as you took your leave and climbed back into your rental car, grinning ear to ear.

     “Does he like me?”  Spencer asked timidly as he pulled out of the driveway and directed the car towards your hotel.

     “Yeah, he approved.”  You smiled, leaning across the center console to kiss his cheek.

do you ever feel like you have too many celebrity crushes but then you’re like nah

This song just makes me miss all of these people I’ve never met.

seriously just reblog if this applies to you and your sign im just curious

celebrity crushes: astrology version
(if you don’t know if you like the person under your sign, look them up and reblog if you are instantly in love)

Aries: matthew gray gubler
Taurus: zac efron
Gemini: dylan o’brien
Cancer: harry styles
Leo: miles teller or lee pace
Virgo: jack gilinsky
Libra: mark walhberg or cameron dallas
Scorpio: matt healy
Sagittarius: jesse eisenberg
Capricorn: either of the franco brothers
Aquarius: hayes grier
Pisces: justin bieber